Women, etc.

First we got women priests, then women bishops, and now many clergy would accept a woman as the Archbishop of Canterbury.[1] No doubt some people, such as the women priests and bishops, are actively lobbying for it.

This seems to be connected with the way that in 2020 Donald Trump promised to nominate a woman for the next available place on the Supreme Court, Joe Biden vowed to choose a female running-mate, and Boris Johnson indicated that the Conservatives would seek to make half their members of parliament women, an aim later confirmed by the party’s chairman. The principle seems to be women, women, women. If a top position was never occupied by a woman, it must be occupied by one now. If an important job could go to a man or a woman, it must go to a woman. Men must be prevented from standing for election so that women can be elected.

It’s as though someone thinks that with women in charge, everything would be better. The idea is hardly new. I remember that when a letter appeared in the New Statesman in the 1990s saying exactly this, it struck me as unoriginal. Presumably the magazine only printed it to keep a familiar idea in the public mind.

In those days the idea needed an argument to back it up, so the letter writer stated that women were the gentler and more peace-loving sex, therefore a society run by women would be gentler and more peace-loving. He might as well have argued that society should be run by dogs because then it would have a better sense of smell. Not only is there no reason to think that a leader’s attributes will rub off on the rest of the population, or in this case on its rougher and more war-like half; it is unclear that gentleness and a love of peace are the main things to look for in a leader. What about vision, determination and a willingness to work long hours, or indeed an ability to lead? Nor are female leaders likely to be popular. The most well-established finding in the psychology of the workplace is that both sexes prefer a male boss to a female one. There is also the question of how many women want to be leaders.

Putting women in charge because they are women is not recommended by experience. Cressida Dick as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 2017 to 2022 was more interested in hate speech than in crime, nor would she at any point in her career have been able to perform such a basic task of a constable as catching an escaping burglar and wrestling him to the ground. Dany Cotton, a health-and-safety expert who led the London Fire Brigade from 2017 to 2019 without being qualified to drive a fire engine, had to keep popping into a nearby house to use the toilet when she should have been supervising as a tower block burned down.[2]

How is it then that today many people find it obvious that we need women leaders? It is down to what Bertrand Russell called a Sunday truth, by which he meant a notion few believe but that everyone must profess on pain of being cast out of society.[3] Exploiting the tradition of chivalry, early feminists seeded the idea that women were simply better than men in any way that could matter. Their followers cultivated this as a Sunday truth, and now we all accept it. If women are better than men, it follows that we want them running things, which means that when looking for leaders we don’t need to consider men unless no woman can be found. The search for the best candidate becomes a search for the best female candidate.

Another of our Sunday truths is that Black people are better than White people. This was cultivated by anti-racists at the same time as the feminist Sunday truth was cultivated by feminists, where by feminists and anti-racists I don’t just mean activists but also the average journalist, priest or teacher. As with the feminist Sunday truth, the anti-racist one has led to those it champions being given senior positions, as when a young Black man was made president of the Royal Institute of British Architects recently despite being undistinguished as an architect,[4] and when another, also this year, was made a professor at Cambridge despite being mentally retarded.[5] Presumably they weren’t the best candidates but were thought to be the best Black ones.

On the basis that Black people are better than White people, the police have spent forty years coming up with policies aimed at getting more of them into the force or speeding them up the ranks.[6] Various home secretaries have introduced similar schemes.[7] Illustrating the syndrome, in 2021 the then home secretary unveiled a scheme for fast-tracking non-White police inspectors to the rank of superintendent,[8] despite the fact that a Black chief superintendent had not long before been found guilty of handling indecent images of children, a crime no White chief superintendent had been convicted of.[9] At the very moment Priti Patel announced her initiative, the case of another Black superintendent accused of gross misconduct was being heard.[10] Again, no White superintendent had been alleged to have spent £5,000 using someone else’s credit card during a conference where his allowance was £105, putting the spree down as expenses. But nothing a Black police officer does can threaten the Sunday truth that makes home secretaries want them promoted unnaturally fast.

