Environmental Activists and Machiavellianism

It is intuitively obvious that people who have the need to emphasise how “moral” and “kind” they are tend to not be very nice people.

Have you ever been at a party where you have started chatting to someone who is “Woke.” Perhaps she is vegetarian, makes a point of purchasing organic food, signs petitions and goes on occasional environmental protests. She will be very pleasant and outgoing until you say something that indicates that you are on what she perceives as the “enemy” side, such as that genetics might play a role in crime. At this point, she will turn: she will become cold, she will shun you. This is because the Woke are not genuinely kind people at all. Many of them behave as they do because they have a personality disorder and a growing number of studies are showing this to be true.

A personality disorder is defined as an enduring pattern of disruptive thoughts, behaviours and moods. There are various personality disorders, but it appears that those most strongly associated with the “Woke” stereotype are “Narcissism” and “Machiavellianism.”   Machiavellianism is characterised by manipulative behaviour, deception, a desire for power and trying to force others to comply with your wishes. Signalling Wokeness in a leftist society is a play for power. Narcissism is characterised by entitlement, arrogance, exploitation, grandiosity and a desire for praise. Wokeness, in a liberal society, involves believing you are morally superior to others and may elicit praise. These are two of the “Dark Triad” personality traits, the third being Psychopathology.

Unsurprisingly, then, a new study by Hannes Zacher of Leipzig University in Germany — “The dark side of environmental activism” — has found a clear connection between the Dark Triad traits and leftism. In the study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, Zacher administered a leftism scale to 839 full-time employed Germans which measured such facets as anti-hierarchical aggression, anti-conventionalism and top-down censorship. He also administered to them accepted scales of Narcissism and Machiavellianism, further asking them about their environmental activism.

What did he find? Machiavellianism was positively associated both with left-wing authoritarianism and with environmental activism. Fascinatingly, he then controlled for personality type — in psychology this is measured using the “Big 5” personality traits of Openness, Conscientiousness (rule-following), Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (mental instability) — and found that the association still held: Machiavellianism predicts leftism and environmental activism.

This is one of a growing number of studies to have made this connection. In “Why dark personalities participate in politics?,” also published in Personality and Individual Differences, Polish researchers found that Narcissism was consistently related to left-wing political participation, such as joining boycotts and blocking streets. Such people receive Narcissistic affirmation via such actions — they reassure them of their moral righteousness — and their grandiosity means that they are certain that whatever they do is right.

A study in 2020, “The Dark Triad traits predict authoritarian political correctness and alt-right attitudes,” on a sample of Americans, found that the key predictors of Authoritarian left-wing attitudes were scoring high on the scales of Machiavellianism and Narcissism. Interestingly, it also found that “Alt-Right” activists, though not leftists, scored high on Psychopathology. It is unclear why, but one possibility is that psychopaths tend to be attracted to danger and if you are serious political dissident — “Alt Right” in a Woke society — then you are potentially placing yourself in a dangerous situation.

Even quite everyday left-wing activities seem to ultimately have some association with Dark Triad traits. The recent study “The dark side of going green: Dark triad traits predict organic consumption through virtue signaling, status signaling, and praise from others” in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found precisely this. Drawing on a survey of 337 people, the researchers found that the intention of buying organic food and the willingness to pay extra for organic food was mediated by status consumption and by the belief that one would receive praise from others. In addition, it was found that those who were inclined to “virtue-signal” about these purchases had high levels of Narcissism and of Machiavellianism. In other words, to some extent, people who purchase organic food are motivated by their Dark Triad personality traits and this is especially true of those who want you to know that they have made these purchases.

All of this, indeed, is consistent with evidence from broader studies of personality differences. These tend to show that “conservatives” are high in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness and that they are low in Neuroticism. Liberals, on average, are the reverse of this: they are selfish and have low mental stability. This was set out in a study where, conveniently, quite the opposite findings were reported, and widely publicised, due to a “coding error.” If you experience the world as frightening and dangerous, which those who are high in Neuroticism do, then it makes sense that you would wish to take control of that world. Hence Neuroticism is associated with Machiavellianism according to the study “The dark triad and normal personality traits.

Returning to that party where you meet the Woke activist, note that she shuns you rather than the other way round. This is consistent with the evidence that liberals are more likely to break friendships with conservatives than the other way round. They are also more likely to avoid talking to friends and family who have different political views than are conservatives. This may be because, being higher in Neuroticism and Narcissism, they are more likely to be overwhelmed by negative feelings when the views they hold — which are important to making them feel superior and important to papering over their inner turmoil — are challenged.

