A House Divided: Schizocracy

A house divided cannot stand.
Matthew 12:22.

With election season approaching on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, political rhetoric will increasingly favor certain themes, and even certain words, in an attempt to entrance and ensnare the public. In the UK, where the government quite blatantly uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) both internally and when addressing the voter, modern classics such as “sustainability”, “diversity is our greatest strength”, and “growth” will be on display alongside old favorites such as “tough choices”, “British/American values”, “not who we are,” and other greatest hits.

As for sheer rhetoric, politicians will once again employ a trusted phrase to assure the listener of the veracity of what they are claiming, and it is quite elegant in its Cartesian simplicity; “Let’s be absolutely clear about this”. They often back this up with another epistemological surety as they inform us what “the reality is”. There is a whole rhetorical lexicon dusted off by the political class at election time. Horace would have a field day.

But this season there is a new debutante, not “division”, but its clumsy cognates “divisive” and “divisiveness”. The word “divisive” falls uneasily on English ears when pronounced by an American English speaker. All three instances of the letter i are pronounced short, as in “thin”.  A British speaker would pronounce the middle i long, as in “wide”; “Div-eye-sive”. To the English ear, “divisive” in an American accent sounds like a Russian surname.

The phrase “divide and conquer” (divide et impere) is familiar, variously ascribed to Philip II of Macedon and Julius Caesar, and reiterated (and programmatized) by Niccolò Macchiavelli. Merriam-Webster includes the following definition of divisiveness: “To make a group of people disagree and fight with one another so that they will not join together against one”.

This seems a straightforward diversionary tactic; If you are a deeply unpopular government and the people you govern are fighting one another, then they are not fighting you. Thus, Israel v Palestine, the vaccinated v “anti-vaxxers”, Black Lives Matter v “systemic racism/White privilege” (Whites, essentially), transgender activists v “transphobia”, those who urge caution over immigration v the “refugees welcome” lobby; the list of divided combatants is ever-growing, and that suits beleaguered governments on both sides of the herring-pond.

Yuri Bezmenov, the 1980s Soviet defector who described the methods used by Communist regimes to subvert a country from within, does not thematize division, but it still plays its gruesome part in proceedings. Bezmenov worked for Novesti while in the USSR, the Party’s media arm. From the transcript of one of his interviews, Bezmenov describes how, during a key part of his first stage of subversion (demoralization), division is shown as both deliberate and ruthlessly consequential:

Most of the activity of the department was to compile a huge volume of information on individuals who were influential in influencing public opinion. Publishers, editors, journalists, actors, educationalists, professors of political science, Members of Parliament, representatives of business circles. Most of those people were divided roughly into two groups. Those who were told the Soviet foreign policy, they would be promoted to the positions of power through media and public opinion manipulation. Those who refuse the Soviet influence in their country would be character-assassinated, or executed physically contra-revolution.

A guaranteed job for life and use of the Party stores in perpetuity, or a bullet in the head. That is a very clear statement of division which certainly serves pour encourager les autres.

Now, of course, we are not dealing with raw, undiluted Marxism, but with the deadlier ideology of cultural Marxism—the Soviets never tried to replace the people the Russians they didn’t kill by importing Africans, etc.). Bezmenov’s division according to political adherence/acquiescence is updated by Jordan Peterson in an article in The Daily Telegraph concerning pro-Hamas demonstrations. Mutatis mutandis, his snapshot of the new societal division can be overlaid on top of Bezmenov’s with minimal mismatch. Peterson replaces “oppressor” and “oppressed” with “victimizer” and “victim” — misleading terminology to describe life’s successful people (and nations) as against those who have been unsuccessful:

A rigid moral claim accompanies this act of starkly black-and-white comparison: there are … only two forms of acceptable and laudable moral conduct or reputation. If you are a victim, or an ‘ally’, you are with no further effort goodness incarnate. This is supposed, on ‘philosophical’ grounds, to be self-evident, following as it does so deservedly in the wake of your loudly trumpeted compassion. If you are a victimizer, however, look the hell out: you are evil incarnate, and inescapably so: a predatory parasite, rightly subject to the most brutal of treatment. Indeed, the terrible treatment you thereby experience does nothing but redound to the credit of your so-Godly-and-compassionate persecutors.

Now, at least for the time being, it is merely your job or career which can be assassinated if you come down on the wrong side of the great divide.

