Jews Declare War on America

We face an unprecedented and revolutionary situation.  The Jews have declared war on America.

This is a disaster for America, and may also be a disaster for the Jews.

A little background.

At a moment when Israel is fighting for its very life (if one is to credit the analysis of Scott Ritter (Scott Ritter, “Why I no longer stand with Israel”) and retired U.S. Army Col. Douglas MacGregor (“Israel has LOST no matter what they do! WW3 is HERE!” at 9:18), not to mention Israeli IDF retired Major General Itshak Brik (Israel could cease to exist before 80th anniversary, says ex-premier Barak), and Israel is absolutely dependent on American support (Macgregor: “Israel played right into their hands.. They have LOST BIG TIME!” at minute 9), the Jews have decided to open a second front!  And maybe a far more dangerous one.  A front against America.

For the Jews, this is very foolish.  Even in the worst case (for the Jews), if Israel is annihilated or its population expelled, the Jews still have the United States as a refuge — a refuge which they have spent 100 years spitting on and one which they disdain, but a refuge nonetheless.  Moreover, it is exactly this refuge that could — if anything can — ensure that the first object of their affections — Israel — continues to exist.

One would think that this would be the time U.S.-based Jews would “cool it” on the “anti-Semitism” war they have been waging on any and all deviating from the “Jewish” line for the past century — even if just for a time, to avoid alienating the great power that is the only thing standing between Israel and its potential destruction.

But no.  The Jews since the October 7 Hamas attack have essentially declared war not on Hamas — the IDF is haltingly attempting to do that — but on Americans!  And not just on any Americans, but on the most precious commodity that non-Jewish Americans — whether Christian, Muslim Americans possess.  Their children.

Beyond this, the Jews have declared war not on “any old” Christian/Muslim/Shinto/Buddhist/Hindu children, but on the very best and brightest of all of them — the ones at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, MIT, and, by implication, the ones at all the other top Universities in the United States.

A timeline is in order:

October 10.  Jewish billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman calls for the “unmasking” of all students at Harvard who signed an October 8 pro-Palestinian petition.  As discussed in an earlier article this petition was relatively benign, saying nothing that had not been  said 70 years before by Israeli heroes General Moshe Dayan (Moshe Dayan’s Eulogy for Roi Rutenberg — April 19, 1956) and Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion (Ben-Gurion’s Notorious Quotes: Their Polemical Uses & Abuses — Partners For Progressive Israel )— not to mention Israeli founding father Ze’ev Jabotinsky in his writings starting in the 1920’s. “The Iron Wall” ( .

October 11.  Famed Jewish Harvard constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz (retired but still overly active) calls for the same thing, saying he will “unmask” every student involved in any statement blaming Israel for the violence in the Middle East.

October 11.  Professor Dershowitz “unmasks” a Black lesbian law student who had issued a manifesto similar to that issued at Harvard.  As if on cue, a “Big law” law firm Winston & Strawn then withdraws its offer of summer employment to this unfortunate black lesbian law student, stating as its reason her statements on  “Holy” Israel.

October 12.  Jewish Mega-billionaire Leslie Wexner (who does not know, never knew, Jeffrey Epstein) follows suit with Bill Ackman, threatening to use his influence to destroy the reputations of any student taking a non-Israeli line.  Wexner, the creator of the “Limited” brand and Victoria Secret is a man to be reckoned with.  Although he has never been convicted of a crime, his tax lawyer, Arthur Shapiro was found in front of a condominium door, dead, having been shot several times with a pistol — Les Wexner’s tax attorney Arthur Shapiro was murdered in 1985 in what looked like a Mafia “hit.” The crime was never solved. This Columbus Ohio police report discusses Wexner’s ties to organized crime. : r/Epstein (; Who Murdered Arthur Shapiro, the Lawyer of Victoria’s Secret Billionaire Les Wexner? (  See also   A Kingpin, the Mob, and a Murder: The Deeper Mystery behind the Arthur Shapiro Homicide (  Rumors of connections to persons associated with organized crime have dogged the poor Mr. Wexner over the years. A Kingpin, the Mafia and a Murder: The Deepest Mystery Behind Arthur Shapiro’s Assassination (  How unjust!   As one of Shakespeare’s solid citizens might say:  “Who steals my purse steals trash…but he that filches from me my good name makes me poor indeed.”  Iago, Othello, Act III.

