Kiev Will Be Taken in Just Two More Weeks. … This Time For Sure!

Time for yet another Slavlands Civil War recap
My last major recap was in March of this year.

Many events have occurred since then, but the overall situation has not changed much. Kiev + Washington continue to dictate the pace of this war and Moscow continues losing slowly and with as much face-saving grace as possible given the circumstances. Even saying this though is enough to provoke cries of consternation from both sides of the shill divide. This is because both sides have active, well-paid propagandists on the payroll who work around the clock to distort the truth of this war on account of the unflattering picture it paints of the political leadership of all parties concerned.

I liken this situation to both the USSR and the USSA’s insistence on promoting more-or-less the same narrative about the causes of and the conduct of the losing side during WWII. Perhaps a less controversial observation to make is the similarity of both countries’ recent responses to COVID — both Russia and the West did forced lockdowns, forced vaxes, and brutally shut down or even arrested opposition to the WEF agenda.

So, with all that in mind, we have the same situation unfolding with the ongoing “Two Week Special Policing Action Against Nazis in Brotherly Socialist Ukraine.” Both sides are lying and seem content to only combat the other side’s lies within a pre-arranged framework. Both sides refuse to disclose the truth behind the reasons for the war, how it is being conducted and what the inevitable outcome will look like. The reason for this is simple: both “sides” are conning and killing the peasants that they lord over. They are nothing more than rival gangs, not serious ideological or even geopolitical opponents.

Despite this, slowly but surely, people are gradually starting to realize that they’ve been lied to in some way.

The average person believes that finding the truth is a simple matter of choosing one side to listen to and believe in. Usually, they use ideology as a shorthand for deciding what side to believe in. So, if they are invested in the Human Rights Freedom Love Democracy agenda, they side with Ukraine out of ideological solidarity. If they are Christians, they side with Russia because they believe that Yahweh will punish the West for the sin of sodomy. Nationalists are largely split because, on the one hand, Ukraine pays lip-service to nationalism but clearly serves the interests of ZOG, while on the other hand, Russia claims to be at war with the concept of nationalism even though they rely heavily on Russian nationalists to fight this war, of course. Regardless, having picked a team, it is then a simple matter of uncritically repeating the pre-chewed narratives provided by the state media of that side while accusing the other side of being “Nazis” in the generic postmodern sense by which the word has come to signify “people I don’t like” and nothing more.

Among Western audiences and commentators, the war has become a classic squabble issue, with both Conservatives and Liberals projecting their own domestic debates onto Russian and Ukraine respectively. This makes any kind of sober debate absolutely impossible. Furthermore, the commentators and bloggers have no reason to encourage a sober view of the situation when they are making so much money selling hysteria of one kind or another to their captive, infantile audiences. One side claims that this is a war against Theocratic-Authoritarian-Fascism and the other side claims that it is a war against Globalist-Satanic-Nazism. Neither side will accurately characterize their enemies and what they stand for, but that is to be expected, of course. However, neither side is even willing to accurately characterize their own sides’ position on politics or ideology or even state their goals with this war, at least, clearly and honestly. This strikes me as unprecedented, frankly, at least in the sheer scale of the obfuscation.

To their credit, many Western dissidents do indeed understand the nature of their own occupation governments at the very least. Numerous bloggers and populist internet-activists have spent the last 10 years (or more) intensively sharing information about the Trotskyist/Zionist/Neocon takeover of the West. I’ve done my small part in this effort and have served a tour in the info-trenches as well, so I have nothing but respect for the bravery of people who have risked it all to speak the truth to power and to waken as many of their countrymen’s eyes to the truth as possible. However, few Westerners understand the nature of the Russian government or the other governments of the FSU, and this applies to the thought-leaders in the dissident sphere as well. By and large, Westerners simply know that their own Western governments are up to no good at home and want to destroy Russia for some reason abroad. They then fill in the blanks using the “enemy-of-my-enemy is-my-friend” heuristic and, helped along by pre-prepared propaganda narratives, they come to believe that the Kremlin is everything that their own occupation governments are not. That means that, by necessity, the Kremlin must be patriotic, Christian, conservative, fair, just, prosperous and so on — all thanks to Putin’s brilliant judo-chess statesmanship and the divine guidance of Jesus Christ, of course.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the case.