Language is a key battleground in the battle to divide a populace, and society is further sub-divided by its bifurcation into discursive and disruptive. Broadly speaking, this is the current division between free-speech absolutists and censors. The battle between the two camps can be clearly seen in Right-of-center political content providers on YouTube. For most, each video is a walk between the raindrops, with algorithms roaming the informational perimeter fence like guard-dogs. Phrases and words must be avoided,  along with certain images and the mere mention of taboo subjects.

Engineered divisiveness in the media is present even at the typographical level. In July 2020, Associated Press (AP) issued an edict to the effect that they would now be capitalizing “black” across their publications. AP being more or less the Alpha fish in the media complex, many other publishers fell into line. The word “white” was not accorded this upper-case honor, despite it being at least as valid as a descriptor of a historical race:

“After a review and period of consultation, we found, at this time, less support for capitalizing white. White people generally do not share the same history, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color”.

White people certainly do not share the same history as Blacks, having preferred to build successful societies rather than floundering, savage messes. As for White people not having the experience of being discriminated against because of their skin color, that is changing, and changing fast. And what does discrimination have to do with accurate labeling anyway?

But the corralling of language by the Left which shows that its drive to division does not always create a simple binary, an ideological 1/0. Language as a delivery system for information has been further sub-divided by the politico-big tech complex into mis-, dis-, and malinformation. It is not certain which of these was employed by noted orator Kamala Harris when she claimed recently that the Republicans were “seeking to divide our country in the most crude and profound way”. Crude and profound. Harris has certainly put the “moronic” in “oxymoronic”. And clearly she is projecting: Democrats are the masters of division.

Multiculturalism is applied divisiveness. It was sold as a tableau of many colors, a wonderful 1980s Benetton advert, young, vibrant and above all diverse people smiling and happy in one another’s company.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses use similar artwork in their promotional literature. But multiculturalism turned out to be just that, a multiplicity of cultures, with all the friction and spillover and internecine warfare it brings in its wake. Multiculturalism is not mums of differing hue chatting easily with their best friends at the school gates. Multiculturalism is Roma gypsies picking pockets on the Champs-Élysées, Muslim rape gangs in England, grenade attacks and gang-related crime in Stockholm. These pestilential sub-divisions spread from the central blast of multiculturalism like cutter bombs.

A simple test may be applied to any media story; Does its subject matter seek to divide or unify the citizenry? It will almost always be the former. Unity of the populace is anathema to the current Western juntas. The corrosive machineries of division are operative at all levels of society as identity politics seeks to replace a meritocracy (e.g., by appointing a completely underqualified plagiarist as Harvard president0) judged by merit alone with one dependent on ethnicity, sexual preference or, most dangerously, mere personal whim concerning one’s identity. Identity politics is not a simple process of categorization, it is a marketing fair with dozens of stalls offering hundreds of deals.

More, division seems to be intentional, a driving motive of governmental legislation. In the UK, more and more police time is devoted to online policing, with the criteria for criminality being sourced directly from identity politics, and less time serving the community, which was the original purpose of the police force. Hiring policies, even in the private sector, are increasingly divisive, with Whiteness being a natural and suspect sign of difference and otherness. The word “divisive” or a cognate is unavoidable if British political, commercial, and social environments are under discussion. Recently, the CEO of a British insurance company announced that top-level appointments to the company would have to be approved by her personally where the applicant was White. The company defended this position with standard meaningless technocratic verbiage, but the decision was partly the subject of a report commissioned to assess this new form of racial discrimination. The findings are unsurprising, as Fortune reports:  “The findings concluded that although well-meaning, diversity policies can backfire and create a resentful and divided workforce”.

Can I suggest that we are living, by design, in a schizocracy? It’s my own coinage, as far as I can see, but the “schizo-” part will look familiar. “Schizophrenia” is an ancient Greek portmanteau word, although it was first coined by Eugen Bleuler, Jung’s mentor. Schizein is a verb meaning to split or cleave in two. It’s the sort of result you get from a log-splitting axe. Phrenos is the head. Schizophrenia; the head split into two. Schizophrenia is popularly portrayed as the “split personality”, Norman Bates in Psycho or Stevenson’s The Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It seems clear from popular clinical evidence that the two disassociated personalities do not work in tandem. They are opposed, combative, cleaved, a house divided.

And this is where we are, a clinically maintained state of constant low-level civil war, constantly forced to divide others between friend and foe just as our friends and foes are doing. And what our foes are doing is of interest in another way. When seeking to divide, the political Left are guilty of another term gaining in popularity: projection.

