Tucker on the Iowa Caucuses

A while ago I posted an article on deranged White women. The young White woman who much prefers Nikki Haley over Trump and even over Biden (“a little too old”) is unfortunately much too typical. Haley’s money is coming from Democrat donors, and of course, the neocons of both parties love her. WAR! And, as MSNBC tells us, the problem is those horrible White Christian voters.

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  1. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    The horrible “evangelical” Christian voters– I can’t bring myself to call them White– are the undergraduate Zionists. One neighbor for ~20 years been an HOA director– on and off until she times-out, then serves on committees maintaining safety and aesthetic standards for a season, then rinses and repeats. She says her husband we can’t remember ever having seen is a Bible translator.

    The itty bity community church has a teaching pastor because its owner, a retired local fire chief who incorporated the operation in1955 as a community influencer was a Mormon, a Lutheran, and now has a self-certified Baptist teaching pastor explaining what the Bible really says.

    That in-crowd supports REALTY, especially debt slavery to the usual Moneylenders. They promote a nearby gigantic Judeo-Christian conference center that wants to sell spring water to bottlers like NESTLE. That to fund soul-saving children’s camps, annual Zionist “Boot Camp” for racially Jewish shock troops, and other evangelism explaining and promoting God’s Chosen People and those who behave like and follow them around especially Asian and Pacific Islander church group camps.

    Those are the hated White Christian opposition?

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