Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: “Miracle of Stupidity”

News outlets have recently come out with an interview that Jordan Peterson had with Camilia Tomney in which he described multiculturalism as “so puerile and moralising and unsophisticated that it’s kind of a miracle of stupidity” (Ben Chapman, GB News, 11/5/2023). Jordan further stated that “multiculturalism is unlikely to succeed due to differing characteristics of different cultures.”

“Unlikely to succeed”? Hasn’t it by now become abundantly apparent that multiculturalism has been an abject failure throughout the West? How could this be a revolutionary thought on his part? And he’s just now saying these kinds of things in public? The dissident Right has been warning against multiculturalism for decades. Yet, as usual, mainstream ‘conservatives’ are always late to the game.

In this same interview, Jordan also stated, “If you think you can import multitude of cultures without a unifying rubric and not import the problem of interpersonal and social conflict, you’re either blind or stupid or both. And both is a dreadful combination. So, like what? On what basis does multiculturalism become peace? You wave some magic wand and all of a sudden everybody gives up their cultural differences and can live in harmony.”

Part of the reason that Jordan came out publicly in this way was because of the comments recently delivered by former Prime Minster, John Howard, who likewise told GB News that he has “doubts” about the idea of multiculturalism: “I believe that when you migrate to another country, you should as far reasonably, be expected to absorb the mainstream culture of that country. Sure, you retain your affection for Greece or wherever you’ve come from.” Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Suella Braverman, thinks multiculturalism has failed as well.

Yet, we must ask ourselves: Why has Jordan Peterson and certain British dignitaries recently changed their tune when it comes to the issues surrounding multiculturalism? Shouldn’t the problems associated with massive Third-World immigration have been pointed out a long time ago by these same people? Why has this been brought to the forefront now? And what sense could it possibly make to bring various racial groups with conflicting values, cultures, customs and religions together into a “melting pot” that’s destined to cause nothing more than strife and conflict?

Truth is, the elected leaders of Britain, America, and many other western nations knew all along about the inherent problems connected to replacement-level Third-World immigration. They were not in the dark about the social and economic problems it would create. How could they not? All they’d have to do is stand on any street corner in London or New York City and look around.

Could any of these regrets about multiculturalism be the result of how Muslims have reacted to the recent events by Israel’s government against the Palestinian people? It’s hard to imagine anything else being the cause of it because these same folks never said a thing as Whites were being racially and culturally displaced in their own lands for the past fifty years. They were, seemingly, oblivious to it all (they really weren’t), but it didn’t matter until it affected Jews living in Britain and America.

Suddenly, there are ‘concerns’ and ‘reservations’ about importing so many Muslims because most of them feel hostile toward the Jewish people. So now it becomes an ‘issue’ whereas before it was just something that Whites needed to ‘suck up and accept.’ Now, seemingly for no apparent reason, ‘questions’ start to arise. Even the old warmonger himself, Henry Kissinger, has publicly expressed his regrets:

Hamas’ attack against Israel being celebrated on the streets of Berlin indicates that Germany has let too many foreigners into the country,” according to former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” the 100-year-old ex-top American diplomat said in an interview with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner for Germany’s Welt TV. Axel Springer is POLITICO’s parent company. German-born Kissinger — who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938, and went on to become the architect of American foreign policy during the Vietnam War — said that it was “painful,” in response to a question about seeing Arabs in Berlin celebrating last weekend’s assault on Israel (RedState, “Henry Kissinger Admits Unchecked Immigration, Multiculturalism a Mistake” by Ward Clark, 10/13/2023).

The lesson here is that multiculturalism only becomes a problem in the West when it affects Jews. It doesn’t matter when it destroys the societies and countries that indigenous Whites have created for themselves. It only becomes a matter of deep concern when Jews are threatened by the very African and Muslim immigration they have labored to bring throughout Europe and America.

The Great Replacement is, apparently, being turned into the being the Great Regret!

I don’t really think, of course, that any of this will stop the coordinated efforts of Jewish activists to replace Whites. They may cease for a while. They will likely continue to support non-White immigration so long as it’s from Asian and African nations where there are smaller Muslim populations. But as for Jews working to forever replace White people, don’t count on this mission ever ceasing. If they did, they’d also have to stop all the hyperventilating they engage in over “Nazis” and the “Holocaust” — and that’s too lucrative of a cash cow!