In October, Apollo Global Management CEO Marc Rowan urged alumni to “close their checkbooks” until Penn attacks “anti-semitism.” (He is Jewish despite his WASPY sounding name — remember Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh In”?) and subservient to mega-billionaire Jewish founder Leon Black, as well as Chairman of the New York United Jewish Appeal.

In October, TV producer, Jewish Richard Wolf, announces he will follow suit with Rowan.

In October.  John Huntsman, not Jewish but from time to time interested in politics at the national level requiring Jewish money, followed suit with Rowan, saying that the Huntsman Foundation would “close its checkbook”.

October 17.  Ronald Lauder threatens to pull all funding from the University of Pennsylvania.  Billionaire Ronald Lauder threatens to pull funding if UPenn doesn’t do more to fight antisemitism | CNN Business .  Like Clifford Asness (below) he whined about the highly dangerous — help, help! — Palestinian writer’s conference.

October.  David Magerman (Jewish) of mega math hedge fund Rennaisance Technologies, founded by Jewish James “Jim” Simons, said he was closing his checkbook as well, for the same reasons.

October 18.  Jewish billionaire hedge fund manager Clifford Asness decides to “withdraw funding” due, in part, to a Palestinian writer’s conference at which a number of individuals presumably said “not nice” things about “all perfect” Israel.

October 18.  Jewish law professor at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law, one of the nation’s leading law schools, Steven Solomon in a public letter urged that employers NOT hire his own students — that is, those that do not buy the “I love Israel” narrative.  By the way, has he called on Cravath Swine & Moore not to hire Jewish students who were calling for the support of Israel?  Of course not, because they, lucky for them, chose the “right” side.  Solomon should be fired immediately.  If Jewish law professors behave in this fashion, this will be a very good reason for Berkeley — a public school, bound explicitly by the first amendment as a government actor — may quietly decide to “dial down” on the number of Jewish professors given tenure from here on out.  How can you run a law school which advertises that its own professors will destroy your chances for a legal career if you have the wrong opinion on a shit-hole country in the Middle East?

October 18.  As if on cue, big law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell revoked offers to Harvard and Columbia students that had signed anti-Israel statements.  Ironically, it appears these students are in an exclusive “club” at Davis Polk.  It appears that Frank Lyon Polk himself, the co-founder of Davis Polk and the “Polk” in the name of that firm, would have his job offer revoked as well.  He was Undersecretary of State to Secretary of State Robert Lansing, under whom the State Department was firmly anti-Zionist and opposed to any U.S. approval of the Balfour Declaration.   On top of everything else, the complete ignorance of current Davis Polk partners of their antecedents is additional evidence of the complete rot at the heart of the governing class of the United States.

October 26.  Leon Cooperman, former Goldman Sachs investment strategist, now running his own billion-dollar hedge fund, Omega Partners, announced suspension of any funding of his alma mater Columbia University (Cooperman graduated from Columbia Business School in 1967).  Cooperman said, memorably:

“These kids at the colleges have shit for brains,” Cooperman told “The Claman Countdown” host Liz Claman on Wednesday (Emphasis added). (Sorry Lord Leon — actually they are probably a lot smarter than you are, since, in 1965 Columbia was almost open admissions compared to the admissions competitiveness today).  “We have one reliable ally in the Middle East. That’s Israel. We only have one democracy in the Middle East. That’s Israel. And we have one economy tolerant of different people, gays, lesbians, etc. That’s Israel. So they have no idea what these young kids are doing.”

“Now, the real shame is, I’ve given to Columbia probably about $50 million over many years,” he continued. “And I’m going to suspend my giving. I’ll give my giving to other organizations.”Billionaire Leon Cooperman pulling Columbia funding amid student protests: These kids have ‘s— for brains’ | Fox Business

So based on this amateurish diplomatic analysis, which would be contradicted firmly by at least one former Secretary of State (George Marshall) and Secretary of Defense (James Forrestal), he wants to shut down any speech critical of Israel?  Perhaps the one with “shit for brains” is not some 150 IQ Columbia student, but a past-his-sell-by-date Leon Cooperman.

