A brief description of the developing situation in Germany

From an email list:

“In the latest Civey Sunday poll (31.12.2023) by the ‘Sächsische Zeitung’, the AfD gained a further 4 percentage points. With 37 percent of the vote, the AfD would now be well ahead of the currently ruling CDU with 30 percent.”


The SPD and FDP would also both fail at the five percent hurdle and miss entry into the state parliament. The Social Democrats (SPD, Chancellor-Party) lost four percent and are currently at 3 percent.

The FDP (Liberal Democrats, government party) lost one percentage point and is now at just 1 percent in the survey.” (Tagesspiegel, 01.01.2024)

Things don’t look much better across the Federal Republic of Germany, because in 2020 29% of German citizens still had trust in the parties, in 2021 it was only 20% and in August 2023 trust in the system parties had fallen to a dramatic low of 9%. (Koerber Foundation)

The farmers uprising in Germany didn’t allow the green economy-minister Habeck to land on a northern Island. He was forced to go back without delivering his intended speech to the gutted farmers. From now on, the farmers’ protests will be supported by freight forwarders, craftsmen and other important sectors of the economy.

ZDF state broadcaster 05.01.2024

03.30 Min.

“Yes, Europe’s political map is likely to look different at the end of this year than it did at the beginning. In addition to the European elections in June, there are votes coming up in some EU countries and pollsters are predicting top results for right-wing populist parties almost everywhere. In some cases they can even take over power.”

03.35 Min.

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Video description: “For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, a majority of Germans no longer dare to express their opinion openly[over 60%]. The only people for whom this is not a problem are Greens and SPD supporters. This is the result of a recent study by Roland Schatz of Media Tenor.”


    The “study” asks about all possible fears of addressing certain topics (e.g. gender, Islam, Russia, etc.). But guess which topic is completely missing? Correct: Jews (apparently even Israel)! Absolutely ridiculous! The topic practically does not exist, at best among so-called anti-Semitism researchers. No wonder: it could lead to the conclusion that anti-Jewish sentiments are present (and appropriate).

  2. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    Speaking of the farmers’ rebellion:
    Farmers brought Germany to a standstill with Dutch-style tractor protests throughout the country on Monday in response to globalist policies of the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which they claim threaten the very existence of the agriculture industry.

    Farmers groups launched their planned week-long action to protest against the leftist coalition government’s plans to increase taxes on diesel fuel and eliminate the car tax exemption for farmers in addition to making deep cuts on the subsidies for the farming sector. …


  3. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    The “party” that never was (a swan song)

    Matt Parrot

    NJP: A Postmortem
    Good riddance.
    JAN 5, 2024
    I had no special access to the inner workings of the NJP. The higher ups always held me in contempt, and would have kept me at arm’s length had I attempted to approach the project. I didn’t ask. They didn’t ask.

    I remained in my lane and, up until the last few months, kept my mouth shut about the ill-fated project.

    I did finally open my mouth earlier this year as Striker first took direct shots at me, and then started taking absurd shots at Keith Woods, Joel Davis, and other good actors. He was mounting these attacks as an NJP officer, and using NJP as a shield when I attempted to challenge him personally, and no other officer was either stopping him or clarifying that he wasn’t actually speaking on behalf of the project.

    As such, I decided to go ahead and attack the whole damn project, targeting what I judged to be its most egregious flaw: Sven and McNabb were making arguments on their podcasts in favor of ultraviolence against non Whites while clearly associated with NJP, surrounded by party banners. This slimed everybody involved with very real legal exposure and effectively rendered the project a rolling liability for White Advocates.

    You can’t do that.

    These guys who narrowly evaded the Unite The Right trial by the skin of their teeth should have been among the first to appreciate how even tenuous association with violent rhetoric can’t be anywhere near real people doing real political activism in the real world. And here was Sven himself, the final boss of both the TRS and NJP projects, making the incriminating statements.

    In hindsight, we can now gather that Sven was deliberately sabotaging NJP with such remarks, making a point about the primacy of old school TRS jackass radio irreverence over new school NJP political messaging and strategy. I unwittingly assisted Sven by spotlighting this situation, a situation that categorically required everything to blow up sooner or later.

