We’ll Get To Your Country Later

We’ll Get To Your Country Later

After House Republicans demanded a border bill in exchange for Ukraine funding, guess which one was intentionally tanked? Pro-open-borders Republicans like Sens. Mitch McConnell, James Lankford and Lindsey Graham teamed up with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to offer a pretend “border security” bill that would only make things worse.

Once again, voters are being told, Yeah sorry, something came up and we couldn’t get to the border, but if you’ll just give us $60 billion for Ukraine [and $14 billion for Israel] today, we’ll definitely get to your issue tomorrow …

By now, protecting our border has lost out to defending every other country’s border so many times that we currently have 750 military bases around the world. There are only 195 countries in the world.

But as long as we have troops spread out across the globe, why not stick our nose into every inter-regional bar fight? Since 2001, the U.S. military has been involved in combat in at least 25 countries. Name five. That’s how important these military interventions are to the average American.

We’re always told that there’s no reason we can’t wage pointless wars abroad, and protect our border at the same time. They’re not mutually exclusive! But somehow they always are.

First of all, we don’t have unlimited taxpayer dollars to spend on national security. Merely to maintain those 750 bases costs us more than $130 billion annually, to say nothing of the hundreds of billions of dollars required to build them in the first place.

By contrast, the absolute highest possible cost of a border wall — as calculated by people adamantly opposed to a wall — is $25 billion.

Second, why did the ruling class freak out when Gov. Ron DeSantis said he cared more about our border than Ukraine’s border if defending both isn’t mutually exclusive? Can’t he have a preference?

The reason is, the warmongers know they need to keep the words “our border” as far as possible from the word, “Ukraine.” Otherwise voters might start making unreasonable demands about protecting our country.

But when you give politicians a choice between:

— Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on bases in Afghanistan so our military can paint George Floyd murals 20 years after we’d already won that war [??!!];


— Building a wall on our border;

… 100% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans choose the George Floyd murals.

At least liberals I can understand. They hate our country, so depleting the U.S. military on worthless missions abroad dovetails perfectly with allowing a full-on invasion at our border. If America faced any real enemies abroad, I promise you, liberals would be stone-cold pacifists.

Also, it’s so Walmart-y to care about your own country. True sophisticates obsess over what’s happening in Burkina Faso. (Yes, of course we have a military base there. How else do you think we got up to 750 bases?)

But conservative war hawks are perplexing. While liberals think we’re still at war with the USSR — Donald Trump is colluding with the enemy! — warmonger conservatives seem to think it’s 1941 and every world leader is Hitler.

Or maybe their war fever is just a cover for flinging open our borders: Sell out your country on immigration, while cosplaying Gen. George Patton.

Just as gun rights and pro-life go together, putting U.S. troops all over the world while leaving our country unprotected go hand-in-hand, too. President George W. Bush, his father and brother, Sens. Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham, and Ambassador Nikki Haley all support the entire Third World moving here. Curiously, they also all support nonstop wars. Ditto the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. (To be fair, after his thumping by Trump, Rubio seems to have gotten religion on immigration.)

The late Sen. John McCain demonstrated his enthusiasm for starting wars by singing “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.” That was in between his repeated attempts to pass an amnesty for illegals. Only when McCain ran for president did he grudgingly allow, “I’ll build the g-damned fence if they want it.” (Yes, voters have been asking for a wall forever. Trump isn’t the first politician to betray us. [Maybe he, like Sen. Rubio has gotten religion on the border; he certainly talks like it.)

Suzy Warmonger Haley wants to wage war on three continents at once, but is so chary of reminding voters about the border that she blames China for something that is entirely Mexico’s fault: the fentanyl flooding our country.

What’s the calculation on that?

— Mexico: 0 miles away and responsible for every molecule of fentanyl in the U.S.

— China: 7,000 miles away and isn’t even sending fentanyl precursor chemicals to Mexico anymore.

