Meloni’s Betrayal of Italy: Mass Immigration and Naturalization

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By Daniel Matissek
September 9, 2023
Little remains of the election promises of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who took office as a hardliner in immigration policy: her policies now hardly differ from those of the ruling EU migration lobby. Now 800,000 migrant children are to be naturalized in Italy.

Almost a year ago, the “Fratelli d’Italia” were elected the strongest political force – primarily because the Italians had expected Meloni to finally take action against the influx of migrants and the all-corrosive cultural Marxism that has also had the Mediterranean state in its grip for years has.

Like 2015/16 – will Meloni be the new Merkel?

However, Meloni’s balance sheet is more than sobering: by the end of July this year alone, almost 90,000 migrants had already entered the country ; The record number of 180,000 from 2016 will most likely be exceeded . As if that wasn’t enough, Meloni also declared under pressure from the economy, which demands cheap labor: “ Italy needs migration! “.

That is why it wants to allow around half a million “legal” immigrants into the country by 2025 . In a radio interview in 2019, she explained : “There is an organized movement that is working to bring hundreds of thousands of people to Europe. (…) Because it means they have cheap labor. It is no coincidence that Soros, the financial speculator, funds these NGOs. There is also a plan for the deconstruction of society. 

Catastrophe accelerator

She went on to say at the time:  “ It is as if they wanted to rob us of our identity, to build a multicultural society without identity, without roots, without consciousness, so that people equally become consumers who are at the mercy of capital.” Now she is making  herself the accelerator of this catastrophic development that she had once really analyzed. 

Probably encouraged by Meloni’s obvious failure to combat illegal mass immigration, the organization “Save the Children” launched a campaign on Wednesday for the naturalization of 800,000 migrant children born or raised in Italy and declared: “The number of children and young people who are Italian in fact but not by law, number more than 800,000 in our schools and are constantly increasing, but they do not have the same opportunities as their Italian peers.” …

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  1. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Is anyone surprised? She was pro-war, an obvious sell-out! She lied to attain power in order to keep Italy pro-war.

    Italians need to have kids. This trick might have lost Italy for good.

    Where are Europeans to live? There’s need of a secure state to protect us. We’re losing more quickly than probably anyone feared possible. Petty nationalism might really be out the window as people here have been saying for years…

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Giorgia Meloni has reversed her immigration policy by 180 degrees. What accounts for this treason against Italy and Europe? Was she bribed or was she threatened?

    The organization, Save the Children, mentioned in this article, is no doubt funded with Jewish money. Its propaganda reeks with Jewish sentimentality. These so-called “children” are not “Italians in fact” – they are enemy aliens. They know that, of course. Once again, they are disloyal to their host population.

    • Steven D Heck
      Steven D Heck says:

      I am disappointed in Meloni but Italian citizenship is still by Ancestry/ by Blood. This hasn’t changed. They can apply when they are adults. It’s not by Birth which is the case in America.

      I have Italian Dual citizenship. Italy is still 95% Italian and 97% European. Most migrants head north because Italians are tough on outsiders.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Well, universal democracy just doesn’t work.

    We need some sort of elite. How rulers are selected, whether entrenched families or some sort of rabbi caste or what: We need some closed elite to protect us.

    Closed societies are resisting globalism. In Rome, generals might fight for power. Even that would be preferable to this open democracy we have, “rule by the retarded” as some viral Iranian video put it.

    If we’re to have voting, we need to figure which groups to exclude from that voting. A great many who are intelligent on paper are tricked politically. We see poor, blue-collar workers often voting best.

    I hate seeing “white advocates” losing so badly and often being tricked so badly. It feels like we’re in a Darwinian test and failing the test repeatedly.

  4. Steven D Heck
    Steven D Heck says:

    Also Italy is still 95% Italian and 97% European (see below). I live in Maryland which is 47% European. I am also an Italian Dual Citizen and I am shocked by the demographic difference when I return to Maryland after an extended stay in Italy.

    Ethnic groups in Italy

    The major ethnic group in Italy is the Italians, who account for 95% (above 60 million) of the total population of Italy. The remaining 5% of the population consists of ethnicities like Albanians, Romanians, Ukrainians, and other Europeans (2.5%);

    Africans (1.5%), and several other minorities (1%).,several%20other%20minorities%20(1%25)

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