Big Money and Little Israel: The Racial Roots of a Rabbi’s Risible Rhetoric

Absolutely fascinating. And utterly immoral. That’s how I’d describe an experiment that’s been performed several times down the centuries. Or so the stories go. Maybe the stories are wrong. Maybe no powerful ruler has ever ordered a group of babies to be raised in isolation by silent nurses, so that he could discover whether language is acquired or innate, and perhaps learn the true mother-tongue of mankind. But Herodotus says that the pharaoh Psamtik I (664–610 BC) tried the experiment and concluded that Phrygian is our Ursprache. Later historians say that Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1194–1250), King James IV of Scotland (1473–1513), and the Mughal emperor Akbar (1542–1605) tried it too.

Tongues and hands

Only Psamtik and Akbar may really have done so, but they wouldn’t have discovered the true and original language of mankind if they did. The evidence suggests that children raised like that can create a true spoken language among themselves, but it won’t match any existing or historic language. An entirely new sign-language appeared like that when deaf children were brought together in schools for the first time in Nicaragua. So yes, language is innate to human beings. It’s coded in our genes and it will emerge ex novo even if children are raised by silent and unsigning adults. But how is language coded in our genes? How did it evolve? I think those are two of the biggest scientific questions, up there with “Why is there something rather than nothing?” and “How does consciousness arise from unconscious matter?”

And maybe the evolution of language is the biggest scientific question of all. After all, language is the most important aspect of human behavior. It defines us and has empowered us in all our achievements. We’ve conquered the earth and begun to understand the universe with two small and feeble body-parts: our tongues and our hands. Mathematics is essential for true scientific understanding, of course, but mathematics wouldn’t exist without language. Nor would any kind of civilization or any kind of genuine culture. So everything comes back to language. That’s why, as I said, it would be absolutely fascinating to study a language that was created by children in isolation. But it would be utterly immoral to run an experiment like that, so we’ll have to go on wondering what such a language might be like.

Leftist linguistics

One of the things that I wonder is what influence race would have on the new language. Would White or Black or Chinese children create something racially distinct? Would finer racial distinctions, say between German and Spanish children, make any difference? The experiment would have to be repeated to get valid results, of course, but orthodox linguistics already knows what those results would be. It says that race would have no influence whatsoever: any kind of language could emerge from any kind of children. After all, race doesn’t exist, so how could it influence language? That’s what the leftist mainstream of linguistics says. But the leftist mainstream is as wrong in linguistics as it is everywhere else. Race does exist and it influences everything from physiology to psychology. Why should language be excluded?

I find it very difficult to believe that identical genes underlie language in every human group. And even if those genes are identical, they wouldn’t be expressed in isolation. Extra-linguistic traits like extraversion and intelligence also influence the language we use. For example, you can see extraversion and intelligence (or lack of it) at work in the language of Black Americans. When White society relaxed its efforts to police feckless behavior and instil European values in Blacks, they swiftly reverted to the matricentric cultural patterns of Africa, as though Black genetics was reasserting itself after centuries of suppression.

No photo required

Is the language of Blacks part of that Afro-genetic renaissance? Take the woman who has been arrested for “trying to burn down the birth home of American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr in Atlanta, Georgia.” I predict that the leftist media will soon send the crime down the memory-hole, because the arrested woman is Black. I haven’t seen a photo of her, but I have seen her name. It’s Laneisha Shantrice Henderson. Those forenames are definitely Black, but they’re restrained and tasteful by comparison with many others: Shaqeeqah, Demontravius, Shalondra, Rau’shee, D’Vontay, Knowshon, Jermajesty, Anfrene, Deontay, Ogonna, Dremiel, and so on. In nomenclature like that I can sense a new language trying to burst the carapace of English and emerge into the light. If English-speaking Blacks were separated from Whites, they would turn English into an entirely new language. They’ve gone a long way to doing that already, as a satirical commenter at Paul Kersey’s old SBPDL blog once noted:

I was at the bus stop today and there were two of the stupidest, most unintelligible blacks that I have ever been around. Both were in their 40s, unkempt, dirty, and walked with typical Negro lethargy.

