Surprisingly good interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene

I had the impression that MTG was a brainless bimbo on the basis of the “Jewish Space Lasers” allegation, although I wouldn’t have called her a “crazed, Nazi, anti-Semite,” as was common the media. She denies saying it and Tucker says he can’t confirm that she said it. The interview is a good snapshot of the deep problems of the GOP—way too many stuffed shirts (she names a few) who are in it only to get all the benefits that such an office holds and fail  to do all they can to push back on the leftist agenda; e.g., her proposal to impeach the evil Mayorkas was labeled “immature” by the head of the committee that would act on it. She also goes off on Trump hate, gender madness, Mike Johnson, the endless wars, funding for the Ukraine war, and wonders why Israel can’t fund its own wars. If politics is the art of the possible, we’d be much better off if she was more in the mainstream of the GOP, rather than a pariah.

Ep. 43 You think elected Republicans in Washington are craven frauds who’d sell your children for a steak dinner at the French Laundry? Actually, says Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s worse than that.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    “Hey r̶a̶b̶b̶i̶ daddy… Whatcha doing?”

    Quote: “At the same time, David was spiraling. A neurologist, he is currently on probation after a yearlong license suspension, for sexual conduct with a patient and creating inaccurate medical notes related to the patient, according to the Pennsylvania Board of Osteopathic Medicine. The patient is suing him. In October, in a separate case, he settled with the federal government for $480,000 over allegations that he accepted kickbacks from a home-infusion pharmacy.”

    Sounds exactly like one of those outrageous anti-Semitic propaganda lies by the notorious “sex pervert” (Jew Herbert Eisen) Julius Streicher!

    Spielberg & his useful idiots once again glorify the cowardly bombing of historic civilian cities as a “heroic deed”.

    Yet despite all the underhanded cowardice, America is said to have long feared that their “ally” Stalin had kidnapped Nazi rocket scientists to construct invincible UFOs.

    In contrast to the American destruction of entire countries in Africa and Asia (initiated mainly by Jews in the name of “humanism, peace and democracy”, the Nazi plans are incomprehensibly condemnable, pure logic tells you that, because what is called Nazi must always and exclusively be of evil.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    I had the impression that MTG was a brainless bimbo …

    So did I. The hair and the overall gestalt don’t contradict the impression either. All the more reason to exult at being mistaken!

    Her frankness regarding her Republican colleagues took me aback. Whatever her limitations, she is plainly a woman whose heart is in the right place.

    • hyperborean supremacist
      hyperborean supremacist says:

      White children are not vulnerable victims they are evil oppressors getting their comeuppance in these sick peoples minds. Unless they are jews then white children are targets to be mindfucked with conditioning and propaganda then turned into jewish whores.

  3. mishin05
    mishin05 says:

    Russia is fighting the Jews who have taken over the West. Jews captured most of Ukraine during the 2014 coup with the help of Israeli special forces, consisting of Jewish repatriates from the former Soviet republics pretending to be New Bandera. Prigozhin wanted to carry out the same Jewish coup. He admitted this when he said that Russian blood could have been shed on one side, meaning that there were Jews on the other side.

    • hyperborean supremacist
      hyperborean supremacist says:

      jews like always are on both sides of the conflict and win no matter the eventual outcome like every war conducted in the last 75 years.

    • hyperborean supremacist
      hyperborean supremacist says:

      Russia turning Ukraine into a depopulated wasteland and allowing jews to purchase all the resources, property and infrastructure at bargain rates due to war induced devalued Ukrainian currency works just as well as Ukraine joining NATO and installing themselves into the management of every institution via corruption and nepotism and expanding all their middle man and rent seeking scams nationwide. Both scenarios result in many dead young white men and destitute young white women to be exploited as jewish whores.

  4. Whats’s up Skip
    Whats’s up Skip says:

    She’s certainly saying all the right things short of explicitly Jew-naming and discussing White replacement.

    One question I have though is how did she actually manage to buy her parents’ construction company ‘after college’?

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