To understand the United States though, one needs to understand at least the last century of political developments and gradual Zionist takeover. There are entire websites dedicated to unearthing the true political history of the USSA and yet the vast majority of people still don’t “get it”. To understand who rules Russia and to what end, a similar in-depth analysis is necessary, of course, but nowadays, when we need it most, this is drowned out by bellicose idiots beating the war drums and declaring that the Kremlin simply stands for everything good against everything bad and that nuance is a form of treachery and sabotage. All the old truisms and axioms like, “truth is the first casualty in war” and “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels” and “war is a racket” or, the best and truest one by far, “war is the Jews’ harvest” have been totally forgotten in the excitement.

As we approach the two year mark of the Special Military Operation to de-militarize and de-nazify the Ukraine, more and more peasants are waking up to the fact that they have been conned into another hoax, yet again.

The So-Called Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev

If we take the Ukrainian side, we find that a) there is hardly a single Ukrainian in the so-called Ukrainian government, which makes it almost impossible to believe that this is a war for Ukrainian self-identity. How is it that this self-identity is so strong that it demands a war be fought for it’s self-assertion against the Russian occupation and yet, at the same time, so weak that no one notices that Ukraine is not ruled by Ukrainians? Furthermore b) Ukraine does not recognize the democratic will of large swathes of the population and routinely arrests and shuts down opposition to the ruling spook- + oligarch-run state. Actually, come to think of it, this makes Ukraine not all that different from the West, which does seem to buttress Kiev’s pretensions to claiming membership as a part of the modern Western political project. Finally, c) Ukraine doesn’t give a damn about territorial integrity as evidenced by the fact that Poroshenko offered Donbass to Moscow 8 years ago and also by the fact that Ukraine’s Western allies spend huge amounts of resources lecturing Westerners about how borders are an antiquated, out-dated and racist institution that ought to be outlawed.

The contradictions at the heart of the Ukrainian political project are so self-evident and so glaring that it almost feels like it is unnecessary to harp on and on about them at this point.

But the major Z-personalities studiously refuse to notice or point out the very Jewish nature of the ruling elite. No, instead, they focus in on the former prison gangs and soccer hoodlums and gangsters-for-hire being used as cannon fodder by Kiev in the East. With this method, they can label Kiev as “Nazi” even though no Nazis or nationalists or Ukrainians have any power in Ukraine and the same rootless cosmopolitans who rule the West are the ones sending tens of thousands of Slavic peasants to their deaths. Moscow keeps mum about the true nature of the Kiev government as well. Simple-minded partisans do not understand that the Kremlin, by keeping silent about it and instead blaming the Ukrainian people for the regime, is not only exacerbating the division among the Slavic peoples, but also actively covering up the identity of the perpetrators of this horrendous civil war.

As an aside, as I have written about extensively before, most of the Azovites are Russian-speakers and the movement used to be pan-Slavist and based in Khakov (Kharkiv), a Russian-speaking eastern city of Ukraine on the border of Russia.

But this is all pointless at this point, frankly.

I am fairly convinced that most Liberals, i.e., believers in the dominant narrative of our times, are not pathological altruists or bleeding heart ideologues, but actually brutal Nietzschean power-maximizers who side with the globalist political project exactly because it has the most money, the most guns, and the most power at its disposal. It is a philosophical point, I suppose, but because I assume that promoters and believers of political orthodoxy only ever listen to the establishment narrative, I don’t think there is any point in trying to convince them to think outside of the box on this. Furthermore, I haven’t seen any results from the standard Con Inc. approach of whining about the Liberals’ various hypocrisies and the logical fallacies at the heart of their confusing and contradictory, but consistently destructive, political platform.

The So-Called Army of Christ in Moscow

Surprisingly, the Russian MFA and members of the Presidential Administration often fall back on this same approach. Hardly a day goes by without the Kremlin whining about how the West is being hypocritical or not playing fair. When it comes time to justify the Kremlin’s numerous failures among neighboring states — the recent uncontested surrender of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan and the provocative killing of Russian officers comes to mind — Putin starts whining that he was duped by his esteemed Western colleagues, as if on cue. Either that, or Peskov or Zakharova sniff and declare that they are too moral to pursue Russia’s best interests and would rather lose gracefully than cede the moral high ground to the Satano-Nazis. It is little wonder then that so many Christian, conservative Republican voters sympathize with the Kremlin! Just think, they hear the exact same rhetoric from their own party and wear their political, cultural, economic and theological dhimmitude as a badge of pride!