They “spoke” for a few minutes in their ebonic gibberish, and it went something like this:

Black 1: Ramclam. RAMCLAM! Suppa dat?!

Black 2: Yah gooby. Muhfugga aw-rah yo.

B1: Yuh huh, ooba dun dee-id dat.

B2: Dahhh ain’ got dat shoeshine.

B1: Nah! Flibba doo bo’ cain’ got da jimjam.

B2: Heard dat! Aw yaw ain’ got duh ribba fo duh foo. Dat’s wah dey ain’ got muhfuggas an’ sheeit!

And it went on like this, with extensive crotch-grabbing and chuckle-laughing, finger-snapping, and levity on a wavelength only these two were on. And to think there are millions of whites who would listen to these two in amazement, thinking they were speaking a unique language rather than butchered English. (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)

But it isn’t really butchered English: it’s Black English. Some Whites find it amusing, while other Whites – so-called “wiggas” – try to imitate it. The first response is much healthier, of course, but it misses the scientific interest of Black English. Are genetics at work in its phonetics, grammar, and semantics? I would say that they are. I would also say that genetics are at work in the English of another alien group in Western culture. Here’s an example of that English from the Financial Times:

Confronted with enormity: murdered infants, abducted grandmothers, slaughtered villagers, lusty chants of “gas the Jews” at the Free Palestine demonstration in Sydney, mere words feel like weak carriers of so much horror and sorrow. Journalistic bloviation on the cause of this and the effect of that seems an indecency, at least until the bodies are gathered and returned to families. So context me no contexts, analyse me no analyses, suspend your partially informed diagnoses; leave off your strenuous efforts at even-handedness. Let us be, to grieve, rage, weep; say the mourners’ kaddish.

Perhaps images, then, not words? Of terrified young people who in a trice went from dancing to frantic running in a futile attempt to escape the spray of bullets; of a kibbutz dog shot as it emerged from a house (that must have helped Free Palestine); a young woman with bloody marks staining her sweatpants as she is bundled away by captors; a knife lying on a sofa in the kibbutz Be’eri, where 10 per cent of the population were killed; or visual evidence of “resistance” like the video of Mor Bayder’s murdered grandmother uploaded by her killers to Mor’s Facebook page.

Sympathy, for the moment, abounds, for as the writer Dara Horn pointed out in the title of her unsparing book of essays, People Love Dead Jews; living ones, especially should we have the temerity to defend ourselves, not so much. There is, rightly, sympathy too for the Palestinians of Gaza who are also victims and prisoners of Hamas and do not deserve to be punished for the wickedness perpetrated by their fanatical tyrants, nor for the delusion that the deaths of Jewish families will make Israel disappear. (“Let us be, to grieve, rage, weep,” The Financial Times, 13th October 2023)

That’s the Jewish historian Simon Schama (born 1945) reacting to the Hamas atrocities in Israel. As I read his  article, I decided that he was committing atrocities of his own – atrocities against the English language. He postures and preens in a thoroughly obnoxious way. And I found myself nagged by a strange thought: that English isn’t Schama’s mother-tongue. Yes, he grew up in an English-speaking Jewish family in an English-speaking country, but he doesn’t use English in a natural way. As Andrew Joyce said in his incisive polemic against Schama at the Occidental Observer: “[…] what strikes me most about [his] literary and visual productions is the inescapably non-European, and utterly alien, manner in which he communicates.” “Alien” is the right word in more ways than one. There’s something squirming and wriggling beneath the surface of Schama’s language, like one of the death-dealing larvae of the Alien films as it prepares to burst from a human body in a shower of blood and shredded tissue.

