Why Are Jews So Influential?

Jewish populations have always had enormous effects on the societies in which they reside because of several qualities that are central to the Jewish group evolutionary strategy and likely have been under genetic selection in Ashkenazi Jewish groups: First and foremost, Jews are ethnocentric and able to cooperate in highly organized, cohesive, and effective groups. Also important is high intelligence, including the usefulness of intelligence in attaining wealth, prominence in the media, and eminence in the academic world and the legal profession. I will also discuss two other qualities that have received less attention: psychological intensity and aggressiveness, and finally mention the Jewish guru phenomenon.

The four background traits of ethnocentrism, intelligence and wealth, psychological intensity, aggressiveness, along with strong charismatic leadership result in Jews being able to produce formidable, effective groups—groups able to have powerful, transformative effects on the peoples they live among. In the post-Enlightenment world, these traits influence the academic world and the world of mainstream and elite media, thus amplifying Jewish effectiveness compared with traditional societies. However, even before the Enlightenment Jews have repeatedly become an elite and powerful group in societies in which they reside in sufficient numbers.

It is remarkable that Jews, usually as a tiny minority, have been central to a long list of historical events. Jews were much on the mind of the Church Fathers in the fourth century during the formative years of Christian dominance in the West. Indeed, I have proposed that the powerful anti-Jewish attitudes and legislation of the fourth-century Church must be understood as a defensive reaction against Jewish economic power and enslavement of non-Jews.[1] Jews who had nominally converted to Christianity but maintained their ethnic ties in marriage and commerce were the focus of the 250-year Inquisition in Spain, Portugal, and the Spanish colonies in the New World. Fundamentally, the Inquisition should be seen as a defensive reaction to the economic and political domination of these “New Christians.”[2]

Nineteenth-century critics of Jews typically complained about Jewish influence in the media and Jewish wealth that often made traditional Western aristocratic elites subservient to them, and, like Richard Wagner, they complained about Jewish influence on culture.[3] Jews have also been central to all the important events of the twentieth century. Jews were a necessary component of the Bolshevik revolution that created the Soviet Union and willing participants of horrendous mass murders of its early decades, and they remained an elite group in the Soviet Union until well after World War II.[4] They were a central focus of National Socialism in Germany, in part because of the Jewish role in Bolshevism, and they have been prime movers of the post-1965 cultural and multicultural/multiethnic revolution in the United States, including the encouragement of massive non-White immigration to countries of European origin.[5] In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed neoconservative Jews in the Bush administration and the media had a critical role in fomenting wars that benefit Israel, and now neocon Jews in the Biden administration have established the all-out support for Ukraine against Russia and  Israel against Hamas. Right now the ADL is leading the campaign to expunge social media of ideas they don’t like, particularly on X (Twitter), and Jewish billionaires are blacklisting students and withholding funds from universities if they don’t express enthusiastic support for Israel.[6] Indeed, I would say that we are once again witnessing an incredible display of Jewish power in the U.S.

How can such a tiny minority have such huge effects on the history of the West? I will not discuss the role of Western individualism in facilitating Jewish influence.[7] We tend to see people as individuals, as in the ideology of colorblind meritocracy so common among mainstream conservatives.

Jews are Ethnocentric

Elsewhere I have argued that Jewish ethnocentrism can be traced back to their Middle Eastern origins.[8] Traditional Jewish culture has a number of features identifying Jews with the ancestral cultures of the area. The most important of these is that Jews and other Middle Eastern cultures evolved under circumstances that favored large groups dominated by males.[9] These groups were basically extended families with high levels of endogamy (i.e., marriage within the kinship group) and consanguineous marriage (i.e., marriage to blood relatives), including the uncle-niece marriage sanctioned in the Old Testament. These features are exactly the opposite of Western European tendencies.

Whereas Western societies tend toward individualism, the basic Jewish cultural form is collectivism, in which there is a strong sense of group identity and group boundaries, and moral particularism represented by the phrase “Is it good for the Jews.” In Jewish religious writings, non-Jews had no moral standing and could be exploited at will as long as doing so didn’t harm the entire group. Middle Eastern societies are characterized by anthropologists as “segmentary societies” organized into relatively impermeable, kinship-based groups.[10] Group boundaries are often reinforced through external markers such as hair style or clothing, as Jews have often done throughout their history. Different groups settle in different areas where they retain their homogeneity alongside other homogeneous groups, as illustrated by the following account from Carleton Coon:

There the ideal was to emphasize not the uniformity of the citizens of a country as a whole but a uniformity within each special segment, and the greatest possible contrast between segments. The members of each ethnic unit feel the need to identify themselves by some configuration of symbols. If by virtue of their history they possess some racial peculiarity, this they will enhance by special haircuts and the like; in any case they will wear distinctive garments and behave in a distinctive fashion.[11]

Jews are at the extreme of this Middle Eastern tendency toward collectivism and ethnocentrism. I give many examples of Jewish ethnocentrism in my trilogy on Judaism—perhaps most notably ethnic networking that was so important to The Culture of Critique—and have argued in several places that Jewish ethnocentrism is biologically based.[12]

A good start for thinking about Jewish ethnocentrism is the work of Israel Shahak, most notably his co-authored Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel.[13] Present-day fundamentalists attempt to re-create the life of Jewish communities before the Enlightenment (i.e., prior to about 1750). During this period the great majority of Jews believed in the Kabbala—the Jewish mystical tradition. Influential Jewish scholars like Gershom Scholem ignored the obvious racialist, exclusivist material in the Kabbalistic literature by using words like “men,” “human beings,” and “cosmic” to suggest the Kabbala has a universalist message. The actual texts say salvation is only for Jews, while non-Jews have “Satanic souls.”[14]

The ethnocentrism apparent in such statements was not only the norm in traditional Jewish society, but remains a powerful current of contemporary Jewish fundamentalism, with important implications for Israeli politics. For example, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, describing the difference between Jews and non-Jews:

We do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of…a totally different species…. The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world…. The difference of the inner quality [of the body]…is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews]: “their bodies are in vain”…. An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.[15]

These people and secular ethono-nationalists who have basically the same ideas are firmly in charge in Israel, leading to a long series of protests by liberal Jews in Israel and the US. There are a million more examples but in the interests of brevity I’ll leave it at that. Even a prominent Israel apologist like Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes recently wrote that the present government as a “far-right coalition of Jewish supremacists and ultra-Orthodox Jews.” But AIPAC still dominates Congress and the Executive branch, so there won’t be any changes soon.

From Mondoweiss:

When Rep. Jayapal called Israel a racist state in July, Democrats and Republicans leaped on her in a political feeding frenzy. They fell over each other to cash in on the defense of Israel, a state whose racism is not just obvious but a point of pride for many in its government. They immediately and overwhelmingly passed a resolution stating that “the State of Israel is not a racist or apartheid state.” Jayapal, of course, voted with the majority. The nine who voted against were all progressives who are atop the list of AIPAC’s most hated. It breezed through the Senate by unanimous consent.  Jayapal, of course, voted with the majority. The nine who voted against were all progressives who are atop the list of AIPAC’s most hated. It breezed through the Senate by unanimous consent.

