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How Can Leftists Be Mutants if They Are More Intelligent than Conservatives?

I’ve become quite well known for arguing that leftists are “mutants;” that they are higher in mutational load than conservatives. Leftists, in general though not always, are, in my view, the descendants of those who would have died under the harsh Darwinian conditions of high child mortality that were prevalent until around 1800. However, it […]

Trigger Warnings Make Gen Z Even More Anxious

At the very point that countries such as India and China are increasingly nationalistic and are increasingly inculcating their youth with militaristic and nationalistic values [Is the BJP altering textbooks to promote Hindu nationalism? By Murali Krishnan, DW, 25th May 2022], we are infantilising our own people. The newly published The Anxious Generation: How the […]

We Shouldn’t Call Them “Woke,” We Should Call Them “Mutants”

Have you ever noticed how physically unattractive Woke people tend to be? Both the males and females are relatively ugly and the males are relatively short and physically weak. Both are clearly high in mental illness. It’s almost like there’s something genetically wrong with them. Well, your eyes don’t deceive you.  Some fascinating new evidence […]

Why Are So Many of Our Elite Sexually Depraved?

There have long been conspiracy theories that the world is ruled by a group of elite pedophiles or at least ephebophile—those who are attracted to sexually mature but very young girls. Just such a vast, elite pedophile ring — centred around Hilary Clinton — was a key strand in QAnon thinking [QAnon conspiracists believe in […]

Why Are the Left Pro-Crime?  

I didn’t really understand what the Left’s lax attitude towards crime meant until I was in Berkeley in California last summer. In a branch of Target, anything which cost more than about 20 dollars could not simply be taken off the rack. It was locked onto it in order to prevent theft. You had to […]