Speech for speaking’s sake

I think Jewish genetics are at work in Schama’s English. And I think that’s ultimately why I find it so pretentious and ugly. Other Whites have reacted in the same way to Jews using other White European languages. As Andrew Joyce continued: “Schama’s type of verbosity has for centuries been taken as a Jewish hallmark. The most famous attack on Jewish verbosity, of course, came from Richard Wagner who heavily critiqued his Jewish musical contemporaries for their preoccupation with speech ‘for the sake of speaking, rather than with the object that first makes speaking worthwhile.’” And what does make speaking worthwhile? It’s to communicate truth, first and foremost. But any gentile who has ever argued with Ashkenazi Jews must have noticed that some of them simply aren’t interested in the truth. Instead, they’re interested in that perennial and pluripotent question: What’s best for Jews?

And in pursuit of what’s best for Jews, they will unblushingly advance the most ridiculous arguments and commit the most blatant fallacies. Here’s an example from Rabbi Dov Fischer, a Jew who much writes much better than Simon Schama but seems to share Schama’s indifference to reality. Addressing the Black commentator Candace Owens, Rabbi Fischer said she was mistaken to claim that Israel’s supporters had any financial power:

As you posted, Ms. Owens, one “cannot serve both G[-]d and money.” The Big Money: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain. By contrast, Israel is the size of New Jersey, population 9.5 million, comparable to New York City’s 8.8 million, way less than Tokyo’s 14 million. When you stand with Israel, you are turning your back on money while serving G-d in all His glory. (“An Open Letter to Ms. Candace Owens,” The American Spectator, 17th November 2023)

Dov Fischer is an intelligent man. Why could he not see the complete non sequitur of using Israel’s land-area to refute the idea that Israelis and Israel’s supporters have enormous financial power? Yes, Israel is a small country. So is Switzerland. Do we therefore conclude that Swiss banks are a myth and that Switzerland is a nation of barefooted goatherds? Of course not. Nor should we accept the idea that standing with Israel means “turning your back on money.” On the contrary: standing with Israel means opening your arms to money. Lots of money. But was Dov Fischer consciously and willfully lying when he made that utterly ridiculous claim in the American Spectator?

Words versus world

I don’t think so. It’s more complicated than that. There’s a basic division in life between those who think that reality should govern words and those who think that words should govern reality. Those in the first group try to conform their words to reality. That is, they try to speak the truth. Those in the second group try to control reality with words. That is, they have no respect for the truth. Instead, they’re interested in something else, like power or benefiting some identity-group.

Most leftists belong to the second group, but Dov Fischer is right-wing and he has as little respect for the truth as the left-wing Simon Schama. After all, Fischer and Schama are concerned with something much more important than what’s true and what’s real. They’re concerned with what’s best for Jews. We don’t yet know how race affects the genetics of language, but one thing is already certain. Different races use language in very different ways and for very different ends.

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  1. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    “Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – John 8:44

    Propaganda is the very LIFEBLOOD of DaSynagogue of Satan – after all, Jesus didn’t call out DaPharisees as the children of the father of LIES for no reason – He meant it! Today’s jews are the spiritual descendants of yesterday’s Pharisees.

    Want to dig deeper? Start here – – much to read.

    • Heimdall in Africa
      Heimdall in Africa says:

      Thanks Crush…going to your site now. Btw : I cannot stand black-butchered English. Excruciating to listen to.

  2. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I do believe biology affects language. I submit that certain words or vowels and consonants are easier to pronounce or harder depending upon the race. This may involve the musculature of the tongue and the shape of the skull and even the size of the larynx. Certainly, low IQ would limit the vocabulary and understanding various abstract concepts.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I have studied (and continue to study) foreign languages and I agree with you.

      I would submit that climate also plays a somewhat smaller part; i.e. – in the warmer climates people tend to drawl more (y’all know what I mean. don’tcha?” Obviously sub-Saharan Africa takes this to the extreme.