The many Jewish activist organizations that beg for money from Whites to help ‘the stranger’ (meaning non-assimilating Muslims) and to ‘save Europe from its xenophobia’ (ala Barbara Lerner Spectre) by promoting more foreign immigration may take a hit, but there’s always some Christian Zionist who will be glad to send them their hard-earned shekels.

Here’s a video about how 1200 rabbis each signed a document pledging support for even more immigration into Europe. The rather foul-looking woman jubilant over it reveals just how acceptable and widespread it is among almost all Jews, secular and religious.

Returning to Jordan Peterson — who has become nothing more than Ben Shapiro’s lap dog — have you noticed how angry and animated he has become over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? For some reason, I never saw him this animated in the past about White racial displacement. He didn’t seem to really care. He was animated and even cried when he talked about his physical ailments, including his spiral downward into drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. But he seemed to have no sense of urgency when it came to the daily beatdowns that Whites receive at the hands of Blacks throughout America and Europe. He cared little, from what I could determine, when major cities throughout the West became dangerous places to visit because of Muslim and African criminals.

Much of Europe and the U.S. over several decades has morphed into a hostile and multicultural nightmare, and Peterson has said little if anything until recently. If he has, he certainly hasn’t made it a major theme of his message to the world. And if he dared to advocate ever so slightly on behalf of Whites, it’s highly unlikely that he would have been offered his plush gig to work alongside Ben Shapiro. After all, Shapiro has publicly stated that he doesn’t care about the “browning of America.” Yet, I suspect he would care if that same “browning” were occurring in his beloved land of Israel.

The apparent reversal of a growing number of elected officials throughout Europe and America may only be a temporary thing. My hope is that it will grow. Either way, it demonstrates that despite the high opinions that Jews have of themselves and their purportedly superior intelligence, their efforts to promote mass immigration into the West have exposed just how addicted they are to utopian schemes that they think will benefit Jews, but then turn out not to. The previous was communism.

Their agenda to erase Whites in their own countries has largely backfired on them. Jews no longer feel safe in the countries they sought to subvert. The migrants who were expected to harm and displace Whites are also harming and, in some instances, murdering Jews on the streets, as well as desecrating their synagogues.

As the Israeli government intensifies its slaughter of the Palestinian people, it will only get worse for the Jews living in much of Europe and America. The ‘racial pets’ that Jews expected to savagely extinguish indigenous Whites are turning  on them. None of this has worked out according to the plan of our contemporary Jewish Bolsheviks. No wonder Henry Kissinger is so dismayed by it all. Believe me, he’s not crying for what’s occurring to White Europeans, but for how it’s playing out against Jews!

How should Whites respond to all of this? I don’t pretend to know all the solutions, but perhaps this might be a time to talk to our friends and loved ones about why multicultural societies don’t work? The danger that Jews currently find themselves in might afford us opportunities to remind even them why encouraging and funding mass non-White immigration into our countries is not a good thing — and why Jewish immigration to the West has also been a disaster. Jews, after all, never really assimilated to Western Christian culture. As a media-academic elite, they were instrumental in changing it to suit themselves, and a big part of that has been to displace European-descended peoples and displace their cultures. Their allegiance to their ethnic homeland remains a powerful current among Jews; hence their efforts to dominate the foreign policy of Western countries

Many Jews, as one might expect, will deny their people played any role in the “browning” of Europe and America. But I suspect a growing number of Jews will concede this disturbing reality. How can they not when for decades Jews have been at forefront of every culture-destroying political and social cause, including that of mass immigration?

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  1. LGTH
    LGTH says:

    Even now they only care about *cultural* replacement and *multiculturalism*. They would still 100% endorse multi-racialism, and White replacement, and consider it abhorrent to oppose those things. So it is the same old White genocide promotion, just making sure Jews are not collateral damage as you say.

