Katie Fanning’s Speech

Not sure about the 1 million figure, but it’s a lot. And yes, it’s racially and religiously targeted violence.




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  1. PS
    PS says:


    Jewess Lederman in her article: “The Wewelsburg museum has a tube of glue like the ones that some enslaved workers chewed on to control their hunger.”


    Strange. The adhesive called “Moment” (in Russian letters) from the German company Henkel was certainly produced for the Russian market only after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, as is clearly indicated by the price tag on it, which is of recent date.




  2. Franz
    Franz says:

    Kate Fanning is almost certainly right. There will be more wait, wait… then the Overreaction will begin and entire nations and even (parts of) continents will be trashed to the limit. Limited war will not be possible. When the horsemen are unleashed the devastation will be epic.

    Our enemies know now proportion so the reaction will be totalist and horrifying. At the same time I can recall a speech the leftist Norman Mailer once made. He noted that he usually opposed war but there are times when a situation is so ghastly and unsustainable that a war will clear it away and the effects will be salutary. As a rifleman on Luzon during WWII he probably knew he was right. Sometimes the Big Dunk is better than the slow leak.

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