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Fascinating..Very fine probing article.Most Americans, subliminally ,expressing it or not,are firmly aware that most solipsistic ,
    ,identarian lowest class tribal blacks do not have any firm identity.. these same proletarian blacks misuse American English to obfuscate their war drum sort of group communication type intentions from the outsider. They appear at least, to think they prepossess some ague mythical alternate reality.. So much for hatred of verified scientific racism. It is understandable why Jews are so fearful of scientific racism…they lose to whitey.. Nikola Tesla said it..”never trust the Jew” ” Some notorious and pathetic scandal ridden negros….dindu muffin?. openly claim with no objective evidence..that the .ancient African dark continent where cannibalism and slavery still reign supreme, is …a more soulful reality. Wakanda?.. Al not so sharp..Sharpton? ..jebbe Jackson?.. House negroid white hating Lloyd Austin? Negroid lesbian jew Orca winfrey?the man Lori Beetlejuice lightfoot? michael .lavergne Robinson?.. There’s always Talmud quoter Corey Booker too.” Mass media,or government media complex talking head Jews behind weaponization of language break down post white European linguistics …via wilding inner city feral black anarcho tribal crime waves,…other Jews strive in mass media, ADL style,..judaizing ..stalinizing..what s left of..”education…. no surprise that logical white flight is felonized by Jew lawyer liars..deemed racism by genocidal white despising Jew academics,..the post Frankfurt school Jew thought Fuhrer’s.
    Grammar..proper sentence and paragraph structures ,and elegant vocabulary goes to hell time for dissent,.. Jews on top strive to dissolve America,..Nikki Haley style, down to the new Pakistan,the next gaza….but blacks who don’t know any of this need to stop blaming whitey ,don’t step off the Jew controlled plantation or else! ..Thanks to the deleterious malevolence of jon pollard. ray kursweil., ..kushner, sam Altman,sam.b.fried,Eric Schmidt..crypto Jew supremacist..polygamist?..,bigamist?-elon
    musk , more insidious..pernicious.. technotronic. emf radiation poisoning is exploding everywhere…smart meters and E
    vehicles on fire… Neuro and microbiome is being cooked….classic extrapolatory language. is being immolated….fact is Jews behind technotronic microwaving of goyim do. not care how difficult typing out objective
    truth on the dumb phone is…. its lockstep compliance or mossad extra judicial assassination teams funded by American taxes…isreali Americans and controligarch Jew banksters imposing by lawfare and bait and switch subterfuge more sinister priorities. Reality check,. Jews disappeared the term radiation poisoning some time ago..preferring to profiteer on the never isolated germ theory covi sars 2
    scamdemic… a spade a spade..its the New Jew kung flu.
    Meantime,..Kushner. and other Jews are pushing new AI religions”.
    chislam is just the begining.

  4. Aram
    Aram says:

    Speaking of NASTY, unprincipled rabbis:

    These European rabbis think they have a lock on genocide (via the Holocaust).

    They insult and lie about Christian Armenians simply because Israel and Azerbaijan are allies.

    “In unusual move, rabbis in Europe condemn Armenian Holocaust comparisons”:


    These kinds of Jewish and Israeli attacks on Armenian Christians are not unusual. Many Jews, have however, condemned this anti-Christian-Armenianism.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Dearest Santa,

    please grant our Christian Civilization [ assuming you are still licensed to call it that ] our greatest possible gift.

    Transfer Aleyandro Mayorkas from Washington to his original home Jerusalem while disallowing him any change in his immigration policies.

    My secretary will forthwith send you the coordinates for the Knesset’s chimney drop.

    With deepest gratitude, from about a billion fans, and myself,

    Charles Frey

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    “Mein Kampf” is available from Amazon and a few other places on the web for a lengthy opinion of Jews that A.H. encountered, and their culture in Germany. An example from the Chapter set in Vienna:

    “The more disputes I had with them, the better acquainted I became with their arguing techniques. First, they would count on the stupidity of their adversaries, and then, if there was no way out, they pretended to be stupid themselves. If all else failed, they claimed they did not understand, or, being challenged, they would instantly jump to another subject and talk about obvious truths. If these were agreed on, they immediately applied them to entirely different matters.

    When they were caught off guard, they would avoid the conversation and claim they had no knowledge or understanding of the issue. No matter where you seized one of these apostles, your hand grasped slimy ooze, which spurted through your fingers, only to unite again the next moment. If your argument really gave a man a shattering defeat in front of others, he could do nothing but agree. You might suppose that this was one step forward, but how surprised you would be the following day!

