Tucker Carlson Interviews Steven Sund, Chief of Capitol Police re Jan. 6

Tucker’s interviews and other projects since getting fired from Fox News have been spotty at best. But his interview with Steven Sund, Chief of Capital Police, is a bombshell. The only conclusion is that the people in power wanted a riot and wanted to then be able to prosecute any Trump supporter in the vicinity and, as we see now, accuse Trump of of a criminal conspiracy to subvert the 2020 election. This link has the video and a nice summary of the interview. Jan. 6 was a set-up all the way.

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  1. ClarkLane
    ClarkLane says:

    Help Fund Edward Dutton’s American Vacation

    Hello, I just wanted to remind everyone that Edward Dutton is currently taking a month long vacation in America, and he needs continued funding to pay for all of it. In return, he has promised to make anecdotal comments on how stupid he thinks Americans have become due to dysgenics. For example, Dutton’s supporters funded Dutton’s week long vacation in Albania, and in return, he created a twelve minute video where he made anecdotal comments on how stupid he thought Albanians were due to dysgenics:

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    Dutton plans to vacation all over the world on a permanent basis, 365 days a year, every year. But, he needs funding from his supporters. In exchange, he promises to make anecdotal comments on how stupid he thinks humans are due to dysgenics.


    White People Killing Themselves at Record Numbers

    This is very sad: https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/twin-crisis-rattles-america-suicides-and-drug-overdoses-hit-record-highs

    I’ve been trying to find out why White people are doing this, so I have been visiting many of the online suicide discussion forums where White people come to talk about why they want to end their lives, and the main reasons are economics and sex. About half the White people are unhappy because they feel they don’t have access to sex with attractive females. And the other half feel they don’t have the economic comfort they want to be happy. The happiest White people are the corporate executives – with their millions and billions of dollars, they can live like kings and have plenty of access to all the sex they want with the best looking females. For the rest of the White people, life is much tougher.

    • What's up Skip
      What's up Skip says:

      This belief that one ought, as a man, to have a sexual relationship with an ‘attractive’ woman, is surely something that has been constructed by film and televisual media over the last hundred years. Until the advent of modern washing appliances marriage was a pragmatic labour-sharing arrangement spiced with varying amounts of mutual affection and socially-sanctioned lust. For many people the dating pool was quite shallow. Nowadays the majority of intimate relations to which we are privy are displayed on a screen and show preternaturally beautiful women, usually, albeit with more variation, with similarly attractive men. This gives the average youth a totally wrong idea of what he can expect of his own love life. Of course it doesn’t help that by-and-large women have now been convinced to completely abandon femininity of dress, manners or bearing which might compensate for a lack of outright gorgeousness by way of rendering themselves attractive. Much the same could be said of men who don’t try to look their best. Shabbiness will work for the best-looking people but not the average I’m afraid.

      I believe that a big explanation for this epidemic of despair is the saturation of the populace in demoralization propaganda. When I stopped watching any of it on screens and was able to deconstruct the unavoidable race-mixing billboards and adverts I felt immeasurably better. Now if I see a beautiful white woman I don’t think of her as a sexual target but as a sister for whom I wish that she should find the best man she can and that they they will have a prodigious family. All too often I meet attractive unmarried women in their late 30s or early 40s who are frantically racing to make up for all those wasted years. Some can become aunties to their siblings’ children, a role which can be nearly as fulfilling for women as motherhood itself. Men also can become involved uncles or can volunteer in implicitly white organisations like rural fire services or men’s sheds. All of these things feed the life force of our people. The white children which you see around you are, in a way, your own.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Thank you for your dyspeptic comments about a man who has gotten a free ride for rather too long. He is something other than what he is generally taken to be.

  2. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    And since discovering this is not exactly rocket science, rather than vindicating Tucker Carlson… It may be for those with sufficient attention span to have stayed tuned. Maybe more “Let’s you and him fight” destabilization, distraction as we see on many fronts. And “What are you going to do about it? discouragement, intimidation. Or at the very least identifying more “Who can see” (https://theofficialjohncarpenter.com/they-live/)

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    I don’t understand why Carlson doesn’t push back when Sund complains of not receiving reports that he says contained “credible intelligence” about Trump supporters’ plans for violence, property damage, and assault on members of Congress. James Bond’s license to kill is fiction, but US government agencies’ license to fabricate is something they boast of proudly.