We are in an age in which certain technical intellectual concepts have been coopted and given a role in political and cultural discourse. “Deconstruction” is one. The term originated with Jacques Derrida and is a complex metaphysical operator with multiple philosophical tributaries and technical uses. For the politico-media complex, it sounds jazzier to deconstruct something than plain old understand it.

Another of these low-rent intellectual accessories is “projection”, a Freudian concept turned to use as a sociological diagnosis. This reaction to themselves being guilty of what they are accusing the Right of — divisiveness — has become a hallmark of the Left, and when you have seen and heard the social justice league in action, you witness the weakness of their personalities, both individual and collective. They are of the psychological cast described in this potted prognosis of projection from Psychology Today:

“People tend to project because they have a trait or desire that is too difficult to acknowledge. Rather than confronting it, they cast it away and onto someone else. This functions to preserve their self-esteem, making difficult emotions more tolerable. It’s easier to attack or witness wrongdoing in another person than confront that possibility in one’s behavior. How a person acts towards the target of projection might reflect how they really feel about themselves”.

As for any divisions within the two arms of the great political divide, identity vs meritocracy, the former tolerates no division in thought or opinion. Several celebrities who have uttered heresies (usually concerning gender) have found just to what extent the Left require intellectual — if it can be so called -— lockstep. The divisions on the Right — and the dividing line is generally race — are entirely self-inflicted, and the Right are failing to learn the simple lesson that if we don’t all hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately. Internecine fighting helps no one but your enemy. When Orwell arrived in Spain to take up arms against Franco, as recorded in Homage to Catalonia, he was appalled less by the state of the rebel army than by the internecine squabbling between its various factions.

The one place where there should be division, Parliament, has no such thing. In the UK, the only two parties with realistic chances of forming next year’s government are Labour and the Conservatives and, thanks in part to the homogenizing effect of technocracy, they are essentially two wings of the same party, differing in policy on nothing of import.

So, a house divided against itself — a schizocracy — must fall — unless one side wins (likely the identity addicted left) and establishes an authoritarian regime that simply destroys its opponents. That this division is instituted and maintained by those responsible, by mandate, for the house itself shows that Western governments feel that their fealty is owed to the corporate-globalist complex rather than the people who voted for them to be their representatives. How long will the masses tolerate this state of affairs? Britain is a country in a very serious period of decline, and governments of the near future may have to work doubly hard to keep in place a division, or series of sub-divisions, among the populace whose mutual antagonism will keep them from marching on parliament with pitchforks and blazing torches. The world is increasingly re-wilding, and the ruling class must hope that division as a policy decision is a tiger they can ride.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Interesting in the context of my following train of thought: “How Hitler pioneerd fake news”. (Of course! What else!) https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/16/opinion/hitler-speech-1919.html

    As everyone knows (and there can be no doubt about this), the super-richest Jews in the world control the media and the press, and thus shape “public opinion”. Hitler also rightly named this in 1940:

    “In this Anglo-French world there exists, as it were, democracy, which means the rule of the people by the people. Now the people must possess some means of giving expression to their thoughts or their wishes. Analysing this problem more closely, we see that the people themselves have originally no convictions of their own. Their convictions are formed, of course, just as everywhere else. The decisive question is who enlightens the people, who educates them?


    And this capital now, it first creates a press. They talk about the freedom of the press. In reality, each of these newspapers has a master. And this master is always the financier, the owner. And this master directs the inner image of this newspaper, not the editor. If he wants to write something different from what suits the masters today, he’s fired the next day. This press, which is the absolutely submissive, characterless canaille of its owners, now models public opinion.”

    Have you ever noticed the strange phenomenon that our so-called societies are actually just gigantic ruminants, scavengers and recycling plants? That basically nothing autonomous, autonomous, independent, creative is produced by the masses, but only consumed and digested? Admittedly, I am also doing this at the moment, because it is difficult to escape the mechanism.

    In this context, there is also talk of echo chambers and filter bubbles, without realizing that we are all just one single echo chamber and filter bubble. The Jew Edward Bernays was the “pioneer” of targeted mass manipulation. Now I hear people crying out and complaining: “Why, we’re writing against the mainstream! We are independent enlighteners!”

    The copy & paste society. Everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy, but nobody knows the exact originals anymore. Even so-called national platforms today consist purely of copyists. They quote comments, and are then in turn quoted and commented on for quoting comments. It is the principle of consumerism. Does it have to do with the comment functions and blog posting?

