James O’Keefe Uncovers “Shadowy Network” Of NGOs (Likely Funded by Mayorkas) and Facilitating the US Border Invasion

This has not gotten anywhere near enough publicity—like a lot of things these days that you are not supposed to notice. One wonders about the ethnic commitments of at least some of these NGOs.

Tweet continues:
A volunteer with the American Red Cross, who wouldn’t give us his name, tried to prevent us from filming outside a migrant facility and kept sticking his hand over our cameras. Then, when we questioned a volunteer with the NGO, she said “I am your father” and stormed off.
Nogales Police officers showed up and questioned us after Alitas and Red Cross workers falsely accused us of using racial slurs and inhibiting their movement. We tried to get the officer’s first name but he refused to give it. When we FOIAed the bodycam footage, we were told Nogales police don’t use them.
A group called “Alita’s Angels” runs the facility, but they’re a brand-new nonprofit with no tax records on file. (We requested the documents, with no luck.) A WORKER with Casa Alitas CONFIRMED TO OUR UNDERCOVER journalist that Casa Alitas was getting federal money.
Once the migrants were boarded on the bus, we got a head start to meet them at a processing facility an hour away in Tucson, but once again, we couldn’t get anywhere near the building. The staff of the facility, run by Casa Alitas, threatened to call the cops again, but we managed to interview a local driver who does business at the facility and he gave us even more information.
These “Alitas” (alitasangels.com) [the website has now gone private] groups are part of a shadowy network of secretive nonprofits funding the mass migration of millions of people into the country, without truly vetting asylum seekers’ claims and determining if they are eligible for refugee status. This is a DEVELOPING STORY: Stay tuned for more reporting from the Mexican border.
From Zerohedge:
Elon Musk  responding: “Is the Red Cross supporting illegal immigration?” 

O’Keefe responded:

“@elonmusk Here, @RedCross is working right alongside Alitas putting illegal immigrants on busses and shipping them to location in Tucson where they are then shipped to phoenix sky harbor. Also, the Red Cross are the first in at child camps. They leave once a NGO is contracted.” 

From Zerohedge: Then Elon Musk chimed in on the X thread, asking: “What the heck is going on!?” 

In a separate report from the news website Muckraker, NGOs provided illegals in South and Central America with critical maps to show routes to the southern US border.

Americans need to wake up. These chilling reports may [may?]  indicate the federal government is using taxpayer dollars to facilitate the largest invasion of the southern border ever. It’s becoming increasingly apparent why the Biden administration has yet to ‘properly’ secure the border:

“A lot of NGOs are helping Biden open the border to unlimited illegal crossing. But none of this could happen without the president’s approval,” Byron York, the chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, recently said. 

Where does defunding NGOs rank on the list of things to do for the GOP? [Last; haven’t heard it mentioned.]

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  1. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    RED ICE Western Warrior #267 video those of all ages should appreciate of JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE facilitating the migrant invasion, REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oNJpd5tNMcRV/

    Seventh-day Adventist “ADRA” does exactly the same thing: http://adventmessenger.org/how-should-seventh-day-adventists-respond-to-the-immigration-crisis/

    And they’ve been caught corrupting the medical establishment: http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/blog/morning-edition/2015/09/whistleblower-lawsuit-leads-to-record-setting.html

    One step closer to the source includes the actual maps mentioned in Dr. MacDonald’s instant piece: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/journalist-uncovers-shadowy-network-ngos-facilitating-us-border-invasion?ref=biztoc.com

  2. Some Guy
    Some Guy says:

    In his highly controversial non-fiction book “The Asylum Industry”, author Udo Ulfkotte, who has since passed away, researched and listed “how politicians, journalists and social organizations are profiting from the wave of refugees” back in October 2015. Since then, there has hardly been any other topic that has preoccupied politicians, the media, business and citizens more than Germany’s asylum and refugee policy and its controversial impact on our society and welfare state.