    In short, given what is known now and, furthermore, given what has been confirmed here at TOO by people who were in Washington on January 6, 2021, what evidence is there that that “intelligence” had any more inherent credibility than the other aspects of what Kevin very reasonably calls a criminal conspiracy engineered by the Establishment?

  4. A Reader
    A Reader says:

    Did you know that Germany once planned to colonize all of Central Africa? The tragedy is that today and in the future Africa is colonizing all of Europe (thanks to the sick policies of our “Western allies”). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mittelafrika

    The whole of Europe will suffer the same fate as this venerable German ship, an analogy that literally suggests itself. In other words, a hundred years from now, Europe will still be using the “indestructabe” technology of today, but not by Europeans, but by Africans. Who created it will have long been forgotten by then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Liemba


    Lake Tanganyika without the Liemba would be unthinkable. Captain Titus Benjamin has been steering the age-old passenger ship for around two decades. It was developed and built almost 100 years ago at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, northern Germany, as the cargo and troop ship “Graf von Goetzen”. The people at the East African Lake Tanganyika trust captain and ship, without the old “Liemba” no transport would be possible on the longest freshwater lake in the world.

    Every two weeks, the “Liemba” sets off on its journey from Tanzania to Zambia. She sails from the small Tanzanian town of Kigoma on the northeastern shore to the Zambian port of Mpulungu at the southern end of the lake and back again. Almost 1,000 kilometers with over 30 stops on the open lake. There are no ports, passengers climb on and off the boat via rowboats and motorboats. The journey lasts over five days and four nights, if all goes well. But sometimes it takes longer: too much cargo, too many passengers or a technical defect – there are plenty of reasons for delays. 360° Geo – Reportage took a ride on the “Liemba,” accompanied the crew and passengers on their journey, and shows why the “Liemba,” this relic of German colonial history that is actually already museum-ready but still functioning, is indispensable for the people on Lake Tanganyika.

    The 60-year-old chief engineer Mathias Masalu Joseph keeps the “Liemba” running. While Captain Titus Benjamin is in charge on the bridge, his realm is the dirty and noisy engine room, the heart of the Liemba: and has been for 30 years.Actually, he had already retired, but then the shipping company brought him back, at least for a year, because he knows the ship and its quirks best.But how long can captain Titus Benjamin and engineer Mathias Masalu Joseph keep the “Liemba” fit? The ship has survived many disasters: the First World War as a gunboat, the deliberate sinking by the German engineers, salvage and recommissioning, another sinking and years of neglect in the last century – but now the ship is threatened with the final end: the “Liemba” is old, and you can see and feel it.The ship is in urgent need of a general overhaul, otherwise this fossil of German engineering and African improvisation could soon be out of service.




  5. s. clark
    s. clark says:

    I’m not really interested in debates. I suppose I’m supposed to be crazy abut Ramaswamy, but I don’t trust him, and I don’t Indians coming over here, getting into politics and being our “conservative” friends.

    I recall that one democratic debate where the trend was to be hispanic and they all began speaking Spanish before they spoke English. I thought if something blew up and killed them all, there would have been no loss…none…to the country.

    My brother liked Kasich. I asked him why. “Because,” he said, “he’s NICE. I like a president who is NICE. Trump is mean.” The from a vet and retired cop.
    I can’t imagine Germany having serious plans to colonize central Africa. Bismarck thought it a waste, but it looked good on a map, I suppose.
    The poor little Liemba. Really, Germany needs to do something. Send a team of engineers to fix it up and keep it going. Come on, they could do that. Wouldn’t it be a nice thing instead of the usual crappy Euro loans or funding? Fixing that little ship would be a very good thing.
    Come on, Germany,do it. No green funding or whatever…just welders, wrenches, oil cans and keep ‘er rolling. Africa would love you…maybe love you enough not to come in and live.

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