Homo judaicus: The Political Theology of US Foreign Policy

Below is a short compilation of excerpts from my book, first published almost two decades ago, and republished by Arktos media in 2017.  In light of the new geopolitical realignments and continuing political tremor in the Mideast it may be worth looking again at some underlying aspects of US foreign policy.

America’s unconditional support of Israel resembles a belated form of White House Christian-inspired medieval neurosis. Fear of being called an anti-Semite prevents American politicians and a great number of American academics from openly criticizing Israel. When some sparse critical voices are heard, they usually leave out the founding myths of the Biblical narrative, and focus, instead, on dry facts relating to the influence of Jewish lobbies in America. In the typical fashion of American “expertise,” American academics who happen to be critical of Israel use one set of arguments while neglecting other scholarly approaches. In their analysis of the holy alliance between postmodern Israel and America, American scholars tend to forget that the Old Testament ties between these two countries had already predestined America to nurture a special and privileged rapport with the state of Israel.

Clearly, America gains little, if any, geopolitical benefit from supporting Israel. Israel is more of a liability than an asset for America. From the geopolitical perspective, Israel is even a nuisance for America, given that as a small country of approximate size of New Jersey it surrounded by a host of hostile cultures, religions, and neighbors, both outside and within its borders. Although America, due to its unique insular position, has been able to avoid troublesome neighbors and their tribal problems, it has willingly accepted on its own soil the issue of the balkanized Middle East. America’s special friend, Israel, acts in a way similar to that of ancient Prussia; it must grow at the expense of its neighbors — or it must perish. [i] But America’s special filial-fatherly links to Israel must also prevent this last from happening.

Metaphysically speaking, Israel is the spiritual origin of the American divine world mission and the incarnation of American ideology itself. Only within the context of a strange filial relationship with Jewishness and Israel can one understand why America is accepting with equanimity its own deliberate decline into a world-wide morass in the early 21st century — especially since America’s foreign policy actions stand in sharp contrast to the originally proclaimed goals of America’s founding fathers.

Unfortunately, the fear of being called an anti-Semite prevents intelligent Americans from openly discussing the explosive issue of American-Israeli entanglement. Unlike previous geopolitical evaluations that had some sound basis in American foreign policy decision-making, the role of Israel and the Jewish lobby in America are the two major elements that formulate overall American foreign policy. The imagery of Israel and “God’s chosen people” represents the framework of America’s commitments, not only toward the Middle East but also regarding other foreign policy issues. In the meantime, “any aspiring policymaker is encouraged to become an overt supporter of Israel, which is why public critics of Israeli policy have become an endangered species in the foreign policy establishment.”[ii]

These words were written in 2005 by two prominent American scholars whose essay was relayed by major media outlets around the USA and Europe, in turn prompting Jewish lobbies in America to cry foul and raise the proverbial specter of “anti-Semitism.”

What John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt write, however, is nothing new to knowledgeable individuals. Similar critical views of Israel were voiced earlier by many American authors, and these views also reflect, both privately and officially, those of many European scholars and politicians. But when such observations are uttered by scholars from respectable academic establishments, they leave a different aftereffect on the entire American political scene. This explains the reason for worry among American Jews and Israelis.

In Yahve we Trust 

American founding myths drew their inspiration from Hebrew thought. The notion of the “City on the Hill” and “God’s own country” was borrowed from the Old Testament and the Jewish people. The Biblical idea of predestination served the early American founding fathers as a launching pad for their own concept of democratic self-righteousness. Of all Christian denominations, Calvinism was the closest to the Jewish religion and, as some authors have noted, the United States owes its very existence to the Jews. “For what we call Americanism,” writes Werner Sombart, “is nothing else than the Jewish spirit distilled.” [iii]

The author, a disciple of Max Weber, was sympathetic to Jews and, therefore, when he describes the overwhelming influence of the Judaic spirit in American life, he cannot be accused of manifesting a bias against Jews. Similar remarks will be found later among legions of European authors, most of whom fell into oblivion or disgrace given their ties to antidemocratic and racialist schools of thought. Sombart further writes that “the United States is filled to the brim with the Jewish spirit.[iv] Many wide-spread customs in America, such as giving newborn children Judaic names, or administering circumcision to young newborn males, come from Jewish heritage.[v]

