Tucker interviews Thomas Massie

Rep. Thomas Massie is in big trouble with the media after this tweet:

But it’s hard to know exactly what Massie meant by this, but presumably it is linked to the Republicans’ attempt to tie aid to Israel to securing the southern border. But of course, Jewish activists saw it differently, likely thinking that it resurrects the old charge of loyalty to Jewish interests trumping loyalty to American interests. The White House called it “virulent anti-Semitism, and Chuck Schumer tweeted (Xed?), “Rep. Massie, you’re a sitting Member of Congress. This is antisemitic, disgusting, dangerous, and exactly the type of thing I was talking about in my Senate address.” His Senate address included statements such as:

While the dead bodies of Jewish Israelis were still warm, while hundreds of Jewish Israelis were being carried as hostages back to Hamas tunnels under Gaza, Jewish Americans were alarmed to see some of our fellow citizens characterize a brutal terrorist attack as justified because of the actions of the Israeli government.

The problem is that the actions of the Israeli government are also brutal, on the West Bank and especially in Gaza. And it’s not at all clear what the Palestinians are supposed to do about it short of armed resistance.

Massie reposted Schumer’s criticism Tuesday and tweeted, “If only you cared half as much about our border as you do my tweets” implying I suppose, the Democrats’ open border policy bringing in millions of people with no attachments to America but are likely future Democrat voters is anything but patriotic.

All this occurred in the context of a House resolution that basically equated criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. Massie was the sole Republican who did not vote in favor of it. Al Jazeera’s summary of the bill:

The symbolic resolution was framed as an effort to reject the “drastic rise of anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world”.

But it contained language saying that the House “clearly and firmly states that anti-Zionism is antisemitism”. It also condemned the slogan “From the River to the Sea”, which rights advocates understand to be an aspirational call for equality in historic Palestine.

Instead, the resolution described it as a “rallying cry for the eradication of the State of Israel and the Jewish people”. It also characterised demonstrators who gathered in Washington, DC, last month to demand a ceasefire as “rioters”. They “spewed hateful and vile language amplifying antisemitic themes”, the resolution alleges.

Husam Marajda, an organiser with the US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), said the resolution is an effort to “cancel” Palestinian rights advocates by accusing them of bigotry and labelling their criticism of Israeli policies as hate speech.

“It’s super dangerous. It sets a really, really bad precedent. It’s aiming to criminalise our liberation struggle and our call for justice and peace and equality,” Marajda told Al Jazeera.

Mr. Marajda is quite right. Schumer’s tweet it typical of Jewish commentary on the war: no context—nothing about the blockade, the reality of Gaza as an open-air prison, apartheid on the West Bank, and the implacably hostile attitudes of the present Israeli government.

So Massie really stepped into what he must have known would be a deluge of hatred against him—and likely a brimming war chest for whomever runs against him in 2024.

So aid to Israel is being held up by Congress. But no problem. The neocons who run the Biden administration easily found a way to get around it:

The State Department is pushing through a government sale to Israel of 13,000 rounds of tank ammunition, bypassing a congressional review process that is generally required for arms sales to foreign nations, according to a State Department official and an online post by the Defense Department on Saturday.

The State Department notified congressional committees at 11 p.m. on Friday that it was moving ahead with the sale, valued at more than $106 million, even though Congress had not finished an informal review of a larger order from Israel for tank rounds.

The department invoked an emergency provision in the Arms Export Control Act, the State Department official and a congressional official told The New York Times. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivities over the sales. The arms shipment has been put on an expedited track, and Congress has no power to stop it.

The Defense Department posted a notification of the sale before noon on Saturday. It said Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken had informed Congress on Friday that “an emergency exists that requires the immediate sale.”

So Tucker’s December 5 interview with Massie is quite timely. From the Zero Hedge article (emphasis in original):

“But you gotta wonder like, why is the leadership of your party, the Republican party, in favor of this? Why the new speaker — seems like a nice guy but also like a child — why would his first act as speaker be to endorse this? I’m confused,” said Carlson.

To which Massie replied: “Well, I hope he doesn’t. But you know, Biden’s budget director, the head of the OMB sent a letter yesterday to Speaker Mike Johnson, imploring him to spend more money in Ukraine. And what they said is they want to revitalize our defense industrial base.”

“And they sent a list of states that would get money when we spend, you know, money on deadly munitions because they have to be manufactured in Alabama or Ohio or Texas,” Massie continued. “And so, you know, they’re saying the quiet part out loud that congressmen tend to vote for this stuff because a lot of this federal spending that goes to Ukraine is actually laundered back to the military-industrial complex. And in some ways, not very efficiently, but in some ways, it enriches people in their districts and the stockholders, some of whom are congressmen.” …

The two also discussed US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her influence in Ukraine, with Carlson calling her “the single most consequential voice” in the Ukraine debate.