November 2.  Steve Eisman, a senior portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman, of “Big Short” fame (see The Big Short by Michael Lewis), any student who “holds up a sign that says ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea should be expelled’” from the university !!! (Emphasis added.) (Steve Eisman tells UPenn to strip his name off scholarship amid Israel-Hamas war) So in a country whose most prominent statesmen, George Kennan, George Marshall, and Loy Henderson, each strongly urged that Israel not even be created, and which we now know was created due not only to death threats, but primarily to a bribe of $2 million (in 1948 money — maybe $30 million today) in cash delivered by Jewish supremacist Abe Feinberg to a deeply corrupt President Harry Truman (who we now know was busy stealing from his $200,000 (1948 dollars) expense fund) (see The Truman Show) we are now at a point where no person urging that that arguably mistaken formation be reversed— presumably including Kennan, Marshall, and Henderson were they still of college age — can be allowed to attend college?  Fuck you, Eisman.  And the horse you rode in on.

On October 31,  Bill Ackman — apparently after having received some “push back ”, perhaps by Larry Summers, the Jewish former President of Harvard, says he is “re-thinking” his position, and perhaps it would be better not to publicly “unmask” anti-Israel students.  Oddly enough, the new student rant he was discussing involved much worse (at least this author would think) than the original pro-Palestinian statement.  It involved an anonymous Harvard student that called, literally, for the death of all Jews “like Hitler.”  Apparently, Ackman was not sufficiently bothered by this to call for his unmasking (!!!!).  So maybe this guy will at some point be the pediatrician to Bill’s grandchildren, out of Harvard Medical School.  So as to Ackman’s thought (if you can call them that) processes, I just have to say, as Jose Luis Borges might have said: “yo no comprendo”.—Just a little later, Ackman said the pro-Palestinian students, rather than being doxed, should be forced into re-education programs that apparently — or so Ackman thinks — will convince them to reverse all their firmly held positions and volunteer in the IDF.  Good luck, bro.

Then Bill Ackman went full authoritarian, now saying that, rather than unmask students, Harvard et al. should simply be told that no investment bank, hedge fund, or public company will hire any Harvard graduates unless Harvard converts itself into a police state, harassing and chasing down — and presumably expelling — all students not taking the prescribed line on Israel.

Then — I guess the bedsore that is Bill Ackman will be a never-ending story. Ackman comes up with a new angle, this time regarding a large group of Harvard Palestinian supporters confronting a Jewish activist attempting to photograph and “dox” them.  Apparently in the group confronting the “doxer” was the fuzzy picture of a White student whom Ackman somehow has identified as a member of the editorial staff of the Harvard Law Review, possibly the most intellectually elite legal journal in the United States.  Ackman demands that the Law Review editor — who, like his other editors, are the most sought-after law students in the United States by Judges, law firms, and other potential employers — be “unmasked” and denied employment of any kind after graduation.

November 1.  Twenty-seven of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the United States issue letters to all the top law schools in the United States to the effect that, if each of them does not take unspecified “steps” to eliminate “anti-semitism,” none of these  law firms will hire any graduates of those Law Schools.  These include such formerly WASP bastions as Cravath Swaine & Moore, Sullivan & Cromwell, Davis Polk & Wardwell (see above), and Debevoise & Plimpton, as well as traditionally Catholic / WASP firms such as Wilkie Farr & Gallegher.  Presumably these firms either have been taken over completely by Jewish senior partners or have so many Jewish clients that they felt compelled to issue this mind-boggling statement. These law firms and banks are — apart from the hi-tech employers on the West Coast — the principal bastion of high paying jobs and influential careers in the United States.  If all but sycophants of the Jews are cut off from these firms, the result will be a collapsing disaster for the freedom and economic prospects of the rest of America.

If these threats are carried out, this is nothing short of a disaster for non-Jewish Americans.  This is, in a word, a direct frontal assault on every non-Jewish American.