Similar overwhelming support for Israel in the Gaza war passed the House of Representatives and it was unanimous in the Senate. Republicans and conservatives generally are especially supportive of Israel.

Same with conservative media. I am not sure why this is. Part of it is probably because a significant portion of their audiences are evangelicals who think Israel’s success will inaugurate the Second Coming of Jesus and the end times. It may also be their desire to gain legitimacy in a cultural environment that is completely dominated by the left which accuses anyone to the right of Mitt Romney of being a raving Nazi.

Ethnocentrism is responsive to particular environmental triggers, what evolutionists term “facultative mechanisms,” that is, mechanisms that can be triggered by external circumstances such as perceived threat. The phenomenon of a siege mentality has been mentality noted by many authors as typical of Jewish culture throughout history (see A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Ch. 7, pp. 218–219).

A permanent sense of imminent threat appears to be common among Jews. Writing on the clinical profile of Jewish families, Herz and Rosen (1982)[17] note that for Jewish families a “sense of persecution (or its imminence) is part of a cultural heritage and is usually assumed with pride. Suffering is even a form of sharing with one’s fellow-Jews. It binds Jews with their heritage–with the suffering of Jews throughout history.” Zborowski and Herzog (1952, 153)[18] note that the homes of wealthy Jews in traditional Eastern European shtetl communities sometimes had secret passages for use in times of anti-Semitic pogroms, and that their existence was “part of the imagery of the children who played around them, just as the half-effaced memory was part of every Jew’s mental equipment.” 

A good example is how American Jews reacted to the 1967 war. Silberman notes that around the time of the 1967 Arab/Israeli war, many Jews could identify with the statement of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel that “I had not known how Jewish I was.[19] Silberman comments that “This was the response, not of some newcomer to Judaism or casual devotee but of the man whom many, myself included, consider the greatest Jewish spiritual leader of our time.” Many others made the same surprising discovery about themselves: Arthur Hertzberg wrote that “the immediate reaction of American Jewry to the crisis was far more intense and widespread than anyone could have foreseen. Many Jews would never have believed that grave danger to Israel could dominate their thoughts and emotions to the exclusion of everything else.”[20]

The current war in Gaza is no exception. Haredim, who usually avoid military service in order to devote their lives to study, are enlisting in the IDF and J Street, the liberal Zionist lobby is issuing context-free condemnations of Hamas. It’s the same with the Jewish faculty at my former university — liberals all and oblivious to the role of Israeli behavior in producing Palestinian hatred, but horrified that someone would tear down a poster of a Jewish hostage posted in a university building and trumpeting calls for free speech. (Where have they been in condemning the ADL’s pivotal role in censoring free speech on social media? Somehow I don’t think it’s an accident that I and a couple of my brothers-in-arms have been banned from X after Musk took over and is doing his best to avoid the wrath of the powers that be.)  There are still voices like Jewish Voice of Peace and Mondoweiss that have long condemned Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, but they are definitely do not represent the vast majority of the power and money of the Jewish community in America.

This evolved response to external threat is often manipulated by Jewish authorities attempting to inculcate a stronger sense of group identification—for example, the messages of ever-increasing threat of anti-Semitism promulgated by the ADL — accompanied by pleas for donations.

Bar-Tal et al. (1992) note that 

not surprisingly, Siege Mentality is related to Ethnocentrism. The belief that the world has negative intentions towards the group indicates its evil, malice, and aggressiveness. In this context, the group not only feels victimized and self-righteous, but also superior to the out-group.[21]

Jews Are Intelligent (and Wealthy)

The vast majority of American Jews are Ashkenazi Jews. This is a very intelligent group, with an average IQ of approximately 111 with a particular strength in verbal IQ. Since verbal IQ is the best predictor of occupational success and upward mobility in contemporary societies, it is not surprising that Jews are an elite group in the United States. Intelligence, as well as the other traits discussed here, were likely under genetic selection in traditional Ashkenazi societies because scholars were given marriages to the daughters of wealthy Jews and good business opportunities. Wealth and reproductive success were strongly linked at least prior to the nineteenth century.

Nevertheless, because of the demographic differences between Jews and White Americans, there are many more White Americans at any level of IQ required for upward mobility and leadership positions in American society. For example, at IQ of 140, there are five times as many White Americans as Jews. IQ is thus an insufficient explanation for Jewish influence.

Intelligence and ethnic networking are important for academic success, and in Chapters two and five of The Culture of Critique I showed that Jews and Jewish organizations led the intellectual effort to deny the importance of racial and ethnic differences in human affairs and to pathologize any sense of White identity or White interests. The Jewish role in creating the intellectual context of the 1965 immigration law relied on the success of the Boasian movement in anthropology in shaping academic views on race by dominating the American Anthropological Association since the 1920s. For example, historian of anthropology Gelya Frank noted “in message and purpose, [Boas’s anthropology] was an explicitly antiracist science.” This subverted the strong sense of race and racial interests that were prominent trends in academia and the mainstream media. Science is that lingua franca of the West, so the prestige of the Boasians was critical for their success.

Intelligence is also linked to wealth. Based on past results, Jews are probably around 35% of the wealthiest Americans, and that translates into a well-funded infrastructure of Jewish causes, from neocon think tanks to AIPAC to the ADL and political campaigns where the Democrat Party is basically funded by wealthy Jews and the Republican Jewish Coalition probably provides 40% of GOP donations aimed at supporting Israel and moving the GOP to the left on social issues. ADL Assets in 2021 were listed at $238,000,000; $62,000,000 in contributions. The national ADL, like the ACLU, the SPLC, the NAACP, and other so-called civil rights groups, is now merely a tax-exempt cadre of the Democratic Party and has gone all in on anti-White critical race theory, gender insanity, and opposition to any talk about the Great Replacement, claiming that the very idea is racist and anti-Semitic (while stating that Israel must retain its Jewish majority by controlling immigration and preventing Palestinians on the West Bank from voting). The ADL is a very prominent player in the censorship regime that pervades the left in the West. Right now the ADL is leading an aggressive campaign to expunge social media of ideas they don’t like, most famously on X (Twitter) so that Elon Musk is routinely labeled an anti-Semite in Jewish media and any mention of George Soros’s influence or calling out globalism is anti-Semitic. Because of their elite connections they have been able to pressure advertisers on Twitter, so that ad revenue is down 40% from pre-Musk days.

Intelligence is also evident in Jewish activism. Jews and Jewish organizations organized, led, funded, and performed most of the work of the most important anti-restrictionist organizations active from 1945–1965 and are still prominently involved. Jewish activism is like a full court press in basketball: intense pressure from every possible angle. But in addition to the intensity, Jewish efforts are very well organized, well-funded, and backed up by sophisticated, scholarly intellectual defenses. Intelligence and organization are also apparent in Jewish lobbying on behalf of Israel. Over thirty years ago US Defense Department official, noted that, “On all kinds of foreign policy issues the American people just don’t make their voices heard. Jewish groups are the exceptions. They are prepared, superbly briefed. They have their act together. It is hard for bureaucrats not to respond.”[22] At the time there was concern that the State Department remained a bastion of old school WASPs. Not a problem any longer, with neocons Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, and Wendy Sherman firmly in charge of State.