    The project was doomed from the start because Sven doesn’t want political activism. He believes his nineties jackass radio programming is the only political activism anybody should be doing. He made this abundantly clear in a big manifesto he wrote back in March of 2018, and reiterated the exact same points in his recent drunken podcast appearance where he celebrated the demise of the NJP.

    Sven’s perspective has a few obvious flaws, the most obvious of which is that TRS had already started losing its mojo before NJP came along. NJP was allowed to happen precisely because audience interest in the content and the quality of the content dropped off hard after Trump was elected in 2016.

    NJP was an attempt to revive an ailing project, an attempt that failed. But Sven’s narrative that NJP caused TRS to start sucking collapses and contorts the timeline. They haven’t said anything funny in nearly a decade now, and while their pre election memes continue to define the space after all these years, they ALL precede the election.

    Therein lies the most concise and definitive answer for why NJP failed. From the very outset, Sven saw it as a distraction from his enterprises that detracted from his enterprises. It was designed so that NJP would either grow big enough to push him out if it succeeded or would drag him down with it if it failed.

    He had the means the entire time to pull the plug, and finally saw fit to go ahead and do so. All of the other concentric circles of failure exist as rings orbiting this failure baked into its conception. That said, I believe it will be both profitable and entertaining to explore additional problems with the project.

    Too Many Chiefs
    The YCombinator Project specializes in mentoring and supporting tech industry startups. I couldn’t help but consider political projects as startups in a sense, and notice parallels between their advice for nerds and my own experience with political startups.

    Imagine explaining on Shark Tank or to a potential investor in your web3 startup that it’s organized with several people on a board, all of whom are free to make their own executive decisions, under a chairman with no leadership inclination or experience, which all exists under the umbrella of a larger project that fully controls it and isn’t fully aligned with it (to put it lightly).

    The startups in their early phase that succeed almost always have either a singular Benevolent Dictator For Life or an especially close partnership of two (maybe three) people who are all on the same page. Boards can’t lead, they can only manage, and essentially exist to do nothing more than pick a dictator and sit around doing nothing unless he needs replaced.

    NJP was necessarily going to fail because it was structured incorrectly for a political startup. Even if everybody involved was great, it was designed in a manner that could only result in them bumping into one another, which they inevitably did.

    History Nerds
    NJP leadership was comprised heavily of TradWorker leadership and supporters, to the point where some perceived it as a spin-off and successor. This seems like a bright idea, taking the parts that were working well before the chairman went off the rails.

    In practice, they recruited way too many history nerds, history nerds who can’t be anywhere near real world organizing. Striker is a classic case. I admire and respect him a great deal, but this respect was never reciprocated because he sized me up as a Christian conservative reactionary, just like Hitler’s rivals in his rise to power.

    Everything is about Hitler and WWII with these people, people who are actively opposed to adapting general principles to a different time and place than the one they’re escaping to with their anachronistic worldview.

    Not everything is about Hitler, but good luck telling Striker or Conte that. I had been losing the internal argument on this in tradworker in the year or so leading up to its dissolution, with my “faith, family, folk” messaging replaced with “NATIONAL SOCIALISM NOW!”

    I extract some satisfaction from the fact that they got to fully eject me, try their angle with years of runway, and attract virtually no general audience or interest whatsoever with their tone deaf history nerd nonsense.

    Part and parcel of being a history nerd on the German side of WWII is that America was a rival and enemy to be opposed. There was an iconic moment in an internet argument on telegram a couple months ago where striker, completely out of context, demanded to know whether I wished that America lost WWII.

    For him, this is an important question that strikes at the root, exposing my lack of loyalty to a German chancellor who died a century ago. My answer is complicated, as I’m loyal to my nation while also generally agree with much of what the Germans were fighting for in that struggle.

    I see WWII as a general tragedy and “bad deal,” one where millions of our best people perished, leaving the world a worse place. I believe every nation but Israel lost the war, with America’s loss taking decades to come to fruition.