    I already noticed this phenomenon years ago, but it became even more apparent with the extremely annoying trend of so-called “reaction videos” on Jewtube. Where does it actually come from that so many people voluntarily make themselves dependent on other people’s “opinions” without depriving themselves of their own point of view in the most undignified way?

    The so-called reaction videos have developed into a veritable mass flood and now form the “business basis” of many Jewtubers. More interestingly, this idiotic childish behaviour is said to have originated in Japan, but was popularized by the Jewish Orthodox “Fine Brothers”. Is this just a “cohencidence” again? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/React_Media,_LLC

    Think, for example, of a guy who gave himself the alias “God” and whose identity was concealed for a long time until it turned out that he was, of course, a Jew. Quite in the style of Jew Sacha “Baron” Cohen, who ultimately makes fun of the stupidity of naive people in order to capitalize on it. This pattern of abuse is not only inherent in corrosive Jewish “humor”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Javerbaum

    Of course, it is again a Jewish psychologist named Weinstein who makes an adequate, i.e. positive, assessment of the phenomenon without even criticizing this “trend” in terms of the mental health of a society. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/04/the-science-behind-the-insane-popularity-of-react-videos-on-youtube/

    It may seem appropriate, e.g. in the context of learning and studying specialist knowledge, if music lovers want to know from professional musicians how to analyze the structure of their favorite songs and generally assess them, as this guy does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUWDkAQ2gQ8

    But that’s basically the end of it, I can’t see any higher purpose in this infantilizing “trend”, apart from the fact that it is intended to promote a type of personality in the broad masses that is extremely docile and tractable rather than a critical, judgmental individual.

    Music always conveys content, especially through lyrics (but also naming of tracks), and nowadays ideology is packaged in a form or format that corresponds to the contemporary world view. Genuine social criticism hardly exists any more, because the system is seen as omnipotent and untouchable.

    The former big stars either diplomatically keep their distance from political issues because they would otherwise have to fear for their income, or have even demonstratively sided with the system and declared themselves its willing executors and most useful idiots. Of course, as always, all in the name of broader good, humanity, democracy, tolerance, “freedom” [sic!], peace-loving coexistence and openness to the world!

    I have always (unconsciously) used mainly instrumental music to stimulate my flow of thoughts and new ideas and conclusions, but I only know exactly why now that I am already well past my statistical half of life. That’s why my music tip today is an instrumental album from 1979 that inspires to indulge and dream.

    Steve Hillage comes from the so-called Canterbury scene. Together with his French wife Miquette Giraudy, with whom he still organizes concerts, he started a new “trend” without knowing it, that is now called “drone”. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lK6Yno3gAo5s-EnWz6qF2bKB-ifYbKiW4


  2. Understory
    Understory says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the author uses a quote from Jordan Peterson. The same Jordan Peterson who warps and twists logic regarding Jewish power as to be on the complete opposite side of reality. It’s the Jews Jordan shills for that are playing victim, not the pro-Palestinian campus protesters. The Jews are masters of using character assassination and playing victim to get what they want. Just witness the firings of the college presidents who refused to answer their trick questions properly. Whites would never be able to wield victim power in this way.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Agree. But sometimes even traitors can be insightful.
      Churchill was a despicable individual but his criticism of the commie jews was perfect. ( ironically, for a Jews valet )

  3. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Every now and then I visit all the remaining heroes of your failed “revolution” called “alt-Right”. (No, not Mr. Spencer, because his biography is considered irrevocably burned and untrustworthy!) Mr. Paul Ray Ramzey aka Ramzpaul has clearly distanced himself from any affiliation with racist spectrums, which are in any case infiltrated by Jewish informers who seek to damage the reputations of true nationalists like him. Mr. Ramzey, meanwhile, has continued to prattle on incessantly for many years without me following his prattle.

    Will he ever be invited back to the Amren conferences as a speaker (or at least as a listener), or has he now been declared as unofficial persona non grata as the wonderful RediceTV team, because he just can’t stop talking about the completely harmless and well-intentioned Jews (which makes Mr. Taylor extremely angry!). Remarkably, he has completely disappeared as a topic from the Amren website for years, virtually a non-person who never existed. All promotion has been quietly discontinued.

