Orthodox rabbi on leftist Jews and communism, Wagner, Jews and culture, etc.

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  1. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    When the Normans and Jews took England, the English nobility fled to Byzantium and other locations. Jews were eventually kicked out, until they later returned to fully conquer the islands.

    Separately, the Soviets restricted Jews after a period. So, just as with France before the Enlightenment, Jews were restricted. Stalin started this process. Jews were originally in charge of Russia, then not in charge. A revolution.

    In the US, we seem to get the details wrong. Many in the US accused Stalin of being Jewish. We continue to see a massive gulf between communism and communism in the world, but in the US we see them both as the same.

    Putin seems somewhat pro-Jewish, and Israel has good relations with Russia, today. But the US neocons feel that they’re excluded from power there.

    It could be that Jews are so dominant now that we just witness civil war among Jews.

  2. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    When the rabbi makes the citation that Jews are humble, merciful and Germans are proud, cruel; you have to understand that he means outwardly. Jews in Israel are proud and cruel to Palestinians, to give one example. Secular Jews, maybe not Orthodox as much, seem sometimes interested in eugenics, which is probably part of the “cruelty” there.

    The best thing to learn from this is that in game theory, it can be very beneficial to take certain positions or to adopt certain behaviors when interacting with others. But Jews focus on conquest. They act to make others into slaves.

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