    But world war 2 wasn’t exclusively about national socialism and wasn’t pitched to the American people as such until after the war. It was largely seen then as the latest eruption in a time honored chess match between rival European states, with America as a partner of Great Britain.

    They honestly, truly, deeply despise Americans and America, the lot of them. The whole project was overwhelmed with contempt for the people they ostensibly intended to lead. All of their geopolitical takes were basic bitch anti-American propaganda, casually ripping off rival powers without even bothering to reframe it in a patriotic domestic dissident voice.

    This is simply and obviously political malpractice. A nationalist project in a country should be nationalists for the country they’re targeting. There’s plenty of precedent in our own country for what we’re fighting for, but they’re all in on Eurasianist and Continental framing of America as a villainous nation of villains who exist to serve Jewish Capitalism.

    If you agree with that take, then you should consider emigrating to and assimilating into a nation that you don’t believe to be intrinsically evil.

    Each error rests upon the previous error. They’re “traitors” because they’re history nerds, and they’re libtards because they’re “traitors.”

    Sven and Striker especially hate rural White Americans, with both of them going on record describing us as a vast sea of opiate-addicted brain dead conservative rubes. With the covid polarization, they went full MSNBC against the detestable rubes, rubes who were largely vindicated in their opposition to lockdowns and mandates when the dust had settled.

    Like it or not, America is splitting down the middle between libtards and contards. You’re getting sucked to one side or the other. And the contard side is the implicitly White side within which we can hope to operate, socially, culturally, and politically. This does not mean going along with maga and Q nonsense, but it does entail not overtly, aggressively, habitually siding with anti-White libtards against the side our people are on.

    NJP had a huge culture of alcoholism and partying which is antithetical to serious political organizing. The fact that Sven was proudly drunk in his only appearance to discuss this major event pretty much sums up the culture. And if that doesn’t do it, then the fact that most of the board members and rank and file opposed ejecting a board member for having orgies with members should do it.

    With a handful of exceptions that aren’t exceptional enough to be named, they’re jerks. Even the “good ones” are jerks, not one of whom resigned for a good reason. Every time somebody would fall out of their inner circle of higher ups, that person was denounced by the remainder as a snake. After a certain point, it’s obvious that the whole thing is one big snake pit, and Sven is the king cobra.

    I have several anecdotes, but the one that sticks with me is when Tony, on behalf of the NJP, contacted me about removing a political prisoner from the GMI registry. Apparently a woman in NJP was the girlfriend of another inmate who believed an inmate “snitched” on her own inmate.

    We at GMI had given this sort of issue a lot of forethought, and decided the only way to avoid GMI becoming factional was to have a simple policy of listing everybody whose arrest or conviction had something to do with being pro-White, without getting into the messy specifics of their relationships and personal conflicts.

    I attempted to explain that to Tony. He responded by threatening to destroy the GMI project with an NJP rumor campaign against it. This was very out of character for pre-NJP Tony, and came as a surprise. He was acting on behalf of the organization, an organization that centered infighting as a top priority. Within a few months, a third of the GMI registrants had requested removal in response to letters they received about the GMI being a scam. Finally, I abandoned the project because there was less interest in assisting political prisoners than in speculating that I may be a fed.

    Fact Check: I am not a fed.

    This is not my own story, but everybody’s story. From Keith Woods through Patriot Front and everybody else who had nothing to do with me, NJP adopted TRS’s culture of aggressive, destructive infighting. The goal of the project was to increase Sven’s subscriber base, not to advance White interests. And when the two priorities came into conflict, the former always took priority.

    Lessons Learned
    There are no lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of NJP. Either the lessons are too obvious to bother listing or you’re incapable of learning them.

    Growth-oriented startups require decisive, unified leadership

    Nationalists should be nationalists for the nation they’re nationalisming in

    Don’t promote racist ultraviolence

    If you insist on doing so, don’t directly associate it with a political party

    If leadership in your party does that, resign promptly to minimize exposure

    Don’t trust drug and alcohol addicts with anything

    The only non-obvious takeaway is that NJP’s message that the NJP is the only solution is false. Many of its former supporters are in a state of despair because they bought the NJP messaging that they’re the last and only hope — and now their hope is lost. The cause of White Identity has been steadily gaining momentum in the past decade despite a string of unforced and unnecessary leadership and organizational failures, and it will continue to.

