Precious Jews, Worthless Whites: How Murder, Torture, and Rape Only Matter in Far-Off Israel

Here are two stories from modern London. A pair of Blacks are found guilty of torturing and murdering an elderly White woman, who was almost certainly raped by one of the Blacks before the murder. At the same time, a pair of Blacks are filmed ripping down posters of kidnapped Jews. Can you guess which pair of Blacks have generated more anguished commentary and hand-wringing about the moral degradation of 21st-century Britain?

Compare pairs: Torturers and murderers versus poster-rippers

Well, you won’t need to guess: it was the poster-rippers, of course, not the murderers and torturers. In fact, the murderers and torturers have generated no anguished commentary and hand-wringing at all. Why should they? The vibrant Caribbean couple Xyaire Howard and Chelsea Grant committed their horrendous crimes against a White. No respectable person cares about non-Whites committing horrendous crimes against Whites. Torture? Murder? Rape? Yawn. But ripping down posters of kidnapped Jews? Now that’s serious. So is sticking an image of a paraglider to one’s clothing while attending a pro-Palestine rally. The pair of non-Whites who did that have also generated copious commentary and handwringing in the British media.

White victim of Black depravity

They were celebrating Hamas terrorism, you see. During the Hamas attacks against Israel, some terrorists descended on a music festival in paragliders to torture, murder, and rape Jews. And those are very serious crimes when they’re committed against Jews in far-off Israel. But not when they’re committed against an elderly White woman right here in Britain:

Susan Hawkey, yet another White victim of Black depravity

Sickening CCTV footage shows how a depraved murderer and his girlfriend went on a shopping spree with bank cards stolen from a wealthy pensioner that he had tied up and killed in her own home. Xyaire Howard, 23, and his girlfriend Chelsea Grant, 28, had robbed Susan Hawkey, 71, in the street and then continued to prey on her in her own home. Howard bound Mrs Hawkey with tape and his shoelaces and forced her to reveal her PIN number.

Mrs Hawkey was then strangled to death with another shoelace. Howard left the body to rot under a duvet on her living room floor and the couple spent the next three weeks emptying £13,000 from her bank account.

Ms Hawkey lived alone and was often seen shuffling to the shops near her home in Aylesbury Road, Neasden, in her red duffel coat and Ugg boots, often pulling her shopping trolley behind her. … Ms Hawkey’s body was discovered on September 26 when a concerned neighbour noticed she had not put her bins out.

Police found Ms Hawkey lying on a sofa underneath a duvet. She had been bound, blindfolded with tape and still had a shoelace around her neck. “All of her lower clothing, that is her trousers and underwear had been removed – all she was wearing was a top and that top had been cut down the front,” said [the prosecutor Annabel Darlow]. …

“A used condom was found which contained Mr Howard’s semen and cellular material from Ms Grant – and that was found in the same room as her body together with an opened condom wrapper which bore Mr Howard’s finger prints. The ligature around Ms Hawkey’s neck had been tightened with sufficient force to break one of the bones in her neck. She was strangled by one of these defendants in an attack motivated purely by greed and self interest.” … The couple had been living in various addresses and were often thrown out for not paying the rent before they moved into a flat at Pit House, in Press Road in Neasden, two minutes away from where Ms Hawkey lived.

After seeing her in the street on her way to the convenience store they realised she would be “an ideal victim.” Grant first mugged her on July 27 last year, wrenching her bag from her shoulder. A few weeks later on August 22 the couple knocked her to the ground near her home. On both occasions Ms Hawkey’s bank card was taken and Howard was able find out her balance because after the second mugging he bragged to a contact on Instagram: “Yo I copped a card bro. 16k is on this ting.”

A used condom containing traces of Howard’s semen and DNA from both Grant and the victim was found next to the body. Grant claimed her DNA was on the condom because they had sex regularly and her boyfriend never showered. Ms Hawkey’s body was found with her trousers and underwear removed. It was suggested during the trial that cannabis addict Howard may have had sex with Ms Hawkey before he strangled her to death. Howard admitted tying her up with tape but claimed he left her alive and well. His barrister suggested flies settling on the corpse may have transferred Ms Hawkey’s DNA to the condom. … (Sickening CCTV shows murderer and his girlfriend on shopping spree with bank cards stolen from pensioner, 71, he had tied up and killed in her own home, The Daily Mail, 24th October 2023)

That is a truly horrible story, but the Daily Mail was being euphemistic about the full horror. When it said “Howard may have had sex with Ms Hawkey,” it meant “Howard almost certainly raped Ms Hawkey.” How else do you explain her DNA on the condom and the way she was found naked from the waist down? Well, Howard’s barrister had an explanation for the DNA: “flies settling on the corpse may have transferred Ms Hawkey’s DNA to the condom.” That is at once the most ridiculous and most repulsive legal argument I’ve ever seen. The Daily Mail was also euphemistic when it said that Howard “forced [Susan Hawkey] to reveal her PIN number.” It means that Howard tortured or terrorized her into revealing her PIN.

