Hamas-Israel War and the End of the Multicultural Dream

Lots of Jews and Jewish allies like Jordan Peterson are reevaluating multiculturalism and cultural integration given all the pro-Palestinian sentiment, much of it the result of importing Muslims. This is not only a pivotal moment for Jewish power in the West, it’s a pivotal moment for the whole multicultural project. Here’s the situation in Denmark, via Google Translate:

On Friday, Søren Pape and Mai Mercado write: “Their stay in Denmark is subversive to a degree we cannot ignore.” All empty, non-committal words. Exactly the same politician words have been heard in Germany, where gigantic Islamist demonstrations have temporarily frightened politicians. However, there is no doubt about the seriousness of the situation and the writing on the wall, not even in Denmark. “We are now in a fight for our survival.”

Never before has a student expressed that she no longer believes that we can live peacefully together in the future.

By: Christian Skaug

The war between Israel and Hamas has revealed cultural differences so deep that professionals in the Danish social sector are losing faith in peaceful coexistence, says one of Denmark’s largest authorities on integration.

Henrik Kokborg is a specialist in culture and the importance of religion for integration, and for twelve years he has held more than 1,500 courses for more than 40,000 teachers, police officers, social workers and health professionals.

In an article in the Pio newspaper on Wednesday, he says that the Israel-Hamas war has caused a sudden shift in mood among the professionals who follow his courses: The focus has shifted from socio-economic conditions to cultural ones.

These professionals have always worked on the premise that refugees and immigrants’ challenges in integrating into society are due to socio-economic reasons.

After all, most immigrants had a poor education, were afflicted with poverty, and perhaps also had war trauma in their luggage. And therefore professionals have worked on the basis of these explanatory models, with good support from most researchers.

But today, the second and third generations grow up in Denmark, where there is neither war nor poverty. Everyone gets schooling and many work.

But this has not led to a reduction in the social workload – quite the opposite. Major problems and serious social problems remain, especially among children and young people from families with ethnic minority backgrounds.

The professionals experience a lack of respect and behavioral norms from minority students who do not embrace Danish values or traditions.

Gradually, the problems also appear among employees in the social sector, Kokborg explains:

Problems have also begun to arise in social work workplaces in day-to-day cooperation with colleagues with opposing cultural and religious values and norms. It creates friction and insecurity, and affects well-being and the collegial community.

This change has happened quickly:

It was not something I heard about just three years ago, but now I hear how municipal leaders are forced to exclude applicants from minority backgrounds because, for example, the candidates do not consider the sexes equal.

But for fear of reactions, these same leaders don’t say it openly.

Following the Hamas attack on Israel, the situation has become more acute.

Many feel pressured by their Muslim counterparts to take sides in the conflict. “We see your silence. You support apartheid and the murder of children with your silence,” reads calls sent both in direct messages and in open calls on social media.

In schools, jihad is called for:

Others experience aggressive children and young people who, in school and secondary school learning environments, spread hatred against Jews and call for jihad and the destruction of Israel.

The professionals also tell him that they no longer see the difference between ISIS supporters and Palestinian protesters.

The reactions Kokborg gets are unparalleled: In the twelve years I have taught professionals, I have never experienced anything like it. Never before has a student expressed that she no longer believes that we can live peacefully together in the future. But this week alone, I have seen more than twenty people express the same thing.

But these people don’t say it openly either. Their denunciation thus remains a “silent knowledge that few are told”, writes Kokborg.

What do we do if those at the forefront of integration no longer believe that their work is of any purpose? he asks.


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  1. Collins
    Collins says:

    Which do the Jews who are outside of Israel fear more?

    White (potentially Nazi, in the minds of Jews) White Christians?

    Or a massive influx of Muslims and other Third Worlders? (Latinos may be OK.)

    The jury is still out.

    • Brian Rockford
      Brian Rockford says:

      One needs to take a long comprehensive view based on double-checked evidence. The current ME crisis did not start when Hamas attacked Israel a few weeks ago, and likewise the JQ is not understood solely in the light of the “Protocols” and the “discovery” that many Soviet leaders were originally of “Hebraic heritage”. Given the pros and cons of their ethnocentrism, Jews outside Israel generally feel more comfortable in a “multicultural society” than in a Gentile nationalist environment, and since their experience under Tsar and Fuehrer, have worked to that end, hitherto supporting immigration at least for that reason. The snag in recent years has been the anti-Israel element (not only South Asian and then Near Eastern Muslims) among the immigrants, plus the mainly Gentile sophomoric leftism that regards the Israelis as “white colonists” like the French and British in the past. This up-ends to some extent the dated simplicities of Tobias Langdon and some other obsessive bloggers here. Hence the reversal of “Zionist” views on wokery and migration, albeit a strategic rather than moral commitment, but no great harm to western white survival, more likely a useful convenience. It does not require fanatical “Christian Zionism”, adoption of an Islamic Third Way, or support for atrocities against Palestinians. Just keep on with the demographic and cultural case for US, UK, European and southern-hemisphere white peoples – valid, before, during and since this latest sea-change in Jewish attitudes.