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Excellent article

    I also think it won’t encourage our enemies to stop mass immigration, let alone mass deportation. By the way, are they talking about stopping immigration and starting deportations?
    Not at all.
    I even think that in their sick obsession (it’s my opinion that their behaviors are irrational) they will further increase immigration, especially from the infinite reservoir of the Indian subcontinent. ( lots of potential shabbat goyim like Sunak, Nikky Haley, etc )

    At the root of this madness, under the mask of ideological pilpoul, to understand such insanity : racial jealousy.( as communism was material jealousy )

    I’ll tell 2 stories :
    Several Jewish activists who had worked tirelessly for mass immigration in my country were invited to a multicultural celebration in Paris. But they left very quickly, furious, why ?
    ” Because there were too many Arabs and Neg…s”.
    I’m not making this up, these are their exact words.
    What did these clowns expect, to be welcomed by blonde, blue-eyed shiksas?
    These morons work day and night to destroy Europeans and they’re surprised?

    Second story, a few days ago. A well-known Jewish activist in France, Julien Dray, is suddenly full of anti-immigration rhetoric and admits himself: “I had to leave Algeria with my family because of death threats, several acquaintances having had their throats slit, I didn’t think I’d have to go through that again in France”.
    And how did he show his gratitude to France for saving him and his family and allowing them a luxurious life : by constantly pushing ( during 40 years!) for the mass importation of the same cutthroats he had fled. By constantly demonizing all those who opposed this madness.
    If that’s not mental illness, I don’t know what is!

    • Traddles
      Traddles says:

      Well said, Lady Strange. I think that the irrational/mental illness aspect, and the “addiction” which RockaBoatus describes, are important to consider. And, as you emphasized, I think that envy has been a huge factor. No wonder these extremely destructive people cannot be reasoned with.

  3. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    Whites and Christian are themselves not cohesive.

    They let other races and religions, especially many “people of color” and Jews, run roughshod over them.

    Example: Americans care more about Israel they they do about White, Christian countries.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Mrs Jellyby in Dickens’ Bleak House is a pretty plump woman of middle age whose eyes seem to be able to see nothing nearer than Africa. She had liitle sympathy for the teeming poor of her own country. Pathological altruism is our achilles’ heel.

  4. Ben Gohomejeudeo
    Ben Gohomejeudeo says:

    Laws must be made cancelling the Jews from being able to be hired or to purchase anything. They must be starved for what they have done. All a Jew should be allowed to purchase is a one-way ticket to Gaza where he can die at the hands of his fellow lunatic Jews dropping bombs on him like they did on the supposed hostages Hamas supposedlh spirited away to Gaza which Pisrael quickly killed by bombing every building in Gaza.

  5. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    “I don’t pretend to know all the solutions”

    OK boomer, here it is:

    1. Red States secede en masse taking much of the army with them so that substantial resistance by ZOG is rendered impossible.

    2. Paramilitary political gangsters like the Loyalists of Northern Ireland implement the 14 Words thereafter.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Your comments are typical of one who hums the same tune over and over because he doesn’t have the acumen nor the inquisitiveness to learn anything new. I’ve repeatedly answered your Red State comments many times on this website, and of course you never seem to learn from it.

      Before there can be any “Red State secession,” our people must be informed of racial realities and the importance of White racial identity. Failure to provide this most basic foundation of knowledge will cause any Red State with a large White population to resort to the very beliefs and practices that got them into this mess to begin with. In other words, Whites who secede to some Red State ‘haven’ will find themselves having to deal with the same racial matters and divisive issues all over again because they’re still ignorant of race differences and the importance of preserving one’s culture, their racial/ethnic heritage, and of creating a bright future for their own posterity.

      I support Red State secession and I have said so numerous times. But this can’t be done in a vacuum, and it won’t occur in the way you imagine without a mass awakening among our people. This may occur at later time as things get progressive worse, but it’s not a reality yet. Far too many of our people are still asleep. They are still very much addicted to the passing pleasures of this world, including negro sports, social media, Hollywood movies, and endless mind-numbing entertainment.

      Moreover, no army connected to ZOG will align with us until their foundational beliefs have been torn down and replaced with the truths we hold dear. That will not occur overnight, or perhaps not even at all. You are cavalier in your comments and offer only simplistic solutions because you refuse to think deeper and provide workable formulas of how Red State secession can be reasonably carried out. Thus, you only snipe and seek to demean those who differ from you – a losing strategy no matter how you cut it.

