Is this the end of the NJP?

The NJP has had some very serious issues—not lethal—in the past year. Not surprisingly, it’s due to conflicts between personalities. However, the leadership is still intact and determined to push on. As this video indicates, the leadership is very intelligent and politically savvy. No illusions about the state of Whites in the U.S. and throughout the West, but absolutely committed to continue.

I have been very encouraged by the rise of the NJP and their general strategy of street activism focused on the moral legitimacy of White identity and interests. White people will act only if they think it’s morally acceptable to do so. It would be a tragedy if they went under.

Is This the End of the NJP? (


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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    A Jewish transperson laments the systemic pro-Israel agenda, which is said to have taken on a life of its own in postmodern Germoney/Jewmany (which was largely shaped by Jews btw.), and now largely without [sic!] Jewish assistance, a self-runner, so to speak. An inescapable dilemma! As always, the stupid stubborn Germans are not doing this out of genuine conviction, but purely out of principle, according to her theory.

    Well meant is not well done, damn it! “Reason becomes nonsense, goodness a plague.” (Goethe) Now they finally have their perfect Judenrepublic – but it is still flawed again! This can only mean that the Germans are to this day incapable of living a decent, sensible democracy as it was conceived especially for them by all the well-meaning Jews of the world.

  2. Some Visitor
    Some Visitor says:

    Giuliani must pay $148 million to a Negro mom
    and her daughter for ’emotional suffering’, deci-
    ded by a jury led by Jewish judge Beryl Howell.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Thank you, Kevin. I wish that Warren had gone into some detail about those responsible for the inner turmoil. To call what he says “sketchy” borders on overstatement.

    He mentioned that the angry colleagues had badly defaced the NJP’s website. Between the time the video was made and now, however, he and Mike Peinovich must have done a thorough housecleaning. That is, everything looked clean as a whistle when I stopped by late on Friday evening. Since there are several very fine speeches there, I recommend a similar excursion to others.

    • TRS Enjoyer
      TRS Enjoyer says:

      Warren was likely referring to the NJP telegram channel. Hovater has hijacked the page to shine a light on various insiders’ roles in the turmoil (he has forwarded previously private messages) and in an attempt to give his side.

  4. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    A young Briton skillfully runs a counter-enlightenment campaign under the channel name “Zoomer Historian”.

    I am currently reading “The Hitler Cult” by a certain Wyndham Lewis from 1939, which, according to contemporary literary reviews, is a largely unsuccessful attempt to relativize his own decades-long anti-Semitism and Nazism.

    The book has a very high, sometimes amusing entertainment value, because it presents the reader an author who is right about many things, but also completely wrong about many others. For example, he quotes Coudenhove-Calergi as a trustworthy source. He also propagates almost dishonorable racial mixing.

    He probably wouldn’t even care about the miserable state of his homeland today. He even claims that Hitler never opened a book, which shows what nonsense was spread about him in Britain in his day. Today it is known that Hitler had a huge library and could quote books from memory.

    In the course of his vicious treatise, Lewis escalates into an almost manic anti-Germanism and philo-Semitism, which in my opinion represents a kind of attempt to compensate for a concealed envy or inferiority complex and to project it onto Germans. Incidentally, Mr. Lewis was also a creator of degenerate “paintings”.

    Even Niekisch-admirer Haffner (married to Jewess) wrote more favorably about Hitler. The next book I read will be one that quotes Lewis: “The House that Hitler Built” by an Australian called Stephen Roberts, which was published two years earlier, in 1937.

    • A Viewer
      A Viewer says:

      The Nazi system was extremely efficient. It was based on the laws of nature. Organization means always doing the most important thing first and the next most important thing second. That is the law of nature.

      The problem with totalitarianism is that Hitler, who represents the queen bee, so to speak, is able to drag all subordinate authorities into the abyss with him if he makes a mistake, because there is no longer any control mechanism over his state of mind.

      The top of the pyramid must therefore never consist of a single head; the Führer principle has proven to be obsolete. History shows that self-appointed commanders are not infallible, but fail one day. Whole cultures and peoples, perhaps even continents and races, perish with them.

      While Hitler sent millions of young men to certain death at the front as cannon fodder, Mrs. Merkel (installed by Europe’s enemies) did the same by flooding Europe with millions of hostile invaders. No one dared to contradict her madness.

      A kind of reverse-totalitarianism that only the (all too) “liberal” society could give birth to. Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Hitler are united by their common childlessness; beware of placing such creatures at the top of a social pyramid!

  5. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    “Nazis were in truth Marxist”, repeats super-competent “pundit”
    Rebrandon Moortinez, regularly citing dubious, half-baked and/or
    Jewish “sources”. This time he has invited another extremely su-
    per-competent co-pundit, who prefers to remain anonymous and
    faceless because of his absolutely harmless “libertarian” ideas.
    After all, you never know! However, it is not clear who he is so
    afraid of, presumably only of the merciless revenge of “commie-

    Self-description: “I put the Aryan in libertarian and the Nazi in Ashkenazi.”
    That makes abolute logical sense (for him)
    Website full of knowledge.

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