    The next morning you will find that Jew has not even the slightest memory of yesterday and continues to repeat his old mischievous nonsense as if nothing at all had happened. When pressed about the previous conversation, he would pretend astonishment and could remember nothing at all except the truth of his statements, which he felt had been proven the day before. Frequently I was simply paralyzed. It was hard to know what to admire the most: their fluency or their artistry in lying. Gradually, I began to hate them.”
    (Mein Kampf, Chapter “Years of Learning and Suffering in Vienna”)

    Mr. Langdon gets directly to the point in this essay.

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      Thanks for that.

      I’ve read Mein Kampf, and I often want to share quotes from it… however, as you may have noticed, it’s tricky to pull out short excerpts from AH’s writing that will connect with the “goldfish” attention spans of modern readers.

      The passage you copied above is invaluable.

      In short: You know a Jew is lying when his or her lips are moving.

      …And it’s possible that there is something about the way their brains are wired that makes them incapable of understanding that they are lying.

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      @ Anonymous December 12, 2023 at 1:13 pm

      How confident do you feel about the translation? I read that the most widely circulated translation was by a Jesuit, the implication being it may not be very true to the original.

  7. Mr.Ed
    Mr.Ed says:

    Thank you, Sir.
    You are conversant across domains while possessing a crafty sense of humor.
    My hope would be that other ‘sites’ will re-publish wonderful article.

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This Schamas is totally Sephardic. The Real son of his progenitor, who, in a sane world , would stay in his ghetto, selling junk to other Jews, while gesticulating a lot. But now we have to put up with these carpet sellers, who are just as insufferable as their Arab cousins in the souks.

    Off topic, but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream medias :

    On December 7, Emmanuel Macron received the Lord Jacobovits Prize from the Chief Rabbi of France, Haïm Korsia, to mark his commitment to combating anti-Semitism.
    That evening, the Chief Rabbi also suggested that Emmanuel Macron light a candle at the Elysée Palace, which he himself had brought back from Auschwitz ( the Shoah religion now has its own relics !! ).
    Immediately after the Head of State had lit the candle, Haïm Korsia lit another, that of the first day of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights. ( invented from scratch to compete with, or even replace Christmas), then recited a prayer and sang a song.

    Can you imagine the scandal if Macron had invited catholic monks at the Elysée Palace to sing Christmas hymns celebrating the Nativity?
    THIS shameful Jewish CEREMONY organized by the head of state of France, which was once called the eldest daughter of the Church, shows the extent to which we live in a country occupied and enslaved by an ideology totally alien to the soul of historic France, its faith and its traditions.
    Source : Rivarol

  9. Alan
    Alan says:

    Send In The Clowns”
    As. ” Itralian”” Jewish Italian , isreali-italian mob Jew frank used to say.,isn’t it rich? Metaphorical hat is off to this author and wait for it,the many fine commenters on TOO who get it. Millennials don’t yet really know the Jewish malefactors in ‘american politics” here?…..AIPAC. ,zoa, , hias,zoa,..ACLU…seis, etc etc and infinitum ad nauseum..
    in actual fact these Jews do
    intolerable horrific punitive damage to freedom, fiscal stability, security ,privacy private property,gun rights..stalinize the language in idiotic reductionism.
    Jewish .identarianism redux in hebraicized gutteral poorly coded words…often just one
    or 2 pejorative words…..these Jews ,felonized truth and eviscerate self defense rights. For the new people,..young folks .check it out.. know the names …Mayorkas, nuland,singer,emhof. kushner..Schumer schmuely boteach..beryl lazar.. ,dr.jill Abrams..Biden.. sclerotic,stochastic,idiotic wife of
    Zionist fake Catholic, … Catholic lite,Jew biden…,pritzker newsome brown whitchmer kagan ,Soros,Schmidt,mercer,crown Koch,nadler,chipman,Sotomayor..Greenblatt.
    ,lipstadt, yellin… chertoff. jackelowitz. Cohen,bourla,Zak’s,chumpsky,sanders wallensky hagee ….
    ballmer kursweiil. ..geffen..sam altman…etc. These scum determine and proactively implement America s
    rapid preplanned demise . .They turn the world upside down as jews always did historically.. New readers need to know who these
    ultra Jewish malefactors are..
    .Vis a vis language and coded Jew race supremacist dialectic..imagine this ..”…Crooklyn Jew “Janet yellin speaks Yiddish like hilly Rosenberg -radomski Clinton..she said there is no inflation recently”. really?!…. young people normatively don’t know awhile back..some time ago…hilly Clinton said in public that “”she was speaking to dead lesbian jew Eleanor Roosevelt last night..””…except Roosevelt..Rosenfeld diied long before the
    2 Clinton Jews we’re born.”..isn’t it rich? Send in the clowns..why bother speaking American English intelligently when you can horribly mangle low German to prove your insider gravitas as a Jew?. Some Americans notice that in 2023 hilly Rosenberg Clinton looks startlingly like star wars yoda.” ..bisexual rapist Jew bill Clinton is embarrassed to be pictured with her..hideous thing that she is…. A case could be made that Jew Biden is America s ceucecesko…..”…The Goyim know……shikses.. ,shabbos goys,. kushi s..,schwartzahs …their curse words..not ours.
    .The Goyim know! Shut it down…send in the clowns…

