Kissinger, the WEF, and Open Borders

This article doesn’t get into Israeli issues, but a search on TOO yields quite a few references, including this by Patrick Slattery.

By Seamus Bruner, at Breitbart

Kissinger is a central character in my new book, Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life, which unearths critical details about the man who shaped the modern world, particularly by helping to shackle the American economy to the Chinese.

The book contains little-known details about Kissinger—including his success in making population control official U.S. domestic policy and his mentorship of a young Klaus Schwab before the latter’s establishment of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the home of the global elite. Many Controligarchs might prefer these true stories be buried along with Kissinger.

But before Kissinger turned Schwab into the Davos Man he is today, Kissinger became an agent of the Rockefeller dynasty. From 1954 until 1958, Kissinger was the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Director of Special Studies. The resultant 600-page globalist manifesto called Prospect for America was read around the world, and scholars agree that the Prospect for America defined a postwar “liberal consensus.”

As journalist and historian Godfrey Hodgson put it, the Rockefeller-Kissinger work became “a handbook of the shared assumptions of the American governmental and business elite.” Indeed, the Kissinger handbook stated that “the indispensable world order…is basic to the American consensus” and that the United Nations “is proof of our conviction that problems which are of world-wide impact must be dealt with through institutions global in their scope.”

Kissinger returned to Harvard to run the Defense Studies Program between 1958 and 1971. It was during this time that he shaped Klaus Schwab’s future. He mentored Schwab at Harvard in 1966-1967, just a few years before Schwab founded the European Management Symposium, which was the predecessor of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in 1971 and apparently followed Kissinger’s directive to form a global scope institution that deals with crises of “world-wide impact.” The two became lifelong friends, and Kissinger was a frequent keynote speaker in Davos.

On the surface, it may seem an odd pairing: Kissinger, a Jewish holocaust refugee, and Schwab, the son of a German engineer whose industrial company supplied Adolf Hitler’s war effort. ”’

But in fact, the two were a perfect match. Born in 1934 in Ravensburg (the first German city to forcibly sterilize “undesirable” citizens), Schwab was not yet born when Hitler came to power and still a child when World War II broke out. As I wrote in Controligarchs:

Klaus was too young to participate in Hitler’s regime. But growing up in wartime Germany left a lasting impression on the boy. Unable to associate his national identity with the Nazis amidst the chaos of their failed regime, he craved nothing more than identity and order. Ultimately, Klaus found his identity—not as a citizen of Germany—but as a citizen of the world.

The same is true of other ancient globalists like nonagenarian George Soros who famously told 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft that witnessing the confiscation of the property of fellow Jews during the Nazi Holocaust was “not at all” difficult because it was going to happen “whether I was there or not.” Thus, the self-described “citizen of the world” Soros offered a familiar tragedy-of-the-commons rationalization. “In a funny way, it’s just like in markets,” he told Kroft, explaining that someone would have confiscated the property regardless of what he did.

The Rockefellers were notorious for funding depopulation efforts of every kind, including birth control and abortifacientseugenics, and even the development of an “anti-fertility vaccine.” In one 1969 proposal from Planned Parenthood’s Frederick Jaffe to Rockefeller’s Population Council President Bernard Berelson, Jaffe lists “compulsory” sterilizations and abortions, efforts to “encourage increased homosexuality,” and even putting “fertility control agents in the water supply” as potential ways to curb population growth.

Five years later, a 1974 National Security Study Memorandum for the “Kissinger Report” articulated a “U.S. Global Population Strategy,” turning Rockefeller’s control ambitions into official U.S. government policy. The Kissinger Report sought to actively “Create Conditions for Fertility Decline,” to “Improve Fertility Control Technology,” and to wage an anti-family propaganda war on the masses via the “Utilization of Mass Media and Satellite Communications System for Family Planning.”

Kissinger’s Prospect handbook for the elite corporate class revealed at least one ulterior reason why the Controligarchs seem hellbent on controlling population growth: less population equals fewer potential enemies. “Fortunately… [Japan’s] population increase brought under control,” the report says of the recent Axis enemy. The report spills considerable ink on the threat of growing (communist) populations.