    The fall of NJP should make one more hopeful, if anything. Good riddance.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I am not familiar with all of the inside-baseball terminology and personalities involved in this account of the NJP’s implosion. Yet I still learned a lot from Matt Parrott’s article. For that much, I thank him.

      No one should forget, however, that Matt went all-in for the covid jab and evidently hasn’t yet awakened to how criminally anti-science, anti-white, and anti-Christian everything about the (((government’s))) response to this mere flu variant was—and is beginning to be again.

      Furthermore, Matt is a big fan of Steve Sailer. Matt appears to completely fail to see that Sailer is controlled opposition and that he is more interested in diverting attention from the Jews than he is in supporting white identity in any meaningful way.

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        I must confess that I only linked to this because of Kevin’s reference to it and I myself have no knowledge of the decay processes within this circle. However, I have always found their video contributions very enlightening as well as entertaining. Let’s see what they mean by “power politics”. http://tinyurl.com/2pj4cdmu

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    There is a long and horribly winding road to white identity awareness and intelligent
    advocacy.We were publicly speaking since the onset of the New Jew Kung Flu covi sars2 mass murder by Injection scams .We called them from the begining..preplandemics..scamdemics..casedemics..and worse….we instantly labeled them correctly as a poorly hidden form of jewish deeplyvanti white eugenics for Goyim.
    .In reading Mark s beautifully concise point for point clarity we were struck by exceedingly similar experiences in the “anti”covidiocracy “speakers and the affiliated groups behind and surrounding them..Full of feds too.
    Mark s words have startling near identical points to..why..some..of. us..stopped ..public speaking while retaining very few of the original contacts…maybe..2 of all of them.” Retrospectively..Mark…we dont mind.being uninvolved with unstable arrogant theatrical and opportunistic losers who need to be in the spotlight even if it means diminishing .trashing..discrediting why they were there in the first place. Great disciplined erudite clarity..Thanks Mark.

  5. Steven Clemson
    Steven Clemson says:

    Then we can hope, with these stirrings. May they continue. Business as usual will only sound our death knell.

    The friend of a wife of mine died. On her deathbed, she heard sirens in the street. “Please tell me,” she asked, “is it the beginning of the revolution?”

    “Yes,” I said. “Yes, it begins.”

  6. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    This Schoelhammer has his very own view of the farmers’ protests.
    He says that the problem is simply too much state. Incidentally, he
    also says elsewhere that Israel has a natural right to occupy Gaza.

    This is hardly surprising, as he is also a “visiting fellow” at
    Orban’s “Mathias Corvinus College”, which is involved in
    a number of “strategic partnerships” with Israel. Holocaust
    remembrance events, invitations from Israeli speakers and
    study trips to Israel are practically part of daily routine there.

    With his unbearable Austrian “accent”, he is even allo-
    wed to bend narcissistic crybaby Peterson’s ears, who,
    as is well known, is also a welcome guest of “Bibi”.

  7. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    P.S. Schoellhammer likes to illustrate his own jewish-brainwashed idiocy:

    The incredible dumbness of left-liberal self-de-
    clared “do-gooders”. What you never had to
    work for yourself is not respected and is lost.

    “She played scoccer with the boys. […] Engelhorn
    volunteered with gay-rights groups and grew inte-
    rested in the interconnection of racial, gender and
    economic discrimination.”

    As an LGBT anti-racist who remains childless without
    sperm donation, there are great opportunities here
    to finally get rid of the emotionally burdensome mil-
    lions that her grandmother (Forbes estimated her
    fortune at 4.2 billion dollars in 2022) with the Italian
    maiden name Vechiatto inherited from her marriage.

