AfD’s Alice Weidel: “This government hates Germany”

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January 31, 2024

Alice Weidel, general debate in the German Bundestag January 31, 2024.

This government HATES Germany! – Alice Weidel – AfD

 Dr. Alice Weide, leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Member of the Federal Executive Board of the AfD, Head of the Federal Euro and Currency Committee; Member and interim chairman of the Federal Program Commission of the AfD. Dear friends, maybe you should also watch the video of Weidel’s speech, because her facial expressions and body language are even more expressive and convincing than the facts she presented. 

Start of speech (translated into English):

The two previous speakers have impressively shown that they lack seriousness about the real concerns and problems of the citizens in this country. It’s burning, it’s burning in Germany. And this government, made up of overwhelmed, miscast personnel and ideologues, is the arsonist. The battered top performers in this country are taking to the streets. Farmers, craftsmen, medium-sized businesses, innkeepers. Dealers, transport companies. 

You continue to protest because you are at the end, hidden from the media. Three quarters of Germans support the middle class protests, three quarters want this government to end. This government is cutting a path of destruction through this country. But instead of correcting, this government is spearheading an unprecedented smear campaign against the middle-class protests and against the opposition force on which more and more citizens are placing their hopes. True to the motto: If the citizen becomes unpleasant, call him right-wing extremist. 

Your auxiliary Stasi (former East Germanys State Security, commonly the Stasi) Correctiv (a state publication to back up state lies), one of the many government organizations that receives plenty of tax money from their government, has provided you with the template for this, with unbelievable lies and slander. And the head of Correctiv is now lying to herself that she never used the word deportation. It has already come to this, tax-financed denunciation against a political competitor. They are not even ashamed of perverting the right to demonstrate. Demonstrating is a citizen’s right to freedom from the state, and not the other way around. Instead of listening to the people who bring their plight to the public, they themselves demonstrate against the opposition. 

And you don’t think anything of it when such demonstrations openly display calls for murder against opposition politicians. Kill AfD supporters, it says, and you applaud. The Federal President describes AfD voters as rats, and the FDP top candidate describes AfD voters as blowflies. 

Shame on you, shame on you. 

You are dividing this country with your unspeakable tax-funded slander and character assassination campaigns just to cling to your own power. Fixing a failed and bloated budget proposal is a document of your arrogance and incompetence. You talk about saving, but you put the burden solely on the citizens.

 The mood among companies is at rock bottom. This government is the biggest location risk for Germany. A number of medium-sized companies are throwing in the towel and fleeing. The list of companies cutting tens of thousands of jobs or relocating them abroad grows longer every day. There are sonorous names on it. From BASF, Bayer and Bosch to Continental, Mercedes and Miele to SAP and ZF.

 The de-industrialization minister Habeck [Greens], who, as is well known, always found love of country disgusting, is now calling on companies to go bankrupt out of patriotism. That is the concept of this federal government. 

Germany is deep in recession. It is the only industrialized country that is shrinking, and neither Putin nor the world is responsible for this, nor any fantasized global climate catastrophe. This incompetent government is the only one responsible for the disaster in our country. With their destructive policy of artificial energy shortages and increases in energy prices, the incessant tightening of tax screws, the bans policy, the expropriation, the waste of money, while they tell people the fairy tale of the rich country. 

In Germany, only the overfed, overreaching state is rich, not the taxpayer. Thousands of Germans are receiving their heating bills these days and often don’t know how to pay them. 

Normal earners, pensioners, families, medium-sized businesses and freelancers have to restrict themselves more and more every year in order to make ends meet. But they don’t even think about limiting yourself. They treat themselves to new helicopters and car fleets. The cabinet members spend huge amounts of money on hairdressers and photographers. The foreign minister flies with a large entourage on embarrassing missions around the world, while the average earner doesn’t know what he can still afford. And they are holding on to their pretentious chancellorship for almost a whopping 800 million euros. The gigantic expansion alone costs almost as much as the annual special sacrifice, which they want to charge the farmers in additional taxes. 

They have expanded the civil service by around 11,500 positions in just two years. Good for their minions, bad for the taxpayers, who cost the entire fun 8 billion euros. Where other governments are rethinking and scaling back their international commitment, you are forcing yourself everywhere with German tax money. 

