Jews and Cold War Spying

Patrick Cleburne writes at vdare on Cold War spying, describing and interview between Peter Brimelow and Diana West:

As he notes, the great majority of spies for the USSR were Jews—part of the pro-communist Jewish left that was very mainstream in the Jewish community. Cleburne’s vdare article references an article by John Graham in TOO which contains the following:

What younger observers will be able to recognize, however, is the familiar pattern of fanatical denial of truth and willful ignoring of reality still occurring in MSM discussions of these matters, for instance in the New York Times obituary for Coplon: Judith Coplon, Haunted by Espionage Case, Dies at 89 by Sam Roberts (March 1, 2011).

Judith Socolov, who as a diminutive Barnard graduate named Judith Coplon was convicted of espionage more than 60 years ago after embracing a utopian vision of communism and falling in love with a Soviet agent, died Saturday in Manhattan.

Coplon was convicted of course not for utopianism or falling in love, but for betraying her (putative) country at the time of its greatest peril – Germany and Japan never threatened America the way the Soviet Union did. …

It stems of course from the fact that the overwhelming majority of the important spies for Russia were Jews. Coplon, the Rosenbergs, Harry Dexter White, Theodore Hall , Maurice Halperin – the list goes on and on. There were a few leftist WASPS – Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, Elizabeth Bentley – but they were distinctly a minority.

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  1. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    Excellent points made, a real meal, a treat as usual. Thank you again.

    There seems a ‘softening’ here though: “Germany and Japan never threatened America the way the Soviet Union did.” Neither Germany nor Japan threatened what used to be a sovereign America into war: I’ve accepted what I’ve read on this subject by such informed and honorable men as Pat Buchanan who wrote that, among other things, pre-Pearl Harbor American leaders were provoking Japan in Japan’s territorial waters; Britain wanted Palestine (and much more as we know) and promised that territory to the Jews.

    Benjamin Freedman in his 1961 Willard Hotel Address (NYC) told his audience that Zionists and their co-religionists rule the U.S. and that Germany was not a threat to countries declaring WWI who were envious beyond the pale of Germany’s success – Germany was making superior products and selling them at lower prices; France, et al. went along. If merit is a virtue how can it be a threat? Germany is still a threat to thieves

    Recently I’ve read that Germany wouldn’t have had WWII forced on it if Hitler hadn’t invaded countries that didn’t declare either world war – I’ve read elsewhere that Hitler invaded those countries to reclaim land dished out to them after WW1. It’s often difficult to know the facts since ‘our favorite Ally’, a past Master of Deception, owns MSM, the Justice System, etc., and continues to demonize Germany and Germans. As a rule I believe Germans (except obvious traitors) when there’s disagreement even though their country has been ‘re-educated’ for 75 years by very jealous, cunning and blood-lusting sociopaths.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    “ProfessX” (*) Hossenfelder: “Free will – that doesn’t make sense.” Ms. Hossenfelder’s greatest strength lies in asking idiotic questions, but never offering a single competent answer. (A more than typical female characteristic.)

    With her fundamental ignorance, she is expected to reach millions of viewers, which is no wonder, since her entire construct of theoretical assumptions is based on the world model of the Jewish swindler Einstein. A symptom of the pathological nature of our oh-so “modern” times.

    Ms. Hossenfelder says that we only ever perceive the past. This ridiculous truism seems to be the starting point for ever more idiocies. When I look into my room, I also look exclusively into the past. The house was built 50 years ago, my bed 30 years ago and my microwave 10 years ago.

    And the hair growing out of Mrs. Hossenfelder’s stupid head was formed a month ago. But the stupidities that her basically empty head spits out are already 100 years old and come from the same Jewish prophet who is famous for his chaotic hairstyle and a tongue that sticks out.

    So what single gain in knowledge does a whole armada of such morons contribute to the further development of a society? A surprisingly huge one: That our so-called society is populated by morons. If that’s not a gain in knowledge, I don’t know what is! English subs available.


  3. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    That’s a good interview with Diana West and Peter Brimelow. They’re right. US immigration policy is run by communists. It’s also run by Jews. The same with US foreign policy, which is pro-Israel at America’s expense.

    Jews have always agitated for open borders, because they are disloyal. That is the definition of disloyalty. Moreover, in the USA, most spies for the USSR were Jews.

    Communism in all its variants is a Jewish ideology. Jews have always hated Russia, except when they ruled it from a privileged position in the former USSR. Now they hate Russia, since it’s no longer communist.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews lost power in the Soviet Union at some point. They were discriminated against somewhat, hindered. But when the Soviet Union broke up, Jews became the oligarchs.

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