Conscientiousness and Emotional Intensity

In Chapter 7 of my 1994 book on Judaism, I highlighted two personality traits of Jews, conscientiousness and emotional intensity. Both are heritable and quite likely under selection in traditional Jewish communities. Conscientiousness, which involves attention to detail, neatness, orderliness, striving for achievement, persistence toward goals in the face of difficulty, and the ability to focus attention and delay gratification is, along with IQ, linked to upward mobility. Social conscientiousness appears to be a sort of “don’t let down the group” trait, originally proposed by Darwin (1871) as the basis of group allegiance. Individuals high on this trait would be expected to feel intense guilt for having failed to fulfill their obligations to the group. Moreover, given the importance of conformity to group norms for Judaism, it would be expected that individuals who were low on this trait would be disproportionately inclined to abandon Judaism, while successful Jews who were the pillars of the community and thus epitomized the group ethic of Judaism would be disproportionately likely to be high on group conformity—and also likely to be reproductively successful in traditional societies. The result is that there would be strong selection pressures toward high levels of social conscientiousness within the Jewish community.

Conscientiousness was strongly emphasized in Jewish socialization. Thus, a child reared in a traditional Jewish home would have been socialized to continually monitor his/her behavior to ensure compliance with a vast number of restrictions—the vast number of commandments of the Ashkenazi religious writing. These are exactly the sorts of environmental influences expected to strengthen the conscientiousness system, what I call “system-specific environmental influences.”

Jews also tend to be high on the personality trait of affect intensity; i.e., they are prone to intense emotional experience of both positive and negative emotions.[23] Individuals high on affect intensity have more complex social networks and more complex lives, including multiple and even conflicting goals. They are prone to fast and frequent mood changes and lead varied and variable emotional lives. Clinically, affect intensity is related to cyclothymia (i. e., alternate periods of elation and depression), bipolar affective disorder (i.e., manic‑depressive psychosis), neurotic symptoms, and somatic complaints (nervousness, feeling uneasy, shortness of breath).

The common perception of Jewish and gentile psychiatric workers from the late nineteenth century until at least the end of the 1920s was that compared to gentiles, Ashkenazi Jews (and especially male Jews), had relatively sensitive, highly reactive nervous systems, thus making them more prone to the diagnoses of hysteria, manic‑depression, and neurasthenia (Gershon & Liebowitz 1975; Gilman 1993 92ff) and depression (men only). Gershon and Liebowitz note that 45 percent of 22 patients had bipolar affective disorder—about the same as in an Iraqi population—compared to 19 percent in a study of northern European populations. Within Israel, they cite an Israeli study (in Hebrew) that found that affective disorders were “much more prevalent” among Ashkenazi Jews than Sephardic Jews.[24] And a “preliminary” study found significantly more patients with affective psychoses and fewer with schizophrenia than among the non-Jews.[25] A study from 2000 found that in a sample of Israelis with bipolar disorder, the manic phase was “much more common in Israeli bipolar patients” than European and American populations (55 percent of the patients have illnesses characterized primarily by manias, 28 percent have approximately equal numbers of manias and depressions, and 17% suffer predominantly from depressions, but with no difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations).[26]

I emphasize here that affect intensity is also linked to creativity and the manic phase of bipolar affective disorder which seems to be more common among Jews.[27] During episodes of mania the person has a grandiose self-image (“I am brilliant and can save the world if only people would listen to me”), goal-directed activity like obsessively working on a project all night, excessive involvement in pleasurable activity like buying sprees and sexual gratification, and racing thoughts which of course the manic person thinks are brilliant. The depressive part is just the opposite. But a lot of people may be high on emotionality but not meet the criteria for psychopathology. It’s easy to see that people moderately high on positive emotionality—hypomanic or normal but close to the manic range—would be high achievers; they would work persistently toward goals, and they would be very self-confident and with high self-esteem. Such people gravitate to leadership positions in whatever organization they are in. And it’s easy to see that they would become gurus, establishing a devoted following, like charismatic rabbis in traditional Jewish communities—Jewish gurus like Freud, Boas, Trotsky, etc. discussed in Culture of Critique.

For example, Albert Lindemann notes that many of Trotsky’s personality traits are stereotypically Jewish:

 If one accepts that anti-Semitism was most potently driven by anxiety and fear, as distinguished from contempt, then the extent to which Trotsky became a source of preoccupation for anti-Semites is significant. Here, too, Johnson’s [i.e., Paul John, author of A History of the Jews] words are suggestive: He writes of Trotsky’s “demonic power”—the same term, revealingly, used repeatedly by others in referring to Zinoviev’s oratory or Uritsky’s ruthlessness [Zinoviev and Uritsky were two other prominent early Bolsheviks]. Trotsky’s boundless self-confidence, his notorious arrogance, and sense of superiority were other traits often associated with Jews. Fantasies there were about Trotsky and other Bolsheviks, but there were also realities around which the fantasies grew. (Albert Lindemann, Esau’s Tears Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (Cambridge University Press, 1997, 448)

The Trotskyist movement was a heavily Jewish milieu and much loved by my radical Jewish acquaintances in college. A prominent Trotskyist Max Shachtman

attracted young Jewish disciples—the familiar rabbi-disciple model of Jewish intellectual movements (here, p. 17–18): “Youngsters around Shachtman made little effort to hide their New York background or intellectual skills and tastes. Years later they could still hear Shachtman’s voice in one another’s speeches.”[28] To a much greater extent than the Communist Party U.S.A, which was much larger and was committed to following the Soviet line, the Trotskyists survived as a small group centered around charismatic leaders like Shachtman, who paid homage to the famous Trotsky. In the Jewish milieu of the movement, Shachtman was much admired as a speaker because of his ability in debate and in polemics. He became the quintessential Hasidic guru—the leader of a close, psychologically intense group: “He would hug and kiss [his followers]. He would pinch both their cheeks, hard, in a habit that some felt blended sadism and affection.”[29]

Another example is Leo Strauss, a cult figure for neocons and the quintessential rabbinical guru, with devoted disciples such as Allan Bloom. Gertrude Himmelfarb (1974, 61) noted: “There are many excellent teachers. They have students. Strauss had disciples.”[30] And Levine: “This group has the trappings of a cult. After all, there is a secret teaching and the extreme seriousness of those who are ‘initiates.’”[31] Strauss relished his role as a guru to worshiping disciples, once writing of “the love of the mature philosopher for the puppies of his race, by whom he wants to be loved in turn.”[32]

The psychoanalyst Fritz Wittels noted long ago: “The faithful disciples [of Freud] regard one another’s books as of no account. They recognize no authority but Freud’s; they rarely read or quote one another. When they quote it is from the Master, that they may give the pure milk of the word.”[33]

Affect intensity influences the tone and intensity of Jewish activism. Among Jews there is a critical mass that is intensely committed to Jewish causes—a sort of 24/7, “pull out all the stops” commitment that produces instant, massive responses on Jewish issues. Jewish activism has a relentless, never-say-die quality. This intensity goes hand in hand with the “slippery slope” style of arguing: Jewish activism is an intense response because even the most trivial manifestation of anti-Jewish attitudes or behavior is seen as inevitably leading to mass murder of Jews if allowed to continue.

