NJP: A Postmortem

Editor’s note: This was posted by Matt Parrot on his Substack

Good riddance.

I had no special access to the inner workings of the NJP. The higher ups always held me in contempt, and would have kept me at arm’s length had I attempted to approach the project. I didn’t ask. They didn’t ask.

I remained in my lane and, up until the last few months, kept my mouth shut about the ill-fated project.

I did finally open my mouth earlier this year as Striker first took direct shots at me, and then started taking absurd shots at Keith Woods, Joel Davis, and other good actors. He was mounting these attacks as an NJP officer, and using NJP as a shield when I attempted to challenge him personally, and no other officer was either stopping him or clarifying that he wasn’t actually speaking on behalf of the project.

As such, I decided to go ahead and attack the whole damn project, targeting what I judged to be its most egregious flaw: Sven and McNabb were making arguments on their podcasts in favor of ultraviolence against non Whites while clearly associated with NJP, surrounded by party banners. This slimed everybody involved with very real legal exposure and effectively rendered the project a rolling liability for White Advocates.

You can’t do that.

These guys who narrowly evaded the Unite The Right trial by the skin of their teeth should have been among the first to appreciate how even tenuous association with violent rhetoric can’t be anywhere near real people doing real political activism in the real world. And here was Sven himself, the final boss of both the TRS and NJP projects, making the incriminating statements.

In hindsight, we can now gather that Sven was deliberately sabotaging NJP with such remarks, making a point about the primacy of old school TRS jackass radio irreverence over new school NJP political messaging and strategy. I unwittingly assisted Sven by spotlighting this situation, a situation that categorically required everything to blow up sooner or later. … [Continue at Substack]


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  1. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Whatever you may think of the NJP, its leadership or adjacent people, I think republishing this piece is of very bad taste.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            I take it you are aware of the Jerry Springeresque, trailer park denouement of the Tragicomic Wankers Party that obese clowns Parrott and Heimbach presided over. Same shit, different day.

            WN doesn’t have the human capital to do competent, real world activism. Luckily Red State secession does if the Texas Nationalist Movement is any good indicator. WN should focus on the meme war and let Red State secessionists handle meat space activism.

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