Jared Taylor Visits Selma

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    HANNES says:

    The self-proclaimed representatives of the Eurasian Sami people (quasi “the gypsies of the polar circle”) have finally also discovered the creative market niche of a victim status to be established, and claim that their Scandinavian countries discriminate against them legally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GJexfl5iGo

    They have traveled with their extremely light-skinned faces, due to lack of sunlight, in traditional costumes of reindeer wool to the Thuringian Weimar, in order to give expression and emphasis to their declaration of war against the injustice system of the Vikings. Also Goethe personally would have assured them his fullest support.

    However, a quite tricky ideological crux in the system had to be overcome: Can someone who is not a Jew or a Negro behave as an oppressed of the white race in order to be able to participate in the always brimming flesh pot of claims and demands? As always, the wise Samit saying applies here: “Only a chunky reindeer cock demands a roomy front hole.”

    HANNES says:

    My film recommendation today is a 1982 Scandinavian-German co-production that was nominated for an Oscar. The nearly 2-1/2 hour film was shot only in Swedish and French, but English subtitles are available in the Youtube video. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_of_the_Eagle


    It stars Max von Sydow, who had Pomeranian ancestors, whereby Pomerania in turn belonged to Sweden for a time. (The romantic paintings of Caspar David Friedrich were also created during the time of the Swedish occupation.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Pomerania

    The Swedes did have some forts in West Africa from which they traded slaves, but overall their aspirations for such activities in the post-viking era seem overseeable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_slave_trade

    “There are hardly any sources about Carloff’s youth. He is supposed to have been born in (then Swedish) Rostock or in Pillau, according to his own statements he was Finnish. Most sources, however, speak of him as a Rostock native.” (German wiki) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hendrik_Carloff

    If the (genetically “Eurasian”) people of the Sami were given their land and allowed to found their own state, however, the Scandinavians would be left with quite little territory of their own, which they would then have to share with their beloved Mohammedans.

  3. WCH
    WCH says:

    I’m surprised that any white men still live in that shit hole of a city. It reminds me of the movie Escape from New York. It’s time to give non-whites and feminists a few cities to themselves. And don’t let them escape.

    HANNES says:

    Apart from the high percentage of German blood in the American population, something deeper resonates in us when we say “Anglo-Saxon.” The word leaves no racially conscious German completely cold. A tragedy. But it was triggered less by the North Germans than by the genetically far less “Germanic” Bavarians and Austrians, and answered by narrow-minded “Anglo-Saxons.” After all, the Hanseatic mentality was always bound up with the Anglo-American one.

    But this peculiar antediluvian attachment also resonates in the racially conscious Anglo-Saxons that they suspect to have sprung from our bosom. So all the strokes of fate of these descendants, so estranged from us and hostile to us, ultimately affect us ourselves. Instinctively the German feels that France borrowed its name from the tribe of the Franks, Italy spent 1000 years with us in one empire, but that these peoples are not Germanic but Romanic.

    The German ideal are the Scandinavian countries and their inhabitants who seem innocent to us (of course not their social conditions). Blond children, birch forests, traditional folk and festive music, solstices, harmless friendly people, an Aryan paradise. At least that is our imagination.


    We have even adopted the American “way of life” in the mistaken belief that this is somehow our own after all. We have forgiven the Anglo-Saxons for crimes that we would not have let any other representatives of humanity get away with. Also the highly Anglicized Scandinavians and Dutch have fallen into this incomparable historical error after the Great War. Even to an even higher degree, it seems.

    Unfortunately, this self-destructive passion for the opposite side, completely unimpressed by the object of our sympathy, has always been a fatal dead end and genocidal trap at best, because these “idols” have been completely dismantling themselves for some time now, with the world’s seeing eye, because they lack precisely what we could always call our own: roots and homeland. https://watchingtheswedes.com/2020/01/27/swedens-romance-with-germany/

    When the Germanic languages were still very simple and basic and contained no foreign words, communication was more or less possible, at least among North Sea Germans, as illustrated by an Asian of all people.