In my 1994 book I noted the historical pattern of a paranoid, siege mentality and desire for revenge that pervaded traditional Jewish communities. Interviews with New Left Jewish radicals revealed that many had destructive fantasies in which the revolution would result in “humiliation, dispossession, imprisonment or execution of the oppressors”[34] combined with the belief in their own omnipotence and their ability to create a non-oppressive social order—clearly indicating high self-confidence and self-esteem. The trend is towards low self-criticism and what amounts to psychopathic levels of high self-esteem.

Jews Are Aggressive

Much of the previous is also about Jewish aggressiveness. Jews have always behaved aggressively toward those they have lived among, and they have been perceived as aggressive by their critics. Being aggressive and “pushy” is part of the stereotype of Jews in Western societies. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of scientific studies on this aspect of Jewish personality, but Hans Eysenck, renowned for his research on personality and Phil Rushton’s inspiration on race differences, claims that Jews are indeed rated more aggressive by people who know them well.

In early twentieth-century America, the sociologist Edward A. Ross commented on a greater tendency among Jewish immigrants to maximize their advantage in all transactions, ranging from Jewish students badgering teachers for higher grades poor Jews attempting to get more than the usual charitable allotment. “No other immigrants are so noisy, pushing and disdainful of the rights of others as the Hebrews.”

The authorities complain that the East European Hebrews feel no reverence for law as such and are willing to break any ordinance they find in their way…. The insurance companies scan a Jewish fire risk more closely than any other [Jewish lightening]. Credit men say the Jewish merchant is often “slippery” and will “fail” in order to get rid of his debts. For lying the immigrant has a very bad reputation. In the North End of Boston “the readiness of the Jews to commit perjury has passed into a proverb.”

Albert Lindemann in his Esau’s Tears noted the same about Jewish perjury in Czarist Russia.

These characteristics have at times been noted by Jews themselves. In a survey commissioned by the American Jewish Committee’s study of the Jews of Baltimore in 1962, “two-thirds of the respondents admitted to believing that other Jews are pushy, hostile, vulgar, materialistic, and the cause of anti-Semitism. And those were only the ones who were willing to admit it.”[1]

[1] Yaffe 1968, 73. Yaffe embeds this comment in a discussion of self-hating Jews—implying that Jews are simply accepting stereotypes that are the fantasies of bigoted non-Jews.

Jews were unique as an American immigrant group in their hostility toward American Christian culture and in their energetic, aggressive efforts to change that culture. From the perspective of Henry Ford’s The International Jew, the United States had imported around 3.5 million mainly Yiddish-speaking, intensely ethnocentric Jewish immigrants over the previous forty years. In that very short period and long prior to achieving anything like the power they obtained after World War II and the 1960s counter-cultural revolution, Jews had had enormous effect on American society, particularly in their attempts to remove expressions of Christianity from public life beginning with an attempt in 1899–1900 to remove the word “Christian” from the Virginia Bill of Rights. Ford’s outlet, the Dearborn Independent stated “The Jews’ determination to wipe out of public life every sign of the predominant Christian character of the US is the only active form of religious intolerance in the country today.”

A prototypical example of Jewish aggressiveness toward American culture has been Jewish advocacy of liberal immigration policies which have had a transformative effect on the US. As noted in Culture of Critique:

In undertaking to sway immigration policy in a liberal direction, Jewish spokespersons and organizations demonstrated a degree of energy unsurpassed by any other interested pressure group. Immigration had constituted a prime object of concern for practically every major Jewish defense and community relations organization. Over the years, their spokespersons had assiduously attended congressional hearings, and the Jewish effort was of the utmost importance in establishing and financing such non-sectarian groups as the National Liberal Immigration League and the Citizens Committee for Displaced Persons.

The epitome of Jewish aggression is their long crusade as a tiny minority to alter the ethnic balance of the U.S. in order to prevent the sort of mass movement that occurred in Germany in the 1930s. There are many such statements by Jewish activists, but the most recent one I have found is from  Boston Globe writer S. I. Rosenbaum who claimed in 2019 that the main lesson of “the Holocaust” is “that white supremacy could turn on us at any moment,” and that the strategy of appealing to the White majority “has never worked for us. It didn’t protect us in Spain, or England, or France, or Germany. There’s no reason to think it will work now.” The central question of Jewish political engagement in Western societies, she insisted, is “how we survive as a minority population,” where the one great advantage American Jewry enjoys is that “unlike other places where ethno-nationalism has flourished, the U.S. is fast approaching a plurality of minorities.” Presiding over a coalition of non-Whites groups to actively oppose White interests is the new Jewish ethno-political imperative: “If Jews are going to survive in the future, we will have to stand with people of color for our mutual benefit.”

In their 2023 book Anglophobia Harry Richardson and Frank Salter note that Jewish organizations have taken a leadership role in promoting multiculturalism and immigration in Australia, for example by making alliances with more poorly organized, less motivated ethnic groups. This leadership phenomenon also occurs in the US, where Jewish organizations have made alliances with a wide variety of non-White ethnic activist organizations.

Charges of anti-Semitism and guilt over the Holocaust are not the only instruments of Jewish aggressiveness. Jewish groups intimidate their enemies by a variety of means. People who oppose policies on Israel advocated by Jewish activist organizations have been fired and blacklisted from their jobs, harassed with letters, subjected to intrusive surveillance, and threatened with death. Although there is a great deal of self-censorship in the media on Israel as a result of the major role of Jews in the ownership and production of the media, gaps in this armor are aggressively closed. Paul Findley noted over 30 years ago that there are “threats to editors and advertising departments, orchestrated boycotts, slanders, campaigns of character assassination, and personal vendettas”[35]—a phenomenon that, as noted above, is ongoing.


The current situation in the United States is the result of an awesome deployment of Jewish power and influence. One must contemplate the fact that American Jews have managed to maintain unquestioned support for Israel since the 1967 war despite Israel’s seizing land and engaging in a brutal occupation of the Palestinians in the occupied territories—an apartheid occupation that will most likely end with expulsion or complete subjugation and degradation of the Palestinians. During this same period Jewish organizations in America have been a principal force—in my view the main force—for erecting a state dedicated to suppressing ethnic identification among Europeans, for encouraging massive multi-ethnic immigration into the US, and for erecting a legal system and cultural ideology that is obsessively sensitive to the complaints and interests of ethnic minorities: the culture of the Holocaust. All this is done without a whisper of double standards in the aboveground media.