Yes, definitely blame China. True, hundreds of thousands of Americans will continue dying of drug overdoses and destroying our cities in the process, but Nikki will get another foreign war! And that will give her husband more social work to perform in countries other than ours, while she gets to play the brave military wife at home.

Haley keeps falsely telling voters that her husband has gone to “war,” is “protecting our family and our freedom,” and has “the courage to fight for our country.” In fact, her husband has never gone to war, he’s not protecting our freedom and he hasn’t had to fight for our country.

A decade after we invaded Afghanistan and vaporized the Taliban [except they’re now ruling the country], Michael Haley was sent there to teach Afghans to grow crops other than opium — which failed, as any half-wit knew it would. Currently, he’s in Djibouti, holding bazaars and Ramadan dinners for the locals.

I wouldn’t mention it — it’s not his fault that the Department of Defense decided to take the best fighting force in the world and turn it into a bunch of social workers — except that Haley keeps acting like she’s Martha Washington bringing food and medicine to the troops.

Law-abiding citizens in Chicago face more risk of death on a daily basis than Michael Haley. But they’re just Americans, so who cares?


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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Fine reportage. The monster mash.. a graveyard smash…..McConnell Graham..Schumer..McCain..Rubio..Haley….
    mitt Romney…gruesome newsome. .” Meritricious foot soldiers empowering the New Black Aristocracy”.
    We really hope all will rise up in defiant defence of Vdare.We understand some perceive a quasi spiritual element of sorts vis a vis avenging black lawyer angel -devil Letitia James going full flying vampire squid on Jew grifter Donald Trump ,the clockwork orange chabadnic …and ..worse than global warming global cooling…fanatic flaming
    pro abortionist Zionist RFK,..but..Vdare?!..Lydia and Peter?!…
    Radio derb?!..Letitia!..how could you!. Have you lost your mind? Don’t you ever worry about your eternal soul?!….! How could you go full retard on Lydia and Peter?!….Don’t mess with Radio Derb or the feathers will fly!…
    We have said it before and yes..it bears repeating..there is no low too low for the Synagogue of Satan..but Letitia!…Lydia and Peter?!…,They really don’t have any money…,not like Wayne lapierre or Dwonald”. chump….del.spelking ,dear moderator…..
    will Ann Coulter make a phone call to God and or cucker tarlson and..no pipsqueaks allowed,. pipe up for Lydia and Peter?..After all…not a mutter..not a peep..not a chirp for these lovely white people!. Why hound these tired angels to death?!…. It seems that The utterly heartless Hebrew African political monopoly cartel..really just the proxy face of the New Jew Order cyborgs… the
    kleptocratic kikeistoicracy…..like rust.. like mutagenic cytotoxic squaminous bacteria…never Sleeps.

  2. Paschn
    Paschn says:

    Tha astounding part in all this? Inspite of this dying Marxist/Judaic/Communist hole being ratified as a Constitutional Republic, (which RESTRICTS what the Ashkenazi’s sycphants can “pass” into law by the constitution, our Central Bank owners have muddied the water so badly, the majority believe it’s a democracy. D.C. has 100% committed treason and are all culpable. The problem is the armed traitors in the 100’s of thousands straining at the bit to pull a “Russian Revolution” on their own. All this could have been avoided had the founding Freemasons simply followed B.Franklin’s advice;

    From the written records of CHARLES PINCKNEY of South Carolina, of the proceedings during the drafting of the Constitution in 1789 concerning the statement of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN at the convention concerning Jewish immigration. (Original in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.)
    “If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than a hundred years they will stream into our country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands.”
    “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children’s children will curse you in your grave.”
    “Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil its institutions.”
    “They should be excluded by the Constitution.”

    John 8: 44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Erik Larson, an almost sympathetically modest and mild-mannered appearing guy with a quaint-sounding Viking name, is a Brooklin born journo, massively hyped by the “progressive” MSM, who once studied “Russian history” (the reason for this would be interesting to know). He didn’t write many books, but almost all of them became bestsellers in an almost “miraculous way”, making Larson wealthy and famous.