The feminist and the anti-racist Sunday truths can’t necessarily both be acted on at once, as seen in the fact that Cressida Dick and Dany Cotton, although female, were White, while Muyiwa Oki (the architect) and Jason Arday (the professor), though Black, are male. We have to live with such anomalies because there simply aren’t enough Black women to fill every important post.

When feminism and anti-racism clash, anti-racism wins because it is higher up the politically-correct pecking order. Thus when a woman was killed by a White policeman in 2021,[11] feminists went on for a month about the danger men pose to women, but when a woman was murdered and her body chopped up by a failed asylum seeker from Iraq a few weeks earlier,[12] they hadn’t said a word.[13] If feminism had been the senior ideology, the fact that the chopper-up was non-White would have been trumped by the fact that the body he chopped up was that of a woman. Nor was the value of the victims of the Muslim rape gangs as girls enough to get them into the papers given that their rapists were non-White. The news Blackout went on for decades, during which probably over a million White girls were victimised.[14] Again feminism deferred to anti-racism.

People have been getting jobs on the basis of Sunday truths since the 1990s, when political correctness first came to us. Janice Fiamengo, a retired English professor from Canada, recalls that when applying for her first university post in 1997 she found herself on two shortlists where every candidate was female.[15] She was later to see application after application from brilliant young men thrown into the bin by selectors. At her university, anyone who hired a White man had to explain themselves to the dean.

Clearly, unless the best candidate happens to be Black or female, selecting only from these privileged classes means picking inferior people. To the examples of Cressida Dick et al can be added that of the female theoretical physicist who was given a job at Padua University in preference to a male one whose papers had been cited in the relevant journals ten times as often as hers.[16]

Another effect of the practice is the normalisation of dishonesty. When in 2018 the rejected physicist, Alessandro Strumia, gave a talk at CERN (the European Council for Nuclear Research) demonstrating the degree to which female physicists’ careers are artificially boosted, feminists did not greet it with contrite promises to mend their ways but by condemning Strumia in the strongest terms. So happy were they with their shady practices that they felt entitled to lambast anyone who exposed them. Janice Fiamengo has discussed the anti-man discrimination that has gone on “at the same time as feminists have been complaining non-stop that more needs to be done to hire women into all academic fields”.

Occasionally, those who intend to take affirmative action do not conceal the fact but trumpet it, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden did. “Look at us!”, they say. “We promise not to look for the best person; we’re going to choose a woman!” Apparently they valued the support of feminists more than that of anyone still attached to the old idea of justice.

This is not the place to undertake a comparison of the sexes or the races to see why White men might beat women and non-Whites in fair competitions, but two comparisons of the sexes undertaken by others can be noted. The Island was an American reality show where a group of women and a group of men were left on an uninhabited island to see how they would cope.[17] A girl who described herself as “all about being independent and not relying on men for anything” had to admit that fire was important. She noted that the men had made a dry storage area for their firewood and had everything they needed to cook, whereas the women had been unable to light a fire. Unfortunately there were things they needed from the men, she said. “It’s just so annoying.” What annoyed the men was the way that whenever the women came to them for something, as they did continually, they acted as though they deserved it. Also, when the women reflected on the fact that they had had no sleep or food and were wet and frozen, they blamed the men. When one of them started rolling logs — their intended firewood — into the sea, a man said: “We’re dealing with hormonal, irrational women. It’s not even worth trying to negotiate at this point.” Rather pathetically, the presenter tried to suggest that the experiment told us nothing about the sexes.[18]