The American Jewish community is well organized and lavishly funded. It has achieved a great deal of power, and it has been successful in achieving its interests. One of the great myths often promulgated by Jewish apologists is that Jews have no consensus and therefore cannot wield any real power. Yet there is in fact a great deal of consensus on broad Jewish issues, particularly in the areas of Israel and the welfare of other foreign Jewries, immigration and refugee policy, church-state separation, abortion rights, and civil liberties. Massive changes in public policy on these issues, beginning with the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s, coincide with the period of increasing Jewish power and influence in the United States. Indeed, one is hard-pressed to find any significant area where public policy conflicts with the attitudes of mainstream Jewish organizations.

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40 replies
  1. Thumos74
    Thumos74 says:

    Great piece, but why, like so many on this website and similar ones (Unz, Counter Currents, etc.) does being aware of the full extent of the very active and persistent character of the Jewish role in bringing European and American civilization to the brink of utter disaster seem to necessitate shilling for the Palestinians and their ilk? These people (savage Muhammadans and their leftist supporters) are no good either, as anyone who is familiar with the situation in what used to be actually English cities, as well as Paris, Marseille, Berlin, etc., etc. (the list goes on), can tell you? Why can’t white or European advocates and nationalists walk and chew gum at the same time?

      • Tariq Mahmood ch
        Tariq Mahmood ch says:

        I think ethnocentrism is the only trait they have. Other traits are the product of this one. Once a people are united and are living in close proximity to often hostile societies, they quickly discover the survival value of being together. They tend to, and are encouraged by other members of the community to be creative and excel. This strategy benefits all of them. In this way, the achievers lift up the laggers. Less intelligent are helped, trained and given opportunities to rise up. That’s why they don’t have class problem and that’s also why Marx posited and desired class to be the motor of history.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Only the first two words of your comment have any bearing on KM’s essay. The rest—certainly with respect to TOO—is a misrepresentation.

      You ought to explain why you interpret an expression of human sympathy for the Palestinian victims of Jewish genocidal impulses as being equivalent to shilling for Palestinians and Muslims and supporting their admission to the United States in even greater numbers than are now being imposed upon a people that never voted to be disfranchised and replaced.

      Apropos Ron Unz’s site, whatever its actual virtues, it is by no means a forum for white resistance. It is simply a site whose owner doesn’t treat the First Amendment as a dead letter. Because Unz permits essayists and commenters more freedom of expression than the Jewish masters of government and the media approve, his site has attained a measure of notoriety that would strike Americans of a century ago—indeed, Americans who came to maturity prior to 1970—as inappropriate, if not downright puzzling.

      The only somewhat pro-white essayist at the Unz Review who might be said to fit the description of shilling for Palestinians is Kevin Barrett, an American convert to Islam. Aside from his first name, however, Barrett has little in common with Kevin MacDonald or with others who wish to (1) overturn Jewish dominance of the formerly white Christian countries of Europe and the New World and (2) severely restrict or entirely prohibit non-white, non-European immigration to the USA.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I’ll just add my own two cents in reply to those who argue that Whites should involve themselves in this most recent middle eastern conflict – particularly among those who argue that we must support Hamas so that Israel can be destroyed and the Palestinian people ‘saved’ and ‘freed’ from their Israeli oppressors. Failure to do so, allegedly, shows how ‘apathetic’ and ‘uncaring’ we are.

      My reply: Oh, yeah, that’s the solution: Get ourselves all worked up to ‘save’ and ‘free’ the Palestinians . . . Cuz if we can free the Palestinians, then we’ll all be free! Hooray!

      And next thing you know, the war bugle’s gonna sound for the Ukrainian people, the Russians, the Iranians, the Nigerians, the Eskimos, and on and on it goes cuz if they’re not free from Israel or another oppressor, then none of us are free! 🙄

      Good Lord, what haven’t we as Whites learned from all these Israeli proxy wars? Apparently, we must enjoy getting your chains yanked by every new ‘crisis’ in the Middle East?!

      For once, can White Americans just stop sticking their noses in all these Jew-Islam wars? Can we stop the collective hyperventilation?

      Let the Islamic nations fight against Israel. Let Hamas along with their allies drive Israel to its knees rather than risking the lives of Whites. You think those same Palestinians won’t turn on us if given the chance? You think they’ll be so grateful to us that we sided with them against the Chosen Tribe? Don’t count on it.

      Never forget that most of them are Muslims, and Islam has a long history of trying to conquer Europe (and now America).

      If enough Americans refuse to take sides and demand that our government stay out of this mess, then maybe our warmongers in congress might not be so quick to entangle us again in another foreign war (highly unlikely).

      Regardless, we take on a lot of unnecessary baggage when we start taking sides in this horrific mess.

      A growing number of Whites have Jew fatigue. Palestinian fatigue. Negro fatigue. Mexican fatigue. I’m tired of White people getting the short stick in all these unnecessary wars.

      Thus, no shits given when it’s a Jew-on-Palestinian crime and vice versa.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Stonetoss recently did a comic on this concept: The US government has already taken a side. Neutrality, as you want, means Palestine wins.

        Also, for what it’s worth, the Palestinians are on the right side of history.

        However, Europeans seem to believe they’ll be allowed to keep out immigrants if siding with Israel. But they’ll, at best, just take in nonMuslim immigrants instead…

        A primary justification for taking in so many is that the wars ruin foreign societies, which is true. And the wars are necessary for Israel, not only Israel though.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Great article Dr MacDonald.

      On a somewhat related note does anyone know why Clare Ellis’s series ‘The Darkening of Europe’ is unavailable in hard copy? The two published volumes are available at archive dot org.

  2. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    The article summarizes an obvious observation if one has eyes to see, but what exactly drives the tribe and enables them in earthly success?
    Well, the Bible actually has the answer and I have posted this thread before – There are several factors…. beginning with this question: Are We Governed by Humans? – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2020/11/are-we-governed-by-humans.html?m=0 – and that reference is just the starting point for our research.
    This is a hard thing for both secularists and churchians, but that is the gap which needs to be filled. There is a dimension to life which most folks never see, and I don’t mean just non-believers, because Christianity of the Apostles has been changed to Churchianity – you can check that out at my library as well.
    When Paul said ‘we’re not just dealing with flesh and blood, we’re dealing with wicked spirits in high places’ he wasn’t talking about Halloween tricks.
    Just to give you hint where this is going, in order for DaMasterDeceiver (Satan) to rule over humanity, his first order of business is to infiltrate and corrupt the church……the rest is easy peasy.
    Worldwide that is basically mission accomplished, except for a few outposts here and there – notably Catholic Abp Vigano, the Russian Orthodox church and a collection of small independent congregations around the world, including the US.
    There is another interesting ‘coincidence’ – both Satan himself and his synagogue have convinced the world that they don’t exist. How about that, eh? The term ‘god of this world’ is not without meaning
    God ALWAYS has a remnant which carries on the work and gives them eyes to see…..and the picture is becoming clearer every day!

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    In South Carolina, an aristocracy, or perhaps just a plutocracy, formed among the planters. They were said to worship their bloodlines and to intermarry. Charleston was holy not for the churches but for the family worship.

    Charleston welcomed Jews there.

    Separately, SC was a colony of the Caribbean, especially Barbados. So, the slave system was already established and merely spread to SC. SC was said to be the only colony that preferred black labour over white. Perhaps NC was included in this; I forget.

