Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon on the Irish Riots

The immigrant who did the stabbing had never had a job in 20 years—living on the dole, just like all the recent immigrants (subsidized by the EU). Bannon: Ruling class doesn’t trust the native working class in the West; throughout the West, speech is being criminalized or at least deplatformed. 15 million illegals to the US during Biden’s presidency. “It’s only going to get worse.” The uniparty does nothing.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Bannon: “For Churchill, courage was the highest value above all others.”

    Truly, anyone who portrays this cowardly mass murderer of German civilians as a hero is demonstrating his despicable ignorance of world history. And this despite the fact that Churchill also sacrificed the Empire on the throne of his pro-Jewish lack of character. After 1945 at the latest, the abused British population had also understood this and pushed this great hero onto the political siding, despite all the “services” he had just rendered.

    • Joe
      Joe says:

      Amen, Mark.

      Living in this broken “civilization” today is proof enough of the folly that was the Second World War. We fought on the side of the bolsheviks… the greatest mass murderers (by far) in the history of mankind. We fought against the one courageous movement which had freed itself from the shackles of international usury and showed the world the nirvanic potential therein.

      So, to hear Bannon giving praise to the drunken dual-citizen sot is disheartening, but to be expected.

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        Thanks, Joe, exactly. Yeah, this Bannon guy is one of those “civic nationalists” who claim that nation is not shared ethnicity and cultural heritage, but “shared values and shared language”. Ridiculous. (Just like his charlatan bandwagon colleague Farage, who is “proud to have destroyed the nationalist right in the UK”.)

        The main thing is that the values remain the same, even if the ethnicity has been changed. They are race traitors and race deniers, a “concern trolling” fake opposition for the purpose of preventing race based action. The “allmighty” Jew system needs these folks as a necessary bulwark against the breakthrough of truth.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Excellent commentary by Mark” on the same subject.There are many interesting conclusions on deracinating europe,america and ireland. One is the current iteration of jewish scientism ..read..white coated jewish scientific materialism….-trust the science..-only “jewish” experts allowed to have an opinion..”…. the petrie dish example, or successful lab experiment,i,e..how far into obvious divide and conquer anarchy ,terror,and open borders,mass 3rd world immigation lunacy can us plutocrat jews push the goyim before they discover it was always us ,the tribe,..the jews,..all along..? 2 jews or perhaps one is a crypto jew,..cucker tarlson… the snaky rich brat red bracelet kabalist face of the CIA,and crony comunist zionist jew bannon, bantering…,muckraking,about ireland may be publicity and filthy lucre income for the 2 scabs ,but Conor spoke directly to the actual issue without any stench of big brother honeytraps.. ..many accuse the 2, and adam green,of being agents
    of the superpolice,supersurveilance state goverment to expose dissenters…by the way…elon muskrat the jew, or crypto jew,lost most of the non jewish world s support and respect .after his trip to isreal in support of isreal s current butchering..wholesale ..extermination of Palestine.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    During this interview, we hear Carlson—adopting the rhetorical stance of ignorance or unawareness of what lies behind his questions—repeatedly ask Bannon why the powers that be are flooding Ireland with Third World savages. Yet neither Bannon nor Carlson himself is interested in or comfortable with even hinting that he might be aware of the plain facts in evidence, all of which are staring them both in the face and screaming for recognition:

    1) Until a few years ago, Ireland was universally known to be the most actively (i.e., not just nominally) Catholic country in the world.
    2) Jews passionately hate all Christians, Catholics first and foremost, and though their hatred is literally two thousand years old, it is not a whit less sulfurous now than it was when today’s Jews’ ancestors were screaming for Christ’s blood in Pilate’s courtyard.
    3) The Great Replacement of the white populations of the nations of what was once the Christian West—viz., (a) the Latin, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Nordic, and Finno-Ugric nations of Europe and (b) those New World and South Pacific nations that exist by virtue of European exploration, conquest, and settlement—and of those nations alone is a project that was devised, several centuries ago, by the powerful and wealthy leaders of world Jewry and is being executed by today’s even more powerful Jews and by bribed or blackmailed or Christophobic Gentiles in Jewry’s employ.

    The intensity of Jewish hatred for the no longer fully Christian West will clearly never ebb until the last white Christian or ex-Christian has been killed or enslaved—and even then, the hatred will live on in Jewish fantasy, in the manner of their fantasy-ridden hatred of Germans for perpetrating a “holocaust” that plainly never happened. The morally repellent delight that Israelis and a great many Diaspora Jews are unashamed to display when they talk gleefully about the mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere should be seen as a harbinger of what the West as a whole will be the object of in a few short decades, barring a near-miraculous deliverance.

    What, then, is to be said of Carlson and Bannon, neither of whom will even wink in glancing acknowledgment of the root causes and perpetrators?

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