If anything, it is the right that is the altruistic, moralizing, losing side — naively believing that debate and peaceful exchange of ideas (and goods and services) between implacable ideological enemies can solve all of society’s problems. Unless of course the topic of Israel comes up — their problems can only be solved by genociding the Jews’ racial enemies, of course. With all this in mind — including the total lack of curiosity or intellectual integrity or perhaps emotional maturity in the body politic — it is hardly a surprise that so few are capable of accurately describing the events occurring on the battlefield.

The Bizarre Battlefield in Ukraine

At last we come to it: the battlefield analysis. I think I included such a long preamble because there is so little to say about the actual war being fought in the trenches right now. Internet bloggers used to draw huge attack vector arrows on maps of Ukraine like the much-anticipated Operation Trident Storm which was supposed to be a decapitation strike on Kiev launched by Wagner from Belarus and cleverly masked by a fake mutiny. Remember that? Sadly, the great bloggers have been reduced to providing cutting-edge analysis on hills in and around Avdiivka, an rusted out village/town in Donbass’ rustbelt or have given up entirely and copied the example of their esteemed NAFO colleagues and switched to providing commentary on Palestine instead.

The executive summary: Russia has essentially been fighting to hold on to whatever gains they were able to take in the initial weeks of the war since last fall. The battle lines haven’t budged since the last successful UAF counter-offensive took Kherson without a fight.

Back in February, I predicted that it would be Kiev going on the offensive next and in a big way. I was not surprised to see that the ZAnon analysts continued to promote the narrative that Russia was on the cusp of a push to take back Kiev, but I was surprised that so many people were still falling for the disinfo. It seemed so obvious that Moscow has adopted a defensive military strategy and was desperately seeking some sort of diplomatic solution with NATO. With all this in mind, it was clear that there would be no more large Russian offensives anywhere. To do that would require new armies, more equipment and a new group of political leaders. Barring this, there was no way that Russia would go on the offensive again when they were so obviously outnumbered and outspent by NATO + Kiev. Lo and behold, the great Russian spring offensive to de-nazify Ukraine once and for all failed to materialize. So too did the great Russian summer offensive. And so too will the great Russian fall and winter offensives.

It is Kiev that dictates the pacing of this war and has so since last summer.

This summer, we had a large UAF offensive kick off just as many “doomer” analysts on the Russian side correctly predicted. Many, including myself, were surprised that Russia chose to stay and fight, and the counter-offensive fizzled out only several weeks into the attack. The previous two retreats seemed to be a blueprint used by Shoigu and the plan of the MoD up to that point had been to seemingly give Kiev every single advantage possible to make things as hard as possible for the Russian troops. But this time, despite the hasty defenses and the fact that the UAF vastly outnumbered the Russians, the soldiers held, with the offensive foundering before a single breakthrough occurred or any reserves were even committed.

Long story short: the behavior of the UAF was baffling and still has yet to be adequately explained by the most vocal “analysts” on either side.

For their part, American intelligence reached out to the Western media to vent soon after it was clear that no great breakthrough would occur to complain about how unruly the UAF was and how unwilling the officers were to accept NATO’s brilliant tactics and direction. The truth of the failed offensive is almost certainly more complicated and possibly far more sinister than this non-explanation. The Russian side eagerly lapped it up though, because they got to poke fun at the Ukrainians on account of their American allies calling them brainless savages.

But let us examine some of the bizarre tactics used by the UAF for ourselves.

Tanks thrown at minefields despite adequate minesweeper vehicles being provided by NATO countries expressly for this purpose and areas where there were no minefields open to attack that would have surely been revealed by American SIGINT as on previous occasions. The lack of air defense rendered massed tank and carrier columns sitting ducks for Russian aviation, which had hitherto been largely ineffective in the war. Finally, we had a very bizarre and timely dam explosion that effectively rendered the southern push impossible on account of the flooding that ensued. Zelensky blamed Putin and Putin said it was an accident and we are left asking, “who benefits” and forced to narrow it down to either a NATO black ops (reason unknown) or Russia preventing the southern push that would have probably overrun their overstretched, undermanned lines.

