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A truck with a billboard displayed their names and photos, and critics put out do-not-hire lists. The students say it’s a campaign to shut them up.

… But within days, students affiliated with those groups were being doxxed, their personal information posted online. Siblings back home were threatened. Wall Street executives demanded a list of student names to ban their hiring. And a truck with a digital billboard — paid for by a conservative group — circled Harvard Square, flashing student photos and names, under the headline, “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.” …
Complicating it all: outside groups, influential alumni and big-money donors, who are putting maximum pressure on students and administrators.

At the University of Pennsylvania, donors are pushing for the resignation of the president and the board chairman, after a Palestinian writers’ conference on campus invited speakers accused of antisemitism.

At Harvard, a billionaire couple quit an executive board. Another donor pulled money for fellowships. And Lawrence Summers, a former Harvard president and Treasury secretary, criticized the leadership for a “delayed” response to the Hamas attack and the student letter. …

NYC law firm rescinds job offers to Columbia, Harvard students over Israel letters

A prestigious Big Apple law firm has revoked job offers to three students at Harvard and Columbia universities after the Ivy League students signed controversial letters supporting Palestine in the wake of Hamas’ deadly slaughter in Israel.

Davis Polk & Wardwell alerted staffers on Tuesday that it had rescinded the offers because the prospective employees held leadership positions within the student organizations that issued last week’s statements blaming Israel for the attacks.

“These statements are simply contrary to our firm’s values and we thus concluded that rescinding these offers was appropriate in upholding our responsibility to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for all Davis Polk employees,” Davis Polk managing partner Neil Barr said in the email. …

Davis Polk’s decision comes a week after another law firm, Winston & Strawn, said it had revoked a job offer to former New York University Student Bar Association president Ryna Workman following a controversial pro-Hamas column cheering the Hamas attack.

A Chill Has Been Cast Over the Book World

Last week the literary association Litprom canceled a celebration for the Palestinian author Adania Shibli’s book “Minor Detail” at the Frankfurt Book Fair, one of the publishing world’s biggest international book fairs. The novel, which was a finalist for the National Book Award and was longlisted for the International Booker Prize, was to be honored for having won the 2023 LiBeraturpreis, a German literary prize awarded annually to a woman from the developing world. A panel that Shibli, who splits her time between Jerusalem and Berlin, was to be on with her German translator, Günther Orth, was likewise canceled.

In a statement defending the decision, Juergen Boos, the director of the book fair, distanced the organization from the award, saying the prize came from another group, which was now looking for “a suitable format and setting” to honor Shibli elsewhere. He also said that “we strongly condemn Hamas’s barbaric terror war against Israel” and that the fair “has always been about humanity; its focus has always been on peaceful and democratic discourse.” Furthermore, Boos said, the Frankfurt Book Fair “stands with complete solidarity on the side of Israel.”

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  1. Lara
    Lara says:

    The pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel students should flyer the campus & surrounding areas describing the sins of the Jewish lobby and Israel.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Since the New York Times has never published a “straight news” story that did not have an editorial embedded within it, it is pretty easy to see that the quoted excerpt from the first Times article embodies its Jewish owners’ long-standing partiality on behalf of Jewish and leftist interests and in opposition to non-Jewish (especially Christian) and rightist interests.

    Still, there is something wryly amusing about this sentence:

    … a truck with a digital billboard—paid for by a conservative group—circled Harvard Square, flashing student photos and names, under the headline, “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.”

    Given that the Times’s readers have long since learned that “conservative” is a code word for “evil and anti-Semitic,” all thoroughly woke White leftists (they number in the millions, alas) would read that sentence and nod vigorously in agreement at the villainous conduct of their bigoted, supremacist, unwoke brethren. Yet anyone even slightly familiar with the political complexion of Cambridge, Massachusetts, knows that there are fewer genuine conservatives there than there are “asylum seekers” on Martha’s Vineyard. In other words, the evil, doxxing “conservatives” weren’t actually conservatives at all. They were (((neocons))) doing what comes naturally to Jews: working to destroy anyone who has the temerity to cross them.

    So yet again, the Times has its cake and eats it, too—and if you notice the hypocrisy, you must be an anti-Semite.

  3. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    “The students say it’s a campaign to shut them up.”
    No, it is obviously a campaign to destroy their lives, and not only to destroy any chance
    of a future professional career but to put their lives in danger.
    The JDL has been made illegal in the US but it continues to operate more forcefully than ever, better
    organized and coordinated from several centers (Wall Street, media, corporations, and the billionaire donor class).
    Where is the truck with a billboard displaying the names and photos of the likes of Larry Summers, the billionaire
    donors who blackmail the university administration, etc under the title: “These are the individuals and institutions
    who claim that destroying students who dare to voice “controversial” opinions enforce “our values”?
    Is there no conservative group willing to organize a response to this outrage? Doxxing is a weapon that can be
    wielded by the victims with more devastating effect because the list of names highlights the ethnicity of the attackers.

  4. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    Regarding the Ivy League students being denied jobs, why would they even want to contribute to the Western economy, knowing that the West exclusively exists to serve Ashkenazi ethnic interests? And the very fact that they chose to struggle to get accepted into an Ivy League university seems suspicious to me regarding what their real motivation in life is, which I speculate is just to make money. If everyone in the West with an IQ of 120 or higher were really opposed to Ashkenazi domination, the best thing they could have done is collectively move to Russia/China/Iran, which would immediately cause the complete collapse of the World Ashkenazi Empire since they would have lost every Gentile with an IQ of at least 120, whom they need to do all the white collar work.

    Something I just posted at Unz Review:

    I think one problem is the method by which the Ashkenazim is ending the lives of the Palestinians. They are using very painful ways, and I think this is causing some Gentiles to have negative opinions of the Ashkenazim. Everyone dies anyway, and the process of evolution dictates that more evolutionary adaptive population groups (Ashkenazim) replace less adaptive groups (Palestinians). So, according to my personal subjective morality, I don’t think ending the lives of all the Palestinians is as “unethical” as using painful methods to do it. When we have our pets euthanized, we use painless methods. So, why not the Ashkenazim use painless methods to end the lives of the Palestinians? For example, the Ashkenazim could have spiked all the Palestinians’ food with pentobarbital, fentanyl, or similar drugs. Or the Ashkenazim could have tried to invest in creating a gas-based bio-weapon that puts people to permanent sleep in a painless/peaceful manner, and then launch this gas all over Gaza. Or they could have developed a biological microbe that gives Palestinians an extremely high fever that painlessly/peacefully puts them in a permanent coma. Or what about developing a chemical that painlessly/peacefully stops their hearts, and then spiking their water supply with it? I’ve heard about elderly people painlessly/peacefully dying in their sleep as a result of their hearts stopping due to old age.

    The Ashkenazim are intelligent enough to have been able to develop and implement a variety of ways to painlessly/peacefully end the lives of the Palestinians. But instead, they chose to do things like cause buildings to collapse on them, or cause explosives to detonate near them, or randomly shoot them in the legs, arms, genitals, and eyeballs, or knife their body parts, or kidnap and rape them to death, and similar painful methods.

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