This research seems to indicate that society has turned Woke because leftists are more power-hungry, but also partly because they are more mentally ill: Conservatives are simply too mentally stable, too content with life and, well, too nice.potent

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  1. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Climate alarmism is therefore only one, albeit conspicuous, manifestation and expression of a delusional, destructive collective disorder. Gender delusion and pathological xenophilia (as implicit self-negation) are two others that fall into this complex and fulfill the definition of social dysfunctionality. It is said that 30 percent or more of young people already suffer from “gender disphoria”. We are dealing with severe identity crises here. Even if this derailment in its variants appears to be a complex event, they are based on the same causes. Which brings us back to cultural Marxism, an outgrowth of the Frankfurt School. Here, based on Marx’s sick ideas, the seed was planted from which all this is growing like a metastasizing cancer. Liberal cosmopolitanism is dramatically accelerating alienation and uprooting.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      I would caution on reaching an absolute determination concerning gender dysphoria. There is also plenty of circumstantial evidence that antiwhiteism is contributing, at least for White youngsters, to this rise in people who identify as transgender. Younger Whites and White children are seeking to be included as members of a victim-group. They are evidently attempting to flee normal White identity.

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        I am not claiming that these young people are actually biologically or sexually ill, but that they have been misled. The reasons you cite certainly play a role. In addition, the condemnation of everything masculine in our sick feminized society, where boys are “encouraged” to “show feelings” (i.e. to whine and cry), to be soft, understanding, considerate, tolerant and sensitive, i.e. to adopt and internalize feminine attributes and expressions that do not correspond to their nature to this perverted extent. A significant factor is also the structural fatherlessness, systematically brought about, which leads to this disorientation. At the end of the tunnel, these LGBT+ seducers are waiting like Pied Pipers with their tried and tested recipe: “Join our rainbow community, here you will still find real affection, belonging and appreciation!”

      • Mark Engholm
        Mark Engholm says:

        God is now supposed to be a woman too, according to many of those deranged people. To see “men” howling and wailing is really a tragedy. We only know this kind of thing from the “Wailing Wall” of the Jews, in front of which these lunatics sway their upper bodies in a strange ritual like hospitalized psychotics, pitying themselves and their evil fate as Job. Disgusting.

        We can all gather in the circle of chairs of a female Freudian social therapist (Psycho-Anneliese), learn to “admit our fear” and press firmly on the tear ducts until really thick crocodile tears flow in streams: “Life is so unfair! People are so bad!” “Yes exactly, that’s how it is!” “I can’t do it all, I can’t take it anymore!” “I’m so desperate, please help me!” “You have no idea how bad things are for me! If you only knew! Much worse than you! I’m oh so poor!”

        There is always a reason to complain, something is always missing for perfect happiness. Wishing, waiting, wondering. As if this attitude changed anything in reality. What would our ancestors think of it, who had to eat potato peelings as children under buried bombed-out ruins during the war in order not to starve to death.

        The only thing that changes is the attitude “I can do it! I can improve my situation through my own efforts. I can because I know what I want. I refuse to lose and be a failure!” But who teaches our children that nowadays, when the sick system interferes in everything? Here, pampered minstrels are produced on an assembly line.

        Speaking of the Middle Ages: today I read about a true story that had previously escaped me as a relative history buff. This is probably due to the fact that European soil is crammed with history at every turn. The perfect material from which good movies are usually made. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%BCnster_rebellion



        Dan Carlin is the name of an American “commentator” who takes over 10 minutes to even get to the point. This is probably why his “independent podcast” series is called “Hardcore History”. Because the patience alone that he demands from his time-strapped listeners is indeed hardcore. “Carlin stated he would vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election, despite not voting for Democrats or Republicans since 1992. He considers Donald Trump dangerous stating that he has authoritarian tendencies.” No further questions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Carlin


        Even then, kids were already
        being systematically misled.

        P.S. Speaking of feminization: the mega-stupid system puppet had a “Nazi grandfather”. However, I very much doubt that he would have been proud of her in any way. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-nazi-skeleton-in-baerbocks-family-closet-grandfathers-wehrmacht-past-revealed/ar-BB1i1tSF

  2. Polemeros
    Polemeros says:

    From a Jungian pov, these people have identified themselves entirely with what they conceive to be The Good and The Light, leaving their darker energies to run wild, unacknowledged and unmanaged, especially when in the service of The Good and The Light, an immunization against any critique. The relation between identification with the Light and enlargement of the personal shadow is proportional.

