Meanwhile, in the Zionist fever swamps

(1) “America Needs a Decisive Israeli Victory: That means destroying Hezbollah and striking Iran. Anything less is a major strategic defeat for Israel and the U.S., by Raphael Benlevi, in Tablet.

It is therefore a strategic imperative for both Washington and Jerusalem that the Gaza war ends with a blow to Iran’s positions. Hezbollah is the Iranian front line, but the IRGC forces in Syria and Iraq are the most obvious direct targets. An attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, so long planned for, should be on the table as soon as Hezbollah has been neutralized. Devastating Hamas and Hezbollah and exacting a major price from Iran for the behavior of its proxies will come at a tremendous cost to Israel, but an even greater cost to its enemies. It is the only sufficient end to this war that can turn around what is currently a strategic disaster that threatens both America and Israel.

(2) Israeli think tank lays out a blueprint for the complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza, by Jonathan Ofir in Mondoweiss.

An Israeli think tank with ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a report on October 17 promoting the “unique and rare opportunity” for the “relocation and final settlement of the entire Gaza population.”

The main arguments of the report, which the Institute highlighted on social media upon the report’s release, are translated as follows:

There is a need for an immediate, viable plan for the resettlement and economic rehabilitation of the entire Arab population in the Gaza Strip, which sits well with the geopolitical interests of Israel, Egypt, U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia.
In 2017 it was reported that in Egypt there were 10 million available apartment units, of which half were built and half under construction. For example, in two of the biggest Cairo satellite cities, “October 6” and “Ramadan 10” there is an immense number of built and empty apartments under governmental and private ownership as well as empty lots for building that would in total suffice the housing of about 6 million residents.

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  1. Phillip G.
    Phillip G. says:

    Israeli plans for the expulsion of Gaza’s people reminds me of this September’s ethnic cleansing of the Christian Armenians of Karabagh by Azerbaijan.

    Just before that cleansing (in fact, genocide) Israel (an ally of Azerbaijan) was sending even more weapons to Azerbaijan. Most people don’t know this.

    Karabagh is an ancient Armenian territory that Stalin gave to Azerbaijan to create division. It was 95% Armenian though Azerbaijan always tried, and did, reduce that number.

    Have you heard that terrorist Azerbaijan just forced out all 120,000 Armenians from Karabagh last month?

    No. That’s partly because the Jewish lobby and Israel (hence, most US media) support Azerbaijan due to its gas and oil deposits and because Azerbaijan constitutes an Israeli base against Iran (Israel’s obsession).

    So US media tell you all about Israel 24/7 but scarcely a word about the genocided Christians Armenians of Karabagh.

    Christian Americans, who were very sympathetic to Armenians during and after the 1915-23 genocide, have been forced and bribed to switched their allegiance to Israel.

    It’s a disgrace to Christianity and America, which has lost its way.

    HANNES says:

    Bibi’s harmless looking little bro claims that evil Iran
    wants to destroy not only Israel, but the entire West.
    Therefore, all goyim should be ready to die for Israel.

    One may take these blatant lie as implicit invitation to the
    next crusade to Jerusalem, a tradition that goes back 800
    years. This time, however, it will not be fought with sword
    and shield, but with nuclear warheads, just ask Dr. Ludwig!

    HANNES says:

    Ever since the network-wide notorious psychopath Sinead McCarthy kicked her squire Kyle Hunt out of her witch’s lair, but not without first depriving him of contact with his child, this pseudo-druid, faithful to the point of joint suicide, apparently severely traumatized since then, has escalated into a solid witch mania. Apparently, this emotionally immature, clingy child finds solace exclusively in the dismissive, barren and frigid womb of a malevolent sadist. But who, instead of his beloved-hated Sinead, is willing to grant him this urgent wet wish? A drama with a consequential outcome seems to be brewing in Florida.

  4. Brian Rockford
    Brian Rockford says:

    Genesis 15.18-21, Deuteronomy 20.16, Joshua 6.21, I Samuel 15.3
    The Promised Land for the Chosen People?
    Look up “Dahiya Doctrine” and “Samson Option” @ Wikipedia.
    Gaza – Hamburg, Damascus – Dresden, Tehran – Hiroshima, Mecca – Nagasaki?
    “Security” from “The Longest Hatred” at last?

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