    Mr. Ramzey is a tragic figure in his own way. Now a shadow of his former self, with a sallow face and reddish-grey hair. The glasses are his “trademark”, so to speak, like Elvis Costello. They are intended to suggest erudition and omniscience. In addition, the suit, which always appears to be correct and serious, represents the “conservative” façade. He probably doesn’t have a wife who at least washes it regularly and spruces it up, because his shirt sleeves are often unsightly greasy. Nobody can bore people more “entertainingly” than Ramzey, an exorbitant exceptional quality in the entire patriot landscape!

    Now, unfortunately, his young Finnish web-co-patriot has passed away, which I very much regret, leaving only the lady with glasses who visits his “night owl” podcasts as a kind of “co-boress”. It’s tragic that people like him have long since been overtaken by time and reality, but still cling to outdated and outmoded concepts and recipes. It is ridiculous, but Mr. Ramzey is completely unwilling to admit to this ridiculousness. Presumably he will still be sitting there in 10 years’ time telling the world about his “brilliant findings”, which are actually always the same and have always been the same.

    He doesn’t dare to take any risks, not even to make an unexpected appearance in a cheeky T-shirt, he is trapped in a corset. He believes that the shell replaces the core. He comes from a generation that still believes in the “good old American values” (read: “the free market of ideas and goods”), but which do not stand up to reality and scrutiny. I, on the other hand, suspect that not only communism (another word for internationalism), but also nationalism can dress itself up in a wide variety of costumes, as we see in China, which knows how to maintain its ethnic cohesion despite an ostensible capitalist-globalist façade.

    Mr. Ramzey ultimately undertakes the seemingly helpless attempt to counter a reality that has become completely absurd with the most ridiculous sophistry, word twisting and rhetorical evasive manoeuvres. Inflexibility masquerading as agility. He believes that the trick is superior to the truth. Unlike the evil “racists,” he is unwilling to question the idiocy of why capitalism will always be (and can only be) globalist, and just like him, always selects the “best” for the job to be filled at a company, be it from Arkansas as Mr. Ramzey currently resides, or from Singapore. So Mr. Ramzey believes truly he is willing to “save his race” (?).

    We all know that he doesn’t have that in mind and is far too clever not to see through it himself. But where does his insistent picking on the Jews come from? At best, it seems to be an old score with his Jewish stepfather (i.e. the man who married his mother after his father), which he now believes he has to settle for life. His anti-Semitism is therefore more subjective than objective. He would, of course, sit down with a Jew at any time to negotiate a new lucrative contract that would finally give him the prominence and world standing he believes he is naturally entitled to. https://rumble.com/v420z1t-responding-to-diversity-propaganda.html

  4. Not LGBTQ
    Not LGBTQ says:

    From the Web:
    “A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object.”

    Thus, “homophobia” should mean a “fear of homosexuals, but it doesn’t.

    Instead, homosexuals invented the word “homophobia” to mean a dislike of or disagreement with the homosexualist agenda. Now the word has a sort of medical meaning: if you’re homophobic you’re sick.

    Makes no sense but neither does the homosexualist agenda.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I could not have said it better, and I agree with you, except that the homosexual agenda does indeed make sense. Their agenda (and those who sponsor and finance it) amounts to a declaration of war against Natural Law, which is God’s Law.

