Col. Douglas MacGregor

Paraphrasing: The U.S. is preparing for a war with Iran on behalf of Israel which is attempting to expel or exterminate the Palestinians. “Our forces are in the complete control of Israel. … This is Israeli fore ign policy.” Wants Israel to survive.  “Russia is more cohesive and powerful than it has been in decades.” Israeli provocations prior to October 7.”Neocons are driving the train and they are part of the globalist elite that wants to transform us into sedated sheep. Discusses the debt situation—other countries will not continue to finance our debt,” and says “we are walking into a bear trap.” Has given up on the Democrats and Republicans and is starting a platform reflecting his perspective. Wants a “third way” political party.

Col. Douglas Macgregor REVEALS Pentagon’s Hidden Truths on US Military. (


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  1. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Thanks, Kevin, for alerting TOO’s habitués to this interview.

    What strikes anyone who listens to Colonel Macgregor is the extent to which everything he says plainly emerges from a coherent, fully formed perspective on whatever topic he is addressing. If only his interrogators were even half so capable of responding in kind!

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      “coherent, fully formed perspective on whatever topic he is addressing.”

      Funny you should mention that. It’s almost as if one could very justly infer that Colonel MacBoomer knows full well that more pointless politics within the confines of ZOG’s corrupt system will only produce more of the same. Red State secession? Never! What we need is another bullshit controlled-opposition political party to keep boomers running furiously to nowhere on the hamster wheel of ZOG’s rigged elections.

      But who would fall for such a dastardly trick? It rhymes with zoomer.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        What have you or your fellow divisive anti-white boomer-haters done for Red State secession today? Besides strutting and preening, of course.

        Moreover, as the experience of Will Williams and Peter Brimelow in redder-than-red West Virginia shows, no matter how red a state may be, the likelihood is overwhelming that those in positions of political and judicial authority—those who can destroy the prosperity and wreck the lives of their fellow men and women at will—will be as blue as anyone in New York, Wisconsin, or Oregon.

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Exactly, that finally had to be said! (An extremely valuable and thoughtful post that demonstrates, as always, your immense powers of deduction. This world would be in a terrible state if it weren’t for your almost incomprehensibly rational intellectual outpourings). Comradely greetings to the banlieue, monsieur Pierre!

  2. Hello215
    Hello215 says:

    Are Jewish People the Evolutionary Victors on Earth?

    I found this article to be very informative. The Jewish people are just behaving according to their genetic programming. Their unique gene-culture co-evolution has concentrated genes in them that give them extreme levels of ethnocentrism. As such, their innate Altruism is only activated when interacting with other Jewish people, but completely turned off when dealing with Gentiles. In other words, they innately see Gentiles as no different from non-living objects, like a rock, or puddle of water, or air in the sky. The Jewish people are thus not “evil,” or anything like that; rather, they are simply a “victim” of their extreme ethnocentric genes. Look at how we Gentiles treat cockroaches, ants, and other insects that invade our homes. We mercilessly exterminate the insects without our innate Altruism being activated because we see the insects as just being too different from us. We are not being “evil;” rather, we just unconsciously see them as defacto non-living matter. Well, the Jewish people unconsciously see Gentiles the same way we Gentiles see insects. They, against their will, are prevented from being Altruistic to Gentiles; they are forced by their genes to view all Gentiles as no different than non-living matter. And, every time a Jewish person reproduces, he passes on these ethnocentric genes to his offspring. And, since the Jewish people have extremely high fertility, their population is growing very fast, thus the world will increasingly feel the negative results of their ethnocentrism

    Now, combine the Jewish ethnocentrism with the fact that they are the most genetically advanced race in existence. They are the most intelligent race, the most Industrious race, the most Religious/Spiritual/Monumental race, and the most in-group Altruistic race (Altruism towards their own race). In other words, they are the most Group Selected race. On the other hand, we Gentiles are now all genetically deteriorated Individually Selected relatively Retarded Genetic Sociopaths, the result of decades of dysgenics and mutational load. We Gentiles don’t even have any elite leadership, since all our elites are Genetic Sociopaths who have been accepting bribes from the Jewish people in exchange for exclusively serving their ethnic interests. And we non-elite common Gentiles are all genetic degenerates whose main concern is our recreational activities. Thus, our future is either death or enslavement by the Jewish people. There is nothing we can do about it, except to choose to leave this world for a possible After-Life.