Very early on America’s founding fathers, pioneers, and politicians identified themselves as Jews who had come to the new American Canaan from pestilent Europe. In a postmodern Freudian twist, these pilgrims and these new American pioneers were obliged to kill their European fathers in order to facilitate the spreading of American democracy world-wide. “Heaven ha[s] placed our country in this situation to try us; to see whether we would faithfully use the incalculable power in our hands for speeding forward the world’s regeneration.” [vi]

Even American Christian antisemites are subconsciously enamored with the Jewish idea of predestination, which they harbor side by side with their antisemitic sentiments. In fact, American antisemitism can be described as a distorted and hidden form of philo-Semitism which, while not able to materialize itself on its own American chosenness, projects its would-be supremacy through its hatred against Jews. It is not far-fetched to argue, as some authors do, that the American dream is a role model for universal Jewishness, only one which must not be limited to a specific race or tribe in America, as is the case with ethnocentric Jews who are well aware of their ingroup racial feelings. Americanism is designed for all peoples, races and nations on Earth. America is, by definition, an extended form of globalized Israel and not reserved for one specific tribe only. Does that, therefore, mean that our proverbial homo americanus is a universal carbon copy of homo judaicus?

The word “antisemitism,” unlike the words “anticommunism” or “antifascism,” does not reflect political beliefs or critical views of the Jews. This term is exclusively used as a lexical label to depict a person’s grave mental illness. As a perceived medical or judicial illness, antisemitism must never be debated; an antisemitic patient must not be a partner in scholarly duels; his sick views must not be the subject of academic inquiry and counter-inquiry. As an element of medical pathology, antisemitism must only by treated by doctors, preferably by a Jewish psychoanalyst, or legally, by a liberal prosecutor in court.

Accusing American Jews of possessing extraterrestrial powers, or blaming them for their purported conspiracy to subvert Gentile culture, borders on delusion and only reflects the absence of normal dialogue. American antisemitic delusions only provide legitimacy to American Jews in their constant search for a real or surreal antisemitic boogieman around every corner. Without the specter of antisemitism, Jews would likely assimilate quickly and hence disappear. Thus, antisemitism provides Jews with alibis to project themselves as victims of Gentile prejudice. Consequently, it assigns them the cherished role of posing as the sole educational super-ego for Americans and, by proxy, the entire world. In his book on the social role of Jews, a prominent Jewish-French politician and author, Jacques Attali, writes: “As Russian Jews invented socialism, and as Austrian Jews invented psychoanalysis, American Jews in the forefront, participated in the birth of American capitalism and in the Americanization of the entire world.”[vii]

For certain Jewish authors, like Attali, such a remark is easier to put to paper than it would be for a Gentile thinker, who with the same comment would be immediately shouted down as an “anti-Semite.” If a serious American scholar or a politician venture into this forbidden field, his gesture is interpreted as a sign of his being an agent provocateur, or worse, as an indication that he has decided to write his own obituary. Such a schizophrenic climate of self-censorship in America will sooner or later lead to dramatic consequences for both American Jews and Gentiles. The lack of healthy dialogue can last for a century or so, but feigned conviviality between American Gentiles and American Jews cannot last forever, if it continues to take as its basis distorted perceptions of the Other and how this Other should behave. Mendacity carries the germ of civil war.

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  1. Phillip G
    Phillip G says:

    What I notice is that few Christian organizations in the US care about the 1st Christian nation in the world, Armenia, which is the target of the utmost barbarism by two terrorist countries: Azerbaijan and Turkey.

    There is more 1000x the Christian sympathy and outreach to Israel, for God’s sake, than to Armenia and Armenian Americans.

    The interesting thing is that Israel itself is on the side of Azerbaijan and is its largest weapons supplier.

    Israel has a covert base and listening post in Azerbaijan.

    See Netanyahu and the dictator of Azerbaijan, Aliyev:

    In the 2020 war against Armenians by Turkey and Azerbaijan, thousands of international jihadist terrorists were delivered to Azerbaijan by Turkey.

    Israel fought on the SAME SIDE of the terrorists in that war and yet US media don’t tell the American people that.