You are threatening your own farmers’ existence in order to save almost a billion, but you continue to spend hundreds of millions of euros on senseless agricultural projects around the world. 

The much-cited cycle paths in Peru are just one of hundreds of unnecessary development aid projects that cost taxpayers a total of 33 billion euros, for nothing, just for your NGO favorites. They waste this money without getting anything in return. For eco-refrigerators in Colombia, feminist foreign policy in South Africa, for the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

Billions even go to India, even though India is flying to the moon, while our infrastructure is falling apart, schools are rotting and some of the students can no longer read, write and do math properly. Against the laws of physics and logic, you are pushing forward the planned economy and subsidy monster of the energy transition. 

When it comes to energy policy, Germany is the world’s worst wrong-way driver The costs are beyond all dimensions. They are the main reason for the budget crisis. They add up to almost a trillion euros. A ONE with how many zeros, Mr. Habeck? But you don’t know how many zeros there are in a trillion, Mr. Habeck [Minister of Economic Affairs]. 

These are not investments in the future, this is the most expensive destruction of a functioning infrastructure that the world has ever seen. And they continue to flood the country with illegal migrants. Anyone can come, no one has to go. They naturalize new voters on a piecemeal basis and provide illegal immigrants with false legality through the opportunity to stay. 

Your deportation acceleration law is a deportation prevention law. The taxpayer also has to pay a lawyer for rejected asylum seekers in order to continue to litigate against their overdue departure. 

With this policy you are driving communities into despair, blowing up social systems and undermining internal security. But above all, you are depriving the Germans of their homeland. 

Over 1,000 women are victims of sexual violence by immigrants every year. 7,000 since the CDU Chancellor’s welcome coup in 2015. But you’re keeping quiet about it. The media is also silent about this. Under the bogus label of citizen’s money, you have created a migration magnet whose costs have long since gotten out of control. 

The next budget hole is just around the corner. They are abandoning citizens when the state is urgently needed. 

Where is the compensation for the many people injured by your Covid vaccination? Where is the process of coming politically and legally to terms with this whole disaster? Again and again I have listed here what is needed to bring this country into shape. 

Again: closing and controlling the borders. Rejection of illegal immigrants, repatriation of rejected and criminal asylum seekers and those who have no right of residence. This is the enforcement of law and order after years of injustice. 

You want to criminalize the repatriation, we saw that in your campaign. 

Stopping the energy transition, restricting government spending and, of course, abolishing the citizens’ money for foreign citizens who have never paid into social security funds. Benefits in kind rather than cash are the key. But rational arguments no longer reach them. 

You can’t govern Germany well, and you don’t want to. You are ruining Germany. And I’ll tell you why. Because you hate your own country, because you hate Germany! 

This government hates Germany! 

At least accept the possibility of a democratic transfer of power and clear the way for new elections.

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  1. Joe
    Joe says:

    What the Germans need is a non-stop dousing of their ACTUAL history. That is… the whole truth told to them without the blinders of the (((victors))) propaganda. Were this done, within a week, the entire German nation would freeze up into a solidified union against the parasitical entity which caused their dissolution in the first place.
    All of this is now happening throughout the Western World. I can see its slow morphing into an unstoppable avalanche.
    Our job… as “prophets” who foresaw all of this eventuality… is to continue to feed the TRUTH… which is the fuel which fires change for Natural Law.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Yesterday I read about the “6 February 1934 crisis”,
    which, interestingly, again involves a number of Jews.

    The “crisis” was allegedly triggered by
    three people, two of whom were Jews.

    “Andy Slavett”, that visage says it all. My
    murderous desires would finally find their
    true reason for being in him. My instinct
    says: “You disgusting dirtpig you! You be-
    long in the oven with all your Betbrüders,
    which unfortunately never existed! Scum!”
    (Betbrüder = literally “Pray/ing Bro/ther/s”),,417552,00.html

  3. WCH
    WCH says:

    Most of that speech also applies to the US, UK and many other western countries. Just a coincidence, right-yes that last bit was sarcasm.

  4. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    An easy win is to just call the Greens racist for their support of Israel’s Gaza campaign and for the continued destruction of Arab societies. The Greens want to force Arabs to move to Germany by destroying their societies abroad.

