Interview with Jose Nino


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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Down the rabbi(t) hole

    Here, the “undermining” character of the Jews becomes almost emblematic. The vole activity has been exposed or could no longer be concealed from the public. Did the Jews celebrate and hold their bloody Talmudic rituals there? Did they stash and hoard stolen and collected art objects there? However, it is actually an insult to the poor little creatures, to equate the adorable cute rabbits with their big ears with the extremely disturbing, bizarre and strange rabbis with their conspicuously oversized noses.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    ..Re..Professor Kevin Macdonald interview. First reactions…The depth of genuine aesthetic. greatness..humility.. revolutionary clarity ,what an inspiration!
    .direct objective speech bordering on the justifiably acerbic with .an Omni type of consciousness.. ” A true erudite Gentleman .. a very Great Scholar , a very strong mind yet oddly accessible.. not a trendy superficial corporate talking head trendsetter after base proletarian ego rewards..or prototypical filthy lucre..
    Phd.Professor Kevin took on all the hidden vile truth s of the tribe and in so doing…has led an entire new generation of peoples into greater consciousness of the insidious preternatural supremacist, i,e..racist power of the Synagogue of Satan..greater than the feared red dragon of Asia.
    Without consciousness, no freedom from tyranny is possible. Thank you for this podcast. You were always a Star.
    Don’t ever stop.
    Great to hear your voice Kevin.

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