The Controligarchs would prefer that history forget that Western organizations like their Club of Rome were responsible for convincing China to adopt a brutal “one-child” depopulation program. And Rockefellers’ biographers wrote that in the first half of the twentieth century, “Communist countries were opposed to any programs of action in the population field” — sound pro-growth logic. It took a number of years before Rockefeller efforts made “enough of an impact to stir Malthusian fears of a ‘population explosion’ in the public mind.”

Kissinger’s Prospect for America was used by President John F. Kennedy and his successors to craft both foreign and domestic policy, which included the opening of America’s borders to cheap foreign labor.

Kissinger has since admitted that opening Western borders to more diverse cultures may be an error. “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” he said in one of his final public statements regarding pro-Hamas protests in Germany last month. [Who could have predicted that?}

The Prospect for America manifesto was rightly anti-Communist, but its proposed “indispensable” solution to the Chinese communist problem—“sustained economic and technical co-operation and unimpeded exchange of goods and services”—has played out over the decades with disastrous consequences for middle class citizens everywhere. [And made China a superpower.]

Nelson Rockefeller introduced Kissinger to Nixon and thereby brought him into the limelight—from a behind-the-scenes influencer to a star diplomat on center stage. Since then, Kissinger and the Rockefellers and many other Controligarchs got rich from the CCP relationship. And they took pride in their integral role in building up China. Klaus Schwab, for his part, boasts of the WEF’s efforts to develop China’s economic system as a hybrid of communism and capitalism.

Today, Chinese state-run media cites Kissinger’s 2022 WEF address in Davos as proof that the U.S. government does not actually support Taiwan’s right to exist, but rather officially upholds “the principle of one China.”

And while, like Soros, Kissinger became an American citizen, their loyalties were to something loftier. Kissinger, Schwab, and Soros were born to build a New World Order. Woodrow Wilson spoke of a “new international order” as early as 1919, but the term was popularized by British author H.G. Wells in his 1940 book titled “The New World Order,” lending the term a definition that still applies. “It is the practical realization of the brotherhood of man,” Wells wrote, “through a common control.”

Bringing rigid order to a chaotic world was an ambitious goal—one that both the political right and left endeavored to effectuate. Kissinger spoke of the virtues of a new world order in which no single nation, including the U.S., would be a dominant player. Rather, a balance of power between the U.S., China, and other powerful nations was “a necessity.” More recently, in 2009, Soros said, “I think you need a new world order, that China has to be part of the process of creating it and they have to buy in.”

And just last month, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink praised Kissinger as an “amazing man, especially at 101 [sic].” His firm has been carrying on Kissinger’s globalist pro-China legacy despite some setbacks. A BlackRock “2023 Outlook” assures that a new world order is finally here with a “new regime” of greater “volatility” and “persistently higher inflation.”

In other words, the future that Kissinger and the Controligarchs have built looks decidedly grim.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    The fact that Breitbart is run by Jews is an open secret. Breitbart author Schweizer is “of German descent” according to Wikipedia. But Bruner’s surname has the highest frequency in Israel Does that have to play a role? Maybe not, but maybe it does.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Or to put it another way: Breitbart will never publish anything that is contrary to the Zionist idea, that’s sheer logic. So the question is not what is in the book, but what is the purpose of its promotion. Could it be an all-too-cheap diversionary maneuver, and if so, from what?

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    If elites unite against the masses, it will be a “fifth generation war” struggle, a play on the 4g war concept in a post-group world of individuals.

    There’s little motive for an elite to treat its subjects well if not competing against other elites. An elite that needs its subjects’ support will treat them better.

  4. Some Visitor
    Some Visitor says:

    The reason for the censorship is frighteningly simple: the myth of the Russian communist victory over “fascism” is based on a historical lie that must be defended by all means, because it is said to be identity-forming for the Eurasian view of the world.

    The entire “Soviet Union” can only be justified by the victory over the “barbaric fascists”, who in the eyes of the Russians were part of Western imperialism and capitalism.

    Ultimately, even Israel is based on the (presumably historically untrue) evaluation and interpretation of the “extermination camps” in the East carried out by Jewish Bolsheviks and their accomplices. It is also widely known that the former KGB agent Putin is an avowed friend of the Jews.