    Europeans need to oppose immigration while also opposing the foreign policy those immigrants oppose. As with so many situations, the fault is with the white people. Separately, we need peace in Ukraine! No more brothers’ wars! If Ukrainians wish to serve their people, they need children and a clean environment to raise them in. (War pollutes.)

    Whites won’t begin recovery until we retake the foreign policy. Presently, we are blamed for an antiwhite, globalist, and often pro-Jewish foreign policy. Jews are also in a sort of trap due to Israel. That’s why Jews are so divided on matters.

    Regardless, we need to be on the winning side, which is to oppose these horrors.

  5. Henry
    Henry says:

    Dr. Wolfgang Gedeon’s three last videos translated

    It’s not the Jews, it’s the “Fabian Soiciety and the Nazis” working in the background. This is roughly how the confused thoughts of a self-proclaimed dissident named Tom-Oliver Regenauer (born 1978) can be summarized. Jews appear in his work as extras at best, without any reference to their identity. This corresponds roughly to the “intellectual level” that websites such as Offguardian live on. As a former “techno DJ” (allegedly living partly in America), Regenauer also has a strong connection to “technocracy” as a real Nazi threat:

    “Dialectics of Dominance”
    “Technocracy The New Normal”

    • Henry
      Henry says:

      Dr. Gedeons video “The migration disaster – is there a way out?”

      Today I am talking about migration, about the great disaster that has been caused by the black-red-green policies of recent decades. By now, even the dullest of hearts can see that things can’t go on like this. The mood among the people is changing. The green communists, the perpetrators of this mega-crisis, are getting cold feet. “We finally have to deport people on a grand scale,” even Chancellor Scholz is now saying.

      A few years ago, when I repeated this almost word for word in the Stuttgart state parliament, I was met with indignation and contempt by [Winfried] Kretschmann & Co. And now the same people are trying to sell themselves as credible protagonists of a change in migration policy. It’s hard to believe what the red-green foxes who are making gooses of themselves are saying and wanting: Benefits in kind instead of money, reception camps at the EU’s external borders. Some of them are already calling for a total ban on the admission of migrants.

      But will anything change as a result of these verbal announcements? Is there at least a hint of change? Are the numbers of incoming migrants decreasing? Not at all. The numbers continue to rise. Nothing is changing. And nothing will change, not now, not in six months’ time and not at all. Not with these people at the top.

      Because our black-red-green politicians, who are now so critical of migration, are not doing so out of inner insight or even because they are appalled by their own actions. If that were the case, they would first have to practice self-criticism, cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes and ask for forgiveness: from the German electorate, the German taxpayers, the German people as a whole, whose systematic disintegration they have pursued here for decades.

      But there is no talk of repentance and forgiveness. They act as if they have always said and done what they are saying and doing right now. Even if they meant it sincerely, they can’t! The migration problem is no longer decided in Berlin, but only in Brussels. All national competences have been transferred to the EU, so the Berlin political desparatos have to ask the EU for permission if they just want to carry out checks at national borders.

      German politicians have knowingly and deliberately incapacitated themselves. But the EU apparatchiks and their globalist backers know exactly what they want: they call it replacement policy. What do they want to replace? They want to replace the Christian European population, which has grown together over centuries of war and peace, with a primarily Islamic Afro-Asian mixed population. From mass immigration to population exchange.

      A process that is not taking place in a legal and orderly manner, but is increasingly taking on the character of a violent invasion. Under the direction of the Brussels Eurocrats, young Afro-Asians willing to use violence are conquering Europe, turning the native population into a minority and putting them on the defensive in every respect. If we don’t want this, we must leave the EU, not at some point, but now.

      Within the EU, it is not possible to do what is needed now: a complete stop to the admission of migrants and the return of at least five million non-integrated foreigners to their home region. Leaving the EU is the Archimedean point for solving the migration problem. We must now overcome the catastrophic German policy failures of recent decades, a Herculean task.

      If we leave the EU, we can make it, if we stay in and think we can ‘improve’ the EU, we are wasting valuable energy and time that we don’t have. The EU’s migration policy brings us thousands of new immigrants every day. We need to maintain a German majority in our country in the long term. The proportion of people with a migration background should not exceed twenty percent in the long term. More migrants will overstretch our social and economic integration capacity.