    Slaves were individualistic, lacking all heritage and lacking a separate faith. The Haitian revolt was anti-Christian. Brazil received Muslim slaves which could use that religion to revolt.

    So, I just see group ties as part of the masters and individualism as part of the slaves.

    According to St Thomas, Christianity banned consanguineous marriages to the eighth degree, maybe beyond that for a time. The point is: Group ties were erased among those with power. This probably didn’t apply to peasants.

    So, it might be that Christianity turned us into slaves. Or it might be that it created a positive society which has just been abused by Jews due to a Tragedy of the Commons.

    HANNES says:

    I like very much the moderate style and the logical conclusion based on sources. Even though many individual questions arise from the text, unfortunately the all-important question remains open again and again: “Gentile world, what is to be done?” Prof. MacDonald, after all, has remarked several times that it is not his task to debate proposed solutions.

    I dare to challenge the theory with the Jewish “intensity of feeling” insofar as I claim that Jews are perfectly able to grasp their environment emotionally quasi sensory like a seismograph through an “inherited” social learning process, but are not capable of deep emotionality themselves (except for their notorious querulous self-pity). Otherwise they would not be so indifferent to the non-Jewish world. Behind the façade, there is no authentic intrinsic core of being.

    With the feelings of the Jews we have to do with false feelings, pseudo-emotions, which imitate, mirror, reflect and send back the light, which they receive, like the moon that of the sun, without generating and radiating warmth and energy themselves. The Jewish heart is a cold, lifeless rubble planet, a pit of murder. Jews can manipulate emotions and make them maximally effective for themselves.


  5. KT-88
    KT-88 says:

    “the Jewish group evolutionary strategy and likely have been under genetic selection in Ashkenazi Jewish groups” When the elites flee and leave the underclass to be massacred after asset stripping a country this probably leads to rapid evolution.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 The very next article here will push Sunic’s HOMO JUDAICUS off the MORE FEATURED ARTICLES column, into the comparative oblivion of the archive.

    02 Kevin’s offer to Mike, to publish his excellent, comprehensive post from his own site onto TOO, hopefully adding the Israeli FILM: ” PLAN A “, and ” The Chekist ” appears to have been flushed. [ Plan A was to poison 6 million Germans by poisoning their water supply ].

    03 Nothing gives credulity like the voice straight from the horse’s mouth.

    04 Also, I stated in that thread, the fact [ that you can check for yourself ], that two wealthy American Israelis were behind Bibi’s JUDICIAL COUP; to SUBORDINATE their Superior COURT to the LEGISLATION of his Likud and well to their right.

    05 One day you will be apprized by your Jewish press, that your hallowed First Amendment has disappeared, because your Constitution has been legislated out of existence by your congress critters.

    06 Too slowly you will understand why friends no longer answer their phones, and colleagues are missing from work.

    07 Or are you so dense as to believe whatever is successfuly developed in Israel will remain there, given their endlessly corroborated methodology.

    08 Best complete the intention of said thread !

  7. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    It was interesting to see “black Hebrew Israelites” battling Palestinians in Chicago.

    I keep asking online Israelis if they’d accept large numbers of African converts or, alternatively, whether they’d marry Palestinians to unify with them. They never respond positively.

    I suspect they disagree among themselves on the topic, because some of them insist converts are welcome.

    Supposedly, if a Jewish mother gives birth, the child is fully Jewish regardless of the father. I find the question extremely curious, because some of them very clearly don’t want such offspring, unless presenting a few to the public view. But at times in Europe this was important, for example turning a powerful noble or royal family “Jewish.” It’s very curious.

  8. jank
    jank says:

    I believe the key that allows for the jew-cult to “pull the wires which control the public mind” is our atomization. We have simply allowed them to take over our bank, and flow the money into jew controlled media, entertainment, education, politics, courts, government. The whole thing. In the big scheme of things, there really is no country here outside of what the jews mold us to be. Us goys are just a bunch of individuals out in the world competing against each other for survival. Go to work, pay the bills, etc. And the horror is we live in a jew created trap where our atomization and powerless over the system at large, is actually celebrated as “individualism”. We celebrate our enslavement. We think our individualism is normal because we’ve never known anything else. This inability to see how individualism is a trap, is proof how long jews have controlled us. Wherever you find a society based on individuality, there you have jew control. Simply because they are a cult, working as one, while you, and I, are not in any cult. Jews tell you they’re in a cult everyday and it goes right over your head. Jew this, jew that. They have a collective identity. But you can’t see it because the individual consciousness your mind is trapped in, has never known anything else. But to escape, you need to see how this postmodern tossed-salad society that the string pullers have created for us, is diametrically opposite the jews collective, highly controlled society. Can you see how this atomization is part of their divide and conquer strategy? Can you see how the jews are collective and we are individuated? Our every-man-for-himself cutthroat society, verses the jews all-for-one, and one-for-all schema? Who has the better system? Can you understand the extent of it all? If you escape this box, and use your constitutional free speech to explain what you have discovered, you will be targeted, gang stalked, setup, shutdown, isolated, harassed and tortured. There is only free speech concerning things that have no importance. Speak big picture truths, outside this nonsense they call psychology, sociology, philosophy,or religion, and they’ll come after you. All of them, both secular and religious. Now, the question is, what to do?

    • jank
      jank says:

      It’s essential not to empower jews by pretending they have real intelligence. They do not. Jews have wealth and influence over us for two main reasons. One is our atomization allows for our exploitation, and two, their collectivism allows for them to fleece us as a tam, one atomized goy at a time. We simply have no defense and don’t even understand why. jews have nothing special, and are actually subpar to european genius. They are just good thieves. STOP assuming jews have any talents other than team theft. Life in the west is a 5 man poker game, with 4 of the jews working the table as a team, while the fifth guy is us, one atomized sucker at a time.

  9. John Wood
    John Wood says:

    I despair, like a child who has awoken at night in a house on fire, I have run from room to room and shook the bodies of all the adults I could find, trying to wake them and alert them of the danger that surrounds us; all to no avail. That is how it feels. I was enamoured of them for years. I spent a lot of time with them and got to know them before I realised that they dispised me and anyone who was not them. Then, when I tried to alert people, I encountered nothing but the deaf and the blind. I realised that for most of the people, they have never met a Jew in person. Most people sit in their lounge-chairs every night watching Jews talk to other Jews about things the concern Jews, but the vast majority do not even realise what they are seeing. It feels utterly hopeless.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews where I grew up are very friendly, with one exception who might have just been part Jewish.

      It’s just interesting how they function as a group. It’s interesting to see how we’re being wiped out. In theory, if a person has enough data, he can influence the system, to change things.

  10. Tom Sunic
    Tom Sunic says:

    A very good summary by KMD. However, we must not leave out hundreds of millions White Christian Gentiles who claim to be the only true “verus Israel”. Hence Christian persistent, historical “out-jewing” the Jews with their neurotic rejection/embracing of Jews – in an effort to become ersatz Super-Jews.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      … we must not leave out hundreds of millions [of] White Christian Gentiles who claim to be the only true “verus Israel”.