    I. Getting rich with poverty

    Apparently, it is a kind of taboo to report critically on the lucrative billion-dollar business with refugees, so that only a few renowned media outlets have dared to come out of the woodwork so far, such as FAZ “Asylum seekers bring money – The refugee industry: Insights into a billion-dollar business”, as well as Focus-Online “Asylum industry in a gold rush: Here the influx of refugees makes the cash registers ring”, Epoch Times “Rothschild and the asylum industry: The lucrative business with refugees – Due to the enormous influx of asylum seekers, the profits of the Swiss company ORS are likely to increase immeasurably in 2015”. Note: ⇒ This article has since been removed from the website of the online newspaper!

    II They brag – we pay

    Udo Ulfkotte questions what the reasons for this noble restraint could be and notes that not only many full-time caregivers, interpreters, social pedagogues, rent sharks or traffickers who are involved in the asylum industry are now making a living from the plight of refugees, but above all various profit-oriented stock corporations, social associations, pharmaceutical companies, politicians and even some journalists have discovered the big business of refugee misery. The general public also hardly knows anything about ‘how’ parties are illegally financing political parties by taking care of refugees – or that, to the author’s knowledge, many SPD politicians also have part-time positions in organizations that specialize in the management of taxpayer-funded accommodation for asylum seekers.

    III Migration weapon and money flows

    This chapter deals with unscrupulous African millionaires, provoked refugee flows, people smugglers and the targeted import of the lower classes from Africa.

    IV. Devastating consequences of political correctness

    The author is dismayed to learn that police officers (as well as journalists) have obviously been “muzzled” in many cases when it comes to reporting on crime and violence committed by asylum seekers – probably in order to avoid providing a platform for populist generalizations.

    In the meantime, however, even the daily newspaper “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” (WAZ), which is known to be tolerant, can no longer ignore the facts and recently took up this topic in an article entitled “Mass brawls among refugees – cases pile up” *) and quoted: “The police union in Thuringia even accuses the red-red-green state government of concealing crimes in refugee accommodation. “We are not being transparent enough about this,” GdP state head Kai Christ told this editorial team. “Almost every day, police officers have to take action in asylum seekers’ homes due to thefts, disputes or fights. But the police don’t report it to the outside world because they’re not supposed to. Although there are no written instructions from the Ministry of the Interior, this is how it is communicated. Crimes are prosecuted and punished by the police, but the red-red-green coalition has decided that the development of crimes should only be discussed very meagrely in public. “We are not being honest enough with our population,” said Christ.

    V. Save yourself who can – countdown to the crash

    As already mentioned, there is hardly any other topic that is currently occupying Germany more than the uncompromising current refugee policy without an upper limit and admission freeze. Since September 2015, thousands of asylum seekers have been arriving at the Bavarian borders every day and are being distributed to all federal states according to the ‘Königstein key’. Without the self-sacrificing help and tireless support of many voluntary helpers in the municipalities, the supply would have long since collapsed in some places. Against the backdrop of our asylum law with its unlimited headcount, even our former Federal President Joachim Gauck said: “Our heart is wide, but our possibilities are finite. Our asylum and refugee law is not measured by numbers, and yet we know that our reception capacity is limited: Our reception capacity is limited, even if we don’t know exactly where the limits are.”

    But although most of the refugees are Muslims, far too few Muslim associations and communities are involved in these campaigns – as the author complains in his essay ” “The asylum industry: how politicians, journalists and social organizations are profiting from the wave of refugees”, far too few Muslim associations and communities have taken part in these campaigns to date and prefer to look the other way when it comes to helping.

    “Interesting food for thought” is provided by Udo Ulfkotte in his publication according to finanz-blog-online.de, an online newspaper for policyholders and property owners. They went on to say: “Not a day goes by without new reports about refugee numbers and asylum seekers’ homes. The country is on edge. Supporters and critics insult each other. Udo Ulfkotte adds fuel to the fire. The controversial author presents his quickly written book on the asylum industry. It is sure to attract a lot of criticism. Some of its claims will also be refuted, as has been the case with other books by the author.” Note: ⇒ This article has since been removed from the association’s website!