In a similar British programme, some women were dropped off on one island and some men on another.[19] The women stayed at their landing point talking about urination before one suggested having a conference. Eventually they went off to find a better beach until one of them saw a snake, screamed and ran away. “You are not going to die”, another told her firmly. “But it came right towards me!” Not having found a beach by nightfall — it hadn’t occurred to them to follow the coast — they stopped in the jungle, where they saw a spider. Again the would-be organiser suggested a planning session. The next day there was a drama. “Guys, we’ve had a fall!” A woman was writhing on a rock. The aspiring organiser said: “Can we form a circle or something so we can have a chat?” Some of the group set out on another expedition to find a good place for a camp and got lost while the others let the fire it had taken them five hours to make go out when it started raining. The woman who had fallen down had a fit of some kind. “Come and sit in the comfy chair”, said another, guiding her to a fallen tree. A woman noticed how every time her group caught a fish there was a great celebration, whereas the men caught fish every day as though they expected to.

Such shows don’t prove anything, but they enable one to see how societies could have evolved to be organised and led by men, whose natural competence would only be increased by the knowledge that the women would blame them if anything went wrong.

An anecdote that brings in race as well as sex concerns a recruitment agency’s experiment with “blind recruitment”, where applicants were shortlisted in ignorance of both characteristics.[20] Only their merit was appraised. The agency abandoned the practice when it “selected an all-White, male field of candidates. All the diverse candidates failed to progress to interview”, wrote the company’s managing director.[21] This wasn’t the desired result, so the agency went back to discriminating by race and sex.

It is said that the reason the Ancient Greeks kept women out of politics is that they didn’t want to bring chaos and destruction down on their societies. Apparently the function of figures like Medea and Clytemnestra in their myths was to remind them what could happen if they weren’t careful. Presumably the reason we insist on pushing women into positions of power no matter how unsuitable they may seem to be, and do the same with Black people, is that we have an unconscious desire to destroy our societies.

Some would say that this analysis is wrong. It’s not our doing: feminism and anti-racism were foisted on us by outsiders. It is true that it was Jews who gave us these ideologies, but as Yuri Bezmenov said — a Soviet propagandist who in 1970 defected to the West, which he tried to warn about the trouble that was coming to it — you cannot subvert an enemy who does not want to be subverted.[22] All the Soviets’ efforts to lead the West to ruin would have been to no avail had it not been going in that direction of its own accord. It stands to reason. If someone tells you to jump off the top of a tall building, why would you do it unless you wanted to kill yourself? The best you could call it, if the person telling you to jump had worked on your weaknesses to make it seem like a good idea, would be assisted suicide.

If warnings about feminism and anti-racism were ever sounded, they were silenced by the feminist and anti-racist media thirty years ago as our professional communicators disseminated and then enforced their Sunday truths. It is too late for warnings now. Women are already in charge almost wherever you look, some in the most unexpected places. Recently the School of Engineering Education at Purdue university was being run by a woman, whose main idea was that rigour was overrated. If less emphasis was placed on it, there would be more female engineers, she argued.[23] CERN is run by a woman, as is the United States Soccer Federation. A snooker referee or chess commentator is as likely to be a woman as a man these days. Feminism’s Sunday truth incorporates the idea that women are just as interested in chess and snooker as are men, so with their general superiority it is natural that they should regulate and pass judgement on the men who actually play the games.

Feminism has met with success not only in engineering education and men’s sports, as well as in such fields as academia, journalism and general punditry, but also in the police and armed forces. In 2018, the following top positions connected with the British police were occupied by women: Director General of the National Crime Agency, head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, chair of the College of Policing, chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and president of the Police Superintendents Association.[24] It must have seemed obvious to those who gave women these posts that they would be more suitable for them than any man could be. In the spring of 2020, England had two female chief constables out of 46; eighteen months later it had fifteen.[25] Of thirteen male chief constables who retired in that period, all were succeeded by women.

Although the British armed forces shrink all the time, the Royal Navy has room for a female rear admiral and half a dozen female commodores, the Royal Air Force has a female air marshal backed up by seven female air vice-marshals, and the Army has a lady lieutenant general, two lady major generals and a dozen lady brigadeers.

It is only a matter of time before an episcopal cat fight breaks out over the appointment of the first female Archbishop of Canterbury.