    Larson’s specialty is not taking up and publicizing long overdue, highly controversial topics, but rather the umpteenth reworking of the old and long-known, which he tries to give a kind of “personal touch” by skillfully weaving in allegedly subjective experiences. There is a particular focus on what I would describe as moral exculpatory literature in the service of Allied post-war justification.

    In his work “The Splendid and the Vile”, he sought to construct a supposedly “venerable” memorial to the war criminal and mass murderer Churchill, in which he portrayed the “London Blitz” as the most monstrous crime against humanity of all. A book about the wanton destruction of German (or Japanese) cities by the “Allies” will certainly never be written and published by him, because that is none of his intentions.

    Interview with “Canadian” Jew Paikin (who incidentally looks like the identical twin brother of mad “Israeli illusion artist” Uri Geller, which suggests a common genetic ancestry). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96BskSZaPmg

    Likewise, no book is planned about the vile Zionist attack on the USS Liberty either, instead Larson wrote “Dead Wake” about the malicious sinking of the Lusitania by German skulduggery. A colorized Jewgle interviewer with the respected author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRJ96wAa40A


    Tiergarten is an outdated term for zoo that is no longer in use today. Literally translated, it means nothing more than “animal garden”. But what does Larson make of it? When asked what the lurid title of his book “In the Garden of Beasts” (about the KGB spy Martha Dodd) means, he replies in all seriousness that it is the literal translation of Tiergarten.

    Could a methodology be recognizable in this titling alone? We recognize here a “red line” (in the truest sense of the word) of anti-Germanism. After fruitfully tackling this topic, he now turns his attention to the white barbarians of his own country.

    Even in the current year, Larson has not questioned, reconsidered or even revised his political stance in the slightest, despite all the catastrophic developments in the world and in his homeland. Instead, his latest book publication called “The Demon of Unrest” deals with the Civil War against the secessionist efforts of bloodthirsty Southern slaveholders, which “led America to the brink of destruction”.

    Larson, with his sure-footed nose for the current zeitgeist, once again turns the prejudices stirred up by the Jewish media into pure gold in his own bank account, his tried and tested recipe. This ensures that he remains a talking point and can be counted among the suppliers to the powerful.

    Actually, this gentleman should be exposed and described as what he really is, always has been and always will be: an almost impertinently opportunistic author of the cheapest fantasy trash fiction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTerrIBBV58

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    PS: “Fraud”, “identity theft” and “revenge” – to which “people” on earth can these special characteristics and dispositions be most clearly assigned? I guess, it doesn’t take much mental effort to find the right answer to this easy question. One of those fisherman’s story-like “heroic fables”:

    A half-Jew shares with a Jew the reason for his pride: in 1941 (i.e. before the so-called “Holocaust”), his Jewish father had, among other cities, dropped tons of bombs on his home town of Hanover in order to take “revenge” [sic!], in the full knowledge that this might destroy his own family members still living there.


    As we have learned extensively from the permanent “enemy propaganda” directed against ourselves by the Jewmedia, this was always done in the name of good and justice and not out of the lowest motives (as with the “London Blitz” e.g.), we can of course never speak of war crimes against the civilian population in the case of the “Allies”.

    Moreover, according to the half-Jew “Stevens”, his father, although later incapable of any love towards his half-Jewish son, who now proudly worships him, would never have pressed the button to drop the bombs himself, but only steered the plane, he could vouch for that with his half-Jewish word of honor.

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    The non-European “Apameh” Schönauer (her maiden name is still unknown to the public), mother of several children, 39 years old, is now considered “Germany’s most beautiful woman”. In fact, you have to search for years all over the country to find so much grace at first glance! Not only the last misguided people who still believe that Iranians are the “Aryan ancestors of the Germanic tribes” will find comfort in this, but also all those who breathe a sigh of relief: “At least it’s not an African transsexual!” Very obvious CIA mis(s)election to promote trouble in Iran. https://civilek.info/en/2024/02/26/the-iranian-apameh-schonauer-became-the-most-beautiful-german-no/

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