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Elon Musk, under fire for antisemitism on X, visits Israel and tours ravaged kibbutz with Benjamin Netanyahu

(JTA) — Elon Musk, the tech titan who is under fire for his role in amplifying antisemitism on his social media platform X, visited Israel on Monday and toured the devastation at a kibbutz ravaged by Hamas on Oct. 7 alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Musk toured the kibbutz, where dozens of people were killed and an estimated 17 were kidnapped. Afterward, Musk and Netanyahu spoke live on X, formerly known as Twitter, about Musk’s reaction to seeing Kfar Aza and a video that Israel compiled showing footage from the day of the massacre.

Musk said the experience was “jarring” and that he was struck by what appeared to be “joy” on the part of the terrorists in the video.

“The rebuttal is often made that well, you know, Israel has killed civilians also in Gaza,” he said. “But there’s an important difference here, which is that Israel tries to avoid killing civilians, doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians. And, you know, there’s not sort of joy expressed.” [14000 civilian deaths, mostly women and children, despite “doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians.]

Musk’s visit comes as he faces continued criticism over his engagement with antisemites on X and over the platform’s role in fueling misinformation about Oct. 7. Last week, multiple major advertisers dropped the platform after Musk called an endorsement of the antisemitic “Great Replacement” theory the “actual truth.” [Which it is.]

(After speaking with Musk, the Anti-Defamation League’s CEO praised Musk, who later tweeted that he would be donating X’s revenue associated with the war to hospitals in Israel and the Red Crescent in Gaza.) [Amazing.]

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    It is obligatory in the anglo-zionist world sphere..for any great power who wishes to remain in the seat of secular power,,at some multiple series of public points in time and space ,to brownose the sphincter of poorly hidden obvious jewish power.Musk?..controlled opposition-..baphomet grifter boy ..golden -boy..-musk the technocrat ..must dance with the Synagogue of Satan,transhumanist jews or crony communitarian jews continue installing 5g to 10g satellites in space.. and mass producing the electric car death traps,where government can crash , turn off or permit so easily to explode ,when government deems the debt slave has worn out his worth.No one in their right mind ,with any ability to think things through ,thinks isreal has any humanitarian mercy whatsoever. Musk,..after dancing around ambiguosly on so many issues..?…
    thanks but no thanks elon, for the neural necklace cyborg nonsense.”…
    note..for more about the JQ–for people. new to TOO…see geinrich yagoda..lazar kaganovich,laventri beria,bela kuhn,..josip broz,..gulag magadan..lubyanka prison…matthew raphael johnson jon pollard.wm.l.pierce,..wickstrom….

    TO KEVIN AND TOO says:

    “Don’t you have enough will to live another 30 years? Do you disregard yourself like that?”

    I have to be honest and say that I don’t really care if I live another 30 years in this shitty world. The last 30 years have been torture enough.

    There’s been no question of “living” here for a long time anyway, at best vegetating and existing, breathing and digesting.

    In principle, the state is one of permanent self-degradation. I don’t see why I should have to choose between a permanent preoccupation with Jewish cancer or ignorant self-satisfaction.
    Who knows, maybe the end isn’t as scary as you thought: finally someone is looking after you. They change your urine catheter, knock on your door, feed you like an infant, clean your surroundings every day. And wait for you to die.

    And you lie there, staring at the ceiling (or, even worse, at a television with even more insane content), waiting for the end yourself. Maybe then you think: this is how it should have been all along, why only now? Too late. That’s it!

    Our so-called society is so sick and disturbed that all those who have talent and could be of use to us lead an undignified existence underground, at the expense of their own vital substance.

    I no longer like this world, it shocks me, outrages me, repels me, alienates me, makes me a foreign body in it. You have to fight all the time without receiving the honor you deserve.

    You are a number, a number, a consumer, a consumer, a barcode, a house number, an anonymous faceless entity. A shitty world does not need intelligent participants, but mere idiots.

  3. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    We watched the new documentary on the George Floyd drama, last night, and it stimulated thinking about understanding what constitutes evidence the most basic trouble being with hearsay. If I were you, I’d watch it immediately: The Fall of Minneapolis | A Crowdfunded Documentary

    “… Send a link to a lot of your friends; maybe give it a Thumbs Up…”

    Socrates was considered wise if not the wisest for at least knowing what he didn’t know. Reading rules of evidence on some solid site like CORNELL’s is a good exercise. For an exercise in awareness, my wife and I repeat learned speech impediments when we hear speakers teaching others to use them: try it when you hear someone say, “You know…”, for example, and it can help you break the habit.

    When someone asks me about something, rather than repeating what I’ve read as if it’s a matter I know for a fact, I try to say that authorities I respect wrote or said thus and so.

    Consider your own awakening to various facets of reality and experiences that midwifed those awarenesses. It usually wasn’t from taking the mainstream media of so-called news and entertainment taken at face value. If I’m pressed, I often say, I wasn’t there so I don’t know, you know, I don’t know. It was probably learning to see through such propaganda– false propaganda.

    I know that this is very basic for an audience as critical, intelligent, and sophisticated as all of you and presumptuous of me to suggest we go back to voir dire, examining our prejudices and ability to winnow the nourishment from too much roughage, but when you watch even how the judge performed in the Chauvin trial, not to mention the crowds, I think you will consider what too many of us have become.

    Read Dutton on our breeding and how we’re putting up with being nutted, branded, vaccinated, fattened, and sold in varying stages of rancidity in plastic to fat people.

    Many lessons are very expensive especially denominated in terms of time.
    We’ve been cultured like mushrooms or– better yet– as a race of ants that farm aphids. And particularly when we’re young we’re kept in government or private schools all of which have an agenda and the filters with which we see affect us forever.

    Don’t believe everything you read and object to what you do read that is obviously trying to incite, ignite something like vanity, jealousy, lust, greed or fear.

    This morning its more by the owners of the media, the narative, than envy Elon Musk:

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

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