      And what’s more: a larger proportion of migrants would fundamentally change our ethno-cultural characteristics or identity, and we simply don’t want that. And finally, the point is that the internal cohesion of a society breaks down at a certain level of cultural alienation. And that is exactly what is happening in Germany and throughout Europe today.

      In contrast to red-green politics, for us an identity based solely on constitutional principles is a fleshless skeleton, anemic, powerless; we cannot be reduced to such a thing. If we want to use the term ‘human rights’ here at all, then at best in the sense that there must be a human right to ethno-cultural identity, and not only for all kinds of foreigners, but of course also for Germans and Europeans. And in this sense we say “Europe for Europeans”. And this Europe includes a Germany that can freely and self-determinedly develop its own ethno-cultural identity.

      The essential basis of red-green politics is an auto-destructive hatred of Germany and everything German. Not so long ago, Claudia Roth, currently Minister of State for Culture in the traffic light government, walked around with banners reading “Germany, you rotten piece of shit” or “Germany die”. And her cabinet colleague Nancy Faeser published in the Antifa magazine while she was still Minister of the Interior. Antifa is an association that is rightly regarded by many as politically criminal and extremely anti-German.

      As far as human rights rhetoric is concerned, the Red-Greens refer to the UN’s so-called migration pact. According to this, every person on earth would have the right to immigrate everywhere, so that there would no longer be illegal immigration, but only illegal refusal to immigrate. This nomadic morality is to be made the basis of Western and global civilization in general.

      It is becoming increasingly obvious that the mass immigration currently being practiced has nothing to do with ‘humanitarian aid’. The amount of money spent in Germany on a single immigrant can be used to support a thousand people in their country of origin. In addition, these countries are being deprived of important, dynamic people who they urgently need to overcome their backwardness in terms of civilization and build reasonably functional states.

      If we want to solve the migration problem and survive as a nation, the first step is to leave the EU. Then we can and must impose a total ban on immigration and protect our national external borders with the German armed forces. At the same time, we must take in the illegal immigrants – 90 percent of immigrants – in camps and reduce their material support to a minimum: only benefits in kind, food distributed three times a day, material from used clothing collections, curfew between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and so on.

      This alone will halve the immigration rate to an estimated fifty percent. Finally, we need to set up a Rwanda model with central reception camps in three to four countries in Africa and Asia. On the one hand, this will cost us a lot of money, but in contrast to the war in Ukraine and Israel, this is money well spent.

      Secondly, we must expect that national and supranational courts will block a restrictive immigration policy such as the one we are striving for to a considerable extent. As far as the jurisdiction of international courts is concerned, we should do as China, the USA, Israel and others do and withdraw from international treaties with these courts.

      As far as our national courts are concerned, we must ensure in parliament that our judges are given a very narrow legal framework with regard to the interpretation of human rights, so that Rwanda rulings such as the recent one by the British Supreme Court are no longer possible. Such rulings are about the following: how far do the individual rights of migrants extend in relation to the rights of the state, which is responsible for the overall welfare of its citizens? If, for example, the Bundestag were to decide on detention camps in Rwanda, should our federal constitutional judges be able to come along, as in England, and state that this would violate the human rights of migrants and thus overturn the Bundestag’s decision?

      Something like this must not happen under any circumstances. Of course, we do not want to exclude higher courts, and in particular the Federal Constitutional Court, from the major political decision-making processes. But they must be reduced to their core legal competence, which essentially consists of controlling the formal course of decision-making processes with regard to their conformity with the rules. Under no circumstances should courts be allowed to compete with the responsible parliament in terms of political positioning and possibly even claim precedence over it in the enforcement of a decision using formal legal argumentation.

      Such decisions are not about special legal competence but about basic political attitudes: is the individual welfare of migrants – or the overall welfare of the German population – more important? The political opinion and orientation of the constitutional judges cannot carry more weight than the political opinion and orientation of parliament as a whole. This is a fundamental problem of the separation of powers.

      As far as current political practice in Germany is concerned, the rights of the courts in relation to parliaments must be curtailed in the interests of consistent democratization and the political primacy of parliaments in this regard must be defended. This is derived not least from the fact that parliaments are directly elected by the people and thus have primary sovereignty. The judges of the courts, on the other hand, are appointed by the executive or the parliaments and thus only have secondary, i.e. derivative sovereignty.