    Instead, all we hear about from our 99% “controlled media” is Hamas Hamas ….

    Did you know that the Jewish American lobby also supports Azerbaijan 100% and that it has nothing but antagonism toward Christian Armenia and Armenians? Armenians have never done anything to Jews or Israel to deserve this treatment.

    A rare article in American mainstream media:

    There is an award winning movie (Aurora’s Sunrise) you can see for free.

    It’s about the 1915 genocide committed by Turkey against Armenians, and the young woman who escaped and came to America. I won’t give away the plot.

    It’s a TRUE story: https://www.thirteen.org/programs/pov/auroras-sunrise-lnthno/

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 No bloody wonder, that the US supports Azerbaiyan, which, as a bonus for the Jews, is antagonistic towards Christian Armenia.

      02 After all, the SU, just before it shrank itself, had built four new Red Airforce bases there; with China to its east and NATO-Turkey to its west.

      03 These bases were leased by Israel, with the US TAXPAYER PICKING UP THE RENT BILL, OF COURSE.

      04 Iran is the neighbor to the south, and this affords an at least two front threat against Iran.

      05 Plenty on Google !

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Gnome Chompsky says:

      I have sympathy for Armenia and their plight.

      The most famous Armenians in the world, the Kardasshian family, particularly Kim, the most famous, with her silicone implants in buttocks and chest, have a very negative effect on general perceptions.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Mr. Sunic once again brilliantly put into words what others do not even dare to suspect, because stupid mankind wants to be deceived and stay deceived. The Jews were, are and will remain the only humanoid species worldwide that is allowed to fool the minds of all the rest of the earth’s inhabitants without restriction or consequence. One only has to consider this pathological condition.

    Just now the so-called “German-French culture channel” Arte (financed by compulsory fees) has started another of the countless large-scale offensives on our rationality under the title “A History of Anti-Semitism” in four episodes, which can be “consumed” in America only via proxy. There, too, as usual, the same old story of the eternal innocent and unjustly persecuted victim. Followed by Ken Burns’ PBS series “The US and the Holocaust.”

    Jew Goldmann makes it unmistakably clear that “anti-Semitism” is constantly mutating like a malignant carcinoma. How can this unpleasant state of affairs finally be brought under control? The stupid people should finally have been enlightened by the Jews and their willing lackeys to such an extent that they understand without question that Jews and malice can have absolutely nothing to do with each other?


  3. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Very recently the son of the founder of Hamas informed us for the better part of an hour on video, that for several years he has been an Israeli spy for their Shin Bet.

    02 Despite this highly-placed informant, the IDF was ignorant of the impending breach of their electronically sophisticated fences, allowing them to redeploy their forces to guard a kibbutzim celebration.

    03 All hell broke loose, diverting international attention from Bibi’s enormous, often violent problems with his JUDICIAL COUP, attempting to castrate their superior court; establishing Knesset legislation as supreme: ending its cherished, so-called DEMOCRACY for its citizens; including its illegal settlers but few of the original inhabitants.

    04 I didn’t know until recently, that Bibi’s judicial coup, supported by all to his right, is being advanced by two influential US Jews. While what happens in Vegas, may stay in Vegas, I rather think, that the coup is being developed and tried out in Israel, like an off-Broadway production, to then enjoy its premiere in the US, negating, in one swoop, the US Constitution.

    05 After the Stars and Stripes are declared emblematic of domestic terrorism, you will be obliged to exchange it, on pain of penalty, with a newer version, displaying disproportionately the Star of David.

    06 Better buy this already available flag at its still low price, before it becomes mandatory. Type in: Israeli grommet flag !

    07 Canadians need not feel disadvantaged.

  4. Chris Geel
    Chris Geel says:

    Antisemitic racism. Lock and fuse their “ism”
    with the concepts “racist” and “racism” that
    ‘they’ used to defeat Westernkind (and successfully).
    Never let antisemitic/antisemitism stand alone,
    it merely conflates them to appear somehow special.
    Always lock and fuse their ‘complaint’ to be
    antisemitic racism/antisemite racist, just
    like ‘they’ do with for example “anti-Asian racism”,
    they make sure that racist/racism are tagged on
    the tail end of everything else, so buckle
    their legs and collapse their stilts by bringing
    ‘them’ down to level with antisemitic racism.
    Oh did I mention Greenblatt HATES it when he
    sees it in print………….