    Ron Unz, in this article, believes that Russia and Iran can defeat the Jewish people, but I don’t think so. Unz says that in a war between Iran and the Jewish people, Russia would provide Iran with weapons and money. But, Putin is an extreme universal Genetic Sociopath who lies to foreign nations (and his own Russian people). Putin would never sacrifice his own personal socio-economic status by supporting a war against Israel, and the proof of this is Syria – he lets Israel and Western nations run by Jewish people bomb Syria on a regular basis. Thus, Putin is just using Iran for geo-political and economic gain, but will completely back down in all respects in a direct war between Iran and the Jewish people.

    I believe that Iran will be defeated soon, even if it means a surprise nuclear carpet bombing of Iran. Collateral damage to surrounding Gentiles is of no concern to the Jewish people. Unz says that Iran has missiles that can sink Western naval ships, but that would be okay with the Jewish people, provided that no Jewish people are on the ships. Ships can be rebuilt, and Gentiles are “a dime a dozen.” Dozens of millions of Western Gentiles can be sacrificed to once and for all defeat Iran. Also, Iran has already shown that they will not return fire into Israel if Israel attacks Iran first. Israel, using an Israeli base in Iraq, recently destroyed a drone base inside of Iran using a missile attack. In return, Iran didn’t attack a military base inside of Israel, but instead publicly claimed to have launched missiles at the Israeli base in Iraq. Plus, the Jewish people have assassinated many people in Iran, but Iran never retaliated by attacking Israel. And finally, the Jewish people killed many top politicians in Iran with their Covid bio-weapon, but Iran did not retaliate against Israel. What this shows is that Iran’s president does not possess the genes required to make him go to direct war against Israel, even if it means the complete destruction of Iran in a war against the genetically superior Jewish people. Thus, if the Jewish people launched a massive war against Iran next week, Iran’s president would probably just immediately shoot himself in the head, like Hitler supposedly did, without firing back against the West. And the elite politicians surrounding the Iranian president would probably also just shoot themselves in their heads. Then without any leadership in Iran, the confused military would be easily defeated.

    The Jewish people seem to be defeating Russia quite successfully – they are successfully decreasing the population of Russian Slavs by killing many of them with missiles/explosives, and they are regularly destroying Russian infrastructure by regularly attacking utility infrastructure and military assets. ZeroHedge has just reported that the Jewish people have just now sunk a Russian military ship. Putin keeps on publicly stating that Ukraine is too weak to take back Donbass/Crimea, but he knows quite well that this is not the goal of the Jewish people; rather, the Jewish goal is to use the next one hundred years to regularly use missiles and explosives to kill Russian Slavs and destroy their infrastructure and military assets. To replace all the dead Russian Slavs and the lack of Russian Slavs due to below-replacement fertility, Putin will continue importing millions of Brown people, thus destroying the Russian Slavs even further. One hundred years from now, most of Russia will be Brown, and Russia will surely be an economically and technologically third world nation by then, if not much earlier. And with Russia becoming increasingly Brown, it will be easier for the Jewish people to create another Bolshevik Revolution there and once again take full control of Russia.

    There is only one way the Jewish people can be temporarily stopped, and that is if the West economically collapses due to debt and inflation, as predicted by Ron Unz. And, of course, if there is indeed an After-Life, then perhaps those that run the After-Life will negatively look upon the Jewish people for their extreme Sociopathic behavior towards all Gentiles.

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      The Jews are scared sh!tless of would be Gentiles at their ends and ready to mobilize in response to Jewish global geopolitical irresponsibility. We’re talking not a pretty sight if that were to happen and the Jews would lews out big time in a way that would be mind breaking to them. And they know it. Relax.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews have screwed up worse than ever in Gaza. There is an enormous, overwhelming reaction against events in Gaza. Israel wins only if it expels the Gazans and rebuilds its global and regional image.

      The primary supporters of Israel are boomer white people. There’s an attempt at remaking Latinos into mindless Evangelicals, but the numbers aren’t there.

      Hopefully whites become so pathetic that we bounce off the very bottom to a recovery. Jews often share our genetics; so, their advantage is largely cultural.

      There’s a strong antiwhite sentiment in the world, and Jews are often white. They’re unable to control things for much longer. Israel has ruined their WWII credits.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    I’ve listened to countless interviews with MacGregor. He’s a sharp guy, but repeatedly says over and over how he believes Israel is an essential ally and how it has a right to exist. I think he does this just so he can remain on YouTube. But seriously, what would Israel have to do to warrant non-existence? Tell us, Colonel.

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