Thoughts on Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow

All it takes is one look at this picture to know why America cannot tolerate Russia.  No wonder that great American patriot George H.W. Bush betook himself to Kiev when the Soviet Union was collapsing and, appearing on a balcony overlooking the Maiden, urged Ukrainians to stay in the Soviet Union.

Very different from the American policy now that Russia is no longer Communist.

And the history of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the site of this picture, a picture so wounding and offensive to the leadership of the USA shows how right George Herbert Walker Bush, former head of the CIA, was when he tried to save the Soviet Union.

Here is the full disgusting history (to Bush and others like him) of the church:

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was totally obliterated by the Bolsheviks.

The Communists would not allow the priests to take a single icon with them.  Every single thing was destroyed.  The gold was melted down – 20 tons of it.  And to pour salt in the wounds, the non-Russians running the Soviet government earmarked every penny from the sale of the gold to the dispossession and extermination of the Kulaks, the most intelligent and industrious of the Russian peasants, the “Kulaks.”

A really nice dysgenic touch!  And very much to the taste of the American establishment even way back then.  The New York Times‘ reporter in the Soviet Union enthusiastically supported the collectivization and that newspaper informed us that the story of a famine in the Soviet Union was just a lie fabricated by reactionary anti-communists.

The fact that the Cathedral was dedicated to two Russian military heroes, one of whom was one of the greatest White racial heroes of all time, must have really incurred the wrath of the Bolsheviks. (St. Alexander Nevsky, who defeated the Teutonic Knights, and St. Dmitri Donskoy who defeated the Yellow Peril in the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, breaking Russia free of the Mongol Yoke.  The Russian Orthodox Church canonized both of these military leaders, something modern Xianity in America would never, never do.)

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was the first church rebuilt by the Russian Orthodox Church after the fall of the Soviet State and the Communist Party. In the midst of abject poverty and economic chaos one out of every ten citizens of Moscow donated to rebuild the Cathedral.

America cannot stand for such things.

America will not tolerate such actions.  They are contrary to everything America stands for.

These people and their city need the Dresden medicine.

Moscow must be levelled and Russia destroyed.

Then Americans can be proud of their country and the values it stands for.

Once again, America will have saved civilization and protected freedom.

So sayeth the secular saints Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Secretary of State Blinken and The New York Times…and they are authoritative in our national epistemology.

I walked through the restored Cathedral in a state of exaltation.  I wish my Russian tutor who first told me the story of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior — when it had been converted into a swimming pool — could have lived to see it.

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  1. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    Solzhenitsyn (200 Years Together, Ch. 17):

    We have not forgotten how it looked at the height of the decade [1920s]: Russian patriotism was abolished forever. But the feelings of the people will not be forgotten. Not how it felt to see the Church of the Redeemer blown up by the engineer Dzhevalkin and that the main mover behind this was Kaganovich who wanted to destroy St. Basil’s cathedral as well. Russian Orthodoxy was publicly harassed by “warrior atheists” led by Gubelman-Yaroslavsky. It is truthfully noted: “That Jewish communists took part in the destruction of churches was particularly offensive. … No matter how offensive the participation of sons of Russian peasants in the persecution of the church, the part played by each non-Russian was even more offensive.”

  2. Beatrice Portinari
    Beatrice Portinari says:

    It’s truly incredible to me how many American and other white nationalist conservatives have lashed themselves to the Putin regime. To be clear, Russia is a country acknowledged by all to be an empty veneer of a state, owned by Jewish kleptocrats, managed for them by a small clique of former communist bureaucrats. If it’s to such a country we’re meant to look as the defender of traditional Christianity and European civilisation, then maybe we conservatives -have- lost the culture war already.

    What right-tankies with their trotskyite talking points about multipolar world order don’t seem to grasp is that traditional Russian values have virtually nothing in common with traditional western values, and opposing American leftism is not in Russia’s best interest. As regards the first point: only the Russian aristocracy could have been said to have ever been culturally European, even in part, and then from a late date: otherwise, Russia as a nation originated and evolved under the influence of Turkish, Mongol and otherwise oriental peoples. The vast bureaucratic morass that was Imperial Russia and then the USSR betrays the influence that Byzantine and Turkish government, rather than Roman, had in the formation of the Russian state; and Russian autocracy is of course oriental.

    As anyone who has spent time in Russia and its former satellite states knows, Russians do not conceive of themeselves in relation to their government in the same way we do. Russians have never opposed their own tyrannical government: if their leaders are beating them, that means the nation is strong. And of course there’s the famous Russian fatalism that sees no point in anything but drinking more vodka and getting into another pointless fight, because if the Tsar doesn’t send them off to die they’ll starve next winter anyway. Are these European attitudes?

    As for the second point: Putin will not keep Drag Queen Story Hour out of American schools. He has shown no interest in promoting traditional (correct) Christianity in the west. Why would he? Teachers, professors and bureaucrats trained by ethnic-Russian KGB assets brought wokeness to America, for starters. American wokeness provides Russian state media with propaganda wins every day.

    And to bring things down to the most basic level: where is your survival instinct? Literally every threat to the European west has come from the east – communism and wokeness very much included.

    How do western pro-Russian bloggers sleep at night with these contradictions swirling around their minds? Or have these “conservative” bloggers become so postmodern that holding two diametrically opposed positions at the same time isn’t a problem for them?

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