  10. Alan
    Alan says:

    The entire world is seething with rage against antichrist super parasitical super criminal failed state of Isreal…isreali butchery of Palestinians is the premiere open genocide of our era, .the classic Jewish Holocausting of an entire group of people s wherein oil is abundant…like Syria too…right under the feet of the innocent.Thanks but no thanks rabbi .

  11. Alan
    Alan says:

    Bill gates is blocking the Sun. Aerosol stratospheric injections are no longer mislabeled idiotic paranoid conspiracy theory.
    The mulatto Stalin,the gay falasha Jew, Barry Obama s favourite writer is Yuval Noah Harari..the world’s most preeminent globohomosexual pervert,the premiere odious jewrat… public advocate for global ,or ,non Jewish depopulation. The depopulation architect implementing Jews previously forecasted 86 percent
    population .reduction apparently to commence in 2020. This exempted isreali settlers. Isreal,funded by Jew Biden s regime with American Jewish funding, now floods the tunnels under Gaza where captives are held. Strange news saturates the internet before Jew thought leader s felonize ,via Jewish censorship,.to.incrementally shut free speech down altogether. It is known that Jews hate the term yhwh,or “yah way”” ,….opting to use El”. ..formerly El shaddai””pronounced sha-die””
    What is less known is the Egyptian sun god term..ON”” . as in. . El-ON. There’s a new Jew term..EL-ites..not e–leets”” but Lites”” like hateful bud lite in
    pronounciation.Apparantly sickening Jews like Schwab who is a Jew ,fauci who is a Jew, and all lies aside-.frankinsteen ,bill gates who is. a Jew..use this new fabricated terminology”” EL-ites “”
    ” EL ite’s..,”.signifying God-Man. Recall Barry Obama telling Satan yahoo that..”we now have the power over life and death”
    Some notice that isreali is allegedly imitating or poorly emulating Hitler s war time strategies,I e ,flooding subways.
    .Preternatural historical Jewish occult
    reality irrepressible again vomits..floats up to the earth.. we designate it as zionazi ideological theofacism , Talmudic perverse solipsistic theosophy.
    Previously Jews obfuscated, repressed their rabbinic Talmudic bolshevist genocidal sociopathic agendas. The kabalist kahilla..the red bracelet lunatics..Lilith..Adam cadmon..saturnalia…. The Jewish war on Christmas….global abortion as epicentral tenet of Judaism…
    The Sanhedrin 2 ,currently operative in Jerusalem, claims ideological control of all major governments ,enshrining Noahide decapitation law. which trumpdog and kushner support. Ask Mike Johnson about Noahide decapitation law . Attn..Vivek.. dr.shiva..throw this back in their faces” Jerusalem and Washington is aligned with Davos..concomittantly ..tethered…aligned with reprobate hunchback rothschild…these are the
    cyborg hive minded totalitarian s..the new Jew order barbarian cyborg traitors… the vile seditionists,wef-blackrock -5th columnist biden regime. Did the world inexorably change for the worse in 2020? In actual fact ,does hideous black mouthed, no teeth,gum rotted Jew Klaus Schwab,with his bizarre outfits, think he is the reincarnation of Jor-El from Jew concepted superman. (messiah ?).comics? Is George Schwartzy ,Soros…bleary eyed .3feet in the grave soreass….the new specter supervillain? Is Davos Switzerland the Seat of Satan on earth? No matter. Free Palestine. Destroy the New Jew Order. Now. “Hang all of them .”