    We also assume that Udo Ulfkotte’s latest 272-page non-fiction book “The asylum industry” will reap plenty of criticism. However, as the author is obviously keen to shake up the uncritical and sleepy Germans politically, criticism – as the price for the accompanying confrontation with the socio-political issues of our time – is probably exactly what he intends to challenge.

    The mood is changing? As we already explained in our reviews of his books “Gekaufte Journalisten” and ” Mecca Germany – The Silent Islamization”, opinions are divided on the author and his works. The non-fiction book, for which Udo Ulfkotte has once again done a great job as a journalist and provides a wealth of interesting information, bold theses, explosive facts and over 750 references, has been published as a hardback edition in a dust jacket.

    Interviewer Markus Gärtner (born 1960
    like Ulfkotte) also died in the meantime.

    Download below “Mirrors” https://libgen.rs/search.php?req=Udo%20Ulfkotte&column%5B%5D=author

    Activate auto-subs in Jewtube and let Jewgle translate the Pdfs.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy says:

      In the video, Ulfkotte put the number of people working in the “German” asylum industry at 2.4 million (incorrectly translated by YouTube as 24 million, without a comma between the figures), while the strongest German industry, car production, has only 800,000 employees. It is now 7 years later, and the number of people “working” in the helper/”rescuer” industry, i.e. the profiteers, will have increased many times over.

      In English-speaking countries, the term “asylum industry” (alternatively “migration industry”) has not yet spread and established itself, but will soon become a scientific and journalistic topic there too, I have hardly been able to find anything about it. This British article already spoke of the “immigration industrial complex” in 2015, a very well-chosen term, even if it does not yet describe the true extent of the damage.



      The profiteers of the invasion disaster are first and foremost the smugglers, who earn billions by taking their “passengers” to Western countries, where they can be alimented for life at the host country’s taxpayers’ expense. So much so, in fact, that the money regularly sent back to the home countries of the illegal immigrants, courted by the self-defeating Western system, now far exceeds the West’s entire expenditure on so-called “development aid”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remittance

      There is always talk of “push-pull factors” of migration, but in reality, push factors are not (or no longer) present in any way. The West is a gigantic magnet that was fully activated in 2015 but has not been switched off since, and which is constantly sucking millions of poverty invaders into our countries. In Africa, this is how you get rid of your surplus population. African presidents have even publicly boasted that they are allowed to dump their “human waste” in our countries, i.e. criminal scum for whom they no longer have to pay prison costs.

      Since the oh-so-liberal Western system of the white man is based on free trade and market mechanisms, a gigantic aid industry of NGOs and political profiteers is quickly established in the slipstream of the invasion. People who were previously unable to rent out their run-down properties now receive more money from the state for one housed invader than for two average local tenants.

      All the social organizations of originally “Christian” provenance, such as the Maltese Cross or the Samaritan Federation, which previously looked after the local elderly and care cases, have now shifted or thrown themselves on this new clientele, the carefree all-round care of third-world social beneficiaries.

      The political functional elite of the left-oriented self-destruction also hopes for its growing share of the big cake, as invaders always vote for and prefer invader-friendly politicians. In this way, migration also changes politics to the detriment of its own population. A vicious circle has been set in motion and unleashed like an unstoppable avalanche or an unquenchable wildfire.

      Also the churches (see “church asylum” in Europe), which previously lamented a massive decline in their members and contributors, who have turned their backs on these hypocritical pseudo-“moral guardians” and fraudsters, are the main beneficiaries of the asylum wave. An armada of little helpers such as translators, language schools, social welfare associations etc. have found a new field of activity.

      All at the expense of local taxpayers and, above all, the hard-working middle class, who are already fearing for their livelihood. The employers’ associations and the large multinational corporations are constantly campaigning for more poverty immigration, primarily to reduce wages and social spending in the low-wage sector. They justify this time and time again with the same hypocritical fake arguments (declining numbers of young people cause a lack of pensions, etc.).