      You are equating a handful of Christian Zionist nuts with the entirety of the world’s Christian population. Are you a bloodthirsty bigot, Tom, or just a damn fool?

  11. yepper-5
    yepper-5 says:

    A farmer doesn’t ponder the inbred mutant individuals in his flock.
    He does something about it or face the prospect of failure and starvation.

  12. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Read your Oct. 31 reply to Mike with great satisfaction, Kevin. Looking forward to share it widely; in hard-copy as well.

    02 If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Mike’s depiction of the so-called American government and its other pivotal appointees is priceless and indelible.

    03 ” PLAN A “, ” The Chekist ” to illustrate our future treatment, and the depiction of the hybrid US – Israeli flag, would add to your timely warning.

  13. Mississippi Cracker
    Mississippi Cracker says:

    The author posits that putative jewish lobbying to alter the ethnic character of western countries results from a “never again” attitude to the events of the Holocaust or the Nazi persecutions, however you choose to style them. However, jewish resistance to the 1924 immigration restriction act clearly predate the Nazi period in Germany. Although not precisely the same in motivation, these political attitudes were already in existence. Moreover, Boasian egalitarianism predates the Nazi era as well. I’m just throwing that out there; discuss amongst yourselves while chewing bubble gum.

  14. HANNES
    HANNES says:

    “Jews and Gentiles could work together and create something so beautiful.” But then evil Adolf came along…

    Probably as “beautiful” (and degenerate) as the “Golden 20s”, when a hundred thousand Germans a year took their own lives.

    Another of these Suzmans (Yiddish for Sweetman) says we should all finally stop working, and “live” like the Gypsies.

    “You will own nothing and be happy. And we will own everything!” (Larry Fink is our witness!)

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Pursuant to a Royal Navy ” Whitepaper ” of the 20s, [ THAT I READ ] 800,000 Germans starved to death because it blockaded the European coastlines, to prevent any and all imports into Germany. Including food.

      02 The reason given, was the Reich’s unwillingness to accept the SOLE GUILT CLAUSE in the Treaty of Versailles.

      03 I once lunched at Sarajevo’s Hotel Europa, where Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were headed before being assassinated by Serbian Gavrilo Princip whose Black Hand was run by Dimitrijevic, reputedly himself an agent of the
      omnipresent British Intelligence, who, unsurprisingly, was subsequently done away with by the London Merchants

      04 Central Berlin had a Mutzistrasse, where predominantly Jewish pimps ran a line of German prostitutes, arranged by their degree of pregnancy for those diabolical perverts who could afford them.

      05 I can’t conceive of a heavier price to pay for any women, thus feeding their mutilated husbands returning from war:as well as their starving, crying babies.

      06 Contemporaneous film clips show these tattered, crippled returnees competing for discarded cigarette butts in front of bustling Kosher restaurants, with their sumptuous meals advertised outside. Later I walked their path several times, in deep and sorrowful memory of them.

      07 In the US my several universities taught, that 400,000 Germans died of starvation, without mentioning the BR blockade. Some victims’ numbers are halved, while those of others are more than doubled. Like still today.

      08 When the lawyer defending my lawyer, sued by me personally, asked me during a pre-trial deposition, what I thought of Ontario’s Judicial System, I heard myself answer: ” Sir, it reminds me of a venereally-diseased whore ! ”

      09 Allow me to add HISTORYOGRAPHY to that genre !

      • HANNES
        HANNES says:

        Very honorable to point that out, Charles. Ask a single “German” nowadays if he knows the terms Hungerwinter or Rheinwiesenlager. Or whether he would know that thousands of Germans were murdered in Polish concentration camps under Jewish leadership – after the war! Or that the phosphoric fire bombing of all historic German cities was planned by Jewish “strategists” like Solly Zuckerman. And so there are countless other things that have simply been “blacked out” and made “unrecognizable” in the memory of world history. Best Regards.

  15. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    Re: Jewish wealth and influence.

    Indian Americans and Asian Americans are richer and more educated than Jewish Americans. Jews are not uniquely ethnocentric, nor do they use their ingroup preference to profit off of European societies in a race-specific way, in fact, every race is ethnocentric except Europeans! The reason why is because European group strategy evolved to conform to the jewish invented slave morality of christianty. Religion shapes group strategy, genetics, and culture. As a result, Europeans have been bred to be a slave race that is easy to parasite off of. See: christcuck.org

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Is that really what happened? The early church was heavily (perhaps not quite heavily enough) anti-jew and prior to Vatican II it remained so to a significant extent. The slave morality and guilt-tripping did act to take the edge off our warrior ancestors but the resultant humility and commonality of values also fostered co-operation within and between European nations.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I just want to state the obvious: France, before the French Revolution, hindered Jews.

        And the Soviet Union, prior to its fall, had come to hinder Jews.

        Currently, Russia seems to have turned a bit on its new Jewish oligarchs, and it’s pressured by US Neocons. Similarly, Jews had opportunities under the Shah in Iran.

        If the true history of Europe were told, I wonder how many times this cycle repeats. Jews entered England in 1066, then were expelled, then returned after financing war.

  16. The West Is Lost
    The West Is Lost says:

    After accusations of anti-Semitism: Defamation trial against musician Ofarim begins

    Two years ago, musician Gil Ofarim made serious accusations against the employee of a hotel in Leipzig. However, according to the public prosecutor’s office, the incident, which spread via social networks and made waves, did not actually take place. Ofarim is facing charges of false accusation and defamation.

    More than two years after Gil Ofarim made accusations of anti-Semitism against a hotel employee in Leipzig, the defamation trial against the musician is set to begin. A great deal of public interest is expected at the start of the trial at Leipzig District Court next Tuesday.

    Ofarim’s accusations caused quite a stir at the time and are currently taking on particular weight in view of the war in the Middle East.

    Ofarim is accused of making false accusations of anti-Semitism against an employee of the Leipzig “Westin” hotel. On October 5, 2021, the musician described in a video circulated on social media that he had been asked by a hotel employee to take off a necklace with a Star of David when checking in.

    The video made waves at the time. According to the public prosecutor’s office, however, the incident described by Ofarim did not actually take place. Because the musician later repeated his accusations to the police and reported them to the police, he is now facing charges of false accusation and defamation.

    Following the musician’s accusations, the Westin initiated an investigation by a law firm, which exonerated the employee in question, according to the hotel. After months of investigation, the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office also came to the conclusion that the incident described by the 41-year-old did not take place in this way and that his accusations were deliberately “untrue”.

    Ofarim, who lives in Munich, was charged in March 2022. The investigations against the hotel employee, however, were discontinued. He is participating in the trial as a joint plaintiff.

    Apart from the defamation charges, Ofarim is also charged with making a false affirmation in lieu of an oath. The background to the case are two applications for interim injunctions to prohibit press publications. In them, Ofarim is said to have sworn under oath, contrary to the truth, that he had not said that the video he had made was to “go viral.” The prosecution considers this to be untrue.

