Jewish Financial Muscle: Israel supporters step up

Wall Street financiers are pressing elite schools to condemn criticism of Israel. Amid pressure, the University of Pennsylvania on Sunday issued a statement referring to Hamas’s attack as terrorism. …

Though some complaints — like that from Harvard’s former president, Larry Summers — were made in public, the most intense demands have come behind the scenes from Wall Street financiers who make up a powerful block of donors to schools including the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Stanford University and Cornell University.

In conversations with The New York Times, more than a dozen donors said they felt they had a right and an obligation to weigh in. Some of the donors who discussed the matter asked not to be named, because they did not want to speak publicly on a rapidly evolving issue that has elicited death threats on both sides. Some, but not all, of these donors are Jewish, though they hold a range of religious beliefs and not all have a history of being active in pro-Israeli causes.

Years of fund-raising campaigns have led the schools to hew ever closer to this big-moneyed group: Harvard, whose endowment has swelled to nearly $51 billion, named its Graduate School of Arts and Sciences after Mr. Griffin [who is not Jewish].

Among the donors, views on the appropriate way to respond also vary widely. The outspoken hedge-fund manager William Ackman, a Harvard alumnus and head of Pershing Square Capital Management, has called on executives to refuse to hire students who are members of groups that have signed statements singling out Israeli violence as the cause of the conflict, going further than any other major financier.

In a string of posts on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Mr. Ackman demanded that the university release a list of members of any student organizations who wrote the letter blaming Israel for Hamas’s attack, to ensure that he and others did not “inadvertently hire any of their members.”

Some high-profile donors said they felt Mr. Ackman wasn’t helping to turn the discourse in favor of Israel by calling for what would essentially be a blacklist of students who disagree with his views. …

At the universities, students have pointed out that the longstanding blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel and Egypt, among other factors, has led to a level of desperation in the tightly packed area, roughly the size of Philadelphia. But students’ responses, too, have varied — from expressions of sympathy for citizens on both sides of the divide to the suggestion that the Hamas attack was a justifiable form of resistance….

Mr. Griffin is a high-profile supporter of Republican causes while other outraged alumni, billionaire financiers Seth Klarman and Lloyd Blankfein, give largely to Democrats.

And this, re the well-heeled Park Avenue Synagogue:

By the time Cosgrove asked his flock to pull out their phones on Shabbat, the congregation had already raised $16 million for the UJA-Federation of New York’s Israel Emergency Fund, responding to a Hamas-instigated war that has now claimed 1,300 Israeli lives. The overall campaign has raised over $75 million for supporting residents in Southern Israel as well as hospitals, soldiers and their families and humanitarian services for Bedouins and Arab Israelis and more. Rabbi Cosgrove invited those in the pews, and those watching the livestream at home, to add to the pot to reach the symbolic number of $18 million. (The Hebrew word for life – chai – is made of the 8th and 10th letter of the alphabet.)

From the ADL:

With our hearts still aching for our brothers and sisters in Israel, we must also direct our attention to the threats here at home.

I am writing to ask for your support as we head into a heightened period of tension, anger and risk for Israel, and for Jews in the U.S. and around the globe.

Support ADL’s Work NOW

The massacre of over 1,400 Israelis by Hamas comes at a time when Jews are already feeling vulnerable in this country and around the world because of the rise of antisemitic vandalism, harassment and assaults.

This vulnerability intensifies in times of conflict in the Middle East, when Jews here are targeted for actions by and against the state of Israel. Anti-Israel activists at rallies in the streets and on campus are shouting their support for Hamas’s unspeakable actions. We have seen banners justifying the atrocities and calling for more violence against Israel. Against Jews.

Both fringe-left groups and white supremacists are openly cheering Hamas’s hate-fueled attack. Some of these extremists are spreading misinformation and amplifying calls for violence against Jews.

…[We] have our work cut out for us. According to the ADL Center on Extremism, the number of anti-Israel and antisemitic incidents is starting to climb. And our experience shows this has only just begun. …

And Christians United for Israel (I was hoping to find the CUFI ads that are playing on conservative news channels, but can’t find any): 

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  1. Conley
    Conley says:

    Notice that the Israel-Gaza war has overtaken nearly all American news on TV and even newspapers.