      To summarize once again: Courts must limit themselves to assessing formal processes when making fundamental political decisions, e.g. with regard to reception camps in Rwanda and elsewhere, and must not sell politically substantive opinions as legal justification. In the migration issue in particular, it will not be enough to withdraw from the EU and thus return the legal competence for substantive decisions to the national parliaments.

      We must also be prepared for legal disputes in which politically substantive decisions, packaged in formal legal terms, are to be politically enforced. Finally, we must not shy away from withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights and the corresponding UN agreements if these essentially prevent a migration policy that is necessary for us. These conventions are certainly fundamental pillars of the Western system, but they show that this system primarily represents the interests of migrants and not the interests of national populations and states.

      If we want to solve the migration problem in our sense, which means prioritizing the rights of national populations and nation states over those of migrants, then we cannot continue to remain in the so-called West, because the policy of this US-controlled system essentially provides for the dissolution of national populations and nation states in favour of a diffusely mixed world unitary population and a centrally controlled world unitary state. We must therefore not only turn our backs on the EU, but on the entire West. Only an opposition based on this fundamental attitude and directed against the West as a whole is a real opposition, an opposition that can do justice to the problems facing us.

      This does not apply to the AfD, nor does it apply to the Wagenknecht group. The AfD revised its Dresden Dexit decision of 2021 in Magdeburg and Chrupalla announced that we must now ’emphasize the positive sides of the EU, there must finally be a reform of this EU’. Ms Wagenknecht, for her part, is a leftist who thinks in genuinely internationalist terms and would never dream of leaving the EU. What we have here as an opposition is a long way from adequately solving the mega-problem of migration.

      The policy that is necessary for us is not nice, who likes to deport children and families on a grand scale? But if we want to prevent the ruin of our economy and the collapse of our social systems, if we don’t want civil war-like conditions with paramilitary foreigners on our streets, and if we Germans don’t want to become the Indians of Europe, then this policy is necessary and there is no alternative.

      We now need Monday demonstrations again. We can’t expect much from official politics. An exit from the EU must be forced through the streets, as must the exit from supranational courts and international conventions. The connection to the Ukraine/NATO war and the Israel/Gaza war must always be made.

      The Western system in Germany is beginning to totter. In all key issues, be it Ukraine, Israel, migration or the EU, official policy is completely off the mark. And in view of the increasingly catastrophic immigration situation, the black-red-green party system is coming under increasing pressure. Let’s seize the opportunity to shape the political turnaround, and that means getting out of NATO and out of the EU now.

      • Henry
        Henry says:

        Translation of Dr. Gedeon’s latest video (translation of his five-part video series “We have no intention of dying for Isreal” will follow shortly):

        Due to the scandalous procedures at Berlin polling stations, the 2021 Bundestag election is invalid not only for Berlin but for the whole of Germany due to the so-called basic mandate clause. The Federal Returning Officer responsible has therefore still not signed off on the validity of the 2021 Bundestag election. So we have had an illegal Bundestag for over two years and therefore also an illegal federal government. A scandal that is still being hushed up by the system media. This calls for new elections, and these should have been held two years ago.

        The political elites in Germany are failing. They have no solutions to the major problems. Frequent elections are therefore necessary to do justice to the volatility of the political situation and to give new political paths and parties a chance. The party spectrum is changing. Parties will disappear, others will be founded. In the short term, the FDP and Die Linke will disappear, and probably the SPD too. The CDU will also disappear in the medium term. This cleansing process should not be stopped, but accelerated. We must call on voters to stop voting for the parties that are ripe for extinction, i.e. by no means the FDP, SPD or Die Linke. That would just be delaying bankruptcy.

        Instead of the SPD and Die Linke, the Wagenknecht party, which is at least better positioned geopolitically, could score points. It would also be good if the Free Voters could steal as much water as possible from the Greens, and if the Maßen party were to give the C parties a good blooding. The growth of the AfD should not be encouraged for the time being. With its personnel and its internal situation, this party is not in a position to play the role that it could and should be playing now. Ms. Weidel, for example, dismissed her office manager, who attended the alleged secret meeting, shortly after it became known. This is an affront to the person concerned, and even more of a public admission of guilt, which ultimately made the AfD’s subsequent self-defense implausible.