    The fact that the indictment did not take place at the district court, as is usually the case with such accusations, but at the regional court, was justified by the great public interest. Ofarim’s lawyers, on the other hand, spoke of a “show trial” in the run-up to the trial. They announced that the defense would “turn over every stone twice” before the Leipzig Regional Court.

    The trial, in which more than 20 witnesses have been summoned, has initially been scheduled for ten trial days until December 7.

    The trial was originally scheduled to begin just over a year ago, but was postponed at short notice. One of the reasons given by the district court at the time was a claim for damages filed by the joint plaintiff at short notice and pending decisions on appeals lodged by the defense.

    Gil Ofarim is the son of Israeli singer Abi Ofarim, who died in 2018. The 41-year-old appeared in several TV films and series and released various music productions.

    • The West Is Lost
      The West Is Lost says:

      Sorry, but this was in all seriousness a word-for-word translation of an artificially repetitive “German” article about this “scandal”, vivid enough to make clear what kind of a incredible fuss is being made about the mendacious ranting of a single Jew nowadays that no one else would know otherwise. And this has been the case for years now. After all, the world has no other worries than Mr. “Ofarim”! Everyone has to know what (self-staged) “injustice” is still being done to Jews today in country the “Holocaust murderers”.

  17. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is a great synopsis of some of your work Kevin and how it relates to what is going on today.

    It is painful for me, and for many of us I assume, to watch the death and destruction that the tribe causes. Just look at what Soros, Alejandro Myorkas, Wendy Sherman, Victoria Neuland, the Kagans’; just that handful, look at the death and destruction that they cause not only in the U.S., but throughout the world.

    It’s mind boggling that we let it continue.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Much of the world just blames “Anglos” for the wars and interventions and/or sees Jews as white. We pay the price; we get blamed.

      Similarly, Ukraine and Israel are given as examples of why nationalism can’t work, even though Japan works well, excluding monetary policy.

  18. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    Kevin McDonald’s treatise on jewish influence leaves out one important point. Jews are amoral to a fault. You see, jews play by “different rules” which are spelled out in their talmud. This, in itself establishes jewish “supremacy” as jews play by “different rules” when dealing with gentiles. In fact, jews recite the “Kol Nidre” prayer after screwing a “goy” out of money, possessions or even life. This absolves the jew of responsibility for his or her actions.
    Since the jewish talmud states that us gentiles are “animals with souls, given a long life in which to serve the jews” and that jews are on a higher spiritual plane than us mere gentiles, their notion of supremacy is well established. Stealing or otherwise defrauding gentiles is seen as a positive character trait among jews.
    A good example of jewish attempts to get away with murder occurred with the trial of Leo Frank, a jewish rapist murderer who was tried and sentenced for raping and murdering 13-year old Mary Phagan.
    If the jews had their way, at the time, Frank would have been tried in a rabbinical court, not in the U S justice system where he would have been “given a pass” because Mary Phagan was a gentile and under talmudic law, was “ripe for the taking”. Fortunately, the U S justice system prevailed but the “fix” was already in. Frank was about to be pardoned when common sense actually took over, Frank being the “guest of honor” at a well-deserved “necktie party”.
    Another example of jewish “double standards” is that of “jews-only” communities that flout all civil-rights, fair housing, and equal accommodations laws (that the rest of us are expected to obey). Kiryas Joel New York is a “jews-only” community that prohibits residency, business ownership, or equal housing opportunities for gentiles. Not only do they get away with flouting laws that the rest of us are expected to follow, but they receive welfare and other benefits from us “goyim” above and beyond that of other groups. It is estimated that around 80% of Kiryas Joel residents receive some form of public assistance. so much for a good scam…
    Jewish behavior must be not only “outed” but condemned by all thinking gentiles. Expulsion from country 110 should be on the horizon…

  19. Blow Joe
    Blow Joe says:

    Jews are influential because there religion condones lying, cheating and stealing. Things Christians consider sins. They also only hire their own. If Christians did the same they would be labeled antisemitic or biased or some other fake label. But it’s perfectly OK for Jews to do it.

  20. Robert
    Robert says:

    You left out the MOST important reason why JEWS are in power.
    It is their control over the issuance of currency and their secretive control over our central banks, namely
    the Federal Reserve System of banks, Bank of England and the European Central Bank.
    You cannot leave out this issue.
    This control over currency gives the JEWS at the top the ability to steal TRILLIONS of dollars.
    How screwed up is our banking system ?
    There are 3 essential points everyone should realize:
    (1) The Federal Reserve and by extension the USD are Ponzi Schemes. They do not represent real money.
    This is because the USD is a debt based currency that requires ever more debt to sustain itself until interest payments on the debt gobble up all spending.
    To put it another way, to make use of this fiat currency we need to take/borrow from the future.
    That is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme.
    There is only one form of money that is allowed and it’s stated in Article I, Section 10 , Claus 1 of the US Constitution:
    No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal;
    coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;

    (2) Fractional Reserve Lending is the basis of all banking in the modern age. This is legalized counterfeiting and no different than a criminal operation.
    All banks are in fact criminal enterprises because they lend out money they do not possess.
    Try withdrawing all the cash in your bank account and see what happens. They will tell you , you can’t have it because they don’t have it.
    It isn’t there. Your money is not in the bank.
    This is the criminal nature of our banking industry today to say nothing about the usury of charging 20% interest rates on credit card debt.

    (3) The world’s central banks (Federal Reserve) are private institutions owned by private individuals which gives these criminals access
    to infinite sums of currency (Rothschilds are Trillionaires). In other words, the Federal Reserve is owned by the very same group who control and own
    JPMorganChase, Goldman Sacs et al who are the publicly listed owners of the FedRes. Circular and cross ownership everywhere you look.
    Trillionaires do exist in our world today. And they own most of the world’s economy.
    These Trillionaires are very careful to keep this knowledge out of the public domain and so we see the Forbes 400 and Fortune list of billionaires
    always excludes mention of these people who control the issuance of currency.
    Why would you want to be worth $100 Billion in USD when you can issue and digitally print to yourself trillions of dollars through your
    criminal ownership of the Federal Reserve with no supervision nor oversight ?
    Remember the Federal Reserve has NEVER been audited in it’s nearly 110 year history (demonic birth 1913).
    This is exactly what the families behind the Rothschild actors have done.
    These shadowy figures are worth more than $1000 Trillion ($1 Quadrillion) dollars. That is the equivalent of 10,000 times the worth of the fake and phoney Elon Musk (~ $100 Billion USD) who is yet another life actor.

    The world is run by Trillionaire International Bankers who have thousands of news-reading slaves (Bloomberg, CNBC et al) and
    fake financial theorists aka economists, and yellow journalists lying to all of us with propaganda that we live in a free market economy based
    on capitalism and meritocracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    We live in a organized crime syndicate run by multi – generational criminally insane psychopathic
    banking families (Kuhns, Loebs, Warburg, Rothschilds et al) who have infinite wealth and
    it is by this wealth that they have corrupted
    every media outlet, every corporation and every industry with their demonic political agenda.

    Everything is rigged, everything is scripted, everything is lies, everything is fake.

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