Meloni’s failure

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Italy’s right-wing government cannot limit mass immigration

Even with some tightening of the law, Italy’s right-wing government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has not succeeded in reducing the influx of illegal migrants. Instead, she obviously stabs her voters in the back. Not only is the number of illegal migrants increasing: she also works with Brussels.

Already during the election campaign in Italy, Giorgia Meloni became the focus of attentive observers, who pointed out her membership in the globalist “Aspen Institute” (supported by the Rockefellers and Gates, as well as the WEF ) . A Trojan horse, so to speak – or a “submarine” of the globalists, so some suspected. And as is usual in politics, politicians and parties should not be judged by their promises but by their actions. The actions and the facts in Italy speak for themselves, as a recent report makes clear.

For despite the harsh attitude towards illegal migration to Italy and the invaders from predominantly Muslim immigrants, reality does not live up to expectations . The voters, who wanted stricter restrictions on migration movements to Italy, will be mercilessly disappointed. This is shown by current figures from the southern European country. Indeed, from January 1st to July 17th, the Italian Interior Ministry registered a total of 78,182 arrivals compared to 33,187 in the same period last year. These were predominantly economic migrants, as shown by the most common countries of origin, which in descending order were Ivory Coast, Guinea, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Syria, Cameroon, Mali and others.

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  1. smaragdus
    smaragdus says:

    It is not a failure but a huge success for the globalist puppets and their money masters. Until the people finally understand that the political system is totally corrupt, that it is totally controlled by the banksters and that there is no political solution, the genocidal invasion will not only continue but it will intensify.

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