    Obviously his/her “inspiration”: “I’m really grateful
    for their voice,” said [Jewess] Amy Hanauer, the exe-
    cutive director at Institute on Taxation and Economic
    Policy, a think tank in Washington, who said that mil-
    lionaires can be influential higher tax advocates.

    After joining several of these groups, Ms. Engelhorn last
    year co-founded another one for Central Europe, Tax Me
    Now, described on its website as “an initiative of weal-
    thy people who are actively committed to tax justice.”


  8. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Aha, Vechiatto Brazilian, but
    with an additional T, a modi-
    fied form of Italian Vechiato.

    Obviously the ridiculous attitude of the
    lesbo granddaughter is merely the re-
    sult of a pubertal reaction of defiance:

    “Since late 2013, there have been ongoing
    investigations by the German authorities
    concerning suspected tax frauds between
    Engelhorn and his daughters, avoiding ca-
    pital transfer taxes of up to 440 million
    euros (US$475 million). As of January 2016,
    the family’s lawyers conceded capital trans-
    fer tax evasions in the amount of Euro 135
    million (US$145 million) to the court.”

    However, as he/she wants to be seen as a “self-
    less benefactor” towards those who are suppo-
    sedly disadvantaged, she obviously does not in-
    tend to build a lesbian love nest for herself on
    her Granddad’s former “Five Star Island” in Ber-
    muda, following Epstein’s example. Apart from
    the fact that it’s pretty noisy there nowadays.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      “vecchiato” means “old-fashioned”; “un vecchiatto” means “an old man.”

      Chatter less, check more.

  9. Freddy
    Freddy says:

    The criminal corrupt anti-German crypto-communist Scholz regime spends 62 billion euros on “development aid” in 109 countries (twice that of the previous year!*), plus 48 billion euros on dim invaders, but says that 0.9 billion euros must be saved on farmers! Scroll down https://www.hostize.com/r/kPmXbBGq1A/aid-pdf

    “Development Minister” Schulze rejected calls to cut development aid. “These are populist and frighteningly short-sighted demands that would not solve any problems, but only exacerbate them. If we stopped working with partner countries worldwide on climate protection, we would soon have floods in Germany every year.”


  10. Freddy
    Freddy says:

    “Immigration, as it has happened so far, is costing us 5.8 trillion euros for the economy as a whole,” says the renowned economist economist Bernd Raffelhüschen. https://www.hostize.com/d/QvPw3WA60b/file.pdf

    That is the reality, which is in stark contrast to the claimed “skilled labor” miracle of the of the established parties. Raffelhüschen speaks of a “sustainability gap” between what is paid into the state coffers and what and what can be expected in return. This gap would grow to 19.2 trillion euros if we allowed 300,000 foreigners into the country every year.

    However, this is a very conservative calculation, because in 2023 around 461,000 migrants from non-EU countries to Germany (asylum applicants and family reunification). The Ukrainians, who do not have to apply for asylum are not included here!


  11. Freddy
    Freddy says:

    André Barmettler, founder and editor of the Switzerland-based magazine ExpressZeitung, recently posted a YouTube video announcing what could be described as the air raid of one of the last bastions of independent and critically-minded journalism left in Europe.

    The video description reads: “All hell broke loose shortly before Christmas. André Barmettler, founder and publisher of ExpressZeitung, gives us an overview. The bottom line: we can no longer conduct business within Germany under the handle ExpressZeitung, including selling, shipping and advertising our product. This applies to nearly all of the 60 issues published to date. However, new issues published under a different handle won’t be affected by the court’s ruling, meaning they will be available to our German readers.”

    The legal armageddon unleashed by a Cologne-based German newspaper operating under the name EXPRESS hinges on the issue of likelihood of consumer confusion and trademark infringement. Hence the fitting name “Verboten-in-Deutschland!*Zeitung” (“Banned-in-Germany!*Zeitung”), adopted by the otherwise nameless Swiss publication as a makeshift solution to overcome the hurdle of not being able to reach their German readers. But why Germany and not Austria or Liechtenstein? Germany has been the publication’s main source of income as it comprises their largest readership in the German-speaking world. But more importantly, Germany is a sleeping giant the powers that be would rather leave undisturbed.