Even the fact that the counter-offensive was launched when it made little sense from a strategic perspective and, in retrospect even less sense now. Time has always been on Kiev’s side since the clock started ticking following the launch of the disastrous initial SMO. Kiev’s entire strategy up to that point had been to trade lives and ground for time to prepare and arm and to secure more NATO support. This is not even debated at this point; it is taken for granted by the people who claimed that Ukraine would never get NATO tanks, or all that money, or long-range missiles or F-16s or whatever else is in the cards next. So, why did Kiev rush into the counter-offensive when they weren’t ready yet? If anything, we can see that the UAF’s top general, Zaluzhny, who proved himself to be several orders of magnitude more competent than the fake generals of the Russian military, did all he could to pump the brakes on the counter-offensive. He was initially joined in this effort by Zelensky himself. With each passing week, Ukraine trained more and more men and received more and more weapons and supplies. Russia, in contrast, was refusing to mobilize more men and was already running low on shells and tanks as the last of the Soviet stockpiles ran low, and they continued to throw away men and equipment away in suicidal, catastrophic attacks like the ill-fated assault on Ugledar.

Stranger still, the Teixeira leaks informed us that American intelligence knew that Ukrainian air defense would become depleted by May. The attack was then launched without air defense in June and for once, Russian air power came into play and punished the UAF accordingly. Why did Washington insist on this attack without at least sending more Patriot missile systems first? ZAnon analysts claim that Washington didn’t send Patriots over because Patriots don’t work at all, which frankly seems like more frothing, fist-pumping propaganda. Finally, why not just wait for the inevitable approval of F-16s to Ukraine and the pilots being trained in secret to be deployed? Crickets!

And yet, despite the accuracy of the leaks, both sides denied their authenticity immediately and stuck to the story despite the subsequent developments.

For the Western side, the reasoning behind their denial is clear. But why is Moscow working with Washington again to promote yet another easily debunked lie about the inauthenticity of the documents? If they were fake, why was the young soldier arrested by what looked to be a SWAT team at his father’s home? Well, it could be related to the fact that American intelligence revealed that Washington knew ahead of time where Shoigu’s MoD would fire its missiles. Instead of addressing the new information and taking steps to rectify it, nothing was done at all. It is not even a secret at this point that Shoigu’s strikes on FSB-designated targets always miss. At the time of this writing, Shoigu fired off a few more salvoes that hit nobody of any note, again. Sure, they can hit the transformers, or burn down the Neo-Nazi grain silos in Odessa that are cutting into Patrushev Jrs grain deal profits, but no one of any senior rank has ever died from these punitive strikes.

They are done as part of a PR strategy, not for any military reason!

They are done to make it seem like the Kremlin is serious and enforces its red lines when they really roll over every single time and spend more time and resources convincing their own supporters that they didn’t! Even the Russian propaganda claims that General Zaluzhny had been decapitated turned out to be blatant disinformation, although the goal of this psy-op remains muddled to this day; to discredit the Russian cause, no doubt, which is what all of this ham-fisted, reality-denying lying does, eventually. Once again, we don’t know whether or not this is simply incompetence, or a competent counter-intelligence operation, or a professional courtesy extended from Russia’s spook community to their once esteemed Western colleagues.

But the reason for why strikes on Kiev’s leadership are non-existent could be as simple as because Putin promised Tel-Aviv that Zelensky would be off-limits and no doubt his team of Jews had that protection extended to them as well. After all, Zelensky’s cabinet and administration is now slightly more Jewish than Putins’ and almost as Jewish as Bidens’. I mean, have you seen the new Ukrainian Defense Minister? He claims that he is “Crimean”! But what do your lying eyes tell you?