  2. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    As a Brown heterosexual male, I’m trying to find a subjective purpose of existence. I know why I came into existence – the Big Bang occurred, creating the laws of physics that resulted in me coming into existence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjeKiIa7XEk

    I’ve decided to embrace the view that I should live to embrace Universal Altruism, but only towards individuals who also practice Universal Altruism – no altruism towards Genetic Sociopaths.

    Based on this belief, I support the well being of all races, and that includes ethnic Europeans, Arabs, and the Ashkenazim. I wish the Europeans happiness and success in their ethno-nationalism/eugenics/transhumanism.

    I also wish eugenic/transhuman success for the Ashkenazim. But, I desire for them to stop trying to enslave/kill all the Gentiles in the universe and possible parallel universes. I desire for the Ashkenazim to eugenically/transhumanistically advance their race, but for them to respect the rights of Arabs and Gentiles to also promote their ethic well-being.

    But, I suppose that the the laws of physics don’t necessarily support my subjective moral values. Physics simply supports Survival of the Fittest. Thus, on Earth, physics dictates that the Ashkenazim will tortuously destroy all the Gentiles and repopulate Earth with Ashkenazi people.

    But, Gentile civilizations that may exist in other parts of the universe and possible parallel universes may very well be superior to the Ashkenazim and may not be defeatable by the Ashkenazim. In fact, these extra-terrestrial Gentiles may decide to preemptively destroy the Ashkenazim in order to bring peace and safety to all the Gentile races/species throughout the universe and parallel universes.

    Professor Kevin MacDonald mentions how Jordon Peterson has decided to reject European ethnic interests and instead exclusively support Ashkenazi ethnic interests. My tendency is to look at the genetics of individuals to understand why they behave the way they do. Thus, I hypothesize that Jordon Peterson is a Genetic Sociopath that has accepted bribes from the Ashkenazim in exchange for agreeing to exclusively support Ashkenazi ethnic interests.

    I’ve tried my best to express my thoughts at Unz Review, and you can read my posts at https://www.unz.com/comments/all/?commenterfilter=Transhumanist

    • JungianINTP
      JungianINTP says:


      Why would WHITE guys be ANGRY ?

      U N I V E R S A L
      MAN, as dog breeders know the genetic differences in INTELLIGENCE and PHYSICALITY and TEMPERAMENT among various breeds
      ( races ).


      — Why Would White Guys Be Angry? —

      Recent calculations about U.S.
      population trends have shown that
      whites are to become a minority
      within their own civilization by
      2043, which fact ought to cause
      anger in white men—if not fight-
      ing-mad rage in them.

      “Why would conservatives be angry
      at liberals and liberalism?”—leftists
      often wonder and ask; especially after
      some white guy breaks down and
      begins shooting.

      It’s as if leftists are unaware, or
      haven’t been in the U.S. these past
      forty years of radical change—as if
      they’re unaware of the rapid decline
      in the quality of life for the progeny
      of British and European whites who
      conceived and built this nation;

      —unaware of the breakdown of
      families and morals and civil society;

      —unaware of the proliferation of
      mind-corrupting, family-destroying
      music, pornography, feminism and
      Hollywood and TV bilge;

      —unaware of the FORCED integration
      of black ghetto culture into white civil
      society and its resulting destruction of
      America’s public education, dumbing
      down every aspect of American society
      to accommodate that anti-white

      —unaware of the vulture capitalists
      who sell-out their country and
      culture to increase the bottom line
      by shipping jobs and technology to
      Third World countries;

      —unaware of a revolving-door criminal
      justice system for rapists, robbers,
      murderers, child molesters, muggers,
      druggies and white collar criminals
      (30 years of it, until conservatism
      had reduced that civilization-wrecking,
      Left-driven trend during the Nineties);

      —unaware of the confiscatory taxation
      that enslaves the productive to the
      needs of the unproductive, driving
      this nation towards bankruptcy by
      giving something-for-nothing Great
      Society “aid” to the poor;

      —unaware of undemocratic and
      tyrannical Congress and courts, hell-
      bent on destroying white civil
      society for the benefit of every
      minority ethnic group now invading
      America from the Third World, who
      receive special financial aid and
      legal protection for their efforts,
      against whites’ best interests;

      —unaware of nation-destroying multi-
      culturalism, multi-racialism and
      multilingualism infecting every white