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    Many meritorious articles on TOO strive to quintessentially unleash the oppressed schakled truths of secular jewish malfeasant power..from a variety of angular perspectives.some are Christian expositors ,some not. It is true,we who now pointillistically refuse to accept the current blase and insidious venal npc mentality that Jewtube exudes …..we are not the copy and paste ..wash rinse and idiotically ..insensibly ..amorally repeat the classic..”Emanuel Goldstein ” commanded erasure of historical memories….Wojcicki..page..brin..are zircon monoliths…their days..like zelensky and jew biden..are numbered…we know the fratricides of ex yugoslavia..an outcome that europe and america seem to be currently experiencing by no fault of the citizenry…. thanks but no thanks Jews !
    Consequently… we hasten to mention .Goldstein made it clear with demonic ferocious severity..it is not enough to obey our dear leader …Big Brother…you must Love Big Brother….
    “you were warned ,.any pertinent noticeable dissent to inconditional love of Big Brother will automatically be rewarded with a “muddied black boot stamping forever on your human face.”Some here have personally witnessed the horrific sadistic war time war zone rage of Talmudic Jewish Bolsheviks,”..then against the wermacht staff unlucky enough to be captured alive…. Jews did the same in the gay jew disco meatgrinder of ukraine..now the same in Gaza. ” We used to live in londonistan..in surrey..and by the Camden lock…..it never was Allan Holdsworth s 16 men of Tain when we were there.
    .Blinkered homosexual brits. in power… insufferable tory arrogance and routine betrayal of the working class….sigh….
    Down where all the ends meet the ends ..you can hear a pin drop..see tiny golden hammers ..Visages of lost loved ones..disembodied ghastly apparitions..we dont mean the ghost of Christmas past.” Jews!
    Wreaking havoc..pre-planning and imposing via political manipulations..computer default vote rigging scams..triage here there and..everywhere..the gay Jews and incel jews…demand we view their misconcocted reality..as truth….no can do.
    .it is a sea of jewish lies..unobstruct.ed..the tribe demands non jews sheepishly look thru the jewish prism… neoliberal rose colored distorted spectacles..their false hour glasses….after the deluge of mind numbing soviet jew propaganda reborn in the “Joe Obama Regime””…(del.term). we say…wake up! Rise up angry now!
    To hell with that quisling..weasal juden peterson”
    Jewtube! Jewish bolshevist maladorous vile stench ! Jewish censorship is one half step away from total cultural mortality.. the end of independent nation states.. the final nail on the crucifix of free thought.. No one will ever be correct in accusing us of “short termism”…like the inbred neo Turkish jewdevils….we dont write infomercial type slogans devoid of intellect…we dont accept jewish neuro linguistic programming….
    .Fine article from TOO.
    Just to inform those who need to know… “George soros was swatted.” Ha! To hell with Genocide Joe Biden…
    To hell with Blinken..nuland.. the word salad moronic dopehead whore bot harris.
    To hell with jew fag Macron and jew convert Milieu..
    “We are so sorry Pennsylvania has a Jewish governor.
    Jim Goad for President. ” We are slavic intellectual
    american white non catholic non sectarian, non isreal firster Christians.
    We are also race realists. E.M.Jones .the well meaninged aged catholic authoritarian screamer…is way off the mark on Race..

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Schizocracy indeed! Fact check request.
    please note THBQ…. commercial food additive, causes depression..is mutagenic..carcinogenic. banned in Japan…widely utilized in America……pray tell””..who monetizes poison s in food additive chemicals?..”” Jews.
    .As the world wakes up to the literal powers of Hell exemplified by the Synagogue of Satan biopharma…pharmakeia…gates..soros……””..fink..schwarsmen..harari…fauci..cohen…kerry..lieberman… etc…..even vivek has sued the WEF jew cyborg Satanists to have his name removed from the ultra JEWISH WEF- Blackrock jew consortiums.
    We find that oddly interesting. Australia has admitted that their government ordered doctors to surreptitiously vaccinate all patients under anesthesia for all unrelated medical conditions without any consent or prior warning..this is also occurring in Canada. Note also ,that 2 loud African migrant spokesmen have publically insisted that. “”raping white women is a Human Right”. Jews imported the feral barbarian invaders.
    In France a prominent French non jewish female Poltician..long time advocate of open borders total amnesty for all
    non white migrants, was almost beaten to death by black migrants with covid masks and hooded garments..apparantly escaping alive.The black perpetrators are at this time..out and about… unknown.It is public knowledge in France, that gay jew macron,a rothschild blood relative, loves black males. .
    All who are able should rearm Now.

  7. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 To avoid a Swiss cheese hole in your knowledge, read : HAARETZ – EXPLAINER -CHARGING ISRAEL WITH GENOCIDE AT TtHE ICJ.

    02 Excellent primer and opportunity to ascertain, by following it, whether they control that court as well.

  8. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    It is probably a truism that the brain is a “battlefield” on which all the world’s ideologies/religions have always run riot. A Pentagon advisor named James Giordano goes one step further and can be put in the same straitjacket as his Jewish kindred spirit Harari. He was also highly active as a vaccination campaigner during the so-called corona crisis. But instead of placing homicidal psychopaths of this horrendous caliber for life in a high-security wing of a closed mental institution guarded around the clock, as befits an intact and healthy society, Giordano is not only allowed to “advise” the American military (see YouTube videos), but has also been a visiting professor at the University of Coburg for several years, where he has apparently even acquired a kind of fragmentary “German”. The American, your friend and helper in need. Anyone who calls such creatures their “friends” definitely doesn’t need any more mortal enemies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Eypg6YnkA

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