        The AfD is wrong on key political issues: fifty percent on the EU issue, ninety percent on the NATO issue and one hundred and fifty percent on the Israel issue. Internally, it is waging a war of annihilation against the internal opposition. Opinion battles are not conducted discursively, but are stifled by party expulsion proceedings. In the process, the party loses outstanding leaders through the proceedings themselves, as well as many others who, disgusted by the inner workings of this party, leave it voluntarily. With regard to the leadership, this leads to an increasingly negative selection.

        The AfD is doing the same thing to itself that is being done to it externally. Instead of dealing with its content, they are trying to ban it legally, and that is exactly what they are doing internally to those who do not agree with the course of the federal executive. But how is a party that acts in a totalitarian way internally supposed to act in an anti-totalitarian way externally and stop the emerging totalitarianism of official politics? This party needs an internal revolution. It needs members’ party conferences again, not delegates’ party conferences. The former must be enforced against the will of the current leadership.

        Far too many AfD functionaries are now living far too comfortably from their political work, and the problem of institutional corruption is now threatening the moral substance of this party. The majority of these people would simply have to be voted out and replaced by new people (“new brooms sweep better”), i.e. a cadre replacement based on the rotation principle, which in itself would have a positive effect on party morale. Perhaps the competition with Maßen, Wagenknecht and the Free Voters will fuel this process of personnel renewal in the AFD. It would certainly be necessary.

        The world as a whole, the so-called West in particular, and above all the USA and Germany, are facing a huge political upheaval. The forces that constituted the post-war order and are still profiting from it will fight back with all means at their disposal, including terrible wars, if this order is challenged globally by more and more states. It will become more and more obvious: the West is spiritually, morally and politically the most mendacious, the most reactionary and the most decadent that world politics currently has to offer. In the not too distant future, we will see the downfall of this West.

        Historically, the West represents the secularist transformation, or shall we say secularist perversion, of the Christian West, i.e. the so-called West is a perversion of the Christian West. This West gradually declined between 1789 and 1989, while the new US-dominated Western empire gradually became a global power during this period. This US-Western empire achieved a gigantic technological revolution and developed incredible technology, including AI. But culturally, and this concerns – in contrast to technology – the essence of being human, this Western empire was rather sterile and, with its brutal commercialism and materialism, decidedly destructive and culturally destructive.

        Even the French politician Clemenceau said of the USA that it stood for a “development from barbarism to decadence, without a detour via culture”. Yet he, who died in 1929, did not live to see the barbaric actions of the Americans in Hiroshima and Vietnam. While we, the Europeans, bid a wistful farewell to the Christian West, the most culturally rich enterprise in world history, we do not weep a tear for the West when it now perishes. If we now strive for and build something new, we should not be guided by the secular-technical model of the West, but by the cultural richness of the Christian West.

        In this sense, I see the future of humanity in the renaissance of a Christian-European culture, which could blossom anew through a massive global collision with the other major world cultures and open up new dimensions of humanity for people. However, this Christian-European renaissance does not have to take place in geographical Europe. It can arise anywhere geographically. But it has nothing to do with the decadent spirit that dominates the official Christian churches and the various evangelical, mostly Zionist denominations.

        If you want to sense the spirit of the new age, sit down in one of Europe’s great cathedrals and let the sacred music of our great sound masters take effect on you. The sublime sounds of the past, above all the bells of our church, will then become the harbingers of a new, perhaps also very great age. You can find out more about this in my books, especially in my trilogy “Christian-European Leitkultur”.

  6. Tobi
    Tobi says:

    Why Antaios does not deliver the Sellner book “Remigration” to Amazon

    by Götz Kubitschek

    In consultation with Ellen Kositza and Martin Sellner, I have decided not to send a copy of the book “Remigration. A Proposal” to the online giant Amazon. This book, which will be published by Antaios, can be pre-ordered can be pre-ordered from Amazon Germany and took first place in the sales the top of the sales rankings for almost a week.

    This new book from Sellner’s pen is currently ranked 30th and in the number one in the “Political Science” category. Telephone calls revealed that around 7000 copies have been pre-ordered. However, Amazon will cancel these pre-orders and refund the money to its customers. refunded to its customers.