If the best and brightest of non-Jews — whether they be White Christians, Blacks, middle eastern Muslims, Latin-American immigrant Catholics (note that except for diminutive Paraguay every country in the Western Hemisphere apart from the U.S. is calling for a cease-fire in Gaza), Chinese, Japanese, Indians, or Pakistani Muslims — cannot find future employment except at the sufferance of Jews, we will be entering a revolutionary stage where non-Jews have only the option of violent revolution to displace an increasingly oppressive Jewish tyranny.  Effectively, it is a non-violent version of Lenin’s recommendation.  He said that if you jailed, killed, or otherwise neutralized the top 10,000 of the bourgeoisie, you controlled the nation, because the remaining bourgeoisie would have no leadership.  If the Jews deprive non-Jewish Americans of their 10,000 per year leadership class (approximately the population of the Ivies), they cut off non-Jewish opposition at the head.

So this is an existential battle.

Well, what about Congress, you say?  It is “elected” and thus cannot be run by a mere 5 million Jews?  Wrong, or at least so it appears.

A deeply conservative new Speaker of the House has just stage managed a large aid package for our “dear friend, Israel,” with only two Republican dissenters. (Democrats opposed it because it was to be paid for by cutting funds for the IRS.)

Part of the problem was described by Trotsky in his book The Russian Revolution.  He pointed out that, in tranquil times, elected representatives tended to represent well the views of the people who elected them; if views of the electorate shifted, the shift would be gradual; this shift would then generally be reflected in the next election, resulting in a legislature back in tune with its electorate.  However, Trotsky pointed out, in revolutionary times, this is not the case.  The views of the people shift so dramatically and so quickly that, shortly after election, legislators are already out of tune with their electorate and remain so for an unendurably long time — until the next election, often years off.

When one also factors in the ossifying and overwhelming effect of Jewish-money and Jewish-controlled media in political campaigns, we have a legislature that responds only to its donors and to media pressure, not to its electorate.  In such cases, both parties put up candidates taking the “pro-Jewish” view, so who cares who wins?

We are in revolutionary times with an ossified Congress, bound in by Jewish money and Jewish media, unable to take actions necessary to protect 350 million Americans from a predatory Jewish financial elite that now appears to be determined to crush out the last glimmering dissent to total Jewish supremacy.

It is astounding that 350 million non-Jewish Americans are dominated by 5 million Jews in a supposedly “democratic” republic.  See Why Are Jews So Influential?   But that’s where we are.

In an actual democratic republic, our legislators would quickly enact legislation under the commerce clause prohibiting any company engaged in interstate commerce (a very broad designation) from conditioning or denying employment based on the political views of the applicants, enforced by heavy criminal penalties, including significant jail time.  This should of course be coupled with similar restrictions on “denial of service’ by banks, financial institutions, and internet accounts such as Youtube, X, and Facebook.  We could call these a “Freedom to Work Act” and a “Freedom to Think Act”.  But fat chance either of these would ever get through our Jewish-dominated legislature.

We quoted Lenin before.  So let’s quote him again.  Lenin famously asked, “what is to be done?”  Well, what is to be done?  That is the signal issue of our times.

Here are some suggestions.  Not a lot, but more than nothing:

(1) Activism directed not against Israel, but against American Jews, specifically those like Dershowitz and Ackman who seek to deprive non-Jewish Americans of their free speech.  Instead of a million-man march on Park Avenue or in London, have a million-man march around their homes, perhaps on a “flash mob” basis.

(2) Activism at their places of business.  Have a million-man swarm around 125 Broad Street (Sullivan & Cromwell) and 450 Lexington Avenue (Davis Polk).  And the offices of all the other Firms.

(3) Activism at the homes and vacation homes of the controlling partners of these firms.  Have million man “flash mobs” outside the homes of H. Rodgin Cohen and Joseph Shenker, the two most powerful partners at Sullivan & Cromwell these days, both Jews, and undoubtedly part of the S&C group behind S&C’s signing of the group “fuck you” letter to American law schools.

(4) Similar activism at the homes of the members of the executive or management committees at each of the other firms on the list as well (don’t want to be discriminatory here), whether such members are Jews or just pathetic Shabbos goyim.

(5) Similar activism — flash marches — at the elite private schools attended by any children or grandchildren of these “big shot” lawyers.  Since what is good for the goose is good for the gander, make sure the signs at these demonstrations — like the ones at Harvard — contain the photographs and names of each of those children, perhaps coupled with “Shame!” or “grandson of bloody murderers” or some such.

