This speech left the left establishment fuming! Dr. Bernd Baumann — AfD parliamentary group

From an email list:

Globalist democracy works like this: Anyone who has the popular majority behind them will be deposed by the globalist minority. Anyone who is loved by the people will be accused and imprisoned.

Here is the AfD’s answer to it by Dr. Bernd Baumann, in the Bundestag (parliament), Berlin, Jan. 18, 2024. Dr. Baumann responds to the system’s agitation against the AfD with the aim of banning the party.


“Never before has a government driven our country to the wall like this government, which isn’t even here today.

“Citizens are suffering from skyrocketing prices for energy and food. In addition, housing shortages, heating laws, broken bridges and roads, dilapidated schools.

“Industry is fleeing the country and millions of foreign asylum seekers are streaming in unhindered. What a disaster, what a terrible record, ladies and gentlemen.

“Germany is shaking under the outcry of desperate farmers, hauliers, craftsmen and restaurant operators. The need is great, the trust is gone. All surveys show that.

“Take Saxony, for example, where the SPD has shrunk to 7% and may no longer even get into parliament. Neither do the FDP and the Greens. And the AfD is already at 35%, we are currently five times as strong as this Chancellor’s party. That’s how democracy works, ladies and gentlemen.

“The voters punish them with a primal force that is unique in the history of the Federal Republic. Panic is spreading. You can almost smell their fear.

“And how do you deal with it? The higher the AfD’s poll numbers, the more viciously they defame our party. You could see that again in the debate. They don’t shy away from anything anymore.

“The level is sinking to the bottomless. Fecal language, they can’t think of anything better. For example, the top candidate of the FDP for the European elections. “She describes the AFD as ‘a dirty pile of excrement’ and the AFD’s more than 10 million voters as ‘dirty blowflies’. I quote: ‘The higher the pile of shit,’ said the FDP top candidate, ‘the more flies sit on it.’

“Fie devil! If voters take away your power, they will be called blowflies. This is your understanding of democracy.

“But voters will also punish you at the ballot box for this arrogance. At the same time, you are fundamentally distorting our political demands.

“Example: We have always called for the return or remigration of all migrants who are not entitled to stay. This involves around 300,000 asylum seekers who were ultimately rejected.

“And also about those foreigners who only enjoy temporary protection as civil war refugees. The protection ends when the war is over. The war in Syria is over. So 600,000 Syrians have to go back.

“Even Denmark, ruled by Social Democrats, is sending the Syrians home. This is the remigration we demand. And this remigration is not against the law and the constitution, it is the enforcement of the law.

“We are the defenders of the rule of law and you are the opponents and are also working against us here with the worst possible means.

“Today we heard again that politicians from Coalition and the Christian Union are distorting our demands, especially when it comes to remigration.

“It was also heard on the public television channels this week that the AfD uses the term remigration to mean the forced expulsion and even the mass deportation of millions of people.

“What a devious campaign by politicians and journalists from the run-down left-green class. But the people see right through you.

“People don’t believe your nonsense anymore. We are experiencing the end of an era. We are now experiencing the end of the left-green dominance in Germany.

“And Habeck, Künast and consorts are defending themselves against relegation. by all means. Even small, private debate clubs are blown up into dangerous secret meetings.

“Like recently a group of entrepreneurs and freelancers in Potsdam who meet regularly to exchange ideas.

“This round invited guests from politics, four from the CDU, four from the AfD and two from the Union of Values (CDU).

“And whatever else any speaker says or not cannot be attributed to the CDU or the AfD.

“How desperate do you have to be to construct a campaign against the AfD like you are trying to do again today. The times when such political jugglers had all the power are over.

“The wind is changing. Something new is coming for Germany. The AfD is coming for Germany, whether you like it or not.”

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Baumann is a thoroughly honorable, decent and argumentative guy. In my opinion, alongside Dr. Gottfried Curio, whose rhetorical brilliance is probably unparalleled, he is one of the best and most convincing of the party.

    Something else: Just in time for the 2024 election year, the spectre of possible fascism in America is once again being raised and revived by the left-wing broadcaster PBS, and old, worn-out stories are being reheated: “Nazi Town, USA”. (Remember: PBS is the station whose employees think Americans are “fucking dumb” and want to put Trump in a re-education camp.)

    The all-too-obvious intention behind it: “Nazi was white. Conclusion: white means evil.” That’s roughly the primitive message. Just look at the stills of the videos on their YouTube channel, you will hardly find a white face that appears without a Negro. The comment function and rating of the videos are switched off. This is apparently supposed to be “America” or its “values”. Ridiculous.

    Two further episodes produced for PBS in the pipeline also revolve around the evil whites who viciously oppress America’s Negroes: “The Riot Report” and “Insurrection 1898”. Who watches something like that who still has all their brain cells together? Probably Jews and Negroes. Obscure prizes and awards are also already waiting for the “historically correct” documentary filmmakers.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    The homosexual Jew (homosexuality means daily anal and oral intercourse with the same sex) says he is now not a liberal but a conservative. An enormous transformation in his “political evolution”. He claims America’s melting pot is “the envy of the world”, while segregation is the deadly sin of modernity.

    I agree that the racist fake melting pot of EUSSR-Brussels is still far too segregated, which is why the Moroccan inhabitants of Molenbeek should finally have an equal say in the EU Parliament, then both criminal sides would be amicably united!

  3. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    “And the winner is … Chief rabbi Goldschmidt!”

    The second of its “kind” in a row.

    Incidentally, the first person to receive this famous, or rather infamous, prize was Kalergi, setting an example, so to speak. The rest of the “crowned ones” present an equally miserable picture.

    There are those who claim that the prize was an institution of the Freemasonry of Rome, but ultimately of Jerusalem. Charlemagne was not without reason the barbarian (in both senses of the word) who forced the Germanic tribes under the yoke of Christianity

  4. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    Is it possible that Ron Unz is a spy for the Ashkenazim? He has banned my ip from posting at Unz Review. You here know my style of writing. I’ve created the following threads:

    If Unz is a spy for the Ashkenazim, then the strategy he has been using is extremely intelligent, relatively speaking. Unz generously claims that he has an extremely “free speech” policy on his website, yet he has banned my IP from posting on his website. Could he be part of a very intelligent spy operation of the Ashkenazim? If so, then I find this to be intellectually very interesting.

    We Gentiles, to me, seem to have completely lost the evolutionary war to the Ashkenazim. Whatever. The sun is going to become a red giant is 4 billion years, engulfing Earth and vaporizing Israel and the Ashkenazim. Do you think the Ashkenazim will had figured out a way to prevent the Sun from becoming a Red Giant?

    Whatever. If Unz is actually a race traitor to the Ashkenazim, then I want to ask permission from MOSSAD/CIA/Ashkenazim/Deep State to make him disappear. I have lost all respect for him. I want permission from MOSSAD to make him disappear, that is, unless he is secretly working as a spy for the Ashkenazim, which if he is, than I commend him for his loyalty to his race. But, what if Unz is actually just a genetically mutated and screwed up Ashkenazi person, as described by Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie? Then, he is worthless to everyone, and I want permission from MOSSAD and the Ashkenazim to make him disappear.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy says:

      You’re not the only one who doesn’t trust this (somewhat shady) “character”. I’ve had the same experience with him for years. When he “sniffs out” with his big nose who I am or could be despite new proxy IP, he immediately “disposes” me.

      Extremely unforgivable Judenparanoia beneath the “kind” surface, as with all of them. I don’t trust him one bit. It is unfathomable what agenda the representatives of this species are pursuing, that will only become clear at the end of an era.

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