Alan Dershowitz on Jewish Power in America

What Dershowitz doesn’t address is whether Jewish power and influence conflict with the interests of White Americans. Nor does he address the role of Jewish ethnic networking in their rise to elite status.


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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    I’m convinced that this is all just one huge “show”. The so-called mainstream also includes all the supposed “alternative” critics. When the big whale blows a few bubbles, so does the accompanying fish that has found refuge on the belly of the whale. His name may be Tucker Carlson, for example, because the game of “democracy” simulation could not exist without him.

    But real solutions can never be found that way (nor are they supposed to be). Real
    solutions lie outside the sphere of this colossal floating “biotope”, outside the box.

    I would welcome a society that welcomes and encourages real innovation in the intellectual sphere. Someone who says, “I’ve stopped listening to your babble for two weeks on a trial basis alone, but instead overturn your entire theory with an evanescently simple formula I found in everyday life!” Then everyone should shout: “Damn, that’s brilliant, you’re right!”

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Like vile Jew Dershowitz, Jewess Emma Goldmann
    confessed: “If voting changed anything it’d be illegal.”
    She thus admitted that “democracy” is based on a lie.
    But (((who))) advocates precisely this “democracy”?
    Of course, only where disagreement is to continue.

  3. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Some Jewish Zionists — usually Christian converts — “get” that there is a problem with “take the money and run” evolution of virulence. A George Washington quote comes to mind — often repeated by “Libertarians”: “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” But, of course, what George Washington — richest man in America at the time — didn’t say: “The inflection point of any civilization is when its property owners shift the burden, in flesh-blood-and-bone as well as in money, of enforcing property rights from themselves and onto economic activity.” Washington’s Aide-DeCamp, Alexander “Private Central Banking” Hamilton I’m sure was there to make certain that when Shays’s Rebellion inevitably happened, that Thomas Jefferson would be out of the country on a long “vacation” during which an emergency “Constitutional Convention” would empower “The Federalists” hence the fraudulent “Constitution” (passed without a legitimate grant of authority from the States) to tie down “working class whites” to be gang-raped by over the subsequent centuries.

    People on the “right” who fail to understand how pernicious is the notion of “skin in the game” when referring to “those who pay taxes” as opposed to “those who put their flesh blood and bone on the line”, are little more than grub worm bait wiggling around on a Jewish hook to attract the revenge instincts of working class white men and reel them in during a French Revolution.

  4. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Dershowitz, now 85 (b. 1938), looks as if he has OD’d on botox.

    Since he buttresses his boasting by weaponizing the Psalms, he ought to recall Proverbs 16:18—”Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

  5. Schrōdinger
    Schrōdinger says:

    What a devious, arrogant individual. He always has been.

    Dershowitz claims he “always kept his pants on” when having “a massage” on Epstein Island. I’m even inclined to believe him.

    However he knew exactly what was going on there.

    He knew it was a Mossad/CIA (they’re practically one and the same) sting operation to corrupt and blackmail as many key invitees as possible, all while “enjoying the company”, one way or another, of the young women lured under false pretences to the now notorious isle.

    At least one such beautiful young lady, an aspiring model, has since committed suicide. Others had their innocence stolen, and are rightly outraged, with many seeking redress.

    Of course Jews have far too much power and influence. This needs to be exposed and rectified on multiple fronts.

    Their primary source of power is financial. Has been ever since the Warburg brothers and others helped create the US Fed, in 1913. They control the printing presses and so the money supply. Remember what Mayer Amschel Rothschild boasted in this regard. This intolerable arrangement needs to be exposed for what it is, broken up, and control of the Treasury restored to the American people.

    Why should a mere two and a half percent of the US population have near monopoly ownership and control of the MSM, Big Tech (but for Twitter), arts and entertainment, more and more corporations, and much more besides?

    If you wish to see organised and international Jewish interests go nuclear, just try and legislate such that they lose that near monopoly ownership and control of the MSM alone, and thus control of the narrative. Break up and limit their cosy monopolies and oligopolies, instead restricting such ownership on the basis of the need for a genuine diversity of such ownership.

    They falsely preach the virtue of ever more “diversity”. Watch them go insane if that same principle be applied in such manner as to remove their monopoly ownership and/or control of the narrative.

    None of this will be easy to achieve. Jewry certainly aren’t going to relinquish their ownership and control, their sources of disproportionate power in any sphere of operations.

    Yet it must be accomplished – whether incrementally, or by substantially more rapid means.

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