Rolling Stone on #BanTheAdl

Yesterday, Henrik and I had a discussion on the #BanTheADL hashtag which has become a phenomenon on X. Now the Rolling Stone tries to clean up the mess with a predictably leftist take: “Elon Musk Wades Deeper into Antisemitic Propaganda.” I am seriously starting to wonder why I was banned from X a few months ago given that Musk seems well aware that the ADL is intent on banning free speech and is actively involved in persuading advertisers not to patronize X—obviously a threat. Here the Rolling Stone simply asserts that the ADL is just doing God’s work: ” The ADL is a civil rights organization focused on combating antisemitism and extremism.”

But the threats and intimidation are real:

Musk clearly understands that the ADL is engaging in financial intimidation based on their influence on wokeness in the corporate world. But despite the evidence, for Rolling Stone, it’s just a “false allegation.”  “Amid this flurry of extremism, Musk engaged with Woods, first by liking a post in which he falsely alleged that the ADL is “financially blackmailing social media companies into removing free speech on their platform,” then by replying that “ADL has tried very hard to strangle X/Twitter.” His evident enthusiasm for the attacks boosted them further while undermining Yaccarino’s efforts to convince advertisers that X is working to rein in the site’s hate accounts.”

Gab’s Andrew Torba explains how it works:

X is built on the rails of multiple third-party services including, but not limited to the Google Cloud infrastructure among others. X has had a partnership with Google Cloud since 2018, and Bloomberg reports that this collaboration has incurred annual expenses ranging from $200 million to $300 million for the company. Jonathan Greenblatt has openly bragged about the ADL’s partnership with Google, YouTube, Facebook, and X, going so far as to change the algorithms of these companies to meet their demands.

With one phone call to Google the ADL can cripple X. If Google pulls the plug on the cloud hosting deal massive parts of X’s critical infrastructure will be down for a long time, possibly the entire platform would be taken offline with one click. We saw this happen in 2020 with Parler when Amazon AWS pulled the plug and the platform was taken offline. They were never able to fully recover and recently shut the platform down completely after it sold to a third-party.

Going after the cloud hosting providers is just the start for the ADL’s ability to utterly destroy X. Next come the app store bans. With that same phone call to Google the ADL could easily highlight the hundreds of thousands of “antisemitic” posts on the platform and point the the #BantheADL posts as their prime example. Don’t put it past them. They likely have multiple studies going on behind the scenes tracking the “rise in hate” on the platform since Elon took over and will use this to present their case.

Without critical infrastructure and the app stores X would be in serious trouble, but Elon may be able to pull off a miracle and keep the platform online. Next come the advertisers. The ADL has close connections with all of the top Fortune 500 companies and will use their mafia-style power to get these companies to pull their ad dollars from X. This has already been going on since the moment Elon took over the platform. X is operating in a cash flow negative situation and reports claim that ad revenue has fallen by a dramatic 50% since Elon took over.

That’s only the beginning. Next the ADL will contact the sitting members of Congress and the Biden White House. We’ll see Elon be summoned to testify in Congress about the rise in “misinformation” and “hate” on the platform since he took over.

Elon is in a unique position because he’s not only running X. He’s also running several other companies including SpaceX and Tesla, both of which require him to appease the Regime and stay within their favor. The ADL can and will go after not only X, but all of Elon’s companies. It’s no coincidence that the CEO of X is having meetings with the ADL just days after the DOJ announced that they were suing SpaceX.

The good news is that Musk has enough money to weather the storm, although he may have to come up with his own cloud hosting, and then there’s still Congress. In any case:

Who knows? Maybe he’s have enough balls to reinstate people like me, James Edwards, Tom Sunic, Jared Taylor, etc. without any fatal repercussions.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Trump got the Jews rattled and now they’ve given up the boiling frog treatment for a peddle to the metal approach. We’re going to see more goyim heads roll of a high profile nature. This is the slippery slope to Red State secession.

    HANNES says:

    David Duke’s website has been down for four days. I guess something is different this time. I have never experienced that in the last years. I already hinted that his voice seemed disturbingly sickly in his last podcasts.

  3. Jacobite2
    Jacobite2 says:

    Wait until US Neocons get their next “Red Terror” in gear. Eastern Europeans have Leon Trotsky, Bela Kuhn, and all the post-1945 “Muscovites” in their histories to warn them to beware.

  4. Marlon
    Marlon says:

    Use the fact the hypocritical ADL long denied the genocide of Armenian Christians committed by Turkey.

    THAT has to be the hypocrisy of all hypocrisies for an organization that won’t let you forget about the Holocaust.

    • pjdooner
      pjdooner says:

      It wasn’t exactly Turkey, it was the Donmeh jews led by the Ataturk- the jew who was the Father of Turkey. They were known as the Young Turks and most of them were jews!!!

  5. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Kevin wrote,

    I am seriously starting to wonder why I was banned from X a few months ago given that Musk seems well aware that the ADL is intent on banning free speech and is actively involved in persuading advertisers not to patronize X—obviously a threat.

    Why indeed?

    That Musk is not in sympathy with either white nationalists or even white identitarians has long been plain. For that reason, it isn’t difficult to see why he would lift the former ban on a great many posters whose vitriolic sentiments and disgusting vocabulary find a welcome only among those who express themselves similarly.

    In other words, the chance that such posters might ever influence anyone who is not already 100 percent Jew-aware is somewhere between trifling and zero. Kevin MacDonald, on the other hand, who invariably writes with sovereign command of his material and always expresses himself with caution, care, and conviction, represents a proximate danger to the interests of the powerful Jews whom Musk is loath to irreparably offend. Precisely because of the obviously informed and reflective character of Kevin’s comments and articles, there is a real danger—a danger for Jewish interests, that is—that readers might be stimulated to agree with him or, almost as bad, to think twice about matters they had been told were long settled.

    In short, the Jews are canny enough to know that a quietly eloquent and informed voice is a far greater danger to them than a dozen thuggish ranters who endless post “I hate the f***ing Jews,” usually in boldface full caps.

  6. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    It makes sense to me. If he’d allowed you to become popular, the ADL would’ve pointed at you as evidence. Musk is going to war.

    I have theories of what Musk truly values, but I don’t really know. He’s against the racist apartheid song in SA. He seems to fear developed worlds having too few kids.

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