  12. Kilo 4/11
    Kilo 4/11 says:

    “When White society relaxed its efforts to police feckless behavior and instill European values in Blacks” …

    This is the best description I’ve seen of what actually happened when Whites gave up and passed all the bad laws and decisions that foisted black “equality” on us, beginning with Brown v Board of Education in 1954 and continuing through the “civil rights” and “voting rights” laws of the ’60s. This “policing of feckless behavior” was what Whites were actually doing regarding blacks, not mere violence and “ignorant” racism, from the time they threw off the yoke of Reconstruction in 1877 until the imposition of the second reconstruction regime of the 1960s.

    And it certainly was not the case that the “narrative of the Lost Cause, which ‘romanticized’ the pre-Civil War South and denied the horrors of slavery, fueled white backlash against Reconstruction and the rights that the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments (1865-1870) had granted to African Americans.”

    The “backlash”—in fact a glorious triumph of White culture and courage in the face of nearly overwhelming federal force—read Wade Hampton and the Negro and Hampton and His Redshirts—came about because of Whites’ realization, based on direct and terrifying experience of the violence of the newly freed slaves, that only firm and even harsh measures had a chance of preserving property, order and public safety.

  13. Cotard
    Cotard says:


    My first inklings regarding African languages arose from a conversation with students in Nigeria about a coconut in a tree. How would you say where the coconut was – e.g., that it was about halfway up the tree? You couldn’t say that; all you could say is that it was ‘up!’. Right at the top? Nope; just ‘up!’. In other words, no gradations.

    A few years later in Nairobi, two women expressed surprise that I had an English dictionary. Isn’t English your language? Yes, I said; it’s my only language. Then why do you need a dictionary? They were puzzled that I needed an English dictionary and I was puzzled by their puzzlement. There are always times, I said, when you come across a word you’re not sure about and so you look it up. But if English is your language, they said, how can there be words you don’t know? What? I said. No one knows all the words of his language.

    But we know all the words of Kikuyu; every Kikuyu does. What? (even more surprised).Eventually it dawned on me: being entirely oral, their language existed only in the minds of its speakers. But given blacks’ lack of curiosity and the absence of any external input, the overall size of such a language will remain more or less constant – and, pretty much stagnant. And since such a language exists only in the minds of its speakers, they must know all its words, because if they don’t know them, where else could they be? A written language, on the other hand, existing as it does partly in the written word, can grow beyond the capacity of anyone to know it in its entirety.

    Important Consequences

    But if the size of a language is limited, it follows that the number of concepts will also be limited and hence that both the language and the thinking will be impoverished. African languages were, of necessity, sufficient in their pre-colonial context, and are impoverished only in contrast to Western languages and in an Africa wanting to live like the West – which, for better or worse, they certainly do. While numerous dictionaries have been compiled between European and African languages there are few intra-African dictionaries, precisely because native speakers have no need for them. (I once had a Zulu-Zulu dictionary – more like a lexicon, really; it was a small format paperback 252 pages long.)

    from the book Gedaliah Braun Racism Guilt Self-Hatred and Self-Deceit

  14. What’s up Skip
    What’s up Skip says:

    I am the way, the truth and the life. John 14:6

    If I understand him correctly Prof McDonald posits the early church in part as being founded as a reaction to Jewish power, and glibness perhaps.

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