Meanwhile in Context-Free Jewish Fanaticism Land…

The only relevant fact is that some Jews are suffering.

In the Tablet, by Ani Wilcenski and Isaac De Castro.

In the past two days, Jews in the diaspora have experienced the horrors of a 1940s-style pogrom through our phones. We have been frantically refreshing Twitter and Israeli news, worrying that the next victim will be our sister or friend or grandmother or nephew—because it could be. We all know someone in Israel. …

War crimes and murdered toddlers are not a “complex political situation” with “arguments on both sides.” You can support Palestinian statehood—in fact, you can have any opinion you want about the regional politics of the Middle East—and still believe that jihadist terrorists abducting 85-year-old Holocaust survivors should be condemned. Conflating those two things only gives credence to the idea that violence against Jews is political; violence against anyone else is unquestionably evil. Insisting on that distinction, in the public arena where narratives are created, is the only way to break the cycle of demonization and intimidation-into-silence. …

In case those population statistics weren’t clear, we are a tiny minority waging an uphill battle, and we’ve been fighting it for centuries. Ask your Jewish friends how they’ve felt over the past few days, and we bet they’ll tell you that they feel isolated, hopeless, and alone. And you should understand that you are part of why they feel this way. We notice when you reach out in private but go radio silent when, and where, you need to put your own skin in the game, leaving us to defend our basic humanity alone.

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  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    The fact is that in 2020 ISRAEL helped two state sponsors of ISIS and other terrorist groups – Azerbaijan and Turkey – in those two countries’ atrocious war against Armenian Christians.

    The Armenians were brutalized, raped, beheaded and their POWs were executed on the spot.

    Heard anything about Israel’s responsibility in this war and atrocities? No, you have not. Even few Christians in the US have spoken up.

    Israel gets away with helping to kill Christians.

    Proof of Azerbaijan and Turkey’s use of terrorists:

    Part of atrocities:

    A small part of Israel’s involvement:

    Don’t remain silent. Talk about these things.

  2. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    A constructive definition of “anti-semitism” is, when one is totally in-
    different to the conflicts of the semitic peoples among themselves.

    HANNES says:

    Mr. Link is a Bible-believing German-American. The Bible, according to his superstition, is the unadulterated word of God. From a rational perspective, one could certainly speak of a religious delusion. That is why he is burning to know whether Bibi will finally (secretly) erect the Third Temple, into which Satan will finally step in order to sit on the throne of God.

    Only then the prophecy of the end times would be fulfilled. Will Mr. Link be allowed to witness the second resurrection of God in the remaining of his years? An almost vital question, which finally concerns the entire mankind.

    In the case of Mr. Alex “infowars” Jones, it is also a matter of strong mental confusion in almost evangelistic exstasy. He recently claimed that Africans are so backward merely because they have been denied the salutary revelations of Christianity to this day. As soon as they, too, would finally enjoy them, Africa would rise to become the next superpower.

    There is absolutely no question that the potency drugs marketed by Jones also contain the spirit conveyed to Jones personally by the Almighty. Hence my recommendation today of probably the most moronic movie of all time, in which the self-proclaimed savior and guardian of ultimate truth was allowed to contribute an idiotic supporting role as “Senator Reed.”

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