(Nuland’s husband, [neocon] Robert Kagan [tapped by Hilary Clinton as a top foreign policy advisor in 2016], notably penned a ‘Trump Dictator‘ piece in the Washington Post last week). [From 2016: Kagan has advocated for muscular American intervention in Syria; Clinton’s likely pick for Pentagon chief, Michelle Flournoy, has similarly agitated for redirecting U.S. airstrikes in Syria toward ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.]

Carlson notes that she was a “driving force behind the war in Iraq, which was of course a disaster and hurt the United States,” and now “she has far more influence on it than the entire United States Congress put together.” “How do we allow unelected lunatics like ‘Toria Nuland who clearly hates the United States, and always has, to have this power over our lives and our children’s future?

[Neocons would be apoplectic at the idea that they hate the U.S.,  but Tucker’s claim seems a transparent attempt to paint them as having loyalty to their ethnostate, as implied by Massie’s tweet.] …

Carlson then asked if the people advocating for more war have ever apologized for “the killing of an entire” generation of Ukrainians who are fighting a “war they cannot win.”

“That’s all so grotesque, but it’s also straightforward. You know, people are getting rich, so let’s do it. Okay — that’s an argument. It’s an immoral argument but it is one. But that’s not the argument they’re making in public. They’re saying we have a moral obligation.”

“You’re a bad person, you just heard the national security advisor say it, you’re a bad person if you’re against this. But no one ever mentions that we have abetted the killing of an entire generation of Ukrainian men that will not be replaced. To fight a war that they cannot win.” -Tucker Carlson

Carlson also pointed out that the Biden administration “prevented a peace deal and we extended the war, and we killed all these people,” adding “And so all the ones running around with their little Ukraine flag pins, they’re implicated in that. Has anyone apologized?”

To which Massie replied, “No, to support this money you have to be economically illiterate and morally deficient.”

Other things that stood out to me:

  • Jake Sullivan: people who vote against Ukraine aid are Putin puppets in a war Tucker said was a “war they cannot win”;
  • Tucker on Victoria Nuland: “You can make the case she should be in prison”;
  • Massie: if border security is part of Ukraine aid bill, it will just give Biden (i.e., Mayorkas) more money to process more illegals;
  • White men not wanted in the armed forces, likely to be replaced by military-aged illegals with no allegiance to America;
  • requiring covid jabs in the military as a litmus test for allegiance to the liberal agenda;
  • proposed expense for additional Ukraine aid is equal to the entire U.S. spending on infrastructure;
  • interest on the debt more than the military budget; covid spending as obviously causing inflation.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    And all of the bullet pointed items are of course reasons NOT to explicitly advocate for Red State secession in conjunction with enumerating said bullet pointed items. Boomers are certainly a mysterious lot.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Excellent article.Sad that kabalist cucker tarlson the trust fund brat,face of the CIA or..mossad… is the lame stream s closest talking head connection to any remote semblance of some “truth.”Perhaps a comparative, a syllogism is in order.
    Contrast clickbait..,fearporn,.. diet woke..,limited hangout ,flat earther..with Isreal s current Hannibal Directive.
    Maybe Dr Shiva or Vivek will discuss this in the next Isreal firster- bomb- Gaza into the stone age and more money for zelensky rino debate.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Speaking of the pocket-sized electronic “debt clock” attached to the breast pocket of his jacket, Rep. Thomas Massie (BS & MS, MIT) said,

    The design goal is to induce anxiety.

    Be still, my heart. If Massie is truly what this interview suggests he is, he might be the replacement for the funny and insightful Jim Traficant that many other people and I have been looking for since the latter gentleman’s Deep State–orchestrated disgrace and imprisonment—seven years!—and death. I pray that Massie doesn’t cave in to Schumer, Biden’s handlers, and the rest of the evil Jewish Establishment.

  4. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    “the Republicans’ attempt to tie aid to Israel to securing the southern border.”

    Then you wrote:

    “Massie reposted Schumer’s criticism Tuesday and tweeted, “If only you cared half as much about our border as you do my tweets””

    Huh? Did Schumer switch parties? If not, this is a really strange form of “burying the lead”:

    Such a damning bit of news about Republicans deserves a brief description, right there in the top of the article, as to why you said Republicans motivated Massie’s contrasting Patriotism with Zionism.

    When I saw, instead, something about Schumer, I just gave up on this article. Sorry. No time for just another confusing article.