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Ignorance is strength. Mallochio. Italian for The Evil Eye. Faith in Reverse. . We found ourselves wishing that this very fine article wouldn’t end .Really. So much more could be said,even by this fine author. Someone sent us a podcast about the ultra luciferian leftwingnut baby murdering
    hysterical Jewish feminazis,…that so much of their “viewpoint is predicated on gnostic pseudo Christian occult semi Rosicrucian bizarre misconcocted misconceptions of…faith in reverse. Still we make only one differentiation.”.leftists have zero morals,,they roil along on moralistic vengeance..”a pathology like free floating resentment from the pit of hell…as above,so below..Jewdevil freemason style. We note that the horrifying Jew Aleister Crowley boasted of raping and murdering .350 little blond white boys…he promulgated this renascent faith in reverse garbage you get ,first in muffled or hushed smarmy tones from lunatic leftwingnuts.. but yeah..they shun you, often quickly approaching micro triggered violence, if you aren’t in lockstep agreement compliance to their occult idiocy usually based on the Jewish demon protocols of the Hebrew Kabala. Millions correctly decode the Far Left and Big Pig Big Jew Big Brother statist Government as one and the same”.
    Larry fink,….appropriate name,..fits the woke Jewish luciferian leftwingnut pathology to a sociopathological T…in actual fact. These occult Jewdevil leftists are not just stuffed shirts..empty suits…they’re pathologically genocidal subversive murderous seditionists..they seem hell bent on proving that they are born spiritually dead from the womb and all. Fink…schwarsmen,Schwab,blinken,.
    Bloomberg..zuckerfarce. ..newsome ,harari..nuland,Soros,
    potok,gene Simmonds,..pritzker..Jared kushner Ozzy Osbourne,coward stern,Eric Schmidt,bill the gates of Hell,all have this smarmy condescending pontificating
    stinking ultra hypocritical satanism that the hideous Jew controligarch s revel. in. Virtue signalling ,preaching Jewish
    climate control ,global cooling global ,warming green Jew lies……bribed pseudoscience lies every time they open their mouth rotted pie holes..but the author is again also correct that normie con-servative.s..(forgive us dear moderator,)are too agreeable,too nice..
    Our swedish white bread friends used to say..”nice people aren’t nice”. Whenever anyone is aggressively normal,there is poorly hidden deep discomfiture..rage soon to appear. Gaia…oatmeal hamburger new ageism…Lilith..Adam cadmon…saturnalia..the 666..hermaphroditic AI ..”mystery religions”all come vomiting out of the mouths of the hydra headed luciferian leftwingnut useful idiots for the moloch baphometic Synagogue of Satan Jew thought Fuhrer’s…the root bacterialized pathogenic cytotoxic fungus of the postmodern left. The generic
    contrived and pretentious leftist is a vacuous alienated non person who knows less than an ashtray about European ,or really,any history.They mimic and furtively bleat coded one liners with no conception of how to explicate or genuinely defend their pablum agitprop misinfo. Self righteously,…for sure they hoist themselves on their own foppish petard. Saul alinsky the
    Jew Satanist exclaimed that Satan was the first revolutionary. Incontrovertibly
    eschatologically .yes.. links. Turbo cancer. (,New Jew kung Flu kill shot clot shot result) Cecille Richards. Vanessa Gelman. The incredibly unpopular Nikki Haley ,Vivek the vacuous disingenuous statist snake, ….whatever way the wind blows,,some clowns just want to be on the side that s winning..no matter who dies..”….
    Zionist colonialism Redux. Hideous Jewish lesbians …Golda Meir ,Rachel madcow,Hilly Rosenberg radomski Diane Clinton,Anthony Weiner,CIA scum Bill jewboy Clinton. ,Bathouse Barry Obama,CIA tool,Bill Gates CIA Rockefeller Jew tool”
    Scrape this too Mr.AI. ”


  4. Wch
    Wch says:

    Phycology is nonsense driven by invented language. Much of what is discribed here can be used to discribe most left or right thinking people who believe their position is superior. With that said, the green movement is powered by people who lack basic math skills. Greta is the perfect icon for the greens.