      Here’s a suggestion: If you really want Whites to align with your Red State secession notions, you might not want to alienate all the ‘Boomers’ that you mock. Many of them have the money, time, and zeal to help orchestrate a grass roots effort in Red State secession. But, of course, this requires forethought, wisdom, and finesse in dealing with people that you seem to be lacking in.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      There are more options than only those. 14 Words are gold, but there’s need of a social structure which needn’t have political backing within a government. Example of a structure: Get married to appropriate mates early. Help your kids get started in life. Have lots of kids. Don’t have kids outside of that.

      Arranged marriages can be good. Homeschooling can be good if it finishes earlier than regular schools. Humans start wanting to reproduce as early as 16. Aristotle mentions 18 for female, 38 for male, which seems unbalanced. But some “normal” age needs to be aimed for that’s in the 20s. Men need an income.

      If secession isn’t possible, a social structure might well be possible.

  6. John
    John says:

    “We shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us.”
    We need to b reminded on what Jordan B. Peterson stands for. Have some Jordan Peterson quotes.
    Notice how many times the universal idea of ethnicities & races having the right to their own homelands is denied Europeans? This is no accident. Remember Jordan B. Peterson not allowing Faith Goldy to attend the Free Speech event titled “Stifling Of Free Speech On University Campuses” at the Canada Christian College in November 2017?
    Here are some of Jordan B. Peterson postings:
    “the horrors of racial or ethnic pride”, “unearned identity with the glories of past”, “no one has a genetic interest in their race”.

    Influential people like Jordan Peterson play an important role in steering & convincing European Peoples to not have any identity, pride, or in-group preference to ensure the survival of the European Race.

    Our enemies constantly work ensuring their long term plan of exterminating European Peoples is successful.
    Our #1 enemy are our traitors.

  7. Joe Six-pack
    Joe Six-pack says:

    Collective guilt for thee but not for me.
    Jews have used collective Guilt for decades with Whites, really ever since the Civil Rights Era.
    ‘White civilization colonized, White civilization oppressed…blah blah blah’ but now that this same Collective Guilt is being thrown at the Jews.
    Now that is labeled ‘Antisemitism’ and has become  a fireable offense.
    Antisemitism used to be Yellow Arm bands, now it is saying anything critical in a Collective Guilt manner and you are fired, lose your sponsors and can no longer participate in the American Economy.
    Noel Ignatiev would go on constantly in a Collective Guilt manner about Whites but he maintained his Professorship without a burp.
    Any Professor saying anything critical about Jews would lose their job today.

  8. Diego
    Diego says:

    The author’s analysis is reasonably flawed.

    His analysis is that Jewish Power (my term), knew or had to know that mass imigration would undermine European or Western culture and pit muslims inmigrants against christian locals; and yet the author does not paralelly note that Jewish Power had to know that muslim imigrants would also be pitted (possibly even more so) against jewish European or Western country nationals. Instead, the author concludes that the whole mass imigration affair backfired on Jewish Power.

    The author is suffering from the same lack (or pretense of lack) of logical reasoning he accuses Jewish Power of.

    If TOO allows me to freely express my mind, I find this very strange, if not downright suspicious.

    It seems to me that Jewish Power’s plan which includes mass imigration into Western countries has not and is not backfiring, quite the contrary, it is on track and gearing fast onto the next stage.

    Thank you.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Jewish immigration efforts pushing non-White foreigners into the West are indeed starting to backfire, and prominent Jews have admitted it. How far this will go is anyone’s guess, but there is little doubt that a growing number of Jews are having second thoughts about it.

      This, of course, doesn’t deny that Jews have been largely successful in promoting mass immigration into our countries. Tragically, they have changed the face of our countries, and contributed greatly to the deracination of our people.

      Yet the question remains: How could powerful and influential Jews not have seen this? Jews are said to always think long term, often orchestrating their schemes generations ahead and preparing for any resistance. Yet that entire notion seems to have been tossed when it comes to third-world immigration into the West. What sense could it have possibly made for Jews to have organized and funded millions of hostile and rabidly ‘anti-Semitic’ Islamists into Europe and America knowing the real likelihood that they would, in turn, savagely victimize large populations of Jews?