(6) Petitions to state pension funds to demand they cease yielding over billions of investment capital to any hedge fund manager involved in these anti-free speech campaigns.  None of the “hedgies” would have more than the net worth of a New Jersey dentist if not for the “carry” on massive amount of state pension fund money.

(7) Ditto (6) for all college endowments and private pension plans.

(8) Until when and if “Freedom to Work” and “Freedom to Live” acts are passed into law by Congress, similar demonstrations at the offices and homes of the members of the labor committees and communications committees of the U.S. Senate and House.

In a word, since we cannot appear to control these thugs through proper legislation by the Congress, make the lives of the thugs carrying out this campaign a living hell unitl something — anything — breaks.

1/  In many of those law firms, Jewish partners displaced the old WASP partners in the late 1970’s to 80’s, a development that seemed anodyne at the time but with ominous consequences that are now becoming fully visible.  Moreover, the important clients of these firms became more Jewish.  As late as 1985, half of all M&A transactions were processed through traditionalist WASP Morgan Stanley & Co, Incorporated, the most elite investment bank in the U.S. with very few Jewish partners.  Morgan Stanley and its sister commercial bank, J.P. Morgan, were the two principal clients of Davis Polk in those years.  In addition, there were a number of other WASP investment banks — though with some Jewish partners — with very high prestige:  First Boston, Kidder Peabody, Paine Webber, etc.  Those non-Jewish investment banks — together with the Jewish Goldman Sachs — plus firmly “all American” firms like Exxon, were the principal clients of Sullivan Cromwell.  Cravath, generally more on the issuer side than the investment banking side, had principal clients such as non-Jewish IBM, General Electric, and such like.   No more.  Morgan is still a big player but for many years was overshadowed by the much more famous Goldman Sachs, and the other WASP firms have all vanished in bankruptcies or sell-outs.  So not only are the most powerful partners of these law firms principally Jewish, their clients are too.  For instance, one of the signatories, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett arguably has become slightly less Jewish-dominated than it was in the mid 1980’s, being headed by non-Jewish Richard Beattie and a number of non-Jewish administrative partners.  However, Beattie’s principal clients are Jewish-owned KKR and Blackstone.  In addition, many of the most prominent clients today are small, but incredibly lucrative hedge funds, probably more than half of which are run by their original founding entrepreneurial Jews, such as Apollo (Leon Black of Drexel fame), KKR (mentioned above), Blackstone (Steve Schwarzman), and a host of others, last but not least including Pershing Capital, owned and run by infamous Bill Ackman.



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  1. Robert Bloc
    Robert Bloc says:

    This is well written and well researched – the inside baseball on Sul-Crom alone is impressive. However, I think there is a little hyperventliation. The irony is that the targets are primarily BLMers and Muslims. Mainstream Americans tend to be at least vaguely pro-Israel. I might even welcome Jewish elites taking a clear-eyed view of certain protected minorities. “War on America”? Hardly. Fist-pumping at the melting of Lee’s statue is a little closer bur not by much. The People of 2&20 are not at war with America.

    • Bruno Gebarski
      Bruno Gebarski says:

      I think and suspect you could belong to these Shabbos Goys that some of us profoundly dislike because of stabbing their own tribe in its back! The JQ [Jewish question] prevailing for more than 2000 years], now in the US, has become alarming and shocking [more than 450 Jews in the present Biden Administration]. Presently the USA boasts roughly 50% of world Jewry—around 7,5 million thus slightly below 2% of the total US population—just like the former “Paradisus Judeorum” [Jewish Paradise] of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did between 1569 and 1795. Remember how this ‘miniature Roman Empire’ disappeared from the European map following Poland’s 1795 third partition? The USA en route for the same overdue catastrophe will soon experience a giant vacuum cleaner [BRICS11+] that will eventually have to come and clean up the financial, warmongering, political hubris & corruption, color revolutions, coups d’états, fiat money printing, societal sodomy, abortion, infanticide, LGBTQ+, transgenderism thus Nietzschean and Derridean nihilistic deconstructionism [Umwertung aller Werte aka Transvaluation of all Values] just like Prussia, Austria and Russia did in 1795! Regards from Zionist occupied Germany!

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Thanks for the best and the most survivalist admonition ever; at 5 minutes to 12.