It would be tempting to see the failed UAF counter-offensive as a turning point and a clear policy turnaround from the previous year and a half of mismanagement. But, sadly, the same mysterious behavior of Shoigu’s MoD reasserted itself as soon as the initial danger passed. Allow me to list a few examples of what I mean. As I have written about before, Shoigu continues to leave Russian aircraft unprotected and in the open so that American intelligence can spot them and so that then Ukrainian drones can disable them. This has been widely discussed and ridiculed within patriot circles in Russia. I brought it up with my last interview guest and he was even more pessimistic than I was that this problem would be addressed. Another example is the military’s stalwart refusal to destroy UAF tanks disabled in the field. It is standard military procedure to destroy vehicles once they have been disabled to ensure that they cannot be repaired and reused by the enemy. Despite this, Shoigu’s MoD doesn’t touch these tanks with their much-vaunted artillery superpower. There are videos of tanks lost in the spring muds being recovered by the UAF in the heat of the steppe summer. The result is that they have undamaged tanks that can then be redeployed against Russia.

I ask you again: at what point does gross incompetence become sabotage?

Luckily for the Russian war effort, the UAF is almost as grossly corrupt and incompetent as they themselves are. Still, it is much easier to make out what Moscow’s plan or lack thereof entails than Kiev’s. The sequence of events that brought us to the current disaster is roughly as follows:

  1. Zelensky and his team shut down Putin’s oligarch friend Medvedchuk, which convinced the Kremlin to prepare a regime-change and rescue operation.
  2. The Kremlin was given the green light to launch its SMO by their esteemed partners at Langley and given assurances that NATO would not intervene.
  3. Unsurprisingly, they blundered into a trap and have been trying to extricate themselves from it ever since.
  4. To that end, they retreated from Kiev out of “goodwill” after signing a secret peace deal that was promptly discarded.
  5. They have committed to fighting this war “humanely,” i.e., minimizing the damage to oligarchs’ profits by continuing to ship raw materials into and out of and through Ukraine and making secret deals to export products to the Third World in exchange for surrendering territory (like Snake Island).
  6. They have refused to pull out of any international organizations like the WTO or WHO or the SDG Green agenda and instead insist that Russia will be globalism-compliant — if they are just given a second chance!
  7. They only fight on pre-agreed on terms for inconsequential territory (Bakhmut) almost as if the goal was to get as many people on both sides killed as possible.

I’ve mapped out every major step leading into and through this SMO exhaustively on my blog for those who might be interested in following along.

The Wagner Mutiny in Retrospect

Apart from the emergency mobilization last fall to make up for the steep losses in the initial SMO, Russia has continued to fight this war like an LLC. Prominent oligarchs, government officials/spooks and regional government leaders have all created their own private armies. Evgeniy Prigozhin’s personal mercenary force, Wagner, simply stole the headlines with his grueling Bakhmut offensive, his media slug-fest with the Ministry of Defense and then the attempted half-mutiny followed by his subsequent assassination at the hands of Kremlin assassins via bomb on his plane.

Prigozhin’s mutiny actually revealed a lot about the power structure of the Kremlin.

We discovered just how weak Putin’s government really was and why the West’s plans to overthrow the Russian government are based on a sound understanding of the internal power status quo in Moscow. Furthermore, we learned that the elite in Russia is too fractious and short-sighted and greedy to be able to deal with problems in a timely manner. The Prigozhin drama was spiraling out of control for half a year at that point. But because Shoigu kept licking his far-eastern chops and salivating over dismembering Wagner, Russia’s battlefield success was diminished and then, eventually, their best battle-capable organization dismantled. No one in the Russian elite stepped in to stop this except for Belarus’s Lukashenko, who tried to broker a cease-fire because Putin and his buddies were too untrustworthy. This suspicion was confirmed when the Kremlin had Prigozhin and some of Russia’s best battlefield commanders assassinated.

Since the plane crashed, we’ve stopped hearing about secret offensives on Kiev and Wagner chess games in Africa. People are starting to understand that there won’t be a grand victory over NATO. The Kremlin simply won’t allow it.

A Looming Peace/Surrender Deal?

We have had numerous sources both anonymous and highly-placed hinting at the possibility of planned formal negotiations being held before the end of this year. Off the top of my head, we have had Lukashenko, Erdogan, Orban, Burns, Kissinger and many anonymous sources leaking this information. However, I find myself largely unconvinced, but not for the same reasons that the ZAnon community or NAFO might be misled. A self-styled pro-Russia analyst who doesn’t speak Russian, hasn’t lived in Russia, and doesn’t understand anything about who rules Russia might reject the news about planned negotiation on the grounds that Moscow is winning this war handily.