  5. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Organic food is generally healthier, when it’s truly organic anyway. I expect it’s often not. It also sometimes supports smaller and more local businesses, which helps balance power even if the little guy is a leftist.

    Cell phones probably cause cancer, but it’s trendy to buy the worst one. The Amish aren’t as exposed to modern ills. They’re not trendy, but they have less cancer.

    Anyway, I recommend organic even if you have to hide buying it. I don’t claim to eat perfectly, but I wish I did.

  6. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    There are bad things in the world. If the author doubts the existence of evil, he should look at what’s being done to Gaza.

    I don’t care about global warming and most other concerns held by the brainwashed woke, but evil does exist. It’s just not as they’ve been told.

    But “conservatives” are often wrong too. The market that identity often worships leads to mass immigration and wealth inequality. The wars they often support are unnecessary and waged for profit at the expense of the state. The elites they look up to hate them.

  7. Maimonides
    Maimonides says:

    Strange how Dutton and others on this blog have been silent since 2020 on the topic of how the hated woke liberals have been the most ardent Covid jab-tards and persecutors of the unjabbed. The appeal to them has always been: don’t be selfish, get vaccinated; wear a mask to save granny. The unjabbed are damned as “selfish”

    Case in point is how Naomi Wolf has been ostracised in the USA by her former NY Jewish and gentile Democrat associates incl, Naomi Klein because of her opposition to the jabs and her stewardship of https://dailyclout.io/.

    Then we have the writings of Matthias Desmet as channeled also by Dr Robert Malone, and Peter and Ginger Breggin on mass formation. You would think Dutton might include that in what he writes, given that the jabs have killed est. 17m globally (Denis Rancourt) but zilch.

    Opposition to the wireless Internet of Bodies, with the graphenated jabbed emitting MAC adresses, seems to come from libertarians, End Times free church Christians but never the established churches; various types of conservative.

    But who knows, maybe all readers and writers on this blog are boostered to the eyeballs.

    If so, consider this in view of a main focus of this blog: how is it that the Netanyahu regime was so eager to kill and injure fellow Jews as from 2020? why is the Israeli Min. Public Health just as secretive and mendacious on this as the US FDA? how can the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Greek Jew from Thessalonika, receive the Herzl Prize for Zionism just before his Pfizer jabs proceeded to kill and injure thousands of those who in 2023, presumably cheer the emptying of Gaza?

    What is going on?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      He did post about it. I was enormously against the vaccine. I followed Dr. RW Malone and doctors4covidethics. I posted my little reply. He published it just as he’ll likely publish this, because he’s a nice person.

      I still speak against it, but I kind of lost. Most everyone took it.

      I expect the author of this article took it, but I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I just hate that so many took it, especially young women. I wish I did better speaking against it.

  8. What’s up Skip
    What’s up Skip says:

    The liberal value system is currently hegemonic. Isn’t this the reason why the unprincipled and narcissistic folks currently subscribe to it? Should we regain any ascendancy they will no doubt be amongst the first to switch sides and there’ll be studies showing that we’re Machiavellian narcissists. Then there are the true believers who, with enough indoctrination, could be made to see things our way with as much conviction as they now shun us. Among liberals only the intellectual ones can be expected to engage with true conservatives with any civility.

  9. Chris Martel
    Chris Martel says:

    Mr. Edward Dutton, I believe is right over the target; Narcissism is the core of all of this, “look at me” I’m the first idiot savant to scale Mt. Everest, doesn’t matter how stupid or inane it is sounds, they will bleat like a fool!

  10. Santo
    Santo says:

    I hope you’re not trying to suggest that all environmental activists are Machiavellian narcissists.

    As for the ideological fanaticism of so-called leftists, I also don’t see its absence in many people who declare themselves to be right-wing.

  11. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    World War Zero – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_Zero
    World War Zero – Official Site https://worldwarzero.com/
    … The main goal of the coalition is to hold more than ten million “climate conversations” in 2020 with citizens across the political spectrum. According to scientists assembled by the United Nations, global carbon emissions must be… eliminated entirely by 2050 in order to restrict global warming to comparatively safe levels for humanity. Page includes a list of its founders that says much:
    “There’s no group that has people as diverse as ours in terms of nationality, age, gender, ideology, background, life experience and all of these people have come together saying, we’ve got to treat this like a war.” -John Kerry

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