    There are three reasons for the decision not to supply Amazon.

    The most important one: we don’t need Amazon and see no advantage in accepting the gagging conditions of this global giant and player. Because these conditions are outrageous and and are based on the quasi-monopoly that Amazon has established for itself with a business model that is in no way organic.

    (A funny or not so funny detail: The Internet domain “” was was initially the brand name of choice in 1994. It still leads directly to

    We had accepted these merciless conditions until February 2014 and would probably have played the shabby game for a few more years had Amazon not removed twelve of our titles from its range for political reasons and returned two hundred copies to us in damaged condition weeks later. (You can read the story here.) The web is full of reports from other publishers and booksellers who had similar experiences.

    After our initial shock at the loss of this monopoly-like platform, we opted for our own professional presence and trusted in one thing above all: that for our readership the advantage of being able to order from Amazon with one click and postage-free would be less important than solidarity with the then and now best-known new-right publisher and mail order company in Germany, where almost any book can also be ordered with a customer account, a few clicks and moderate shipping costs.

    We were not mistaken at the time and serve a constantly growing, politically loyal readership that is genuinely interested in books.
    This is unparalleled in Germany. Personally, I am very surprised that there are not many more small-scale structures and cooperations that cancel their Amazon contracts and build up their customer base.We did our homework a decade ago and can now do without delivering thousands of pre-ordered books of a bestseller to a globalist. Because there is no contract and no obligation between Amazon and us.

    Secondly, Sellner’s first place was of course already a media topic. When asked how it could be that this dangerous book by a right-wing extremist could be in the product range, Amazon replied that it would examine the content and then make a decision.

    We will not wait for a review, but will take this difficult moral decision off Amazon’s hands: Anyone who wants to read Sellner can order from us – or from one of the mail order companies that keep our books in stock.

    Waiting and hoping for Amazon would also mean that we would not be able to plan and calculate the first edition of “Remigration”. Printing 7000 additional books without knowing that they will certainly find a buyer is a risk that even we don’t want to take. Amazon is the unknown factor in the equation. Let’s calculate without them!

    Thirdly, I see this decision as a signal to our pre-political and political camp. I want to bring the concept and idea of a “ban on imitation” back into the discussion. It fits perfectly here. Wherever possible, we must disfigure the bizarre cooperation between disruptive capitalism on the one hand and the placeless, woke agenda on the other. What is meant by this?

    This: There is an intellectual and entrepreneurial self-alignment along the laws established by the digital giants. Applied to our industry: the local book trade and the small-scale publishing structure in Germany should – I am sure – despair more and more every day that there is no match for Amazon. Nevertheless, they would have applauded if Amazon had removed Sellner’s book from its range and canceled the pre-orders.

    That is the signal: let’s not imitate this schizophrenia! Let’s not bow down to the giant when he does something that benefits us. We have had to reinvent the wheel in so many fields under difficult conditions, we have learned to stop hoping for fairness and normality. We have corrected our postural errors like competitive athletes. Let’s make sure we don’t repeat these mistakes!

    What spoke against it: Of course, we considered the reasons for waiting for Amazon’s review and keeping the pre-ordered copies on hand. For one thing, some of the readers who ordered from Amazon will not order again and elsewhere. So readers will be lost. Secondly, as an author, Martin Sellner is entitled to the largest possible print run and royalties.

    But: these two arguments do not outweigh our decision. And we have of course come up with something to mitigate the negative consequences. In the case of Sellner’s fee, this is not difficult: we are compensating for his loss and our publishing house is in a position to do so.

    All readers who are now unable to receive what they ordered from Amazon should order from us or another reliable delivery service. Anyone who is hesitating should read again the three reasons that led to our decision against Amazon. And also, we’ll include a little something for everyone who sends us a screenshot of their Amazon order cancellation at – a welcome gift: Welcome to us, you’re in good company!

    Finally: Has it become clear that we are not calculating, that we do not want to do business at the drop of a hat and that there are cases in which money does stink? This is probably something we need to remind each other of again and again: When it comes to principles, there is no arithmetic. When it comes to principles, we must not take the well-trodden path.

    This is also the case here.

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