      It makes no sense. It’s irrational to the core. But common sense and even logic itself often escapes those who are rabidly against White racial identity and ethnic Nationalism throughout the West. The most rigorous thinkers are sometimes blindsided by plans that are purely emotional and prejudicially based.

      You are making the assumption that Jews are always logical, and that their plans against us are always perfectly laid. They aren’t and what’s occurring now is proof of it.

      • John
        John says:

        “Yet the question remains: How could powerful and influential Jews not have seen this?” May I suggest a reason: it’s in their DNA, they can’t help it, their behaviour has not changed in thousands of years and will never change. However, that’s not our problem because the solution is always our own Ethnostate in perpetuity. This idea must b enshrined in our New Constitution. The survival of Europeans is not negotiable.

      • Terry Towling
        Terry Towling says:

        Yes, Jihad Joe has at last kicked life into the dying donkey.
        The wokery of Herbert Marcuse has become the anti-wokery of Jake Wallis Simons, and we can now fall in line (late as it is), but we don’t have to exterminate Gaza children (I Samuel 15) in the process.
        Just carry on defending the White Homelands, whatever the Zionists do.
        Whoever helps us, welcome. Who ever opposes us, oppose them.

      • Diego
        Diego says:

        Jewish Power wants the Jewish people to suffer persecution.
        Thas is how they take a leap forward in gaining more power.

        And that is how they will get the jews to move and populate Greater Israel or New Jerusalem (Ukraine) or to Andinia (Argentina). (Depending on how history plays out).

        Ultimately, Jewish Power will do what it must and doesn’t care about sacrifying its subjects (like any other political power by that matter).

        Recent history is proof of that, and they learnt the lesson well.

        The plan marches on.

        I invite you to look into that.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • Arthur Robinson
          Arthur Robinson says:

          Was Herzl serious about the underpopulated southernmost area of Latin America, which couldn’t be further from Tomorrow-Jerusalem? Is “Andinia” a real “plan” or another fantasy?
          That said, Zionist leaders are pleased when “antisemitism” induces aliyah to the Land Promised by God to his Chosen People, as confirmed by Hannah Arendt and Dan Cohn-Sherbok, and shown by the emigration from the Soviet sphere.
          Meanwhile, many Jews are quite happy with life in the Land of Hollywood, Wall Street, Miami Condos, Silicon Valley and the ADL.

          • Diego
            Diego says:

            The plan to take over extensive areas of the south of Argentina by Jewish Power has been well underway since the 90’s. They have bought land, through Joe Lewis, at El Bolsón and had enough power to close the access to a public lake (with armed guards), to threat and kill local residents. The IDF sends their soldiers there every year to do who knows what. Look into it.

            They have just officially taken over the Argentinian government. The new elected president, Milei is an avowed lackey of Israel and a philo-semite who will be converting to Judaism. He has publicly repudiated national symbols like flags and borders, yet in a campaign rally he flew the Israeli flag.
            Digest that.

            He also publicly stated, as a candidate, that his first international trip would be to Israel.
            He has also publicly stated that he would “save the the people of Israel” and that his campaign and eventual presidency was the 40-year road to freedom.
            Digest that.

            A couple of provinces have signed an agreement with an Israeli company (the same that dried out the Jordan River) to be in charge of the water supply.
            And this is just a tip of the iceberg.
            The whole economy and politics of the country are in Jewish Power hands.

            And now, have a look at this. Nevermind the language (if you don’t speak Spanish). This was the last day of MIlei’s presidential campaign.


            That, is gonna be hard to digest. I’ve watched it a few weeks ago and I’m still digesting it.

            The Andinia plan marches on. At what stage it is, only history will tell.

            I speculate that if the MIddle East blows up, then Ukraine, and if that doesn’t work, then Andinia. True, far from the center of the world from where Israel could dominate the pivot from the west to Asia, but you have to have a plan C, and it’s not a bad one, considering all the natural resources Argentina has.

            In my view, the bottom line is that Jewish Power needs the Jewish people’s suffering and constant migration to have power over its subjects. The rest, is working out the details.

            I invite you to use an online translator to search for the topics mentioned above.
            It’s blatant.

