Elon Musk: I’m aspirationally Jewish and ‘pro-semitic’

Musk seems to be shoring up the defenses against the oncoming storm. From the Jewish Chronicle (UK):

“My entire life is pro-Semitic,” Elon Musk said in the initial minutes of his live chat this evening with Ben Shapiro on Twitter/X. …

The live chat comes off the back of weeks of controversy surrounding Musk’s rhetoric on his social media platform X and accusations of antisemitism running unchecked on the site. [False]

He referenced the Hebrew roots of his first name, claiming it is like “being called Bob” in Israel. Musk was also metioned that he went to a Hebrew preschool, and that his father took him to Israel when he was thirteen. Several times over the course of the discussion, Musk mentioned that he has visited Israel twice.

“I don’t know if I am genetically Jewish…but I am aspirationally Jewish,” he said.

The list of panelists did not include a representative from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Jewish organisation currently embroiled in a spat with Musk after he called them ‘one of the biggest spreaders of antisemitism’ on Twitter.

The conversation seemed to be an elaborate soapbox for Musk to defend himself as “pro-Semitic” in light of recent accusations to the contrary. “I’ve been to Masada twice,” he said. “I don’t know if many people can say that.” …

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    HANNES says:

    It’s always the same pattern: “Either you bow to our arbitrariness, or you’re out of the game and off the window to the beautiful view!” Selected Jews, seeming almost innocent in their ethnocentric vulnerability, claim in a new “documentary” that Roger Waters is a megalomaniac anti-Semitic bully. This truth the world must finally learn in all its montrous dimension and silence Mr. Waters once and for all, so that the world once again gains the conviction that Jews are not evil people!


    “Why Should Orania Exist In A Non-Racial [sic!] SA?”

    Lana from Redice, who claims to have been to Zimbabwe herself, reports the coronation of a white beauty queen in Zimbabwe in her latest video. Through the useful Song Identifier tool, I found that the song playing as background to a historical documentary clip is by a certain John Edmond. Mr. Edmond seems to have had the wonderfully catchy, very simple melodies just tumbling out of his head, arranged in typical American style a la Don McLean. “He reached the height of his fame during the Rhodesian Bush War where he was sometimes known as the ‘Bush Cat’.”


    Roger was born in Africa the same year as Edmund. He died two weeks ago in France. Roger managed the rare feat of singing seemingly authentic German without linguistically comprehending its content, so that his local fan base, consisting mostly of mature ladies, was mistakenly convinced that he was addressing them specifically. But Roger was as little German as “James Last” was British. He served as a young man in the colonial “Kenya Regiment,” of which, according to Wikipedia, he was the only member worth mentioning. In 1976 he visited the wild natives of his homeland in a musical journey.


  2. Fabletrouduc
    Fabletrouduc says:

    Elon Musk is ONE OF THEM…

    He pretends to fight for free seech but twitter still bans and censor many (inc/ Alex Jones).
    He uses X to filing, profiling users and build a database for future social credit control.
    He sends rockets to space to placate earth with spy satellites which will broadcast deadly 5/6G radiations 24/7 everywhere.

    He pretends to have a row with the ADL ( a terrorist organization bent on destroying the USA from within) but he’s now sucking up to them and to all the other criminals and parasites that destroy the western world since centuries.

    His defense by praising NAZIsrael is pathetic, this rogue genocidal state shouldn’t exist and the millions of people they have killed should be avenged.

    If Musk was anything close to a free speech defender or freedom lover he would denounce nazisrael for what it is and tell the jews to go fuck themselves and get out of our lands!




  3. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    If you want to find a place full of white men in America these days, you have to make a pilgrimage to certain fairs that are a massive thorn in the side of Jews like Menachem Kaiser.


    “Outrage can be effective, but it has to be harnessed and it has to be directed.” The strategy of Jewish ideologists cannot be better summarized in one sentence.



    The crucial question is: Could the demonization of the most historically relevant anti-Semites ultimately also be directly related to the demonization of the white race as a whole that is rampant today?

  4. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    By and large, Americans have very good independent judgment. Conceited and uppity Europeans consider them “uneducated.” The typical result of a narrowed extremely ideologized perspective.

    I consider Americans to be sympathetic. They have an unbiased, independent, free and ideologically uncolored judgment that follows their gut rather than their head, which they should definitely keep.

    I also like their natural friendliness and the sincere matter-of-factness with which they conduct price negotiations, e.g., without being ashamed or embarrassed by their own demands.

    My prognosis for America, if it allows itself to be robbed of its freedom by the increasing gradual grip of “all-powerful” Jewry, is gloomy. So far, there is little fear of contact between the various camps.

    While in “Jewrope”, so-called populists quite ostentatiously distance and separate themselves from so-called “extremists”. This ensures that no threat whatsoever can brew for the Jews from there.

  5. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Elon, despite his specious philosemitism advanced for tactical reasons, has two huge pluses: 1. he has never been spotted with a “yarmulke” on his head in front of the Wailing Wall, and 2. the infamous Judenblatt “Forward” keeps a “constantly updated list of all his anti-Semitic statements.” https://news.yahoo.com/elon-musk-attacked-german-support-195538777.html


    Come on, say it in German, Elon: “You don’t have all cups in the board anymore.”


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