Hammerbound: Celebrating Our European Heritage

A friend of mine has established a website dedicated to pride in our European heritage but in such a way that wearing their clothes won’t immediately get you shunned by all but the most woke. HammerBound features well-designed men’s and women’s apparel emphasizing designs celebrating the different European peoples (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, English, Germanic, Baltic, Slavic, etc.) as well as Christian themes. Definitely worth supporting, although of course they have been canceled by the credit card companies. But you can order by sending an email to hammerboundapparel@gmail.com.

Some examples of men’s t-shirts:









The name of the website is intended to evoke Charles Martel, the heroic Frankish leader who defeated the Muslim invaders at Tours in 732. As noted on the website:

Charles “The Hammer” Martel is a hero in a glorious roster of champions of Europa whose deeds and exploits nourished our livelihood today! We reflect this hero in our namesake.

The Hammer Bound lifestyle challenges the burdens of vice and vanity, cultivating rather conviction and honor.

We seek to grow in rejecting the maladies that contort our people.

Encouraging personal betterment through classy comportment, refusing the modern world, building masculine gentlemen and feminine ladies.

Resolve to improve every waking day in physical stature, mental prowess and spiritual righteousness.

Join the Hammer Bound crew!

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    • Mike Bennett
      Mike Bennett says:

      The pre-Christian religion of Croatia (& B-H) was Zoroatrianism/ Mithraism and in B-H, was the worship of Perun. It is the Roman Catholic Church and the idiot King Tomislavthat gave the “Serbs” sanctuary from Bulgarian King Simeon I , and later Catholic Emperor Ferdinand during the Ottoman occupation. Croatia shouts sue the Catholic Church for stupidity and genocide!

  1. World of Freaks
    World of Freaks says:

    Today’s “Germans” https://gillettnews.com/world/german-tourists-accused-of-damaging-valuable-italian-statue/36545/

    Who is Alexander Blania (polish name)? He is being considered by certain circles as the successor or new Elon Musk. https://forebears.io/surnames/blania

    Alexander Blania wants to verify people with Worldcoin.

    German Max Planck student Alex Blania is developing a revolutionary technology for a new world currency with ChatGPT founder (((Sam Altman))). Millions of eye scans are to become the ultimate identity card. Some are thrilled, others bright-eyed with horror. The whole setup, from the eyeball that is suddenly encouraging millions of people to take iris scans in supermarkets everywhere, to issuing a digital “human” passport (in fact, the identity is called “Proof of Humanity”), to digital…

    The whole setup, from the eyeball that suddenly animates millions of people to iris scan in supermarkets everywhere, to the issuance of a digital “human” passport (in fact, the identity is called “Proof of Humanity”), to the digital cryptocurrency as the world’s happiness, seems like something out of a dark science fiction movie. But Worldcoin is not only well financed, it is also finding its audience surprisingly quickly.

    Data protectionists are appalled that millions of intimate retina scan data are being collected here in exchange for a few crypto dollars, without knowing what exactly is being done with it, who really has sovereignty over the data, and how it can be protected from hackers. Does Worldcoin want to resell the data? Worldcoin assures that it is not a data company and that the iris code is not linked to personal data.

  2. Clownworld Observer
    Clownworld Observer says:


    It may be very venerable of Mr. Hudson to supposedly emphasize the “German” interest. But I always have one and the same problem when I pay attention (unfortunately) to those kind of people: Apparently the discussants are infected by the Jewish germ of communism, even when they say “socialism”. And this is not the first time I have noticed this unpleasantly. (Socialism? Is this just a tasteless joke?)

    As a German, I also reject neo-liberalism in its unbridled form and expression. But those who stand up against the free market economy and demonize and condemn “capitalism” should please emigrate to Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea. “Michael Hudson is a financial analyst and consultant on Wall Street,” says the German Wikipedia. How on earth do such backward Marxist views fit in with that?

    One more thing: And as far as the (really) evil “American imperialism” is concerned: Have these people ever thought about the fact that there has been a backward imperialism triggered by America for a long time, i.e. the cultural conquest and infiltration of the Western world by races and religions foreign to their culture? And if so, why is this not discussed with a single syllable?

    …or for my part “reverse imperialism”. That is, the deliberate conquest of culturally foreign spaces in order to turn them into part of one’s own ideological dogma, which is already taking place to a large extent (“Sharia Zones,” etc.). In the meantime, these imperialists already rule over entire Western states such as Great Britain.

    Mr. Hudson’s peculiarly anti-American attitude seems to consist in wanting to completely dishonor and disempower America without ever addressing who exactly rules America – and these are certainly not Americans. Where does this guy actually live, on which planet? Probably in the Marxist universe of the eternally regrowing unfulfillable utopia.

    In this undifferentiated, unreflective form, as he expresses it and represents it in public, this is nothing than – pardon – self-bespitting. It is not only Anti-Americanism, but also “Crypto”-Marxism. Anyone who believes that this gentleman has “the best interest of the American people” in mind also believes in the existence of the Santa and the Easter Bunny.

    I am in favor of an economic organic reorganization based on the free market, radically limiting the power of cartels and strengthening local trade and supply. Nobody needs plastic toys from China or apples from Argentina. I am anti-globalist and thus pro-regionalist at the same time. Reasonable, and not irrational!

    Now, of course, you can counter, how I want to fight against globalism, when now, of all places, someone invents the most useful tool in China or California? There it is supposed to be an exception, but this case is definitively not about apples, clothes or plastic toys.

    Since the entire world is upside down and the third world too entangled in gloabslism, I see little chance of strengthening regionality against the will of cartels. Since money always wins in capitalism, I’m even halfway on the side of implicit commie Hudson.

    Jude Unz claims to “gather all political directions”. But isn’t his pathetic behavior actually just the typical Jewish way of making everyone compete (and tear each other apart) like in a circus, which he himself “supervises”? He is the ultimate ringmaster, just like the Jews in the whole world. Jew Unz is deaf to my objections to this, they are consistently suppressed from public view. Personally, I immediately recognize a very typical “pattern” in this.

  3. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    The series “Our Subverted History” by Asha Logos comes to mind – you will need to see his channel on both bit_chute and yewtube for the complete set as neither is complete.

    HANNES says:

    Will all-enriching thirdworld illegals (“asylum seekers”) soon be picked up by a “dream ship”? The sonorous name “Ocean Majesty” – meaning “Queen of the High Seas” – will probably be the first thing to be scraped off a cruise ship built in 1965 with a putty knife. Because from now on, it won’t be going to distant lands, especially since Europe’s do-gooders are not too embarrassed to look for ever more absurd solutions to their plight.

    The Ocean Majesty will soon serve as a floating asylum center in Amsterdam’s harbor waters. Who against all protestations evenly nevertheless no more place find, which must plunder now also still the veteran luxury hostels, in order to dismantle the former prosperity completely.

    Only on Monday the ship of a 21-days cruise to Greenland returned into the Hamburg port. Shortly before, the contracts of the 220 crew members were completely unexpectedly terminated on the high seas by the Stuttgart-based charter Hansa Touristik. The floating asylum home would bring more money, it was said.

    The ship itself is 135 meters long and holds about 500 passengers. In recent years, many millions of euros have been invested to continuously renovate and modernize the Ocean Majesty. Among other things, refugees can look forward to eight penthouse cabins, an à la carte restaurant and five bars.

    In May last year, however, serious technical deficiencies in terms of life-saving and fire-fighting were also identified. Hansa Touristik, on the other hand, has not yet issued a statement. The cruise season has only just begun – not counting the constant North Africa-Mediterranean-Europe transfer.



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