            Thanks for engaging, Arthur.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      Does Israel really want Europe controlled by Muslims + other anti-Israel groups? In the UK, some non-Zionist Jews like Alfred Sherman and some pro-Zionist Jews like Melanie Phillips saw this coming and opposed non-white immigration from the outset. Jews only unite when they perceive or imagine a collective racial threat. They read the signs in Hitler’s statements in the 1920s and this explains a lot that happened during the past 100 years.
      The big threats today are: (1) WMDs, (2) AI, (3) Black overpopulation and emigration, (4) Islamist fanaticism, (5) the “rapid numerical outstripping by those needing care or control of those able to provide them”, (6) Chinese imperialism (fentanyl included), (7) the autistic and myopic militancy of the Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist lobbies in the USA, where there is a coming TV/White House bunfight between Senile Dementia and Juvenile Dementia, (8) Putin, (9) Soros, and (10) the next Financial Crash.
      “Beam me up, Mr Sulu!”

      • Diego
        Diego says:

        Does Israel really want Europe controlled by Muslims + other anti-Israel groups?

        No. Jewish Power wants the Christian and the Muslims to kill each other. Let Amalek destroy itself.
        This has been corroborated by a few Israeli and European rabbis who believe it is a sign of the end of times.

        European and American Jewish intellectuals have for a long time argued that the Jewish people need to leave the west (and spit on it as they leave).

        Jewish Power is and has always been, with different degrees, animated by the Torah and the Talmud.

        I invite you, B., to also look into the matters I have just now shared with Arthur, and to watch that YT clip.


  9. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Another excellent and incisive article on TOO. The obsessive Jewish drive for control and supremacy constantly involves them in unintended blowback and consequences. Their history is replete with this kind of strife, primarily because of their innate neurotisism, skizophrenia, and strident ethnic hubris. They seem to be on autopilot to self destruction. Their main support system are the incredibly gullible White people, who they are ironically working to undermine. Man, what a Gegenrasse!!

  10. MisterBlaine
    MisterBlaine says:

    The British Empire achieved global dominance, at least in part, by exploiting hostilities between diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Yet, diversity is championed as a strength within nation-states.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      And yet , upon leaving India , Imperial Africa et al , the Brits bequeathed an ostensibly united, new modern country to take the place of traditional mini ethno – states.

      . Even now ,when India’s Modi campaigns in Tamil Nadu , he can’t understand the language of the voters.

  11. Marco
    Marco says:

    In addition to what commenters above have debated, I have to agree with points on both sides.

    They have changed laws favoring non-White immigration all over the west. Then they have fomented and provoked conflict of the internecine sort in countries that are majority Muslim or have strategic resources they want to control. The refugees, many far more genuine in the early decades post WW2, came to western countries. They were vetted and/or integrated to some degree. This wasn’t good enough for the powers that shouldn’t be so they upped the voltage and the ensuing shock resulted in the 2015 European barrage and the near constant “border crisis” along the Rio Grande. Despite the many mafia, NGO and religious actors playing their separate roles, the deliberateness is unmistakable. But it’s chaos and for the average jew, life is little better than for the average goy.

    The resultant “antisemitism”, ironically often promulgated by genuine Semites, was probably anticipated. They assume EVERY other group is out to get them, right?

    So, my conclusion would be that, like the track record among jewish communities in francophone Europe, they will be urging their con-freres to aliyah [to Israel].

    The next phase after that, in an already crowded Israel with the “hostile neighbors, hundreds of millions of angry, hateful Arabs” yadda yadda yadda, is maybe the return to Ukraine, the Heavenly Jerusalem.

    Overall, they want strife, pollution and ruin. They are the ultimate Oppenheimers, destroyers of worlds. They love it. It’s a religious messianic thing. And at the top, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t taken to heart some version of that old Aussie adage, “She’ll be right, Mate!”

  12. Jamie Critch
    Jamie Critch says:

    Nice one Kev..
    We all know how shrewd the Jusurpers can be. They will obviously of anticipated the potential animus from their rag headed friends, Which they must of presumed they would be dealt with by their usual means.. But I think what has caught them off guard is the left siding with the opposition.. I imagine they took it for granted that their creation would automatically side with their master, Especially with Them being the “Eternal Victims”..

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