    02 Allow me to add the 27 [ ? ] States who refuse employees unless they sign their argreements not to support BDS, as well as from firms seeking state contracts.

    03 The US has ca. 2.2 % Jews. Weimar, in 33 ony 0.75 %, but still sufficient for JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY, in March 33.

    04 Guard your identity most carefully, lest your abode is surrounded by truckloads of screeming feds at dawn, brandishing submachine guns and bales of indictments.

    • HANNES
      HANNES says:

      Addendum to your reply: I recently read how, for decades after the war, the German War Graves Commission was systematically denied the opportunity to search for German victims and missing persons, and how photos of clearly German victims are just as systematically misused as Jewish “concentration camp prisoners” to this day.

  3. Jank Wille
    Jank Wille says:

    “It is astounding that 350 million non-Jewish Americans are dominated by 5 million Jews…” Well, you haven’t had the big picture epiphany yet. Let me provide a shortcut. There isn’t “350 million non-Jewish Americans” here, nor any cohesive collection of goyim anywhere throughout the west. We are atomized, individuated, having no shared goals, identity, or worldview. As a matter of fact, we ruthlessly compete against each other for survival. What you think of as some monolithic American culture, or nation, is an illusion, a myth. There’s nothing here outside of a bunch egos scrambling. for. the. cash. Every man for himself. And nobody has any choice. That’s the culture. There is nothing else. It’s too big, too diverse, too antagonistic, too dangerous, too complex. Whereas, on the jew side, you have the opposite, collective culture. All for one. Because the holocaust persecuted them all, they group up now for protection. They have long shared identity, goals, and security, like a cult. If you can’t see any of this, your blind, and a liability to intelligent people. Your lack of insight is a threat. Stupid people cause endless problems. This is why you used the word “jews” in the headline. They operate as one, as a team, an army.

    “We quoted Lenin before. So let’s quote him again. Lenin famously asked, “what is to be done?” Well, what is to be done?”
    The great Germans dealt with the same infection. They were a defeated people after WWI, decimated, starving, atomized, flooded with foreign monkeys, bankrupt. But they came back quick under NSDAP rule. So, what needs to be done is to follow tried and true solutions that have worked against the jew infestations of the past. I’ve been saying this for years now, and I’ll say it again! VOTE NSDAP.

    • KT-88
      KT-88 says:

      Sovereign currency and nationalizing central banking is a good place to start. Especially as the cartel’s ability to retaliate is diminishing.

    • kiwi
      kiwi says:

      well said, although i don,t buy into the hollowhoax BS, its been proven over and over again
      just more jew lies. agree National Socialism is a excellent political system, the key to its
      success of course is ditching the central bank

      • Heimdall in Africa
        Heimdall in Africa says:

        I am SO tired of the Holyhoax being STILL promulgated as fact. Plenty evidence now of it being made out of whole cloth. There were NO gas Chambers…etc. And yet it the mythos still gets propagated.

  4. michael
    michael says:

    Yes. A ‘war’ has been and is currently waged by Z-jCC, or Zionist-jewish Controlled Country of America on America. That is, those who are not part of and participate in the Z-jCC narrative/agenda. Anything else is skewered, twisted and or censored.

    A battle is ensuing in America. A battle of the ideologically aligned with the Z-jCC and those who rightfully recognize the dangers is poses, the dangers America now has entered in its by-now obvious war participation on behalf of Israel. To deny that, or dismiss as “insignificant” is cowardly, stupid, slavish, immoral and conceding the governance of one’s own country to a foreign nation/state. And, a nation/state which is obviously conducting a genocide, obviously racist, obviously supremacist and obviously in the utmost, self-serving.

    The “war” in America is the relentless propaganda, ideologic supremacy of jewish/Zionist thinking, to gain control of those institutions and means of influence.

    How much more obvious can it be, unless one cowers before the likes of a Jonathan Greenblatt and his ilk, or lets one after another form of destruction of the freedoms won and held by America in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. For, those destructions, consider how criminalized is sympathy in the form of the BDS attempts, on and on and on.

    Will America be manipulated beyond the civil discord brought about by Israeli actions and policies and wars, that is manipulated into an much greater war than is now America’s participation, for deny at your peril, America, that your country is engaged in warfare now, actively, with Israel.