    It can be assumed that the Russians destroyed all evidence to the contrary in good time in order to justify, relativize and conceal their own crimes against Germans, but also against their own people or, for example, against Poles.

    Communism and its heirs had 80 years to do this job thoroughly. No first-rate historian who is not part of the framed narrative believes that there are still documents to be found in Russian archives that prove the missing part of the story.

    • Some Visitor
      Some Visitor says:

      To add to that: It was not without reason that it was one of these Jewish “oligarchs”, who were only able to increase their wealth under Putin, who was instrumental in ensuring the infamous muzzle laws against freedom of speech in the EUSSR (formulated by the Israeli Yoram Dinstein), under the preamble “tolerance verdict”.

      In any case, one wonders what a Jew from Russia who grew up under communism has to say about the legislation of Western Europe? The EUSSR, however, is a Soviet system of Jewish character that has no “democratic” legitimacy whatsoever. As in Bolshevism, “commissars” rule here too.

  5. Herb Lancaster
    Herb Lancaster says:

    “Not the Rotschilds but the Rockefellers are the true world rulers, some Jews only play a subordinate role in that game.”

    This is roughly how the message can be summarized. I am naturally always highly skeptical when Jews present a “truth” to the world, and any proxy straw men as popular bogeymen. It’s all part of the framed narrative.

    So the question is not what is in the book, but what is the intention behind its promotion. Breitbart is a Jewish company that will never spread anything that is contrary to the Zionist idea.

    Bruner is most likely Jewish (see the highest frequency of his name in Israel). According to Wikipedia, his co-author Schweizer is “of German descent”, but he too is a Breitbart author and thus a lackey of the Jews.

    But who knows whether Rockefellers, originally Rockenfelder (today certainly also mostly Jews), were crypto-Jews, Germans rarely named after place names, unlike Jews (Berliner, Hamburger, Frankfurter, Wiener are common, Kissinger named after small town Kissingen).

    The Rockefellers’ place of origin, Rockenfeld, was burnt down in 1969, which was not prevented by the rich American Rockefeller. His home is not Rockenfeld, but the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

    • Herb Lancaster
      Herb Lancaster says:

      Intact Jewdar as a survival instinct definition: “Ability to detect indivi-
      duals’ Jewishness (on analogy with ‘gaydar’ and ultimately ‘radar’).”


    (not to be published)

    My message to Hunt:

    I only know Youtuber Dr. Ludwig, but he doesn’t speak American English like your “interviewer” and is not active on X aka Twitter. The only one who called himself that was a Jew who invented the “Paralympics”.

    Currently, only a successful stallion in Germany is called that Your “Sir Ludwig” is obviously a so called “concern troll” of Jewish origin from Jewrica.

    P.S. I’m “teasing” you because I think you’re a confused anti-social feminist asshole, but most of the posts on your site are still above average. However, people like you attract the wrong “partners” in life due to their misprogramming because they are symbionts and not freedom-loving personalities.

    At first glance, people think you’re a likeable, sincere and quite handsome guy, but there’s hardly anyone you haven’t alienated and taken advantage of and who therefore has a bad opinion of you. The facade deceives people about your massive mental defect.

    Unfortunately, you’re one of those guys who are always forgiven and handed a hand in their self-inflicted mess. Presumably you were a child who was on one hand very spoiled but at the same time very neglected, and therefore developed psychopathic traits in order to abuse people for your own purposes.

    Not unlike those “women” with whom you share your basically meaningless existence. You probably don’t realize what I’m talking about at all, and you never will, because you don’t carry out any decisive self-responsible personal development, but remain dependent on the help of others, which you then abuse for your own purposes.

  7. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    “In my lifetime Africa will become a superpower in wealth.”

    One of Little Britain’s few remaining white teens on his way to the big time. This this feminized, skinny manikin with the sour face and the narcissistic big mouth has the potential to occupy a crucial position in his country’s future self-destruction apparatus.

    One dares not imagine what Africa would do to this misprogrammed head if there were no cam around. Because Africa’s problem is that it is full of Africans. How many trillions in “development aid” have white countries pumped into Africa so far, to their own detriment and in vain?

    One thing is certain: during his lifetime, his pitiable homeland will become extremely colorful and thus a “humanitarian superpower” of poverty and terror, following the South African model.

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