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[5] Jason Arday, a sociologist, didn’t speak until he was eleven and was illiterate until he was eighteen. He has still not attained full literacy. Summarising one of his articles, he wrote: “This paper employs a Critical Race Theory (CRT) a storytelling method, which operates as a counter-narrative in attempting to conceptualise my own professional experiences of negotiating normative Whiteness, diversifying Eurocentric curricula and conceptualising the racial mirco-aggression”. The first few words contain one mistake of grammar and two of punctuation. The sentence makes no sense. How can a theory attempt to conceptualise a person’s experience of conceptualising something? What is “the racial mirco-aggression”? Arday claims that his life was profoundly affected by the news that Nelson Mandela had been released from prison, which happened when he was four. (History Debunked, Feb. 24th 2023, “A boy who could not read and write until he was 18 becomes a professor at Cambridge University”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYwkgmJtBeE.)

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  1. What’s up Skip
    What’s up Skip says:

    Civilization can’t function like this. Men run it, women nurture it. Or it falls apart. To think it was only 120 years ago when we had this all sorted out.

    Correa Moylan-Walsh predicted all this in 1917 in his: ‘The Climax of Civilization’

  2. jank willie
    jank willie says:

    “Women are already in charge almost wherever you look, some in the most unexpected places.”
    What a crank. A more accurate picture of just what the hell is going on around here is JEWISH WOMEN are in charge almost wherever you look. And who was it that proliferated the feminist psyop stench that has permeated every aspect of society today? JEWISH WOMEN. I got into an argument about this with some clown on x, formerly known as twitter, and got banned by the ceo jewess yack-a-reno. I filed an appeal which was denied by a skimp called ginsberg, so I decided to write my jewess congresswoman filler-corn, because the ban affected by livelihood, all to no avail. I wonder who got the idea it was just “women” running the show here. This is misinfo. This is psyops. This is an act of war. This is worse than the neutron bomb, and although it keeps cities intact, it’s still going to get us all killed. Carpet bombing of our cities is a much more honest way of wiping us out. At least we would know what hit us.

  3. WCH
    WCH says:

    Excellent piece… One major contributer to the problem is giving child custody of male children to mothers. Fathers and grandfathers need to warn boys of the distructive nature of most women. And child support is extortion.

  4. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Oh, boy. This is quite a hornet’s nest.

    I don’t watch much TV, but I saw a few excerpts online about the W vs. M in the jungle. Let me describe my strategy, before I knew the results of this experiment: Oh, boys, if you build us a fire and catch a few fish/rabbits (whatever), I’ll gather up a few wild onions and whip up a stew – everyone gets a nice back-rub (no sexual favors intended/implied) for a hard day’s work. Women who spend time camping, hunting, exploring wilderness trails, etc., knows exactly why men are necessary for survival. If you’re not completely brainwashed, you can extrapolate accordingly to modern life – there are few female plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, etc.

    Regarding black wisdom, I must confess, Larry Elder’s story about his father set me straight on a few things I had been whining over in my life. It’s worth a listen. However, both Mr. Elder and his father are/were exceptional. And, they are/were exceptions to the rule. Many people believe that white men are just handed prosperity, as if they don’t need to work or compete to get ahead. They do. They compete with other white men. We must admit it was harder for blacks in the early 20th century, so those who did succeed were exceptional. That’s were I was stuck – it took a little alternative history/current events on black behavior, in general, to understand that the restrictions were meant to protect white society from the majority blacks, and unfortunately, the exceptions can/do suffer. I’m not willing to sacrifice my children/myself for the exceptions. I think this sense of justice and opportunity for the exceptions is our downfall. Pava LaPere was killed for her ideology; I would have slammed the door in her murderer’s face. In my opinion, as a woman, her intuition must have signaled something other than her prevailing actions. This is a serious disconnect to the natural order of things. Frankly, I wouldn’t have opened the door for a menacing-looking, tattooed, white man. I bet she would have thwarted a white guy.