  5. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    What I interpret as a glimmer of hope, so to speak, is the fact that current geopolitical events are making it more and more certain who is really behind all the undesirable developments in the western (indeed the entire) world. And not just for a separate, small, manageable and controllable group of people like us who have been specifically interested in the topic for years, without any kind of mouthpiece or influence, but for the entire global public. They seem to have already passed the zenith of their hitherto almost limitless power trip.

    However, as has always been the case with this extremely devious “species” throughout modern world history, it is very difficult to foresee to what extent the Jews are pricing in and planning for the big bang, i.e. the total escalation to the point of a nuclear meltdown, before their own exposure, so to speak. In any case, the usual and camouflaged backdrop shifting that they have been using since time immemorial seems to be becoming more and more impossible and has been exposed.

    As expected, they respond and react to this in their genetically ingroup-inherited, pseudo-religious and fake-historical fear psychosis, hysterically and panicked to the point of white heat with demands for total censorship and restrictions on freedom of expression for all non-Jews. All and any resistance to their perfidious machinations is to be muzzled “in time” and a stop put to it. However, the more they try to realize this, the more obvious the full extent of their malicious intent will become.

  6. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    Pay no attention to the hyperventilation of the walking dead. Their bioweapon pets have turned on them. The Crayola politics these imbeciles pushed so hard has doomed them. The poor brown Palestine victims being oppressed by the pasty white supremacist colonialists of the apartheid regime of ZOG.
    Haha. That geopolitics is too hard for the Khazar mafia. They have lost and they did it themselves.
    Satan doesn’t seem to like the ghey paedophilia of the old world order.
    The New World Order is about to become reality. Nationalism is the New paradigm. Globalism is no longer viable. Crayola says hymie is a white supremacist oppressor of poor brown people. They cannot tan their way out of this one. They have painted themselves into a corner. No one is on their side.
    ZOG is weak and losing. They have dropped their masks and shown the world that they are the terrorists. The swamp has also shown how corrupt and controlled they are by the rat race.
    They have made White Men their enemies, and Russia, China and Iran are about to crush their imperial aspirations. They are the walking dead and they have no future.

  7. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    I disagree with both thesis..Israel Has not declare war on America..The proPalestinian (left) movements in college campuses will hardly grow into a full blown well organized Pacifists movement to restrain Israel at all. Once these students graduate they priorities will change radically, as my old professor used to say eventually all of us are pull down by the same forces of gravity(,work). I very much distrust the genuine pacifist inclinations of BLM/NATIFA..and their profess pro Palestiinian activism. I wish that the old left pacifist movement were resurrected specially in these dangerous times hwre the exitance of Palestine is at stake. The second thesis is also false Israel is not going to lose this war with Hamas/Gaza. The level of the Israeli Military/Terrorists/weapons war machine is huge and relentless, that added to the financial/technological/miliutary support of the USA will guarantee the Israeli Victory. Unfoutunately the other Arab states are secretly supporting Israel with political/logistical support. Most likely USA/israel alredy made separate deals with the neighboring arab states. Arabs want things to go back to “normal” BUSINESS and huge profits. The arab nations must walk dengerous path, they fear their own populations and losing USA$$ support. Ironically the other arab nations are the only hope for a viable Palestinian state, which they seem to distrust also. The arab nations dont realize that the fate of Palestine is also their future fate..since Israel has already made it clear that they seek to expand their borders into Jordan/Lebanon/Syria to build the Greater Israel Manifest Destiny, that requires more WARs to come for Israel/the Middle East and for America. The problem moves into philosophical considerations can a Country be invented on LIES and maintain on mass murder, that nation can only be sustain on the basis of more WARS..more lies more killings. Israeli collective consciousness will eventually break. Israel can not become a theocracy/racists/supremacists state in the age of multidiverse global village. Israel already burnt all its bridges: International Laws, a viable Palestinaisn state, a UN Peace Process/Force/Trusstorship for Palestine and peace accords the rest of the Arab nations. Israel may become bogged down in Gaza, and face their own the USA did. I have a negative perspective : UNLESS ISRAEL SUFFERS A MAJOR CRUSHING DEFEAT..THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST..(USA?). The old prophecy says that eventually Israelis will grow tired and frustrated , they will put their guns down and they will go home to their families, their jobs, in their own BIRTHcountries USA/Russia/NYC etc. and let the Palestinians LIVE in peace in their own homes since 5Kyrs ago,