    The publication formerly known as ExpressZeitung has long been in the crosshairs of the all-seeing eye of cancel culture, and the hell storm they’re currently under had been a long time coming. Some of the topics they have covered over the years have been highly controversial, stretching from German guilt to race politics, world communism, sham pandemics, and the systemic sexualization of children – to name but a few examples. And, of course, their latest issue: “ISRAEL: Our Friend & Ally?”, conveniently stifled at a time the whole world, and not just Germany, is slowly waking up from a long comatose slumber.

    Without further ado, here’s André Barmettler’s statement of the case: http://tinyurl.com/2afk94b9

    With every new issue André Barmettler puts everything on the line. His current ordeal, reminiscent of Daniel Defoe’s day in the pillory, should serve as both a wake-up call and a grim reminder of the new era of censorship ushered in by the ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict. As Orwell put it: “The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen. It depends on you”. In that spirit, Barmettler’s editorial page for “ISRAEL: Our Friend & Ally?” pulls no punches:

    Each individual issue of our magazine can be seen as a “a piece of the puzzle” in its own right, yet the term “missing link” seems more pertinent for the topic at hand. In spite of its role in shaping world events, Israel has often managed to stay out of the spotlight, with the USA and other key players being the main focus of attention. And by Israel we are referring to the ideological backbone of Zionist jingoism and hegemonic control on which the Israeli State rests, which today prompts us to ponder the significance of the Israel-led campaign in the Gaza Strip, characterized as genocidal in nature and intimately tied to the Middle East powder keg. As the public eye is once again drawn to the ruthless behaviour of this young and rapidly expanding nation, the divide between its supporters and critics continues to deepen. The latter could, in fact, be facing charges of anti-Semitism, according to a new resolution equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

    In a recent English-language statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of a thin and blurry line between criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism (which the said resolution equates with anti-Semitism): “When the ICC investigates Israel for fake war crimes, this is pure anti-Semitism”. The congressional resolution gives a clear indication of what lies ahead as it will likely pave the way for widespread censorship. It comes as no surprise that the US, of all countries, vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire due to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The unconditional solidarity of the USA and the West as a whole towards the “only democracy in the Middle East” is nothing short of remarkable, especially when Israel, a nation allegedly aligned with traditional Western values, not only tramples on those values, but also puts Biblical prophecy above universal democratic principles. Before criticism of Israel becomes legally equated with anti-Semitism and is thereby criminalized, this double issue will delve deeper into the topic by taking a closer look at this elephant in the room in light of its historical context up to the present day.

    For the time being Barmettler’s publication may remain as “nameless” as the international clique of “unnamables” behind the bombings and the sweeping censorship, but his clear-eyed vision seems bigger and brighter than ever. A vision that is best understood as an all-purpose tool crafted to aid readers in piecing “things” together, as each title telescopes a key topic into a 60-100 page format. The editorial board comprises a young generation of writers including German wunderkind Tilman Knechtel (“Trau Keinem Promi”) who continue to churn out pages amid the shelling.

    Temporarily unavailable owing to the current state of affairs, an initial selection of their German-language issues has been translated into English as part of a nascent digital-only edition. Let’s hope the future of Central European true-news journalism will be reborn under a catchier name for the English-speaking audience.

  12. Freddy
    Freddy says:


    “Well, the story comes from Correctiv, which is an independent investigative reserach platform.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wseutDwh_34&t=14s

    (On of these infamous) “fact checkers” … of course. These people brazenly lie into the cam without even bothering to do the research they are tasked with. And there’s a good reason for that, of course: “The funding comes largely from establishment foundations and corporations, such as the Open Society Foundations, Google Germany GmbH, and German Telekom. Despite depending on establishment foundations and corporations for most of its funding, CORRECT!V claims to be ‘nonprofit, independent and investigative’.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correctiv#Funding

    “CORRECT!V is a member of the International Fact-Checking Network”, run by a so-called “Poynter Institute”, which is funded by the same usual suspects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poynter_Institute#Funding


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