However, anyone still capable of objective analysis and not infected by cult-style wishful thinking can see that Putin has been led into a disastrous trap by his handlers esteemed Western colleagues in the intelligence community.

As a result of this SMO, the Russian army has been shown to be a rusted-out wreck, its generals compromised and incompetent, the Russian political elite divided and treacherous, Russia’s allies actually nothing more than fair-weather friends — the Kremlin tool of either naive fools or vicious retards and that isn’t even the half of it. Ukraine is lost to Russia for the next century now. Its territories have never been more militarized and anti-Russian, which was supposedly the situation that the SMO was supposed to rectify. The EU has since divested from Russian natural energy, its political elites caving to Washington’s pressure and forced to buy LNG at a mark-up instead. That is not to say that all trade with Russia has stopped. All manner of natural resources continue to flow across the territory of Ukraine from Russia to the markets of the Satano-Nazis that the Kremlin is supposedly in a fight to the death against, so that’s some good news, at least.

I could go on listing the catastrophes inflicted on Russia as a result of Putin’s “mistakes,” but suffice it to say that someone backed into the corner as thoroughly as the Kremlin is doesn’t have much to negotiate over. What cards does Russia have left to play? Syria is teetering on collapse, again. The UAF is bigger, better, and more motivated than the amalgamation of warlords and mercenary captains fighting for Moscow in Donbass. Kazakhstan has turned against Russia. Armenia turned against Russia, lost Nagorno-Karabakh, and turned even more on Russia. The Azeris kill Russian with impunity abroad and within Russia. China has not lifted a finger to help Russia in any way … but there I go again listing facts and boring my audience.

My point is that the Kremlin has nothing to negotiate with, except perhaps the much-vaunted hypersonics, which no one has independently verified the existence of or seen used anywhere.

So, any “peace” negotiations would actually resemble surrender negotiations.

As bad as I think the Kremlin leadership is, I don’t think they’re quite ready to surrender just yet. And on the other side, we have Senators like Lindsey Graham gloating about how many Russians they killed and about what a bargain the United States government got for their dead Russians. Washington is fighting this war without even breaking the budget, he says. I agree with Graham on this and so we should all be wondering what NATO stands to gain by letting up on the war when it’s clearly going so well for them and they’re not even using up their own troops to prosecute it.

I suppose the only sliver of possible hope that NATO will pick up their toys and go home is the Palestine crisis and the looming holy war brewing there. Many Russian patriots have already weighed in on that crisis, with the prevailing sentiment being that Russia should do all that it can to stay out of the conflict and adopt an isolationist stance.

A Few Last Words on the Info-Wars

More and more people in the West are suspicious of the Western narrative and so have rejected the mainstream Western media out of hand. On some level, this is understandable, but the blind acceptance of mainstream Russian media and alternative media sources that have declared Russia’s victory a foregone conclusion is a mistake as well. The divorce from reality is as strong as ever among mainstream media sources in both the East and the West and in the alternative media, which has proven itself to be just as unreliable if not more than the mainstream media.

As a blogger and an analyst, it has been eye-opening to discover for myself that the vast majority of people are unable to differentiate between cheer-leading and serious analysis. In other words, if an analyst declares that country A is winning and country B is losing, what they are really saying is that they simply support Country A. The concept of supporting a losing country or being neutral is too much for the vast majority of people to grasp. This is because winning is considered a direct consequence of morality. In other words, the country that is winning is the better country because they are winning. It is impossible for people to fathom the possibility that the “good guys” are losing a war. This explains so much about he current political, cultural and moral paradigm that we find ourselves in now. For years I found myself wondering why the vast majority of people were so emotionally tied up with the moral narratives of the winner countries of previous wars.

Belatedly, I came to realize that this war is being evaluated through a religious lens.