Ugly, stupid, and depraved

As you’d expect, the BBC did not mention the used condom or the “fly defense” in its fleeting coverage of the murder. It also referred to Howard as a “Neasden robber.” In fact, he and his girlfriend are from the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean. They’re prime exemplars of how Blacks excel at committing crimes that are both exceptionally depraved and exceptionally stupid. The police didn’t need the skills of Sherlock Holmes to crack this case. What was Howard thinking when he left a used condom at the scene of the murder he’d just committed? Well, to look at his exceptionally ugly and stupid-looking punim, I doubt that he was thinking at all. Like countless other Black criminals, he was just impulsively following his depraved instincts.

Ugly, stupid, and depraved: the Black murderer Xyaire Howard

But no-one in the mainstream media will point that out. In fact, leftists think it’s far worse for Whites to speak the truth about Black criminality than it is for Blacks to commit horrendous crimes against Whites. All orthodox leftists will be far more disgusted by a race-realist like me than by a Black criminal like Xyaire Howard. In fact, they won’t be disgusted by Black criminals like Howard at all. Howard didn’t commit his crimes against anyone who matters, so leftists simply don’t care. But no-one in the mainstream will condemn them for it. Indifference to White suffering is no offense.

Silence about similarity

But what about leftist indifference to Jewish suffering? That’s regarded as a very serious offence by many in the mainstream. For example, the hamster-wheels at Spiked Online have been humming furiously as Furedi’s fanatical freedom-fighters vie with each other to express “outrage at the sight of pro-Hamas demonstrations on the streets of European and American cities.” Yes, the devoted followers of the Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi might have abandoned overt Trotskyism, but their Trotskyist love of self-righteous posturing is as strong as ever. For example, this is Tom Slater, the Spiked editor, condemning the “disgusting bigotry of the poster-rippers”:

When you see a poster about a missing person, do you feel an overwhelming urge to tear it down? When you are confronted with the victims of a racist pogrom, do you think to yourself ‘ah, stop going on about it already’, and start telling everyone nearby to stop their blubbing?

Of course you don’t. Because you’re not a monster. But on the streets of London over the past two weeks an alarming number of people have been carrying on exactly like this, in response to a poster campaign aimed at highlighting the plight of the 200 predominantly Jewish Israelis who have been kidnapped by Hamas.

Jewish and Israeli activists have been putting posters up across central London and other cities. Each one bears the name and photo of an innocent man, woman or child who was taken by the anti-Semitic terrorists of Hamas two Saturdays ago. The aim seems to be to ensure that the world doesn’t forget about these missing civilians, whose devastated families currently fear the worst.

A humanistic, heartfelt initiative, you might think. Not according to the string of people who have been filmed ripping the posters off walls, defacing them and lecturing the Jewish activists who put them up about the supposed evils of Israel, in a series of sickeningly similar encounters that have now gone viral on social media. (The disgusting bigotry of the poster-rippers, Spiked Online, 20th October 2023)

“Sickeningly similar,” says Slater. He doesn’t, of course, mention one highly significant similarity in the poster-rippers: that almost all of these “disgusting bigots” have been non-White. Slater stayed quiet about that because he doesn’t want to face the truth: that Spiked and other friends of Israel are wailing about problems created by their own thoroughly Jewish ideology. Decade after decade, they and their Jewish friends have supported and celebrated Third-World migration into the West. Now they’re complaining about the inevitable consequences. Back in 2015, Brendan O’Neill, another of Furedi’s fanatical freedom-fighters, was talking like this about the same kind of people as he is now condemning:

Let them in: We shouldn’t demonise or infantilise African migrants. We should welcome them. … We shouldn’t pity these migrants; we should admire them, for using guile, gumption and perseverance to come here. They’re precisely the kind of people sluggish Europe needs more of, an antidote to our students who can’t even clap without having a mental breakdown and our new generation who think that being told to ‘get on your bike’ to look for a job is tantamount to abuse. Let’s relax the borders and let them in to try their luck in our countries and see how they fare. If we do that, we’ll put the traffickers out of business, end the deaths in the Mediterranean, and, more importantly, do our part to enable the aspirations of human beings who have committed no crime other than wanting to realise their potential in our towns, our cities, alongside us. (Let Them In, Spiked Online, 21st April 2015)

Well, large numbers of those admirably guileful and persevering migrants are certainly realising their potential now. They’re attending “pro-Hamas demonstrations” and ripping down posters of kidnapped Jews. Does Brendan still admire them for it? Alas, he doesn’t. Like Tom Slater, he’s written copiously in condemnation of the demonstrations and poster-ripping. But he hasn’t written a word about the torture and murder of Susan Hawkey by two depraved Blacks. The message from the pro-Israel mainstream is clear: Britain must protect its precious Jews and continue to ignore its worthless Whites.

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  1. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill says:

    Moral relativism is a cornerstone belief of the self-rightous, NWO, wokesters. Blacks killing whites is literally OK but whites killing blacks (rare)is a horror.