    Israel, we know, is more important, apparently, than America, even in America.

    This is how far we have fallen and been brainwashed and intimidated.

    As for Jewish funding for universities, they are already wealthy and will continue to graduate liberal Jews and leftists and so will public elementary schools and high schools.

    “How does it feel,” sang Bob Dylan, “to be on your own?”

  2. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    Howard Cohen was not pleased. It was best to forget all about it, he propagated. I wonder how that came about. I, on the other hand, consider it one of the most clear-sighted albums of the 90s. That was 30 years ago and had predicted the future reasonably accurately. However, there seem to be no Jews as perpetrators in Heaven 17. America is to blame. Of course. As long as we are such cowards, the Jews rub their hands.

    • Jimmy Joe
      Jimmy Joe says:

      Also the very short-sighted Mr. Stürzner is completely an aesthete, a kind of escapist Space-Jesus who rides on nameless synthetic sound waves up into the highest sound mountains, then again into didgital wave valleys.

      His international fans, flattered deep in the inner ear, throw enough shekels at him for these automated performances so that he can continue to exist carefree on the dole and protest world-destroying capitalism when needed.

      The only thing that would still upset him would be a systemic power outage in Germany due to energy shortages. Then his cuddly paradise would suddenly be as silent as a graveyard.

      At least his hair is finally long enough to string his grandfather’s dusty guitar in an emergency. But he mustn’t comb it too often with the cat brush, or it will split.By the way, his cat’s name is Amanda, and she licks the food leftovers out of his beard at night.

      By the way, his cat’s name is Amanda, and she usually licks the food leftovers out of Martin’s beard at night. Amanda is now completely deaf, because a cat’s hearing perceives everything 10 times louder than humans.

      I’m not completely dead set against digital synthesizers, which are more likely to satisfy the intellectual aesthetics of an elite caste of weirdos than the old primitive analog monsters that require physical commitment and sensual creativity.

      A Calfornian company has put Wolfgang Palm’s “wavetable synthesis” in new appealing clothes that are supposed to resemble the original one, but can it defy the German quality product by Waldorf? Metallic blue has always been my favorite color.

  3. Chris Geel
    Chris Geel says:

    Tired old rolling out by the Antiwhite Defamation League of “white supremacists” of course with a lowercase W, well they cannnot hide their envy and bitter hatred of White excellence… and accustaions of anti-semitic racism… oh the fear of them calling someone and anti-semitic racist… They are paranoid unhinged monsters.

  4. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The End Times are upon us and only boomers who watch Fox News and vote Republican can be expected to be raptured up. RockaBoatus tried to warn us but none listened. The younger generations are entirely faithless.

  5. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    A good link to share to help others understand how the ADL operates, from The Occidental Observer blogroll on the upper righthand column of this page,

    When I suggest an article by someone new, who will likely search to consider the source of something so controversial. The SPLC and ADL smears of effective authors are first-up using mainstream search engines, I suggest considering the sources of obviously threatening politically-correct smears. That gives authors initial credibility for some.

    Reading-along while listening “Lawyers” by physics professor, the late William Luther Pierce, PhD is tops on the SPLC. Remastered audio by Kevin Alfred Strom on industrial-strength CDs are available via the Cosmotheist Church pages. That particular audio is engaging and particularly clear on how and why the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center smears, discredits, and practices barratry. It explains lawyers with examples from stages of history such as we’re presently experiencing. And it’s an excellent introduction to Dr. William Pierce.

    Good CD/DVD USB-interface drives with every feature you can think-of are out there cheap. Optical drives are a good way to share material to those without convenient internet service.

    If were one of an indentifiable group such as lawyers including judges, politicians, or obviously an economic migrant, I’d be on my best behavior to avoid being an example of what’s wrong with civilization– right now– that’s being targeted, if not publicized in the mainstream media. These introductions to tactics by such groups turn on the lights. 

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