    Low German also exists in the Netherlands, but it has little to do with Dutch, which is derived from Frankish. Most linguistically related to English is Frisian, which is threatened with extinction.

    The biggest problem English speakers have is the jumble of gendered articles in German. But no German who is not a linguist knows why, e.g., the moon is masculine, the sun feminine, and the child neuter. One has learned it simply in such a way.

    Whereby the West Frisian in the Netherlands again sounds very different from the North Frisian in Schleswig Holstein. All very confusing if you are not familiar with it. Most average Germans think “Saxon” is a dialect spoken in the GDR, which is linguistically incorrect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU2zX3fouy0

  5. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    This is an extremely negative post, probably should be discarded, but if it does indeed have any value, if even slight, then please consider approving, thanks:

    My thoughts on https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2023/08/cars-being-stolen-sue-the-manufacturers/

    Elon Musk is an Individually Selected Genetic Sociopath because for a desire for personal resource acquisition, he is greatly contributing to the West / World Ashkenazi Empire. He is so Genetically Sociopathic that he is still not satiated with owning 150 billion dollars; he does not want to rest until he owns all the wealth in the world and everyone else in the world is serving him through involuntary servitude; anything less than this makes him depressed, anxious, and angry. If he was actually Altruistic, he would immediately shut down all his companies and move to either Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or the possible After-Life.

    Same thing with all the European-American victims and future victims American Renaissance always talk about. European-Americans know what America and the West is now all about – pure sociopathic chaos. They may or may not be aware that America and the West are controlled by the Ashkenazim (only because the ethnic Europeans handed over the entire West to the Ashkenazim during the Enlightenment), but the European-Americans either way still contribute to the functionality of the West by living and working there, instead of moving to either Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or the possible After-Life. Every European-American (as well as all the Gentiles) is now an Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths due to 250 years of dysgenics/mutational load, see:


    Even Mormons, who are actually in a eugenic trend according to Emil Kirkegaard, just passively live in and contribute to the West / World Ashkenazi Empire without trying to form their own separate Mormon nation which they themselves control. As such, I don’t feel any sympathy anytime I hear of ethnic Europeans falling victim to crime. My first thought always is, “Why were they even living in and contributing to the West / World Ashkenazi Empire in the first place? Well, it’s because as Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths, they just want to try their best to enjoy their recreational activities – live for the moment for the purpose of hedonism, and try their best to not get hurt or killed.

    American Renaissance may want to change their strategy a bit. Instead of just covering news, they can let European-Americans know that they have the option of moving to either Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or the possible After-Life. There is no other choice. The West is going down fast with no consequential resistance being offered collectively by the Europeans. Better get out now.

  6. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    This was actually approved at American Renaissance:


    I’m not pointing any fingers but the people behind this are most likely those who seek unchecked authority over formerly White nations both to get revenge for centuries of persecution in Europe & to fulfill a covenant which proclaims them the leaders of all nations & people who will follow their moral authority be it religious or secular.

    Yes, and most European elites go along because as Genetically Sociopathic opportunists, they value the resources they can gain by agreeing to serve the ethnically foreign elite you are referring to (I just refer to them as Smurfs, a harmless designation). Dr. Woodley of Menie has made it clear that the only reason the Smurfs have any power, and the only reason they even have been invited to live in European nations, is because of the collective cooperation of the European elites. The European elites betrayed their own population group for the purpose of personal resource acquisition. This brings into question whether ethnic Europeans were genetically ever a functioning race to being with, since their elites have always betrayed their own people for the Smurfs all throughout history. For example, the Kings always brought the Smurfs back into their kingdoms after various expulsions brought on by popular demand. The Kings have personally always financially benefited by exploiting the unparalleled intelligence and ruthlessness of the Smurfs.

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