    There are hundreds more examples of moral relativism followed by the left. What they are way too stupid to realize is moral relativness is coming for them in the not so distant future.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Great article & I understand your point but recent news has come out that reports of Hamas beheading babies & raping women were Israeli propaganda Yasmin Porat was released & said Hamas treated her & other 10 captives decently. Got medical care, food, water & were assured no harm would come to them….Though your narrative still holds. Reports of Rape only need mass media coverage when the rapist is of a certain background.

  3. Douglas Mercer
    Douglas Mercer says:

    Can there be too much Whiteness? I hardly think so. But the powers that be think different. In England of late two negros strangled, raped and robbed a seventy-six year old White pensioner, a lady who is described as often seen slowly shuffling to the store carrying her trolley behind her. Was there universal outrage? Did the wog in charge raise his voice? Hell no they did not. They were too busy falling into a frenzy of the love of Jews and calling out the rise in antisemitism (100 percent! 200 percent!, six million percent!) as a result of the Jews getting a bit of their own medicine. Indeed, all of official England has risen as one to defend to the death the poor downtrodden state of Israel, a state which by their accounting never did nuffin. But Israel has the Samson option, and what do we have? Not much it seems from the powers that be, and that poor White lady paid the price. Can there be too much Whiteness? I hardly think so, but there’s a little less of it after a negro with the ludicrous name Xyaire went on that spree.

  4. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    The quote by O’Neill begs the question, “Why aren’t these intrepid culture-enrichers realizing their potential in their own countries?”
    Because they have desire without the umph to realize it through effort. And a very large continent contains people who fit that description exactly.

  5. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    It is rather interesting to see America/Europe taking to the streets over Israel/Palestine, as if it really matters to those who are protesting. What does really matter, with regard to local violence and cultural devolvement? The teeming masses of third-world refuse coming across the American/European Strips, that’s what. Jewish Family Services are stationed at the American Strip, and on the Mediterranean Strip, yet they ignore Palestinian Families at the Gaza Strip…..

    This may seem an odd comment, but why does a young male, with a young female girlfriend, feel compelled to rape an elderly woman? I read an article once, written by a former teacher in an inner-city black school, who said whilst he observed highly sexualized behaviors and language amongst early-teenaged students, they seemed completely oblivious to the concept of romance or courtship. This animalistic behavior seems to be the mean. What in God’s name’s was the female girlfriend thinking whilst this rape was going on? It’s almost as if they are a different species….Cue the “lead in the pipes” or “disparate impact” excuses, ad nauseam.

    I’m sick to death of the shilling for Israel…how is it possible that Charlie Kirk, Megyn Kelly, et al, entirely miss the perfidy of Israel? I saw it immediately when I began digging around more thoroughly into political (and WW2) history. I assume these people are more well-informed than me. Don’t they notice WHAT information is being suppressed by their network/organization authorities? Don’t they wonder how Jim Traficant was mowed over by his own tractor?

  6. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    I love it when golems turn against their stupid masters.
    And when the stupid golems don’t understand why they are suddenly punished. They don’t understand that their only use was to harm real white people. I really hope that all of this will be the beginning of the downfall of all these parasites and their final mutual destruction.

    As for the rape of this poor English lady, there’s nothing surprising about it.

    These rapes of elderly women (and even elderly men) are very common in my country. Just recently, a North African (a very negrified race) raped 2 women in their 90s in a hospital, one of whom died from the stress.
    Again in a hospital, a black African tried to rape a very old man with Alzheimer.

    These races are so ugly and primitive that even extremely old white men and women are sexually attractive to them : we have to accept this reality. The cowardice of these races also comes into play: nothing to fear from these weak and vulnerable old persons.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      This is another egregious
      example of the atrocious behavior of these feral, simian-like Negroes running loose in a White civilization. It really is a ‘racial thing’. From my personal experience, having seen and observed the antics of this primitive race for many decades, I’d venture to say that most male Negroes will fornicate with any White female, dead or alive.

  7. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    UNLESS WHITES break the UNITARY (GOP/DM) party control over USA Politics..WHITES ARE DOOM IN AMERICA..Its Time for a 3th Party/MAGA…

  8. Devon
    Devon says:

    Brendan O’Neill is literal scum of the earth. All his followers and supporters are White men who he hates with a passion, it’s crazy stuff.

  9. Heinrich
    Heinrich says:

    Christian Armenians have had to fend off *Turkic Azerbaijanis* who like to commit war crimes of all types, including beheadings.

    One does not hear much about these things.

    Guess which country is a big ally of Azerbaijan? Israel.

    Guess which lobby is a big friend of Azerbaijan? The Jewish American lobby.

  10. Mary Caine
    Mary Caine says:

    White British people have been suffering atrocities perpetrated by Muslims for years, whether acts of terrorism or grooming gangs, and all we hear from politicians and media is ‘don’t let this divide us’, ‘diversity is our strength’. However, now that Jewish people are fearing for their safety – many of whom supported mass immigration – these same politicians and media hacks are taking the Islamic threat seriously for the first time and expecting us to feel sorry for the ‘poor persecuted Jews’.

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