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Everything in this article is wrong. Americans can’t be Muslims unless you take seriously the Jewish invention of America as a melting pot.
    No, the Muslim parasites imported by the Jews to harm Americans are not their “children”, see above.
    These parasites are not the best and brightest, quite the contrary, they’re affirmative action hires.
    Why continue to publish an author so desinformative and completely outside the ideological line of this site?

  9. Anna
    Anna says:

    Why not try something new and imaginative instead of the same old *tired, worn-out, ineffective* arguments against Jews and Israel?

    Critique the American Jewish lobby and Israel for their hypocritical support of TERRORIST, GENOCIDAL Azerbaijan.

    Critique them for their past and present denials of the genocide committed by Turkey against Armenians.

    Plenty of material out there. Think outside the box.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      We’re trying – we’re trying Anna, but everytime we reach the bottom of the box – see there ! – they again overfilled it with body parts.

      Surely you have heard of German Einsatzgruppen clearing land in the East, for Lebensraum for more deserving Germans; according to their viewpoint.

      How in hell does that differ from THE MOST MORAL ARMY IN THE WORLD, the IDF Einsatzgruppen steeling land for their illegal settlers, outside of the Green Line and DOUBLY ILLEGAL OUTPOSTS ???

      Is that adequately new and different ?

  10. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    @ JT and KM

    01 Several articles back I broached the topic of thrice-indicted criminal BB SUBORDINATING HIS SUPERIOR COURT TO THE LEGISLATION OF HIS KNESSET, supported by his even further right fascist coalition.

    02 I wrote, that while what is done in Vegas, may well remain in Vegas, I consider his Coup as an off-Broadway production, being perfected there, before premiering in Washington, where it would negate the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its already challenged Amendments, including the one regulating Impeachment; as well as the Division of Power.

    03 Congress would be reduced solely to the Democratic and Republican Jewish Caucuses, which, pretty well, is aleady its modus operandi.

    04 Since my said comment, I read, that two US Jews of means and influential support are behind BB’s plan and its execution.

    05 Of course we saw on social media, including my favorite, always up-front Tel Aviv daily HAARETZ, the significant and often violent opposition BB & Co. had to face, until October 7, coincidentally helped him out. The more drawn-out the 74-year provoked Hamas casus belli, the better for BB, and his postponed indictments.

    06 I fervently hope you agree, that we have to surveille this slimy anaconda-Coup, as it developes there, then slides past the US Armada guarding Israel and comes ashore out of the Potomac, slithering towards the Congress and the White House.

    07 Its very first audible hiss should ring loud alarm bells among and beyond us, in a last attempt to remain a free people.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 I don:t have a copyright on my dictum : DISREGARD NARRATIVES – ANALYZE FUNCTION.

      02 It’s a free medication for all who don’t wish to live by the bread of msm alone.

  11. thighpilot
    thighpilot says:

    What makes this guy think Muslims are Americans, except maybe on paper?? If Jews want to kick those kids out of American schools and jobs, that seems like a really good idea. Why should real Americans care about immigrant or sons and daughters of immigrant Muslim, Shinto, Buddhist, Hindu students in America, especially the ones at Harvard, U Penn, etc.?

  12. Colleen McGuire
    Colleen McGuire says:

    Very useful article in The Nation written by James Bamford about Israel’s Project Butterfly to target American dissidents. An excerpt

    General Vaknin-Gil issued a stark warning. “In order to win,” she said, “we must use tricks and craftiness.” They would include threats, intimidation, harassment, covert influence operations, troll farms, fearmongering, blacklists, and espionage. The key was turning thousands of Americans into clandestine Israeli agents to spy on and carry out the operations against their fellow citizens. Secrecy, emphasized Vaknin-Gil, was therefore critical. “We are a different government working on a foreign soil, and we have to be very, very cautious,” she said. Then she outlined plans to set up a sophisticated covert intelligence unit to spy on Americans involved in the boycott movement and take action against them.

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