The coming war with Iran

Neocons and the Israel Lobby generally have been itching for the U.S. to go to war with Iran for at least 20 years (so Israel doesn’t have to). They may be getting their wish. From an email list:
Report: US Plans Weeks-Long Bombing Campaign Against Iranian Targets
“Get ready, we are going to ATTACK Iran” Colonel Douglas MacGregor;
“We need to hit Iran HARD and wipe them off the map” U.S. senator says:
“The U.S. is committing SUICIDE if we do this to Iran” Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter: Russia and Middle East:
 CNN reported that President Joe Biden told reporters Tuesday he has made a decision about the US response to the drone strike that killed three US service members and injured dozens in Jordan. Asked by CNN’s Arlette Saenz whether he has decided how to respond, Biden said, “Yes,” but declined to provide further details. We start today’s TruNews with the latest updates on World War 3. Later in the program, we’ll talk about the Take Our Border Back Convoy. We will also have an update on the Farmers’ Revolt in France. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 1/30/2024
Bombs Away, Biden? on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:
American troops could be sent to Palestine to fight for Israel.
The Intercept news organization obtained a US Air Force memo that describes military orders to be on standby to forward deploy troops in case of a ground war in Palestine and Israel that requires American intervention on behalf of Israel. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 1/31/2024
Pentagon To Troops: ‘Get Ready To Fight In Gaza!’ – on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:
For the following Israeli/neocon ‘Greater Israel’ plan that Iraq & Syria were based on as well:
The Unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East”:
Meet Them:
Listen to what former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer said in the following YouTube:
 9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal:
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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    The political commentator with half-German roots, Herr Mearsheimer (properly pronounced Mears-heimer), shares the same apocalyptic visions (which does not harm his unshakeable cheerfulness) towards a well-respected lawyer with the trustworthy face of a Neopolitan insurance agent. The godfather now personally intervenes!

    Signore Beato is now also publicly displaying his ethnonationalism by inviting a Sicilian guitar virtuoso, towards whom he has unmistakably paternal sentiments. Even Charlie Parker has to take a back seat to these blood ties. The gentlemen are convinced that fast, confusing jazz chord changes, which no one but themselves can memorize, correspond to European artistic aestheticism.

    After a financially lucrative existence among America’s POCs, Signore Marinelli has also finally found his perfect match in the fidgety, affectionate Claudio Passavanti aka “Dr. Wichs”. In the end, native blood remains more familiar than studio air soaked in Negro sweat. We should consider Italians, however unreliable they may be historically, as part of Europe again.

    By the way, as we all already know, “Anglo-Saxons” is just an evil racist term that should finally be eradicated. A “British people” did never exist, they are just descendants of sub-Saharan negroes! (Who among us had not suspected this long before!)

    • Mark Engholm
      Mark Engholm says:

      If you want to get a reasonably coherent overall picture of a person, then you should take a long, careful look at how they behave towards a Jew. After investing three and a half hours listening to Mearsheimer’s dialogue with Jew Fridmann, I am now rid of any illusions I had about this man who initially seemed sympathetic to me.

      Mearsheimer, who considers himself an “offensive realist” (whatever that is supposed to be), says that states should behave smartly and cautiously. Mearsheimer behaves in exactly the same way towards Fridman. The video has been viewed 4.4 million times in two months.

      At one point, Fridman speaks of “lampshades made of human skin” that Germans made from Jews. Mearsheimer does not respond to this highly mendacious “trope” with a single word, pretending to support the content of his opponent’s “argument”.

      But at the end, after about three hours, he completely drops his mask and shows all his contempt for white humanity by claiming in all seriousness that the millions of Third World invasions into white countries that are currently taking place are absolutely welcome because they are filling up the missing births.

      Hispanics, for example, would integrate into American society faster than European immigrants once did. This is also what America is really about, all the wonderful cultures that “mix” there. He deliberately uses the hackneyed cliché of the melting pot.

      And also strokes Fridman’s Jewish vanity: “We need more people like you!” He even recommends the despicable work of the Jew Ignatiev “When The Irish Becam White” to his millions of viewers as truthful reading material, thereby spitting on the honor of his own ancestors.

      Mearsheimer: “Two of my five children are generation Z. Gen Z is the last majority white generation, right? Subsequent generations are not majority white. For anybody who’s bothered by this, I’m not bothered by that, they’ve better get used to it. America needs immigration, this is a great virtue. […]

      The real key moving forward is intermarriage. The highest rates of intermarriage are among Asian woman and Anglos. I say wonderful (Fridman averts his eyes and replies with unmistakable irony: ‘Great!’). We want to elimate differences. It’s like people who say I’m an anti-Semite. I have two grandsons who Adolf Hitler would’ve thrown into a gas chamber.”

      So he has no racial pride or racial consciousness whatsoever. And this despite the fact that just an hour earlier (in connection with Israel) he was talking about people not being individuals but members of a tribalistic group when Fridman expressed his (alleged) good faith in humanity and prudent politicians.

      What an embarrassing, miserable creature! He doesn’t say a word about the population explosion in Africa, for example. At this point, I would like to return to the Jewish pseudo-scientist “Ehrlich” and his scaremongering book “The Population Bomb”.

      There is also a film version of the literary material from 1972, written by Max Simon Ehrlich (presumably also Jewish) and directed by a Dane with a Jewish father named “Mikael Salomon”. Include the last dot after the G to make the link work:

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        The same old game: please the Jew. In this way, hypocrite Maersheimer wanted to rid himself of all “suspicions”. He literally slides on his stomach in front of the Jewboy. In principle, that alone is behind his appearance there. The guy is not above using cheap tactics to sell his unworthy soul to the devil.

        In any case, one wonders why these Jews always build up a following of millions? What is so different about this Jew Friedmann, who came over from Russia, from good non-Jewish interviewers? Why are they immediately allowed to invite the highest echelons of society? It’s somehow striking…

        Being Jewish (or pretending to be) is enough seal of approval and ticket to the media circus. And it’s always about polishing up the (naturally tattered) image of Jews so that everyone can say: “But I know Fridman, he’s Jewish too, and so human!” Although the guy is at most just a pompous greenhorn.

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        If you take a closer look at the matter, it becomes clear that these Jews are acting as public course setters. The agenda behind it is something like this: Whoever is against us is ridiculed, whoever is for us gets a laurel wreath.

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        Snake oil seller “Dark Journo” not only has unpleasantly conspicuous tinted hair, but also reinforces his sales drive with mechanically repeated confirmations of Farrel’s findings: “Interesting! Wow! Fascinating! Unbelievable! Incredible! Astonishing!” (I made up a few variations for the sake of his dishonorable honor.)

        It’s hard to believe. The aura of his “dark translucency” is underpinned by matching sunglasses. In order to understand this at all, you have to understand the “American psyche” (if there ever was one) at least approximately. So this is never about substance, but exclusively about “show” and “effect” (or show effect)!

        Here, the façade replaces any kind of inner core and any kind of spiritual content. These people don’t even presuppose any kind of “logic” in their dumb as a white bread fans ‘n’ viewers. It’s not about that at all, but about the most hidden conspiracy that, thanks to their ingenious brains, is known only to them! “Incredible!”

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I doubt he has a choice if he wants to retain his income and influence.

        But look at what Israel is doing in Gaza. All we need do is oppose that. Israelis are openly calling for the killing of children. All we need do is oppose it.

  2. Jack Adams
    Jack Adams says:

    All for Israel, if there was a two state solution this never would be happening because hamas would have never attacked.

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