Emil Kirkegaard: Palestinians in your country: what to expect?

Emil Kirkegaard has posted on a natural experiment in Denmark with Palestinian refugees. Excerpt:

With a war looming and probably lots of Palestinian refugee applications on the horizon, I thought it would be wise to summarize what we have so far about them. The horrors of war aside, how good immigrants are the Palestinians? Denmark decided to try it out in 1992 by giving 321 rejected Palestinian asylum seekers extraordinary residence permits, granted directly by parliament by a special law (Danish Wikipedia Palæstinenserloven). These people have been followed since then to see how this experiment went. Here’s the data for the 2019 follow-up written about here:

  • Of the 321 who were given asylum 270 are still residing in Denmark, meaning the rest either left or are dead.
  • Of the 321, 204 (64%) have received a serious find or jail time for crime, with 71 of them being given jail time.
  • A very large proportion of them are receiving some kind of welfare especially the “early pension” (førtidspension) usually given to people with severe physical or mental issues (e.g. handicapped), but also used for immigrants who are basically useless on the job market for whatever reason.
  • Of their 999 children, so far 34% are convicted for serious crime and some large chunk are already on welfare.

Note that some of the numbers are slightly too low because of the ones who have left.

Why so bad outcomes? Well, let’s summarize the existing intelligence studies of them.

The Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM) was standardized in Palestine in 2011 on a sample of 257 children aged 6.0 to 11.5 years, tested individually. The sample obtained a British IQ of 85.

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    HANNES says:

    “A.J. Goldmann is the German [sic] drama critic for The Times.” (Unmistakable. But he is also, for example, a permanent author of the “American” FORWARD.)

    “The German musical audience is not as developed, is not as refined, not as used to variety as, say, the British or the American musical audiences are.”

    A single disgrace that must be eliminated at last. In order to finally change this precarious state of affairs, Mr. Goldmann reports the first tentative successes of “diversification”. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/12/theater/hamilton-hamburg-closing.html

    That Mr. Goldmann is not only a professional connoisseur of the fine arts, but also their convincing interpreter, he proved already 13 years ago.

    And since the Germans are, according to the “German” Mr. Goldmann, “damned until the end of time” (see “lyrics” below his video, several times in grammatically incorrect German), it is necessary to return this fervent Jewish love and adoration likewise until the end of time menially, as the diversified German host Mrs. Mhundwa indroduces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjvi1JD_OsE

    • HANNES
      HANNES says:

      Imagine you wake up one morning, but you’re not in your bed, you’re lying on the floor, in the same place your bed normally is. Perpetrators unknown, no one noticed anything. That’s about the kind of reasoning these people use to fool the entire world, and even get away with it. They already did that with 9/11.

      The answer to the whole “mysterious” and “inexplicable” riddle can necessarily only be: Here the so-called “states” (i.e. the constructs, which in the West today only call themselves that for appearances’ sake) are themselves the perpetrator and/or the client, hence the whole cover-up and the silence.


  2. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    A nearly earth-shattering event is up for debate: “America” just lost 1:3 to “Germany” in a “friendly” soccer match. Looking at the “colorful” teams, it is clear that neither America nor Germany is playing here. About only a quarter of the total players are still white (“First Nations of Europe”). In principle, the same mendacious rules apply here as in the West as a whole. State no longer means nation, culture, tradition, but internationally bought overpaid “placeholders”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erlK3T1o0oY

  3. Non-European Male
    Non-European Male says:

    This is an alternative thought to that of European Nationalists:

    Ethnic Europeans collectively built Israel and sustained them during its whole existence. Europeans kept the Israeli people alive for the last two thousand years, facilitating their evolutionary progress and wealth acquisition. Then they facilitated their rise to absolute power following the Enlightenment. The ethnic Europeans fought all of Israel’s wars and tortured/genocided millions of Arabs/Afghanistanis/Muslims. Given these facts, some may choose to make the subjective moral argument that ethnic Europeans deserve to be inundated with Arab/Muslim immigrants. Even Hungary’s Orban has fully endorsed the actions of Israel and facilitates the torture and genocide of Arabs/Muslims by being a member of NATO and EU. Therefore, some may make a subjective moral decision to support the Israeli plan to relocate the entire Arab/Muslim population to the ethnically European nations of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and USA. Arabs/Muslims may even come to understand that they can’t defeat the international Israeli community, but that they can at least defeat the ethnic Europeans, a goal shared by the Jewish people.

    All this being said, from a strictly strongly ethnocentric perspective, evolution would dictate that it should be of no concern to ethnic Europeans if they aggressively harm Arabs/Muslims, Jewish people, or both; only the evolutionary advancement of ethnic Europeans is all that would matter, similar to the Jewish Evolutionary Strategy.

  4. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    It’s in the Israeli interest to deport them humanely. Israelis don’t seem to care where they’re sent, and people of European descent are the weakest in the world. So, they might well go to the US.

    What Europeans need to understand is that mixed race people lack identity. Europeans only avoid a future as slaves if marrying other Europeans. What Jews want is a mixed servile population existing to serve a Jewish elite, which doesn’t mix.

    Palestinians might keep their Muslim faith, for a time, but they’re likely to lose their identity, outside of Palestine, over a few generations.

  5. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    What are the chances for the Gentiles and the Ashkenazim to decide to just be Altruistic to all entities that have the ability to feel pain? I’ve tried to understand the world. I read all of Professor Kevin MacDonald’s research on how Ashkenazi people think, and I read all the research of Dr. Woodley of Menie, Richard Lynn, and similar scientists to understand how humans think. It seems to me that the most Altruistic plan for humans to implement is for all the nations to become friends, and to practice eugenics/transhumanism/ethno-nationalism to improve the lives of the people of all the nations of Earth. Is it possible that the Gentiles and Ashkenazim can agree to do this?

    Dr, Woodley of Menie argues that all the Gentiles have now become Genetic Sociopaths due to dysgenics/mutational load. So, are the Gentiles doomed, for the time being, to be extremely sociopathic? And Kevin MacDonald argues that the Ashkenazim are genetically incapable of being Altruistic towards all non-Ashkenazi life not only on Earth, but in the entire universe and beyond.

    Since the Ashkenazim have the most influence in the world, can they find a way to overcome their extreme ethnocentrism and decide to be Altruistic towards all entities that can feel pain? There could be billions of highly advanced God-like Gentile civilizations in the universe and parallel universes, and what if they decide to visit Earth and treat the Ashkenazim the way the Ashkenazim treat Gentiles? Maybe the Ashkenazim, in order to avoid this possibility, should try to start being Altruistic towards all entities that have the ability to feel pain.

    But, it’s not just the Ashkenazim, but all the Gentiles are also genetically sociopathic. Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Jordon Peterson, being extreme Genetic Sociopaths, have accepted bribes from the Ashkenazim in exchange for endorsing the complete Genocide of all Palestinians.

    Are all of us Gentiles and Ashkenazim doomed to be extreme Genetic Sociopaths, and thus invoking a subjective feeling of moral disgust among Gentile alien civilizations who may decide to treat us Gentiles and Ashkenazim the way we treat each other?

    It’s not too late. We can try out best to embrace Universal Altruism. We can forgive all past behaviors and start fresh with a clean slate. We must do it before we are targeted by the Gentile alien civilizations. There are billions of galaxies, and possibly trillions of parallel universes. And, each universe could possibly have many higher dimensions beyond the four dimensions the Earthlings live in: X, Y, Z, Time. This allows for the possibility of the existence of millions/billions of God-like Gentile species. Let’s show them that we have embraced Universal Altruism.

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