Tucker Interviews Calley Means on the medical crisis in America

There is nothing directly about politics or White identity and interests here, but important nonetheless. Tucker interviews Calley Means about the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the media, and medical schools. Far more than any other country, we are mass producing zombie consumers of drugs, and pretty much no one in authority is talking about diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management  as the ways to avoid metabolic dysfunction: “Don’t change your lifestyle. Take some pills.” And I suspect that people plugged into big pharma and in poor health as a result of their lifestyle are not going to be much use in the struggles that lie ahead.



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    • Hinz
      Hinz says:

      Imagine people would roll a modest joint and walk every evening an hour, relax and smoke.
      Not perfect, but pretty close.

  1. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    The high cost of these drugs for weight loss ($1349/month) is getting pushback from health insurers. People taking the drug have to continue for life, and if they stop, they gain the weight back.

    And there seems to be some awareness that lifestyle is important:
    “Some plans require patients to enroll in an educational or coaching program about nutrition and exercise for six months before the drug can be covered by insurance.” But no evidence is cited indicating these work. Most people taking the drugs seem to think they can continue their lifestyle.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      There is nothing directly about politics or White identity and interests here …

      It seems to me, Kevin, that the most important word in the opening sentence of your introduction, quoted above, is “directly.” This claim is borne out, I think, by the introduction’s last sentence:

      I suspect that people plugged into big pharma and in poor health as a result of their lifestyle are not going to be much use in the struggles that lie ahead.

      Such being the case, it would be hard to overstate the importance of reminding White people that, by and large, their grandparents and great-grandparents consulted physicians only when they were genuinely ill—and often not even then. It is well past time to rehabilitate the old idea that too much doctoring may be more harmful than too little.

      The point is that, in large part because of their loss of control of their ancestors’ society, White people have been duped into accepting a state of dependence upon a medical establishment that is no longer a loose fraternity of independent physicians whose ethical orientation is rooted in the Hippocratic oath. Instead, since the Obama revolutionary takeover of all medical practice, physicians and hospitals have become government agents. Most if not all have hence become subservient, usually willingly, to the Jewish-controlled pharmaceutical-medical-political consortium. The degree to which the typical American’s life has already been pushed toward the norm of universal psychological conditioning and mandatory drug use predicted by Aldous Huxley in “Brave New World” ought to frighten a great many more people than it plainly does.

      In short, I can conceive of few things more important than persuading White people to trust the faux sciences of modern-day medicine and pharmacology about as much as TOO’s habitués trust Biden and the Jews who do his thinking for him.

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    This is an informative interview. I am glad Tucker Carlson is still in business. I have bookmarked Calley Means’ web-site, for future study. I might learn something useful.

    I did not know that the drug industry was so corrupt. According to Means, the obesity drug, Ozempic, is not a cure. It’s a life-time treatment. Therefore, it’s useless. As soon as you stop taking it, you put all the weight back on. (And probably more too, I suspect.) And it makes you depressed and suicidal. Avoid at all costs. It’s better to be over-weight.

    Less unhealthy food and more physical exercise is a better solution. Even if you fail to lose much weight, you’ll be happier and healthier. Avoid drugs – the side-effects can be worse than the disease.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    My apologies for messing up the formatting in the yet-to-be-approved comment above by failing to close the second brief blockquote properly.

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