      • Some Guy
        Some Guy says:

        Some of those “little helpers” and oh-so “christian” do-gooders. They all profit from the misery and are involved in it. Employers’ associations, trade unions above. And they would lose their “vocation” if the AfD came to power (now we also understand their so-called “demonstration”). The “fight against right-wing extremism” in ZOGermany is financed with 1 billion euros taxpayers’ money a year. Against left-wing extremism it’s zero, because it is an ally of the system.



      • Some Guy
        Some Guy says:

        German farmers block traffic for a week because they are being deprived of 0.9 (!) billion euros. The protest is kept quiet by the media. Ethiopia is treating itself to one of the most expensive government palaces in the world. When asked why the African country is still being supported with German funds in this case, the German Development Ministry has a snotty answer at the ready.

        The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has defended the aid provided to Ethiopia to support the supposedly beleaguered country. The landlocked East African country should continue to receive funds from Germany, the ministry said in response to a question from MP Joana Cotar (non-party, German mother, Romanian father).


        The parliamentarian had asked the ministry for a statement because it had become known that Ethiopia is having a government palace built for around ten billion dollars, which would correspond to around two thirds of the country’s annual state budget. Almost no other country has spent so much on such a building.

        The palace is to be built on an area roughly the size of 500 soccer pitches. This would make it larger than Windsor, the White House, the Kremlin and the Forbidden City combined, Cotar pointed out. In addition to residential complexes, conference halls and artificial lakes, the plans also include a zoo. The construction of the palace is considered a prestige project by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. According to him, it will be financed by national and international donations.

        The former AfD politician had asked the Ministry of Development whether they planned to maintain the payment of around two billion euros in aid in view of the construction of the ostentatious-looking seat of government. The Ministry’s response: “The German government’s development cooperation is based on long-term objectives and not on headlines.”

        The traffic light coalition is keen to help consolidate peace in the African country and counteract further conflicts. It is also important to strengthen Ethiopia’s cohesion.

        The development cooperation measures between Germany and Ethiopia include “projects for the modernization and adaptation of agriculture to climate change”, the promotion of the private sector and the business environment as well as more education and social security. The program thus makes an “important contribution to democratic development” in Africa. The German government therefore continues to see the payment of funds as sensible.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Please pardon my offering a comment that is not off-topic but is instead relevant to the brave and informative O’Keefe video.

    What surprised me most were the defensiveness and, in some cases, the overt hostility of the Alitas employees. It was almost as if they feared exposure of their activities—the point being that if they did, they are even more ignorant than the video made them seem.

    Indeed, the only person in peril of reprisal—not excluding extended imprisonment without charge by local, state, or federal officialdom—is James O’Keefe himself. He alone is not upholding what the Biden administration has told Americans is a core value of their society: the need to dilute the oppressive influence of the native-born white population by means of nonwhite, non-Christian immigration.

    • Mark Enholm
      Mark Enholm says:

      Always again this huffy and child-like “offended” attitude (disguised as “irony”). Your comment is “relevant” at best insofar as it does not contribute any additional facts, but offers your completely subjective “assessment” (which you obviously consider to be extremely “relevant”, at least more relevant than additional or unknown information). It took him a whole four days to distil this highly ingenious contribution that the world finally needs to be enriched by. Oh my dear “comment” section!

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Struck a nerve, did we? Your bruised ego prompts you to “analyze” my comment, but O’Keefe’s video remains more than you can address.

        Besides, I doubt whether your being called out under any of your many identities will stop you from treating this forum as your private junkyard.

  4. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    “Germany” (or what is illegitimately still called that today) is shrinking economically – and growing demographically at the same time. An ontological impossibility.

    How can it still be? Can there be a connection between the two? (“No, certainly not, because that would be politically incorrect and is therefore unthinkable!”)


    “These people with their diverse culture, their warmth and their joie de vivre are an enrichment for us all.” (Maria Böhmer, “Commissioner for Integration”)

    “What the refugees bring to us is more valuable than gold. It is the unwavering belief in the dream of Europe. A dream that was lost to us at some point.” (former bookseller Martin Schulz, chancellor candidate)


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