Casting an Irishman as Oppenheimer

Surprising to see this bit of Jewish paranoia in Newsweek. The usual line is that it’s just a religion or culture open to everyone. However, it’s quite possible that more and more Jews will insist on an ethnic identity and Middle East ancestry rather than being grouped in with the hated White people.

And don’t get me started on what Hollywood does with roles depicting real-life Jewish villains. Ask Edmund Connelly.

When it comes to casting, should it matter that Oppenheimer was a non-observant Jew, a Jew who essentially denounced his Jewish identity? It should not. Judaism is an ethnoreligion. We are a religion, we are a people, we are an ethnicity. Jews originated in the Levant. There are varying degrees of religious observance. But when it comes to one’s ethnic identity, there is no litmus test for how Jewish one is. …

If Hollywood continues its robust commitment to diversity—and it absolutely should—then it needs to acknowledge Jewish people are an ethnicity. We are a people, we are a nationality, with a lineage that can be traced back to a very specific geographic location in the world. And, as is the case with every other ethnic minority portrayed in TV and film, Jews deserve real, nuanced, accurate representation. Otherwise, Hollywood’s myriad endeavors in the diversity equity and inclusion space is a mere exercise in hypocrisy.

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  1. Clownworld Observer
    Clownworld Observer says:

    Mrs. Boveri was the daughter of a German and an “American” Irish woman.

    In a completely harmless article, which was later held against her for decades, with the heading “Landscape with a double bottom. Influence and camouflage of American Jewry” from May 1943, she wrote among other things the following sentence, which IMHO is still as true today as it was at that time and at any time:

    “The Jews find themselves in the ambiguous situation of being leaders in a war that seeks to make the principles of the American myth into world principles, and at the same time in an internal revolution that undermines that myth.”

    In this article, she also talks about a go-getting Jew named Sam Rosenman, who practically acted as FDR’s (and later Truman’s) whisperer in guiding America’s destiny in the most disastrous way. He was, by the way, the grandfather of Merrick Garland’s wife.

    A Jew named Rosner composes a hymn to her mother, but less in terms of her race than her gender. As always, Jews single out intellectual white women as exemplary, for this is the guarantee of most effectively disempowering and dethroning the hated white man.

    “Contemporary assessment”

  2. For Kevin
    For Kevin says:

    It is astonishing what effort of intellectual contortions is undertaken to “explain” (or netter: justify) the emergence and “success” (at whose expense?) of the Jewish money aristocracy.
    (Download or open PDF in browswer)

    “In this rich transnational history, Cornelia Aust traces Jewish Ashkenazi families as they moved across Europe and established new commercial and entrepreneurial networks as they went. Aust balances economic history with elaborate discussions of Jewish marriage patterns, women’s economic activity, and intimate family life. Following their travels from Amsterdam to Warsaw, Aust opens a multifaceted window into the lives, relationships, and changing conditions of Jewish economic activity of a new Jewish mercantile elite.” (click “Get” to download)

    Only in German: “From Ghetto Trader to Business Leader”.

  3. For Kevin
    For Kevin says:

    One only has to realize how many words for fraud and haggling have entered the German vocabulary from the gangster language “Yiddish”. This is of course (as always) not the fault of the Jews, but only of the evil “anti-Semites”, the Jew Steinke (“the most important and most productive legal journalist in Germany”) makes unmistakably clear.

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