It’s Not Antisemitism. It’s White-Hating.

From AmRen, by Jared Taylor. The entire article is well worth reading.

Jews need to decide whose side they’re on.

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There have been strange doings among America’s elites. On December 5, the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT – all ladies – were flayed during congressional hearings for insufficient anti-anti-Semitism.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik asked them: “Calling for the genocide of Jews, does that constitute bullying or harassment?” Liz Magill, president of U Penn, answered, “It is a context-dependent decision.” Claudine Gay of Harvard and Sally Kornbluth of MIT gave similar answers.

The sky fell. Seventy-four members of Congress demanded that they all be fired. Congress launched an investigation. The White House pronounced itself shocked. Liz Magill of Penn and Claudine Gay of Harvard, issued gaudy apologies. That wasn’t enough for Liz, who has resigned. But she’s not exactly out on her ear. She may not be smiling as much, but she stays on while the university looks for someone who will snarl more convincingly at anti-Semites, and she keeps her tenured job at the law school.

It’s a good thing the question wasn’t about exterminating blacks or sexually confused people, because she really would be out of a job.

Jews are smart, but they can be appalling blind. They have been busy promoting mass immigration, diversity, multi-this, and multi-that. Bill Ackman has finally realized that Jews can’t escape being white.

They need to decide which side they are on before they get chewed up by the multi-culti madness they helped set in motion.

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  1. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    In their testimony to Congress last week, Liz Magill, Claudine Gay and Sally Kornbluth each said that advocacy for genocide is not necessarily a form of bullying. It all depends on the “context.” That might sound like some clever, lawyerly response, but it’s not. It’s just simple-minded BS. What could that even mean? Only when it’s politically correct – then it’s OK? Only when Bill Ackman and other big donors approve? That would explain their support for the genocide of White race and their indifference to The Great Replacement.

    These three women are all Affirmative Action appointments. It sounds like they coordinated their testimony beforehand. Each one responded in the same way, like robots, that advocating genocide is “context-dependent” and therefore sometimes OK and sometimes not OK. Of course, Whites have been harassed for years, in every context, so that’s always OK. If Jews are White, then harassing them is OK, but not if they’re not. That is the “context”.

  2. Kandy
    Kandy says:

    For some 60 years, many Jewish Americans helped to create the conditions for young people and People of Color migrants to become leftists and Third-World groupies and hence pro-Palestinian.

    Now most Jews don’t like what they see. But they knew it existed all along.

    So will they change course?

    I don’t think so. The Jews in charge see People of Color replacing Whites as the safer choice.

    Jews believe they can handle the students/leftists with Jewish money and power, as we are seeing now.

    I commend Occidental Observer for having the courage to discuss issues that most other media don’t dare discuss.

  3. Anon
    Anon says:

    Trying to get Jewish people to be white is like a 4d chess move – but unfortunately, we are not playing 4d chess.
    Jewish people don’t want to be white. Jared Taylor is likely too old and provincial to understand this, but starting with the Millennial generation, it became extremely uncool to be white, and most non-whites and many whites just flat-out don’t like white people. In the meantime, the percentage of whites that are heartless racists (aka the alt-right) is quite low, and old. The future winners are the POC coalition. Jewish people want to be in that club. This is obvious, to those of us who are younger, or who are not provincial.

  4. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Jared Taylor makes good points, especially with regard to the chasm of hypocrisy between the university presidents’ claims and their real-life track record. What for me is most notable about this presentation, however, is that I have never before heard him criticize Jews and their conduct in such unmistakably plain terms.

  5. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    The enemy is not interested in thinking this through. They are programmed to be suicidal in their actions. It is a suicide cult. They can’t divert from their course. The meat puppets of Satan are chosen for their inability to think. They are fanatics and they can’t divert their ways. Globalism is a death trap. It is meant to extinguish all life on Earth. Why else would you breed the retarded and destroy the intelligent? This is not a rational decision based on thought. Satan has created a suicide cult to destroy the whole world. It will continue on its course unless it is stopped. It can only be stopped by force. Only the death of this suicide cult can stop it. It is a test of character and courage. Those that go along are stupid or cowardly. The separation of the wheat and the chaff. It is in the Holy Bible. Believe it or not, it will happen that way.

  6. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    To gain true wisdom and enlightenment, all you have to do is consult your Jewish professor. He will finally deliver you from your stubborn stupidity and ignorance, allowing you to live in harmony and peace with all races, cultures and religions. As always, this requires the abolition of capitalism (which, strangely enough, is dominated by Jews).

    The “Marxist economist” Wolff, married to a feminist “women’s liberator” of his tribe, is a descendant of “survivors”. Marxist economics is squaring the circle. Mr. Wolff says that Soviet communism was in fact state capitalism, because it still consists of the unequal relationship between employer and employee.

    True Marxism, however, is not hierarchy, not classes, but only cooperation. Which ultimately means that all passengers own the cruise ship and have equal rights to own and steer it. This also makes it understandable that, according to Marxist doctrine, negroid shoplifters can invoke “cooperation and equality”.

    • Mark Engholm
      Mark Engholm says:

      In contrast to the (supposedly German) model of “despotism”, “democracy” means that everything can be bought, including politics. You just have to sell it to the people that eating dirt is healthy and that wars are essential for democracy. The clever Jews Bernays and Lippman already knew that.

      In contrast to “Freudo-Marxism”, also of Jewish origin, this is more or less its natural counterpart in the manipulation of mass psychology. In the field of tension of these two poles, the masses have been fooled and set up against each other for 100 years to the greatest benefit of Jewry.

  7. Some Addition
    Some Addition says:

    Just watched a few scenes from the 1979 series adaptation of “Red Zora”. A Yugoslavian-German-Swiss co-production. The communist author of the original, Kurt Held, whose real name was Kurt Kläber, is listed in Wikipedia under the category “Jewish-German families”.

    There is also a remake by a Jew from 2008, the director is the older brother of the notorious Stasi agent Anetta Kahane, who installed a kind of surveillance system like the ADL and SPLC in America with her so-called foundation. “East Germany is too white,” is a quote she once made on RT.

    One wonders why the Jews are so keen to make a girl the ruler of a gang of boys? We already know the motif from Astrid Lindgren and her Pippi Longstocking: “I make the world as I like it.” Mrs. Merkel is also a ruler and destroyer of Germany, highly decorated by Jews.

  8. Peter
    Peter says:

    Just looking at Jewish faces/hearing Jewish voices crosses any threshold of discomfort for me.
    (To be true: It’s an unbearable mental burden to be confronted with this kind of stuff every day.)

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