  5. Hassan
    Hassan says:

    “Moreover, this is no defense of Islam. I have a very dim view of the Islamic world and Islam itself. It is an ugly and pathological religion that confines its adherents in a glorification of violence against the non-Muslim. That I want to see international law, which itself is a creation of European values, vindicated has little to do with the fact that the victims of Israel’s failure to abide by it are Muslims”

    The last thing an American faggot like you should do is try to lecture Muslims on morals. You are responsible for the torture, mass rape and murder of MILLIONS of Muslims across the world, and you are as guilty as Israelis for the genocide happening right now in Gaza. And I won’t let a Christian rat to criticize Islam for being “too violent” after all the masacres commited by your satanic Brethren from Bosnia to Iraq to Ethiopia to Russia. If anything, our mistake has been not responding in kind to your terrorism. So you can take your opinions on the Middle East and shove them up to your ass, rat. The day is coming when we depose your puppets in Arab countries and send your crusaders pigs to hell. Thanks again for proving that you deserve the 11s, subhuman.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      In light of the homicidal viciousness of what you write, is it any wonder that you were unwelcome in the West until the Jews seized power in our once-Christian nations?

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      The funny thing, this moron explodes with rage at Kevin’s well-deserved criticism of Islam, and by his insults, hysteria and outrageousness, confirms the accuracy of that criticism.
      Sorry for the double post

    • Buc380
      Buc380 says:

      @Hassan: I don’t see the quote in this article, regardless, the caustic threats you use in response to it only support the quoted words’ point. Violent rhetoric menacing others in this life, calling for eternal damnation in the next.

      Your religion, Islam, is an eastern one; the US a western civilization, home to western ideals, of which, Christianity one. Your faith is not western, in values or beliefs. Neither is Judaism, by the way.
      Still, I can’t – & don’t – deny the government of the USA’s militaristic actions in middle east & other lands.

      Don’t confuse ZOG control of US foreign policy with the average White working-class / middle-class Christian American’s opinion. Nationalistic Whites more & more are sick of fighting & dying in wars started by Jewish control of American foreign policy, fought for ZOG interests, not American..

      The day will come when pro-whites again reclaim their homeland & restore western civilization ways & values. When it arrives, non-western ones, including Islam & Judaism, will no longer be catered to. The reclamation will be conducted civilly, i.e. legally & peacefully, unless & until violent Muslims’ actions require otherwise.

      I can agree with you Hassan, about wanting no more White Christian American soldiers in your lands, I only wish all were back home – guarding the US southern border. You’re welcome to your religion & your homelands, Hassan. Your people & the Jews can work that problem out yourselves. Good luck to you.

  6. Kt-88
    Kt-88 says:

    I think K Mac deserves the title “King of the Boomers”. I can’t imagine how much better things would be if our parents were more like him.

  7. Alan
    Alan says:

    One of many benefits of Kevin’s stentorian articles is non pareil depth ..almost ethereal scintillating consciousness…Prof.K. illuminates. exposes.. extrapolates… ,elegantly defines
    these issues to the intelligent reader …he raises pertinent questions, delineates the multiplicity of ugly consequence.s resulting from Jewish micromanaged middle east policies..and all Jew manipulated lawafare..current Jewish Internet censorship …Like millions of other real people,towering intellectuals or not..prof.Kevin,.. and all of the writers at TOO have nothing to do with commending,approving,funding or appeasing any neocon jew middle east jingoism or the current Holocaust genocide ethnic cleansing
    butchering of innocent Palestinians ..Whatever smears or justified accusations might be applicable to Washington and jerusalem….Saudi arabia..china. turkey…the satanic Zionist entity. whatever.. its not us..—.None of us ,generically are faggots.””Most real Americans do not have any real intent to bomb any Muslim or Islamic republic, per Se ,back to the stone age. We do have many years of open anti Isreal protest.””We are most consistently.anti communist – isolationist.’
    We who write have unsurprisingly travelled extensivel.in many countries and
    frequently experienced sudden invective..
    venom..misguided.. hatreds,explosive negative words and violence,..about U.S.Givernment policies that we didn’t vote for,.. as most real Americans have literally nothing to do with these normatively deeply Jewish kissingeresque odious neocon policies.For anyone who is in a hurry to shed innocent blood as so many ignorant folk do, be reminded..,2 wrongs never make a right’..by smearing all ‘Christians”…-all Americans,for Jewish middle east policies you who act that out,.. only guarantee greater injustice,relentless retribution,..wars.. etc. ,do not punish or attack the innocent as if that hurts the guilty..culpable party..it does not..not even a little bit…. not..at all..Many Christians and Muslims outside of America get along quite well..as long as both respect boundaries and freedom.The open butchery of Gaza is an isreali American Jewish political stranglehold rebate scam scenario… it is not a generic ‘american’ chosen programme..it is in actual fact big government military industrial complex kickbacks ,money laundering by Jews on top..again..and again .and again..Jim trafiicent and Cynthia mckinney…ron paul….others..tried to warn everyone who would listen..get the message, …its the degenerate self serving parasitical oppressive political class..not most real Americans.Certainly not TOO. Most people in the world..are not the problem..it’s big expansionary Jew micromanaged power mad government.For some angry Muslims..consider this..Isreal and Jew race supremacists love it when you attack the wrong people.Choose your battles wisely.Open borders for Isreal ,2023 “”

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