Many ostensibly Christian allies of Russia in the West are actually motivated by the Gog v Magog prophecy and excited about the prospect of the world coming to an end because of WWIII and not out of solidarity with the Russian people. The corollary to that insight is that all politics is fundamentally a religious affair for most people. In other words, the idea that a “good country” might have lost or is losing a war currently, is difficult to conceive. For most people, the war is a referendum on God’s favor for one country or civilizational project or another, even if they may not formally be a member of a traditional Abrahamic religious organization that gleans these truths from their big fat book of pious lies. So, because the West is onboard with SJWism, they are supposed to be losing the war on account of losing God’s favor, the logic goes. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this is not how wars work. In theory, one could be sympathetic to Russia and the cause of Slavic reunification, but also suspicious of Moscow’s intentions and critical of their methods. In practice though, such a position appears to be largely untenable because it violates pre-programmed religious conditioning.

The truth of the matter is that Moscow is losing this war to NATO and that Russians in both Ukraine and Russia are suffering for it. There will be no Russian breakthroughs and the creation of a large, armed, and hostile “Israel” on Russia’s borders is now a reality. Unless something changes drastically, Putin will either be forced to surrender or his elites will stage another mutiny to try and hand his head over to Washington on a platter and thereby end the conflict that way.

Consider yourself forewarned.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The American WN “movement” is as ineffectual, useless and deluded in relationship to pursuing victory as the Russian government is. Grifting hobbyists and womanly, geriatric cowards are not really interested in winning, they only care about finding a comfortable place for themselves on a sinking ship whilst signaling to their Jewish masters that they are not actually any threat to Jewish power. If not, why don’t they vigorously promote Red State secession? Why not contribute in some small way to the one thing that could actually end this nightmare? I’ve already answered the question for you.

    • hf149
      hf149 says:

      With that defeatist mindset, the American right will surely keep losing.

      “The counter-offensive was never supposed to win anything, it’s all just playing on time till they get enough western weapons to do something for real this time”
      “It’s all just 4D chess of the glorious jewish government, that simply wants people to die, they don’t actually want to win the war.”
      “Five burning Russian tanks in Ugledar are a huge defeat, but 100 burning Bradleys, Leopards, Challengers and Strykers are fine and just launched at the wrong moment”

      What i see here is the believe that your enemy is all powerful. Even when they lose somewhere, you go out of your way to make up a theory how this is all just according to their plan.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        You’re autism befogged brain has somehow lead you to a conclusion that is the polar opposite of what I think. I think ZOG is a joke and would readily crumble given a muscular push by Red State secessionists that could manage to garner the same level of enthusiasm that MAGA does. It’s a simple formula, convert MAGA into Red State secession; assassinate the credibility of the Republican Party controlled opposition and then channel support for the GOP into Red State secession.

        But none of this registers with you because you haven’t heard it from someone that you perceive as an authority figure. My criticism is primarily intended for these alleged “authority figures” who are comporting themselves as gutless sissies. I’m sure they know who they are.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Texas secession is really strong. Alaska, parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are possible.

          But social security. Old people want it.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            Stop thinking small. If Red State secession had the same following as Trump does we could rip most of what is in between the east and west coasts away from ZOG’s clutches. Trump is going down in flames in the near future, who will inherit his followers? They’ve already been partially radicalized, they just need to be pushed a little further into secession.

            As for boomer pensions, these can be paid for with Keynesian deficit spending like the Nazis used to jump start the German economy in what came to be called the “German economic miracle.”

  2. KT-88
    KT-88 says:

    Well that was certainly depressing. I have no illusions about Putin and his (((handlers))) but the idea that our current US government is still in control and could be around for much longer is bad news.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    The war does seem intended to kill the maximum from each side. A Ukrainian nationalist might, in theory, flee to have 20 Ukrainian children. But instead, he dies to sire none.

  4. willful knowledge
    willful knowledge says:

    The present cabinet are all Ukrainian born. “If we take the Ukrainian side, we find that a) there is hardly a single Ukrainian in the so-called Ukrainian government, which makes it almost impossible to believe that this is a war for Ukrainian self-identity. “

  5. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Gads, a long depressing read! And, what portends to be an ignominious, fratracidal, military cluster f__k that only benefits Jewry.

  6. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    It almost seems like the author threw everything at the wall, hoping something would stick. In my last 15-20 years I’ve learned that everything is a constant learning process with ever-present fluidity of circumstances. I dug into my library on this subject and found this – – assuming DaSynagogue of Satan will keep its control of things is delusional. DaEmpire of Evil is on its last legs, regardless what happens in Russia!

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