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Not many accurate sources exist on this newest ME mess, not only capable but likely to target us all.

    02 One such always objective source is Tel Aviv’s HAARETZ. Always reliably positioned with its ears to the door, pen in hand. For a minimal fee I get a comprehensive update on each day of the current war as well as all of its unequalled more comprehensive, informed articles and reasoned opinions, adhering to generally known, historical FACTS.

    03 The ELECTRONIC INTIFADA is yet another reliable source, even though it’s written from an arabic point of view. Even some Jewish staff writers.

    04 However, at this moment, Mark Weber’s IHR site, INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW takes first place. Dial it up to catch it and benefit from its many articles in synopsis form, mirroring articles of a great number of independent publications. A disproportionately great number of Jewish personalities among them in opposition to their official party-line.

  6. Anon
    Anon says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t care if the statues of the Founding Fathers were taken down although they would be replaced by something worse. Many of them were descendants of Huguenot diaspora troublemakers. They settled in Northern Ireland making misery for Catholics. Their pirates burned Havana to the ground. Thomas Jefferson borrowed heavily from the Roman republic, and a Venetian taught England the route to America, planting a Papal flag. William Brewster got half the people on the Mayflower killed because he would not postpone the journey. It’s often better, though, to keep myths going.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 An incredible amount of commendable work must have gone into the compilation of your above link.

      02 Its segment with photos of the so-called US Government, both elected and appointed, resembles a photo of an Israeli university graduating class. Right down to the janitor’s cat.

      03 After Bibi’s off-Broadway JUDICIAL COUP, pushed by two US Jews, subordinating its Superior Court to extreme right wing Knesset legislation premieres in America, and beyond, I, for one, shall use your compilations as a basis for my defense.

      04 If still permitted to do so in a Court in whose chamber the jury box has been replaced by the extant, hybrid Israel – US flag.

      • Mike
        Mike says:

        Yes please sir. I had written to TOO to ask that it be published as an article on your website, but I didn’t hear back from them/you. But please, by all means share it. I don’t see how a person could read what I have written and remain blind to what the Jews are up to.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Mike, do consent to KM’s offer and ask him to include photos of the half-US half-Israeli flags; and include them in your other compilations.

      02 98% of us are tethered to the tracks, hearing and feeling the freight-train bearing down on us.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 May I suggest, that you add a few clips of the Israeli film ” PLAN A “, which plan called for the murder of six million post-war Germans, by poisoning six metropolitan areas’ water supplies. You could garner a sufficient description from the film’s trailers.

        02 The same goes for the film
        ” CHEKIST “. Impossible to become more Talmudic vis-a-vis us ” beasts ” !.

  7. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    I’m glad to see you posting again Mr. Frey, I have had continued with the blind in one eye, want the operation in the other eye, in any case, it will take at least into Jan. next year to receive it. Of course, I almays appreciate your posts and replies in generally, am tired of having people on my left side banging into to, and having to turn my head 180° to watch for it.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Good to hear your’e making progress – though at an North-American pace.

      02 Google DR. FYODOROV , LA TIMES: and well beyond, to help yourself.

      03 At his Moscow Eye Clinic, he put 40 patients on guernies, themselves steered on tracks.

      04 Each would stop at five stations, where a surgeon would perform merely one part.

      05 He thus completed 40 operations in 2 hours !!!

      06 In our superb system 50 patients waited for yes 2 years to merely have their scalps sprayed against self-evident scalp cancer, due to the all-excusing Covid.

      07 This could have been accomplished by Nurse Practitioners: one step up, under the supervision of a regular doctor. A liquid nitrogen spray freezes the cells.

      08 Years ago, dental patients flew to Budapest, were well looked after and in the end spent no more, often less, money. Even a route for an insurance plan or governmental plan or subsidy.

      09 Fyodorov’s Institute treats foreigners as you can google. Perhaps they are cheaper and a tad quicker. Good luck !

  8. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great essay. Thanks Thomas.

    I’ve said this before; the US has become nothing more than an Israeli colony. They rule us with fear and lies.

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