      —unaware of the assassination of Mrs.
      Randy Weaver, and the mass murder
      of an entire church community by
      Left-driven federal thugs in Waco
      (the Clinton White House had had
      a visceral hatred of anything right-
      wing—particularly of fundamentalist

      —unaware of just how far from the
      Founders’ America this federal
      government has strayed in setting
      up its Marxism-sympathizing and
      minority-serving social engineering

      —unaware of just how fearful and
      hateful the tax-paying and law-
      abiding majority of white citizens
      has become towards its federal

      —unaware that the 1964 Civil
      Rights Act was passed on the heated
      promise that it would not lead to
      quotas and discrimination against
      white people (recall that Senator
      Henry “Scoop” Jackson had promised
      to eat his hat if it ever led to
      discrimination against white people);


      —unaware that the Immigration Act
      of 1965 was passed on the promise –
      Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s and his
      supporters’ promise – that that WOULD
      NOT be used to alter America’s racial
      mix from its white majority to non-
      white majority.

      Why wouldn’t white men be angry at the
      loss of their Western civilization to anti-
      white/anti-Western minority tribes?


    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Why would there be other universes?

      The problem with transhumanism is… what is “superior”? Without being created by God, what even is the moral value of something? There’s no possibility for ethics or value within a trans world. It’s just perfectly achieved insanity where any value can equal any other value.

  3. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    A RED ICE video those of all ages should appreciate of Jewish Family Service facilitating the migrant invasion, REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oNJpd5tNMcRV/

    Seventh-day Adventist “ADRA” doe the same thing: http://adventmessenger.org/how-should-seventh-day-adventists-respond-to-the-immigration-crisis/

    And they’ve been caught corrupting the medical establishment: http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/blog/morning-edition/2015/09/whistleblower-lawsuit-leads-to-record-setting.html

    Seventh-day Adventists in my experience don’t understand that it takes more than looking, swimming, quacking (pun intended) and passing processed pond scum to be ducks. But behaving like their role models makes them at least as destructive. And that’s why the effective culture-destroyers have earned persecuted status for their spiritual brethren such that they’ve been granted “refugee” status here in the U.S. Those would be Romanian Seventh-day Adventists those who migrated there for the privilege. Their prophet some claim told them to get out of the Adventist Healthcare business or they’d go down with the ship Some strictly in it for the money, if you can imagine, have just changed their organizational names to protect. Maybe they think that’s another essential element of being Jews like keeping the Jewish sabbath.

  4. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    This is pretty much an inevitability along the same lines that made me predict a falseflag around the turn of the millennium. Jews, particularly those dwelling among northern Europeans like the Ashkenazi, fell into a state of such rabid self-deception that they became unable to recognize that their success was due primarily to the ease with which individualistic peoples’ resources can be consumed one individual at a time by cohabitation with less individualistic peoples. So now they’re getting a taste of their own evolutionary strategy and are unable to recognize what is happening.

    • JungianINTP
      JungianINTP says:

      James Bowery,

      Study the Talmud ( use DuckDuckGo )—now Israel’s State-Religion while those same dual-citizenship “Jews” had used the American Communist Lawyers Union ( ACLU ) to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square and prayer from schools in America !



        • JungianINTP
          JungianINTP says:


          FYI :

          Forwarded Message :

          Dear WND Editors,

          It’s NOT a “Muslim Problem,” but a K O R A N I S T problem,
          as that “Holy Book” directs its adherents to “Kill unbelievers
          wherever you may find them.”

          The terms, “Islam” and “Muslim,” are clever deflections from
          the S O U R C E of KORANISTS’ global/evil terrorism : The Koran.



          Israel’s Talmudism is similarly evil, as its “Chosen” may kill
          non-adherents – the Goyim ( whitey ) – without any spiritual
          retribution; and it winks ( approvingly ? ) of diddling toddlers, as
          “they won’t remember” the sexual assault (( can’t recall which
          Talmud book, where that passage may be found )).

  5. Paul Hardiman
    Paul Hardiman says:

    This is no caricature from the Stürmer, this is
    the authentic winning smile of Bob Filner, Jew
    & sexual predator by trade. The malignancy of
    this … “species” is literally palpable. One of the
    most disgusting, repulsive grimaces of current
    affairs. Is human physiognomy even capable of
    forming (an even) more dishonest expression?

  6. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Jewish “dating expert” Emma Tessler says in March
    2016 that she wants to “solve the racist problem of
    white people preferring white people in dating.”


    Half a year later, she marries her
    fellow tribesman Benjamin Jacoff.


    Savage “culture”: Black eats
    tongue of living cow (not for
    faint-hearted animal lovers).

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