Australia Day: An Anti-White Hatefest

Excerpts from “Australia Day Has Become an Anglophobic Hatefest

By David Hiscox

All the communists screaming that Australia has to be abolished are forgetting one thing:

As reported by The XYZ, the entire month of January featured a propaganda barrage by the corporate, cultural and political establishment against Australia Day. After a final salvo from sporting codes ….

…. the orks were sent in, desecrating statues of Captain James Cook and Queen Victoria in Melbourne.

That is politically motivated violence, i.e., terrorism. Another Captain Cook memorial was vandalised on Sunday. On Australia Day itself, after the milquetoast multicultural parades purportedly celebrating Australian “values” were out of the way, hordes of communists, university aboriginals and NPC’s descended on Australia’s capitals to burn the Australian flag and chant “f—- Australia”.

Incredibly, a group of over 60 White Australians were prevented from celebrating our national day and peacefully making political statements in support of Australia Day in Sydney’s CBD. NSW Police unnecessarily diverted an entire trainload of passengers, and even extended the order the next day, for which they were roundly mocked. Bizarrely, the media presented a clearly coordinated narrative, to make it seem like Aussies celebrating their national day is terrorism. …

As everybody knows, the real reason Western corporations adopt woke (i.e., anti-White) policies is because they are forced to by institutional investors whose owners harbour a deep ethnic hatred for Anglos. …


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  1. Chris Geel
    Chris Geel says:

    Calling out who is behind the antiwhite hatred will result in “you’re antisemitic racists” for shining the spotlight on them.

  2. Rudi
    Rudi says:

    In the rarest of cases, “multiculturalism” can even have something comical about it. But only if the enrichers themselves are regarded as participants and not those who are usually enriched by them. However, this can be no consolation for all the suffering caused by this systemic madness.

    • Rudi
      Rudi says:

      German schools as “multicultural laboratories”? How the migration lobby is building up pressure

      According to Aladin El-Mafaalani, alienated school classes should be promoted and adapted to the “requirements of a migration society”. What the Syrian-born “education expert” means by this is the suppression of the native culture in favor of a multiminority utopia. For migration lobbyists, re-education in childhood is an important step towards the abolition of German identity.

      With his demands, the professor of education, who is active in “racism research” among other things, strikes the same chord as a number of other people in the German cultural and political establishment: the fact of a civilization in the process of exchange serves as a justification for accelerating and deepening the process. Fortunately, the impudence with which migrants interfere in the affairs of the German people is increasingly being met with resistance, as the “anti-racism commissioner” of the federal government has been able to observe. El-Mafaalani, on the other hand, is still allowed to express his even more questionable views on school policy unchallenged in several dubious media outlets.

      The typical elementary school in the colorful republic

      “Up to fifty countries of origin and more than twenty languages” is how he paints the picture of a modern elementary school, and he is not wrong. For it is precisely in the younger age cohorts that the population exchange is having devastating consequences, which are making themselves felt in the education sector. The latest PISA study is an alarming testimony to the over-foreignization of the education system, as reported by the Heimatkurier. However, El-Mafaalani concludes that this is not the start of a major remigration campaign, but something completely different. He told the Evangelischer Pressedienst: “Schools should actually be the laboratory of our society in which we work on and solve the challenges of the migration society.”

      Variety and diversity – the language of the migrant lobby

      The so-called education researcher is concerned with nothing other than a radical restructuring of kindergartens and elementary school. Instead of a dominant culture and German educational canon, social workers, psychologists and “cultural therapists” should determine everyday school life. He sees the need for action as a result of “diversity”, without explaining in more detail what the “problems” are that need to be avoided. A typical tactic of multicultural apologists is the use of vague feel-good words and the distraction from the causes of problems to the invocation of alleged expert opinions. The goal is always the same: to undermine the ethnocultural identity of the host nation.

      Correctiv provided the stage

      The “Soros portal for fake news” Correctiv, which has been in the headlines since spreading its conspiracy theory about the meeting in Potsdam and the topic of remigration, gave Aladin El-Mafaalani the opportunity to speak about education back in December 2023. Back then, one of the topics was “fighting inequality” – another popular catchphrase of migrant lobby organizations. The fact that Correctiv of all people – founded and run by anti-German David Schraven – hosted the multicultural sociologist from Syria is of course a special highlight. It naturally fits in with the image of a conspiratorial clique that finds nothing worse than an intact German sense of national identity.

  3. John Wood
    John Wood says:

    This is not that different to the many campaigns being run against the native population of white majority nations all across the world. If you are at this website then you probably already know who is behind this, but convincing concerned citizens of this reality has proven to be nearly impossible. That ordinary Australians find the notion of Jewish subversion of western nations too fanciful to believe is not really surprising. After all, they have thought this through long ago and are at great pains to avoid being identified with the various social movements they fund and direct. It takes work to dig for the information that confirms the names of those who hold board positions and are major financial backers of the vast network of social organisations that are being used to prosecute what is effectively a fifth generation war on western native populations. Most citizens are honest and innocent and hard-working parents, struggling to keep up with the day to day grind of life. The average person has neither the time nor the know-how to undertake the necessary investigation of who lies behind these campaigns. But for those who do, it is always the same result. The strike rate for uncovering “their” involvement behind the scenes is nearly 100 percent. But by the time the average person realises that there is a fuse burning, those who lit it have long since left the building. The only consolation I can offer is to observe that over the years, as their grip on power grows and the damage they do accumulates, they tend to lower their guard and care a bit less. They feel unassailable, and largely, they are. They seem to know that they need do nothing more but wait and put some distance between themselves and their handiwork; eventually, one by one, western nations will sink into chaos and whites will be displaced, dispersed and probably finally butchered where they are found. It is a grim outlook.

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