    Modern women are a serious problem, but in our defense, the messaging of Boss Bitches! and predatory (white?) men is unrelenting. I agree with the separate spheres for women and men. Sometimes, for necessity, the spheres overlap. The spheres overlap, more and more these days, in my opinion, because our culture of modern feminism and male-bashing has turned women into lunatics; they are influenced to deny their inherent nature, whilst today’s men are struggling to hang on to theirs. The truth is, strong women need the protection and security provided by strong men/fathers. The boys who came to my house, to take me anywhere, whether friend or a date, were given strict instructions by my father about what would happen if anything happened to me. It’s absolutely true that I heard many male friends say, we can’t do that/go there because Mr. Father will hunt us down if something terrible happens.

    Don’t let your young girls read “girly” magazines, nor watch anything on modern television or cinema, unless you know exactly what the messaging is. Same for young boys, of course. And, don’t tell your boys to stop wrestling or playing with toy guns, etc. Particularly if your boys are white, as black and brown boys get no such, ridiculous counsel.

  5. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:


    In earlier times, the members of the armed organs of a state, i.e. the police and the army, were nationalist, or at least conservative. Therefore, it is completely futile to believe, in a form of government that sees itself as a “liberal democracy,” that it is possible to carry out a coup d’état, as it were, and thus wrest these instruments from the hands of the abusive elites of our ailing societies.

    The Nazis, for example, had still the advantage of merely taking the baton in an already strictly militarized society. The creation of paramilitary private armies, as in the Weimar period, is in any case constitutionally forbidden. And it is no consolation when uniform wearers seem to be the last strongholds of national sentiment.

    The half-educated and corrupt functional elites of Western economic globalism are indeed moronic stooges in the hands of the true rulers and backers of all political events (cue Blackrock, Vanguard & State Street), but they can activate the executive at any time, not to mention the gigantic media apparatus that is available to them and their lying speech bubbles 24/7.

    • Mark Engholm
      Mark Engholm says:

      Just watched the 1967 TV drama in black and white “The Röhm Putsch”, produced by a communist who (ostensibly) wasn’t one after the war and speaks the opening words. English subtitles available. The protagonist’s homosexuality is repeatedly hinted at.


      Unfortunately, only moderate resolution, but the dialogues are funny. Probably much closer to the original than what is portrayed nowadays. To follow the subtitles as an English speaker, it is probably advisable to set the whole thing to half speed.

  6. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Daniel Amneus from the book The Garbage Generation

    The wrecking of the patriarchal system

    The application to the problem addressed in the present book is this: If mother-headed homes generate most of our crime, delinquency, illegitimacy, educational failure, drug addiction, infantilism, gang violence, sexual confusion and demoralization–as they demonstrably do–why should not our society adopt policies which make fathers heads of families?
    Our Paychecks, Our Selves: Why Fathers Must Demand Custody

    Short of total annihilation, there can be no more fundamental change in a society than the one taking place in ours, a change which has no name and whose nature is unrecognized because its separate facets–crime, delinquency, drugs, sexual anarchy, educational underachievement, family breakdown, feminism–are perceived as separate problems, or as not problems at all, but progress. The essence of the change is the abandonment of the system of social organization based on male kinship and the reversion to the older system of social organization based on female kinship. The statistics which measure this change inch upward only one or two percentage points a year, but viewed historically it is happening with electrifying speed.


  7. Franticek Kaputzki
    Franticek Kaputzki says:

    Lyrics of songs that are not penned by journos close to the system also pose a great danger. The system says that the greatest danger (to itself) comes from “right-wing extremists,” not from criminal invaders. Apart from the fact that the authors of this “article” do not even know that Lower Saxony is not in “East Germany”, which is not surprising, because such sleepyheads know neither geography nor national interests. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-nationwide-raids-target-neo-nazi-music-scene/a-67219602

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