The End of Cash and the Rise of Potemkin Democracies

Relax. We’ll still have a president, a Congress, a Supreme Court, and elections.

From Google translate of: “No More Cash in the EU.”

The struggle of globalism against democracies

I didn’t know it was already forbidden to use cash for payment of over 1000 dollars. Christine Lagarde says on the phone that it should go down to 300. The digital ID can check EVERYTHING. For example, if you do not want to be ‘vaccinated’, your money can be blocked so that you cannot buy anything. Not a journey, not a grasshopper protein to satiate you with.

Anyone could be forced to do what the EU thinks you should do. That, of course, will be the coup on us. None of the controlled financial media have the story of what is rightly called the “digital concentration camp.” It will soon be ‘our free, democratic world’ we think we inhabit and boast about.

It is, of course, purely democratic theatre, and it is part of the great, dominant theme of the time: globalism’s struggle against democracies. For the time being, democracies are losing big. We hold elections and let ourselves be entertained about domestic politics by the bought media, and it’s all an illusion.

Democracy is a Potemkin backdrop

By allowing all the ancient institutions to exist as Potemkin scenery, Emperor Augustus became autocratic, hailing emperor for 45 years. The same Julius Caesar wanted, but was murdered for. At his death, Augustus was considered a god, and some ancient Roman wives still do, you can see if you visit his mausoleum on the Tiber.

It is the art that is repeated on us: pull all the content out of democracy, but leave the scenes and the people will think that they still have any influence at all. That all is well and as it has been so far. You see it yourself every day on TV and it works. People believe it.

What is surprising is that national politicians in their deeds completely support having all the content pulled out of them. They keep their salaries and pensions, but they mean nothing. …

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  1. KT-88
    KT-88 says:

    It reminds of post WW2 Germany where the companies kept their names but they had new owners along with the patents. The salaried wokers never really knew the difference.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Globalist is codeword for jew for millions of enlightened clever americans and in New Jew Order.We get it..some people intelligently make fun of ossified jewish war criminal Henry kissinger saying..New Vureld -or-dah…or the bizarre unrequested pronouncement-diktats of psychotic globohomosexual jew klaus schwab..or worse–harari…This very obvious jew bankster conception….wef and blackrock imposed
    digital total control fiat styled mechanism..the
    control digital dollar is looming horridly over the horizon for sentient beings.. it is pure negative zeitgeist… but zombified folk claim the technofascist digital dollar will ..right all the wrongs of the past…will usher in utopia..we say it is the harbinger of cyborg dystopia… the digital dollar…is nothing more than command and control top down lawfare .. surreptiously imposed..metetricious. …technofacist
    statism…who voted for this?..

  3. Adolf's Wiedergänger
    Adolf's Wiedergänger says:

    Today in the supermarket there were three gypsies (trivialized by the system press as “Bulgarians” or “Romanians”) in front of me who wanted to pay with a €500 bill.

    The cashier immediately became suspicious and called his boss to inspect the bill more closely. It turned out to be genuine. I then allowed myself a joke:

    “These people are so generously gifted these days that they no longer need to counterfeit money!” Everyone laughed. But there was a sad background to this.

    Professional counterfeiters had been working in south-eastern Europe for decades. At the same time, Germany is being terrorized from the West by gangs of North African ATM bombers.

    The Germans have repeatedly allowed themselves to be (coldly) expropriated by the state.

    First they gave up their hard Deutschmark in favor of the Monopoly play money system “Euro”, now they are also to be stripped of their dearly beloved cash.

    According to the many articles on the Internet, the Germans’ love of cash has its roots in the Weimar period (one of the happiest, according to the Jews).

    During the so-called “Corona crisis”, the rulers began to crystallize cash due to the transmission of viruses in order to make corresponding demands for e-money.

    This would then end up like in America, where anyone can go into debt for life with American Express and the like, regardless of the consequences.

  4. Adolf's Wiedergänger
    Adolf's Wiedergänger says:

    An allegedly Sudeten German ex-Nazi granny is unshakeably convinced that there is only one truth, and that is “a Jew called Jesus Christ”. Everything else is brainwashing. The Jew called Jesus Christ even told her this in person. But not only that: Jesus also told her that the Negro Obama is a liar and a communist.

    But America’s military has been empowered by God to spread freedom around the world. The world has not yet been able to confirm this, which is because the world has not understood it. But “if America ever betrays Israel, then mercy upon it!”, she admonishes. If this urgent incantation still doesn’t help, the world is doomed!

  5. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    For a time, it won’t be abused. I guess people will just need to adapt and become Amish-like in some ways.

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